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					                                                                                                                         “What a great neighborhood!”
                                                                                                                                           -Spencer Morris who lost

 The Corcoran News
                                                                                                                                      his home in the fire of Jan. 10.

 Published by The Corcoran Neighborhood Organization                       Volume 20 Number 1                                                       February 2006

Fire Destroys Corcoran Fourplex                                                                               Volunteer
                                                                              By Amy Arcand, CNO Staff

                                                     put up in a          father’s picture on it. She said,
                                                     hotel and            “I hadn’t even had a chance
                                                     offered some         to look at these books. I’m                                   By Rachel VanScoy, CNO Staff

                                                     immediate            glad that I was able to save           n Monday, February 6th, CNO is hosting
                                                     support.             them.” She also said that it is        a dinner honoring all those who donated
                                                     Williams came        too late in life to have to deal       their time as volunteers in 2005. The
                                                     into the CNO         with all of this and to find adinner will be at Corcoran Park. We start
                                                     office the day       new home. According to the    serving food at 6:00pm; the awards ceremony
                                                     after the fire       landlord, Morris had lived in begins at 6:30pm. In an effort to make sure
                                                     and reported         the apartment for 30 years.   people can enjoy the goodies, the presentation,
                                                     that they were           Stephanie and Rob         and the company, the General Membership

                                                     only able            Westphal, Block Leaders       meeting will start at 7:30pm. The meeting
         n Tuesday, January
                                                                                                        includes a recap of 9th Ward Awards, community
         10th, the fourplex at
         the corner of 20th Ave.    “We lost everything. I don’t                                        reports, and a presentation on 311 by Noah
                                                                                                        Schuchman, Aide
S and 35th Street burned. The
fire started around 7:00 a.m.       even have my purse.”                                                to Council Member
                                                                                                        Gary Schiff.
All four units were occupied
                                                                   -Resident of Burned Fourplex             CNO depends
but everyone was able to
get out safely. Amy Arcand,                                                                             on the people
                                    to stay at the Days Inn on        for the 3400 block of 19th        who get involved
CNO director, was at the site       University Ave. until Friday,     Avenue, organized a week-
and spoke with one of the                                                                               in committees,
                                    January 13th and were looking long donation drive to help the or with single
residents. Derrick Williams,        for another apartment in the      affected families. They asked
who lived in the upper left                                                                             events. “Volunteers really do make up the
                                    neighborhood. He said, “The       residents to donate household     heart of Corcoran,” agrees 2004 volunteer-
unit, said he “heard a ‘crack,      landlord offered us another       goods, furniture, clothing,
crack’ noise and woke up to                                                                             of-the-year Jessica Ward-Denison. If you are
                                    apartment over on Nicollet but money, and gift cards to local       ever interested in helping CNO in any way,
see fire behind the radiator.”      we love this neighborhood and grocery chains. “We wanted
Williams and his girlfriend,                                                                            please call us at: 612-724-7457, or email:
                                    want to stay here.”               to reach out to our neighbors If you volunteered
Daisy Evins, ran out of the             Eric Gustafson, CNO’s         in their time of need,” she said. last year and have not received an invitation,
building in their pajamas,          Housing and Land Use                   Donations were gathered
without time to even grab any                                                                           please let us know. We want to keep our records
                                    Coordinator, met Naomi            at the CNO office and             accurate and we want you to join us for dinner!
possessions. Amy was able           Morris the day after the fire.    distributed to the families.
to give them clothes and some       Morris, who is in her 80’s,       “The community response was
gas money. Evins said, “We          lived in the bottom right unit    incredible!” remarked CNO
lost everything. I don’t even       with her son Spencer. She         Organizer Rachel VanScoy.
have my purse.” According           was back at the building with     “Within three days our office
to Williams, smoke detectors        several of her children to        was filled with donated items.
never went off.                     salvage what she could from       It looked like we were having
     The Red Cross arrived at       the wreckage. Eric found          a rummage sale. Residents
the scene around 9:30 a.m.          her holding two books that        kept calling to offer donations,
and offered residents some          she had gotten for Christmas      even after the drive was
assistance. Residents were                                                                              Stephanie and Rob Westphal organized a donation drive
                                    and an antique plate with her     finished.”                        for the victims of the fire that brought in hundreds of
                                                                                                              items from neighborhood residents.

