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					                                                                          RISK ASSESSMENT FORM

Activity:                                  Attending Graduation Ceremonies using the buildings, marquees and Ceremonial Halls provided to accommodate Graduands and
                                           Guests of Graduation.
Location:                                  On all University campuses in pre-arranged venues, these being buildings, marquees and Ceremonial Halls.
                                           Turner Simms, Nuffield theatre, student union, staff club, Law Building (4)
Who may be exposed:                        Graduands, Guests of graduation, visitors to University, University staff, Cleaning and maintenance staff, security, Estates and Facilities
                                           staff, contractors.
Assessors name :                           Sharon Hinwood Chapman                                 Assessors job title :    Graduation team leader
Assessors signature :                                                                             Date of assessment       June 2008
Legislation applicable :                   HASAWA, MHSWR, EWR, MHOR, FAW, W(HSW)R                 Review date:             November 2008 for Winter graduation

No.    Hazard                         Control measures                                                   Risk      Additional control measures required               Residual   Date control
                                                                                                         Rating                                                       risk       completed
                                                                                                         (L X S)                                                      (L X S)
1      Lifting and moving of heavy    1.   Core team trained in MH.                                      1x4=3     none                                               1x4=3      -
       boxes/trolleys.                2.   Trolleys provided for moving heavy objects.

2      Fire                           1.   Buildings fitted with fire detection equipment which is       1x5=5     1.   Duty electrician on site to reset alarms if   1x4=4      -
                                           tested regularly and maintained.                                             required.
                                      2.   Fire extinguishers located in buildings to assist with fire             2.   UoS staff briefed on emergency procedures
                                           fighting.                                                                    for all buildings in use
                                      3.   Site visit to check fire exits are clear and accessible.                3.   UoS staff wearing identifiable clothing-
                                      4.   Fire exits to be maintained clear of obstructions during                     crimson, silver, sky blue robes.
                                           event.                                                                  4.   Evac chair provided for mobility impaired
                                      5.   Security staff present to assist in the event of                             visitors in Turner Simms / Nuffield.
                                           emergencies.                                                            5.   Ground floor access and egress for mobility
                                      6.   Two days prior to Graduation the Graduation Team                             impaired in Nuffield.
                                           Leader will have a meeting with Security and Health &                   6.   Stair lift in Turner Simms for mobility
                                           Safety and a debrief on sites/s.                                             impaired.
                                      7.   Two way radios for graduation staff to stay in
                                           communication with security and graduation staff.

3      Bomb / chemical / biological   1.   Security staff present to assist in the event of              1x4=4     none                                               1x4=4      -
       threats                             emergency.
                                      2.   Security have procedures in the event of bomb warnings.

4      Collision of pedestrians and   1.   Two days prior to Graduation the Graduation Team              1x5=5     None                                               1x5=5      -
       vehicles moving around the          Leader will have a meeting with Security and Health &
       campuses (cars, bicycles,           Safety and a debrief on sites/s.
       motorcycles, buses).           2.   Practice ‘run through’ of procedures with all involved on
                                           the day, i.e. ushers, marshals, Security, Safety Officer,
       Collision of pedestrians and        Halls and House managers, etc to highlight problems.
       buses in interchange.          3.   Separation of normal buses from additional graduation
                                      4.   Buses every 10mins to avoid build up of people in
                                      5.   Segregate passengers from traffic when alighting bus.
                                      6.   Bus driver to have student assistant on bus to assist

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\11ca0a2e-a379-4d0c-97de-b19b30fb399b.doc                                                                                                                             1
                                       7.     Parking attendants (x4) in pay car park Gower, Nuffield
                                              cap park and student union crescent.
                                       8.     Restricted access to crescent.
                                       9.     Deliveries before 8am on ceremony days only.
                                       10.    No requirement for people to cross University Road.
                                       11.    Dedicated additional requirement ushers for guests and
                                              graduands with mobility, visual and hearing

5    Slips , Trip hazards              1.     Guest ushers overseeing all guests and graduands.         2x3=6   1.     Site survey for marquees for trips.       1x3=3    -
                                       2.     Push chairs and prams not permitted in ceremonial halls
                                       3.     Dedicated childrems area in family marquee – supervised
                                              by parents / grown up helper.
                                       4.     Graduands not permitted to take hand baggage into
                                              ceremonial halls.

