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									 Winter 2006                                                                               Vol. 4, No. 4

Wireless is Here!                                          Patient Education

                                                           Do you need help finding information for your patients?
                                                           Numerous online resources are currently available for
                                                           you to use. Check out the Patient Education Online
                                                           Library on the Intranet at
                                                           mil/ Library/ToolkitPatientEducation.asp. The patient
                                                           handouts available from Micromedex Care Notes
                                                           System and MD Consult can be customized to include
                                                           special instructions or other information. Many are
                                                           available in Spanish. The other resources and
                                                           websites listed offer handouts, brochures, or
                                                           pamphlets - many from recognized
                                                           health-related organizations. They also
Wireless service is now available throughout the           provide contact information for health
library. The library’s wireless network is open to all     organizations and support groups. The
NMCP staff and visitors. Wireless Internet access uses     web page also features the “Top Ten”
radio frequency signals instead of cables to exchange      Most Useful Health Information
information between your computer and the Internet.        Websites which we have made into a bookmark.
No special encryption settings, usernames, passwords,      Contact us if you would like some bookmarks for
or fees are required. Currently, the library has two       distribution in your area. And remember that the library
wireless workstations. These enable you to check all       staff is also available to assist you in finding the
commercial email accounts. You can also bring your         information you need.
own laptop or PDA to use in the library. However, the
library does not provide or install wireless cards, nor    Patients and families may also use the Patient &
can we provide technical assistance with your              Family Resource Center (PFRC), a collection of
configuration. It is also your responsibility to provide   consumer health books and magazines, located in the
anti-virus protection for your device.                     library. Remind patients who have time between
                                                           appointments that they can go the library to use the
Note: Wireless users must comply with NMCP                 computers and resources.
Instruction 5230.12A, Use of the Internet and Intranet.
                                                           Navy Professional Reading Program
New email address
                                                           The Navy Professional Reading Program was
Recently the Command switched                              developed to encourage reading and learning among
to a new, NMED server. This                                all levels. Titles were selected by the NPRP Advisory
resulted in a change to our                                Group based on criteria for the program. The books
individual email addresses. Group                          selected provide a deeper understanding of naval
emails have also changed. The new Library Services         heritage, warfare, leadership, and the complex,
email address is        modern world. The library will soon have all the titles in
                                                           the collection available in our Professional Reading
                                                           section. Some titles from all levels are currently ready
  Please remember to return all library                    for checkout. These include:
     materials before checking out                         Junior Enlisted: Flags of our fathers; Kite runner
                                                           Leading Petty Officer: Crisis of Islam; Tipping point
                                                           Division Leader: Longitude; Shield and sword
                    For your convenience,                  Department/Command Leader: Cruel sea; Execution
                    there is a book drop in                Senior Leaders: 1776; Dying to win
                    Building 2, next to the                You can see the complete list of titles at the program’s
                           gift shop
                                                           website at
UpToDate Update                                                                Get Physical & Fit

