NWS and Social Science

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					               NWS Partners Workshop
                          January 2010

           NWS and Social Science

                       Jennifer M. Sprague
                Strategic Planning & Policy Office
                    National Weather Service
        National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

January 2010                                              1
                   Social Science and NWS

•    Social Science is “the process of describing, explaining and predicting
     human behavior and institutional structure in interaction with their
     environments.” (Social Science Working Group to the NOAA Science
     Advisory Board, 2008)

• Integration of social science into NOAA’s information, products
  and services enable us to go from a good agency to a great
  agency by helping science better inform policy.

• Integration of social science at the earliest stages of NOAA
  research and development and through the transition to
  operations ensures NOAA's science and services best serve the
  public and policy makers.

    January 2010                                                               2
                           NWS Update

•   Social Science S&T Roadmap
•   NOAA Response to the SAB Social Science Report
•   NOAA’s Next Generation Strategic Plan and NWS Strategic Plan
•   Various Social Science Projects underway
     – Warning Program
     – TsunamiReady Program
     – Storm Surge Warning Team
     – Climate Prediction Center Valuation Metrics
     – Forecast-at-a-Glance Icons
     – NWS Service Assessments
     – Communication of Flood Risk
     – Risk Communication and Uncertainty

     January 2010                                                  3

•    AMS Commission on the Weather and Climate Enterprise Board on
     Enterprise Communication Plan entitled: “A Weather and Climate
     Enterprise Strategic Implementation Plan for Generating and
     Communicating Forecast Uncertainty Information”
      – Now out for review:

•    Continued partnerships with the social science research community
     and leveraging of their expertise.
      – NCAR Societal Impact Program (SIP)
      – OU Social Science Woven into Meteorology (SSWIM)
      – Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI)

•    Commercial Weather Industry has extensive experience integrating
     social science and quantifying economic value of weather services to
     the Nation
      – Better understanding of customer needs
      – Better emphasis on communicating risk effectively
    January 2010                                                                4

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