Celebrando la primer posada en el vecindario de Corcoran!!
                                                                                                                   Por Ángel Morales, Coordinador del proyecto MLOP

E       l día Viernes 16 de Diciembre
        del 2005 a las 6:00 p.m. se
        llevo a cabo una reunión
comunitaria en las instalaciones del
                                         unos días. En esa parte de la historia,
                                         adaptada a nuestras costumbres, en
                                         nuestros países latinoamericanos, que
                                         combinamos, lo religioso con lo que
                                                                                    quebrar la piñata, pero el momento
                                                                                    más inolvidables y divertido fue para
                                                                                    los que quebraron la piñata.
                                                                                       Al romper la piñata los dulces
                                                                                                                             a todos su aportación, y contribución
                                                                                                                             al programa MLOP, en nuestros
                                                                                                                             vecindarios. Disfrutamos todos a la
                                                                                                                             vez y despedimos el año de una forma
parque Corcoran, (3334 20th Ave. S.      acontece en la vida diaria.                cayeron regados por el piso y todos      alegre.
Minneapolis)                                En esta celebración se hizo con los     se arrojaron a recogerlos. Fueron solo       Asistieron a esta celebración cerca
    Para celebrar una noche, en la que   integrantes de los equipos de soccer       dos horas de diversión pero muy bien     de 30 adultos y alrededor de 60 niños,
la convivencia era total entre niños     en el vecindario y demás niños de          aprovechadas por los chiquitines.        disfrutaron a más no poder y fue la
(as) y adultos.                          otras comunidades, fue una aportación         Este fue un esfuerzo conjunto         última reunión del año del programa
    Esta celebración fue para            de “Casa México” y sus voluntarios         de MLOP y “Casa México” por              MLOP en el vecindario de Corcoran.
conmemorar, las fiestas de navidad y     y estuvieron regalando bolsitas con        conservar las tradiciones y costumbres       Esperamos continuar este año con
se celebra días antes del nacimiento     dulces, y se cantaron canciones de         de los latinoamericanos inmigrantes y    la misma energía e incrementarla
del niño Jesús, dentro de la creencia    esta época navideña, hubo música           también para poder mostrar nuestras      para que más vecinos participen
Católica cristiana.                      por el D.J Payasito, y se quebraron        aportaciones en lo cultural a nuestra    en estas actividades que buscan
    Los acontecimientos se muestran,     piñatas. Esta fue la parte más divertida   comunidad.                               unirnos y trabajar por una comunidad
al buscar alojamiento José y Maria en    para los chiquillos porque el ver la          Pero lo mejor de la reunión fue       más fuerte, en nuestros propios
la ciudad de Belén y piden posada por    ansiedad por ser los escogidos para        que nos pudimos reunir y agradecer       vecindarios.
PAGE 2                                                                      February 2006                                                     CORCORAN NEWS

Letters from the Editor . . .                                                      By Carla Kaiser, CNN Editor
                                                                                                                 New Owner,
I   n the past few months, the
    Corcoran neighborhood
    has seen many changes.
                                     and 31st Street during the night
                                     time? There’s a window that
                                     faces the second level track of the
                                                                           track. Maybe that’s what our
                                                                           neighborhood is up to as well...
                                                                           moving and changing to keep up
                                                                                                                 New Priorities
                                                                                                                 at 3121 Cedar
Businesses have come and gone.       YWCA. You see people running,         with all of us!
Lake Street looks different, 35th    walking, talking, or stretching.         In this issue, CNO staff and
Street looks different, and even     They keep warm by constantly          volunteers have covered the
Cedar Avenue. How odd to             moving, yet remain right here.        changes that you may have been                                  by Eric Gustafson, CNO Staff
think that during this coldest (or   Kind of like that hamster in the      wondering about. If there’s
supposed to be coldest) time of      wheel going                           something here you don’t see, or
the year the Corcoran residents      ‘round and                            would like a translation of, please
and business owners are moving       ‘round... I’ll                        ask for more information! And
around the most.                     admit that I                          as always, your thoughts and
   Have you walked or driven         too am one                            comments are welcome here in
past the corner of 21st Avenue       of those                              your community newspaper.
                                     people on the

Coffee Eclectic…It’s Electric!                                                 By Mary Buhr, Corcoran Resident

           ike and Denny Letson, the “brothers” of       organic coffee. Both she and Buhr were greatly
           Brothers Electric Company, an established     disappointed when her financing didn’t come
           electrical contracting business located       through as expected. Buhr resumed operation of
           at 3447 Cedar Ave S, recently entered         Coffee Eclectic last Wednesday and the Letsons
into an agreement to purchase the business Coffee        decided to take the leap into what was, for them, the