Navy-wide access to UpToDate is now in place. Offsite                          Need some help passing your next
access will be available through the Navy Medicine                             Physical Readiness Test or
Online website in the near future. Currently, you can                          motivating your staff to get
access UpToDate at home by remotely logging onto                               physically fit? Check out these titles
the network. Contact Library Services for the                                  for for fresh exercise ideas:
instructions on establishing this access or for
information on obtaining a CD-ROM version for ships.               The body Noble: 20 minutes to a hot body with
                                                                    Hollywood’s coolest
R2 Library – New Online Book Titles                                Fitness unleashed: a dog and owner’s guide to
                                                                    losing weight and gaining health together
                 We have recently added 36 titles to our           Fed up!: the breakthrough ten-step, no-diet
                  online book collection. The titles were           fitness plan
                 selected from the Rittenhouse R2                  Framework: your 7-step program for healthy
                   Libraries in Medicine, Nursing, and              muscles, bones, and joints
                   Allied Health. They can be accessed             Sly moves (by Sylvester Stallone + you check
               from a Command computer at                           out the Rocky DVD for added inspiration!) Or, use the ebooks link on our
Internet or Intranet pages to view the more than 190        Plus more…all at your library. Start now by taking the
titles available for your online use.                       walk over to Building 1. While here, pick up an
New online titles:                                          audiobook to “read” during your next long walk.
Ambulatory Anesthesia and Perioperative Analgesia
Bull’s Handbook of Sports Injuries                          Featured Websites - Eye Health
Child Neurology
Complete Textbook of Phlebotomy
                                                            National Glaucoma Awareness Month
Cope’s Early Diagnosis of Acute Abdomen
                                                            January 1 - 31
Current Care of Women: Diagnosis & Treatment
                                                            More than 2 million older Americans
Current Consult Cardiology
                                                            suffer from glaucoma. With no early
Current Essentials of Surgery
                                                            symptoms, many do not know they
DeGowin’s Diagnostic Examination
                                                            have the disease.
Delmar’s Fundamental & Advanced Nursing Skills
Diabetes in Childhood and Adolescence
                                                            AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month
Diabetes Mellitus Manual
                                                            February 1 – 28
Family Health Care Nursing
                                                            Macular degeneration is a leading cause of vision loss,
Foundations of Physical Therapy
                                                            affecting over 1.5 million Americans age 50 and older.
Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Imaging
                                                            Low vision aids can make the most of remaining vision.
Healing and the Grief Process
Health Assessment & Physical Examination
Health Assessment through the Lifespan                      Prevent Blindness America’s website provides
Joint Structure and Function: A Comprehensive               information on these and other eye diseases. Find out
     Analysis                                               the warning signs, learn about available treatment, or
Kaplan’s Clinical Hypertension                              take an eye test at
Maternal, Neonatal and Women’s Health Nursing
Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illness         Additional websites of interest:
     and Disability                                         National Eye Institute
Medical Complications in Pregnancy                   
Medications and Mathematics for the Nurse                   Sight & Hearing Association’s Sight Center
Neurological Basis of Pain                           
Occupational Therapy                                        Glaucoma Research Foundation
Pain Management and Sedation                         
Pediatric Toxicology                                        Macular Degeneration Partnership
Primer of Biostatistics                              
Reeder and Felson’s Gamuts in Radiology
Rehabilitation Specialist’s Handbook                                 Library Services   Bldg. 1, 4 Floor
Sensible Analysis of 12-Lead ECG
Surgical Technology for the Surgical Technologist
Therapeutic Communications for Health Professionals           E-mail:
Therapeutic Modalities in Rehabilitation                      Information Desk 3-5384/Circulation Desk 3-5383
Wound Management Manual
                                                                    Hours: Monday-Friday 0730-1630

                                                                2003 FLICC Small Federal Library of the Year
  Congratulations to these Recently Published                           Web Page Updates
  NMCP Authors
                                                                        Intranet pages have recently been added for
  Lambert EW                                                            Obstetrics & Gynecology and Laboratory Medicine.
  Implant-specific patient identification cards.                        The pages provide easy access to the online resources
  J Arthroplasty. 2006 Dec;21(8):1203-5.                                available in an area. To access them, log onto the
                                                                        Intranet and find and click on the Library Services logo.
  Liu MF, Yencha M
  Cushing's syndrome secondary to intralesional steroid                           Link to the Grant Funding Toolkit on our
  injections of multiple keloid scars.                                            Internet page to see new grant listings and
  Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2006 Dec;135(6):960-1.                              funding sources.

  Ellingson CI, Kurtz CA, Sekiya JK                                     PubMed Search Tip –
  Nonsurgical management of lateral side injuries of the                Search History / Combining Results
  Sports Med Arthrosc. 2006 Mar;14(1):20-2.                             PubMed includes a history feature that stores your
                                                                        searches and allows you to combine search results. To
  Zehms CT, Balsamo L, Dunbar R                                         use this feature, your Web browser must be set to
  Coaptation splinting for humeral shaft fractures in                   accept cookies. The search history will be lost after 8
  adults and children: a modified method.                               hours of inactivity (to save searches permanently ask
  Am J Orthop. 2006 Oct;35(10):452-4.                                   us about setting up a MyNCBI account). To view your
                                                                        search history click on the History tab. Each search is
  Orebaugh SL, Pennington S                                             given a number. The numbers may not be continuous
  Variant location of the musculocutaneous nerve during                 because some numbers are assigned to intermediate
  axillary nerve block.                                                 processes, such as displaying a citation in another
  J Clin Anesth. 2006 Nov;18(7):541-4.                                  format. Also, PubMed will move a search statement
                                                                        number to the top of the list if it is rerun. Citations in the
  Gaines RJ, Randall CJ, Ruland RT                                      Clipboard are represented by the search number zero
  Lymphocutaneous nocardiosis from commercially                         or # 0. These numbered searches can be used in
  treated lumber: a case report.                                        search statements with the Boolean operators AND,
  Cutis. 2006 Oct;78(4):249-51.                                         OR, or NOT. You can combine numbered statements
                                                                        with each other or with new search terms. You must
  Magann EF, Doherty DA, Briery CM,                                     use the number sign next to the number, as in the
  Niederhauser A, Morrison JC                                           examples below:
  Timing of placental delivery to prevent post-partum
  haemorrhage: Lessons learned from an abandoned
  randomised clinical trial.
  Aust N Z J Obstet Gynaecol. 2006 Dec;46(6):549-51.

