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									                                       Daniel Bredael
                                        System engineer

                             J&C Colruytstraat, 4, 1502 Lembeek, Belgium
                            Tel: +32(0)2-356.27.39 +32(0)495-59.68.07
                           Email: daniel@bredael.net Web: www.bredael.net

                                 Belgian, 50 years, married, 4 children’s
                 Languages: French and Italian bi-cultural, English, Dutch, German, Spanish

25 years experiences at system management level (VM, DOS/VSE, VMS, UNIX’s, Tandem):
     System management, performances, files and databases management.
     Backups and SAN management (SLS, NetBackup, Mediacom, TMFCom…), Backup
       Continuity Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan, security, capacity plans, audits,
       certifications, scripting (REXX, DCL, Shell…) various migrations, tasks automation,
       centralized management, follow up with all kinds of pro and reactive actions and
       automatic Web sites creation allowing to easily check all kind of situations.

Proactive, creative, self-sufficient, responsible, methodical and organized, I’d like to build on
my experiences in the following domains: backups, SAN, disks, virtualization, system,
security, automations and audits.

Professional experience
Banksys / BCC / Atos                      System Consultant                           1995 till now
Credit and debit cards, 1000 workers
       System management of VMS VAX, Alpha and Itanium clusters and hosts.
       Daily management and installation of new software and hardware.
       Automatic data backups, archive and de-archive.
       Automated problem, performance and security management via Cockpit giving alarms,
        actions and documentation of those ones.
       Historical data creation enabling audit, certifications and the capacity plan.
       Hardware: Itanium, SAN Brocade switches, 6 VMS clusters, 6 Tandems, 200 Unix (Solaris,
        HP/UX, Linux, TRU64) servers, 250 Windows servers, 150 Tbytes disk mirrored and raid 5
        (HDS and HP), 2 robots SL8500 and 4 Powderhorns SUN/StorageTek with a capacity of
        37000 cartridges of 2.5 Tbytes (maximum, each) on three remote sites.
Groupe S – SOPA                         System Engineer                      1994-1995
Family allowance, salary, 800 workers
       VMS VAX and Alpha clusters and system management.
       Daily management and installation of new software’s.
       Management procedures of the different environments.
       Hardware: VAX, HSC, HSD, HSJ, 2 clusters, 100 Gbytes disk space.

UCB                                     Systems Architect                    1992-1994
       VAX/VMS/Rdb hosts and software management.
       LAN and WAN networks (DecNet/LAT, TCP/IP, IPX and AppleTalk).
       Novell, Pathworks and Macintosh servers.
       MAC and Windows clients.
       Security, office automation and network projects.

Daniel Doyen                            Analyst-programmer                   1992
Auto parts, 90 workers
       Development under VM and DOS/VSE with COBOL and CICS from the stock management
        and the order to the posting.

Sun Alliance                            System Engineer                      1987-1992
Insurances, 120 workers
       VM and DOS/VSE system management with CICS/DL1 and VTAM/X25.
       Backups, security, disaster recovery, documentation library, production chains creation,
        scheduling of automatic restore and reorganization of VSAM files, sources, outputs and tape
       Tuning and miscellaneous installations.

Studies and trainings

1967-1981:       European school of Varese (Italy).
1982-1983:       University of physics (Italy).
1984-1986:       High school in informatics (Analyst-programmer) INRACI (Brussels).
                  Dissertation at European Economic Community in Brussels (DG7):
                    “IMF tape series extraction“.
1987-2012:       Various trainings by IBM, CTG, CISCO, Digital, Raxco, StorageTek, HP,
                 SUN and Symantec.
                 Also ITIL, Marion, team building, effective meetings


Apnea, diving, nautical and mountain sports, travel, property management and do-it-yourself

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