6    Electric shock from equipment     1.     Electrical equipment to be inspected / tested.            1X4=4   1.     RCD used where electrical equipment may   1X3=3    -
     used for graduation (eg           2.     University electricians on standby                                       come in to contact with liquids.
     microphones, lights)                                                                                       2.     Harpers Audio Visual to provide plasma
                                                                                                                       screens – RA and test certs.
                                                                                                                3.     AV equipment in TS and N managed by
                                                                                                                       Harpers AV.
7    Theft / vandalism to university   1.     NO ACCESS signs at appropriate places.                    1x1=1   none                                             1x1=1    -
     property                          2.     Doors locked where needed.
                                       3.     Clear signage for visitors and graduands.
                                       4.     Security staff on duty.
                                       5.     Graduation visitor information on website
8    Protest                           1.     Security staff on duty.                                   1X1=1   none                                             1x1=1    -

9    Congestion / overcrowding         1.      Security staff on duty.                                  1x3=3   1.   Graduation staff and security to monitor    1x2 =2   -
                                       2.      Additional graduation assistants to direct visitors.                   through graduation event.
                                       3.      Ticket only event.
                                       4.      Two way radios for graduation staff to stay in
10   Accidents / Sickness/ Injuries    1.    During Graduation St John Ambulance representatives will   1X4=5   1.     Additional water fountains provided.      1X4=4    -
                                             be in attendance.
                                       2.    Security guards are also present to handle issues of
                                             safety, inappropriate behaviour and are also First Aid
                                       3.    Inspection of location before the event by graduation,
                                             security and safety staff.
                                       4.    2 way radios for central support staff.
                                       5.    Access to Highfield Health if required – defibrillator
                                             available. Sports centre.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\11ca0a2e-a379-4d0c-97de-b19b30fb399b.doc                                                                                                               2
Risk = Likelihood x Severity
Use the hazard matrix below to calculate the risk rating for the activity:
                       First Aid injury/illness   Minor injury/illness       ‘3 day’ injury/illness      Major injury/illness
                                  1                          2                           3                           4                          5
Very likely       5               5                         10                          15                          20                         25
Fairly likely     4               4                          8                          12                          16                         20
Likely            3               3                          6                           9                          12                         15
Unlikely          2               2                          4                           6                           8                         10
Very unlikely     1               1                          2                           3                           4                          5

Use the following to rate the risk and plan corrective action:
Risk Level   Category         Tolerability     Comments
1- 2            VERY LOW         acceptable         No further action is necessary other than to ensure that the controls are maintained.
3–4             LOW              acceptable         No additional controls are required unless they can be implemented at very low cost (in terms of time,
                                                    money and effort).
5–7             MEDIUM           tolerable          Consideration should be given as to whether the risks can be lowered, where applicable, to a tolerable
                                                    level, and preferably acceptable level, but the costs of additional risk reduction measures should be taken
                                                    into account. The risk reduction measures should be implemented within a defined time period.
8 - 14          HIGH             tolerable          Substantial efforts should be made to reduce the risk. Risk reduction measures should be implemented
                                                    urgently within a defined time period and it might be necessary to consider suspending or restricting the
                                                    activity, or to apply interim risk control measures, until this has been completed. Considerable
                                                    resources might have to be allocated to additional control measures.
15 and          VERY HIGH        unacceptable       Substantial improvements in risk control are necessary, so that risk is reduced to a
above                                               tolerable or acceptable level.

Risk assessment reviewed as acceptable
by accountable manager/supervisor                                        Signed:

Date:                                                                    Job Title:

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\11ca0a2e-a379-4d0c-97de-b19b30fb399b.doc                                                                                              3
    Stage                            Requirement(s)                     Completed (date)/Comments
 Preparation         Selection of team – competency of those
                                     involved (3.1).
                     Team includes staff representative with
                     special assistance from ASA if required
     Apply             Elimination of hazards possible? (1.)
   hierarchy           If not, proceed with risk assessment
    Step 1                          List tasks. (4.1)
                             Site of operation visited?
                             Existing records checked?
                    Nature of equipment and substances used
                  People involved and/or likely to be affected?
                           Different locations involved?
                            Record details (Appendix 1)
    Step 2                      Identify hazards (4.2)
                      Use of hazard prompt list (Appendix 2)
    Step 3                        Estimate risk (4.3)
    Step 4                        Evaluate risk (4.4)
                                Without risk controls
                     After application of workplace controls
                       Residual risks acceptable/tolerable?
                           Action(s) required? (YES/NO)
    Step 5             Record assessment (4.5/Appendix 3)
                         Inform those likely to be affected
                   Record details of any further control, who is
                  responsible for implementation and by when
    Step 6                        Review Date (4.6)
                   Reviews need to take place as required, but
                     must be within the following minimum
                                    3 yearly (LOW)
                                 2 yearly (MEDIUM)
Assessor/team:                                      Date of completion:

Team leader:                                  Signature:

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