  Roberts D, Hopkins M, Miller S, Schafer W
  Gastric MALT lymphoma in the absence of
  Helicobacter pylori infection presenting as an upper
  gastrointestinal hemorrhage.
  South Med J. 2006 Oct;99(10):1134-6.

  Ennen CS, Magann EF
  Milk-alkali syndrome presenting as acute renal
  insufficiency during pregnancy.
  Obstet Gynecol. 2006 Sep;108(3 Pt 2):785-6.

  Hogan CJ, Nunley JA
  Posttraumatic proximal interphalangeal joint flexion
  J Am Acad Orthop Surg. 2006 Sep;14(9):524-33.

  Looking for other NMCP Authors Cited in PubMed?
    Visit the Health Sciences Library’s website at                      To remove searches from the history click on the                   search number and select Delete. Click the Clear
                     and click on
  Web Page Updates
    First and Finest Authors Cited in Medline
                                                                        History button located below the search statements to
                                                                        delete the entire history.
Note to authors: If you publish in a journal not indexed by
MEDLINE or are collaborating with a group from another
institution send us the citation information for your publication and
we’ll be sure to include it in the next issue of the newsletter.
A Few of Our Recent Arrivals                       Flynn, Vince
                                                   Act of treason
Health Sciences Library                            Location: CREWSLIB Call# Fiction Flynn

Frey, Kevin B.                                     Goldreich, Gloria
Surgical anatomy and physiology for the            Dinner with Anna Karenina
surgical technologist                              Location: CREWSLIB Call# Fiction Goldreich
Location: HS Lib Call# QS 4 F893s 2006
                                                   Hamilton, Steve
Huber, Frances E.                                  A stolen season: an Alex McKnight novel
Therapeutic exercise: treatment planning for       Location: CREWSLIB Call# Fiction Hamilton
Location: HS Lib Call# WB 541 T3981 2006           Lee, Linda Francis
                                                   The devil in the Junior League: a novel
Straus, Eugene                                     Location: CREWSLIB Call# Fiction Lee
Medical marvels: the 100 greatest advances in
medicine                                           Rubenfeld, Jed
Location: HS Lib Call# WZ 40 S83 2006              The interpretation of murder: a novel
                                                   Location: CREWSLIB Call# Fiction Rubenfeld
Patient Family Resource Center
Green, Peter H. R.
Celiac disease: a hidden epidemic                  Obama, Barack
Location: PFRC Call# RC 862 C44 G74 2006 PFRC      The audacity of hope thoughts on reclaiming
                                                   the American dream
Crew’s Library                                     Location: AUDIOBOOKS Call# E 901.1 O23 A3 2006c

Non-fiction                                        Albom, Mitch
                                                   For one more day
Jakes, T. D.                                       Location: AUDIOBOOKS Call# ALB
Mama made the difference: life lessons my
mother taught me                                   Baldacci, David
Location: CREWSLIB Call# BV 4529.18 J35            The collectors
                                                   Location: AUDIOBOOKS Call# BAL
Swanson, James L.
Manhunt: the twelve-day chase for Lincoln's        Barry, Dave
killer                                             The shepherd, the angel, and Walter the
Location: CREWSLIB Call# E 457.5 S993              Christmas miracle dog
                                                   Location: AUDIOBOOKS Call# BAR
Sides, Hampton
Blood and thunder: an epic of the American         Berg, Elizabeth
West                                               The handmaid and the carpenter
Location: CREWSLIB Call# F 591 S54                 Location: AUDIOBOOKS Call# BER

Ford, Warwick                                      Connelly, Michael
Fun on foot in America's cities                    Echo Park
Location: CREWSLIB Call# GV 1061.2 F67             Location: AUDIOBOOKS Call# CON

Ray, Rachael                                       Sparks, Nicholas
Express lane meals                                 Dear John a novel
Location: CREWSLIB Call# TX 833.5 R3831            Location: AUDIOBOOKS Call# SPA

Viesturs, Ed                                       Dalby, Rob
No shortcuts to the top: climbing the world's 14   Waltzing at the Piggly Wiggly
highest peaks                                      Location: AudioTape Call# Fiction Dalby
Location: CREWSLIB Call# Biography Viesturs

                                                             Attention Audiobook Users
Berne, Suzanne
                                                            Before you return your audiobooks
The ghost at the table: a novel
                                                         be sure that all the tapes or CDs are
Location: CREWSLIB Call# Fiction Berne
                                                                     in the cases.

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