Eclectic from original owner, Mary Buhr.                 uncharted territory of the specialty coffee business.
                                                                                                                         n January 11, Chad Blihovde from Jordan
    Buhr’s last day will be Tuesday, January 31st.          Buhr was both relieved and excited by the
                                                                                                                         Realty gave me a tour of the 30-unit
The Letsons will take over on Wednesday, February        purchase agreement reached with the Brothers
1st, and Mike’s daughter, Amy Halverson, will            Electric Company Wednesday                                      apartment building at 3121 Cedar Avenue,
manage Coffee Eclectic. Some might wonder                morning. The Letson brothers have                       which is currently undergoing major renovations.
why owners of a successful, well reputed electric        operated their company in its current                   Chad was involved in a recent sale of the building
company would suddenly dive into the thick of            location for many years. They not                       to new owner Vishnu Lalta. At this time, nine of the
the highly competitive specialty coffee business.        only have experience operating a                        units are still occupied.
As owners of the building at 3445 Cedar (in other        business, but a vested interest and
                                                                                                                    The first priority for Mr. Lalta, Chad explained,
words, Buhr’s landlords) it presented an unexpected,     sincere commitment to building
nonetheless intriguing opportunity.                      upon what Buhr started, expanding                       has been making improvements to building security
                                                         Coffee Eclectic’s presence and                          and access. “The outside doors are now secure,” he
    Annette Whitener of Roseville assumed                                                                        said, “so you can’t just wander in off the street, and
operation of the business on Monday, January 9th         service to the surrounding community. They
                                                         will keep the current name and logo, as well as         we’re in the process of changing all the locks.”
with the intent of fulfilling her dream of having
her own coffee shop. Whitener, who grew up in            honor any un-expired Coffee Eclectic coupons,               Chad showed me several vacant apartments, in
the Corcoran neighborhood, shared a dream and            gift certificates and promotions, upon assuming
                                                                                                                 various stages of work. The focus now, he said, is
vision similar to Buhr’s: of creating a neighborhood     ownership.
                                                                                                                 on tearing out damaged carpeting and repairing or
gathering spot in a community near and dear to her          For any further information, stop in the shop or     replacing subfloors in the units. “We found some
heart, as well as offering locally roasted fair trade,   contact Coffee Eclectic at (612) 724-8111               carpet in pretty bad condition, water damage to
                                                                                                                 some of the plywood subfloor, and cockroach
                                                                                                                 problems.” New carpet and linoleum was apparent

Bienvenidos a Abogados y Bailadores                                                                              in some of the units as we walked through.
                                                                                                                    The previous building owner, Spiros Zorbalas,
                                                                            By Sue Redmond, Corcoran Resident    put the building up for sale in December after

