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									Eight Tips To Beautify And Simplify
With all that you've got going on, finding a faster and more efficient way to look your best is essential.
Consider the following eight tips to help you get gorgeous quicker and simplify the process on a
regular basis.

1. Drink water. Few things are more beneficial for your body than plain old water. It fuels you, fills you
and gives your complexion a healthy glow. Use it often to hydrate inside and out, and to hold you over
between nutritious meals when you might otherwise be tempted into something devious. Drinking at
least eight glasses a day will have an immediate impact on your complexion and the elasticity of your

2. Always wear sunscreen. As enjoyable as basking in the warm sun may be, the damage it causes
to skin can be extensive, even deadly. Protect yourself from the harmful rays with a good SPF that
will last long and be good for your skin too. You can find foundations with built in sunscreen as well as
daily moisturizers. Pick one that matches your skin type and particular lifestyle.

3. De-clutter your cosmetics. What could be more impossible than trying to get ready in the morning
and not being able to find your favorite eye-shadow or lip-liner? Clear up the clutter and throw out
things you really don't use. Holding on to make-up items for too long is unhealthy anyway as they can
gather bacteria. Organize your beauty essentials for ease of use and discard the clutter.

4. Use a high-quality, low-chemicals moisturizer. Splurge a little on the beauty items that contribute to
your skin's nourishment and conditioning. Look for natural and even organic ingredients. Avoiding a
lot of useless chemicals will keep skin healthier and maintain elasticity, so read the labels or online
reviews to find a trustworthy product. Use your favorite moisturizer each morning and before bedtime.

5. Find the perfect color lipstick. When all else fails, we can always depend on a great lipstick to get
us through the day. When you're pressed for time, in the midst of a bad hair-day, or even caught in
the rain without an umbrella; beautiful lipstick turns the focus onto a splash of brilliant color and
winning smile. Use sample-sizes until you find your very best shade, and make sure you know the
exact color title, so you can get more.
6. Enjoy plenty of vegetables. Beauty resonates from inner health and you're not going to achieve that
healthy glow living on french fries and beer. You needn't restrict yourself to the point of deprivation;
just make sure you get enough fruits and veggies into your daily diet.

7. Sleep well. A great night of sleeping will reflect in your face all day long, as will a night of tossing
and turning. Start with a good mattress and set the environment up in your bedroom so that it is
completely conducive to restful snoozing. Have light scents in the air for a calming effect and be sure
the lighting is appropriate.

8. Detox from stress, smoking and other beauty hazards. Excess stress can erode natural beauty far
before its time. Fine wrinkles and worry lines will set in, and the constant agony of dissatisfaction and
anxiety can eat you up from the inside out. Find ways to minimize stress, and don't depend on things
like cigarettes and alcohol for comfort.

And there you have eight fantastic ways to look great faster and maintain healthy looks using quality
measures. Incorporate these tips into your daily beauty routine soon and see a remarkable difference
right away.

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