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					                                    Pre-IB Inquiry Skills - 9th Grade
                                             Mr. Champion
                                            Course Overview

The purpose of this course is to provide the foundation for and the practice of effective study habits, and
to develop the necessary skills to process information, complete assignments accurately, and perform well
on tests. I.e. note-taking skills, test-taking skills, listening skills, memorization techniques, SAT and
subject matter vocabulary, etc. In addition, you will study and research current events, learn about setting
goals, practice organizational skills and time management, learn to write a research paper, and you will
become more familiar with our school and school policies. Finally, we will use the 7 Habits of Highly
Effective Teens to learn about adapting to high school and dealing with the ups and downs of life.

Good attendance will be very important to your success in this class. Poor attendance can result in a
poor grade. Please keep up with missed assignments. There will be a five-day (School days) limit on all
make-up work. This includes homework, class work, tests, and quizzes. Please contact me if there are
extenuating circumstances.

The materials needed for this class will be a 1-1 ½ inch or 2 inch three ring binder with pockets on the
inside, dividers, a file folder (accordion type), a daily planner, pencils, blue, black, and red ink pens,
highlighter pen, and possibly some crayons. There is no standard textbook for this course. We will be
using class sets of SOS – Strengthening of Skills workbook and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
by Sean Covey. All class handouts and the notebook will be vital to your success. When notebooks are
collected and graded they must be single subject only! All materials must be brought to class every day.
You will need to check my web site regularly for assignments and documents for class.

Research Paper assignments that are turned in will each count as a homework grade. The final draft of
your paper and any other major projects will count as a test grade grade.

Tests will be given with a minimum of one-week (5 school days) notice unless there are extenuating
circumstances. Tests will account for approximately 50% of your 9-weeks average. Make-up tests may
be fill-in the blank or essay format.

Quizzes may be announced or unannounced, and will be worth approximately 30% of your 9-weeks
average. Make-up quizzes may be fill-in the blank or essay format.

Homework and class work will be checked randomly and will count for approximately 20% of your 9-
weeks average. Homework must be turned in on the due date or the day you return to school if you are
absent. Late homework is not accepted for a grade. However, should there be an extenuating
circumstance, see me immediately, and I will evaluate your situation. Even if you do not receive points
for the assignment it must still be completed and in the notebook when notebooks are graded at the end of
each quarter.

The Notebook must be in order; assignments must be completed, and another person’s work may not be
photocopied and placed in your notebook in place of your own work. Points will be deducted if these
requirements are not met. Notebooks must be brought to class every day. I reserve the right to
periodically check notebooks as part of your homework/class work grade.

The Mid-Term and Final Exam will account for 20% of you overall average.
DENIED; however, extra credit questions are occasionally given on tests and quizzes.

The administration is cracking down on hall passes, so please avoid restroom / guidance / clinic / dean’s
office requests. Emergencies will undoubtedly occur. Please keep them to an absolute minimum.

You are responsible for knowing and following all rules of conduct for Flagler Palm Coast High School.
If a seating chart is used, you are to sit in your assigned seats. At all times you are expected to be polite
and courteous to each other, the instructor, all guests, and especially to substitute teachers.

The grading scale for this class is as follows:

Assistance will be given upon request. You must see me and schedule a day and time prior to meeting
for assistance.

Your development and success is my main objective. I am looking forward to an exciting school year that
sees productivity, innovation, and enthusiasm. Parents and students, please feel free to contact me by
email, or by phone at (437-7540 x. 7221) at any time. If you have an
emergency, please DO NOT call my extension. Speak with the school receptionist and she will direct
your call to the appropriate school personnel.
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Please sign and return this page acknowledging that you have read and understand the requirements for Inquiry
Skills. A copy of the Course Overview will also be available online.

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