                                                                                                                 the building’s rental license was revoked by
      t was a bright sunny day when I stopped in         vision uses traditional culture to support youth in     the City Council. Zorbalas owns ‘UPi Property
      to meet Susanna De Leon and Bruce Nestor,          understanding their culture through dance and the       Management Group,’ which managed 3121 Cedar
      who moved their law office to 3547 Cedar           arts. Paintings of fellow dance troupes have been       and still manages dozens of buildings throughout
Ave S. from downtown in April 2005. Maybe you            given and exchanged. A memorial to four dancers         Minneapolis. The revocation at 3121 Cedar was
remember the old building/house that was run down        who died in a car accident last year coming to          based on UPi’s failure to address repeated criminal,
and falling apart on that corner? The building now       Minnesota for the solstice dance includes photos        disorderly, and nuisance activity at the premises,
has a fresh, clean look with new paint and a clean       and a candle for their remembrance.                     including use and sale of crack cocaine.
yard. Attorney-husband-wife team Susana and                  The couple takes a variety of legal cases,             At the time of revocation, the City Council
Bruce have their offices and a kitchen in the back       mainly focusing on the immigrant population             defined a number of specific corrections that must
with a side entrance and receptionist. The front half    and immigrant issues and needs. Bruce provided          be made at 3121 Cedar in order for the building
is reserved for the dance group that Susanna is very     a resume that includes his work with Centro             manager—previous, new, or otherwise—to secure
committed to. The front has a large space for their      Campesino and the Iowa Immigrants Rights                a rental license. These included full extermination
practices. The couple was friendly and welcoming,        Network, and he is a member of the Bar in Iowa          and fumigation of the building, and acceptance of a
giving me a tour of the building and talking in depth    and Minnesota. Susanna came to the United               detailed management and security plan by the SAFE
about their commitment to the community and              States as a teen and worked in labor jobs typically     unit of the police department. CNO understands that
their work. Bruce and Susanna live in Corcoran so        available to immigrants, as described in her resume.    Lalta has been working on his plan with SAFE.
they can now walk to work and continue their deep        Susanna obtained a law degree from the U of M,
involvement in the community.                                                                                       When asked for comment on the new owner,
                                                         is an adjunct professor at the U and is active in the
                                                                                                                 longtime 3121 Cedar resident Ed Fesler responded,
    Susanna is a petite Mexicana-Xicana woman            Chicano Studies Department. Susanna is involved
                                                                                                                 simply, “The new owner is great! Outstanding!”
with an earnest and active involvement in her            with many community agencies that focus on the
culture through the Traditional Aztec dance troupe,      rights of immigrants and has been involved in              Chad Blihovde said of Lalta, “he’s a hands-on
QuetzalCoatlicue, and her work with immigration.         educating elected representatives.                      property manager with a good reputation. He makes
QuetzalCoatlicue means ‘divine bird of the serpent                                                               a point of getting to know each of his residents.”
                                                            QuetzalCoatlicue accepts invitations to
skirt’ and is a Kalpulli – learning community whose      participate in events, giving dance performances on        Chad went on to praise 3121 Cedar as a quality
focus is to share and conserve cultural teachings.       evening and weekends. The dances are a ceremony         building that has simply suffered from lack of care.
The troupe danced at the Midtown Public Market           and an offering to the community. Their next biggest    “We’re finding plenty of insulation between the
this past summer and gives frequent performances         event will be the summer solstice celebration           floors, which makes for quiet living spaces. Most
in the Twin Cities and beyond. The group is open         on June 21, 2006, with a vigil the night prior.         units will soon have new flooring; and many, new
to youth and young adults, practicing in the front       The troupe welcomes neighbors and community             lighting and appliances. We look forward to working
space of the building. Susanna has created a safe        members to attend and receive the music and             with the City, and to turning this building around.”
supervised space for youth to make their dance           energy from the dances and to bring offerings of          For more on 3121 Cedar Ave, see the November
dresses, masks and drums, work on the computer,          fruits, flowers or candles-traditional gifts for the    2005 issue of The Corcoran News.
use the phone and have a snack or meal. Susanna’s        celebration.
PAGE 3                                                                              February 2006                                                              CORCORAN NEWS

Year-Round Bicycling...
Yes, in Minnesota
Bicyclist and Corcoran Resident Christopher Szarke Talks Shop
                                                                                               by Eric Gustafson, CNO Staff

A         coffee shop conversation
         made a wintertime convert
         of long-time bicyclist
         Christopher Szarke. “Until
                                               recreation. “I’ll often take a trip
                                               around one of the lakes on my way
                                               home from work,” he said.
                                                   When asked about the cold,
                                                                                                   As long as he can
                                                                                               feel safe and visible to
                                                                                               drivers, Christopher says,
                                                                                               it’s a good day to bicycle.
then, I’d always parked my bike for            Christopher says dressing in layers,            Visibility starts with
winter to ride the bus.” he explained.         with a waterproof shell and pants, is           reflective gear. As he does
“That day I met a gentleman who was            crucial. And he wouldn’t leave home             year-round, Christopher
over seventy and biked year-round, in          without his balaclava-style facemask            wears a strobed, reflective
all weather.”                                  to cut the winter wind.                         band on his leg and a
    Christopher has never owned a car,                                                         reflector and headlamp on
                                                   Climate aside, Christopher says he          his helmet. “In cases where
a choice driven primarily by concern           finds Minneapolis to be a bicyclist-
for impact on the environment. “I                                                              it’s safer, I’m not afraid to
                                               friendly city. And, there’s an extra            use a lane of traffic,” he
started bicycling more in my late-30s,         element of camaraderie in winter, he
in part because I wanted to work more                                                          said, “and this is allowed by                    of knobby tires you see on a mountain
                                               says. “You quickly start to recognize           state law.” Christopher says he hasn’t           bike are the only special equipment
exercise into my everyday routine,” he         people who take the same routes.” On
said. Since his fateful encounter in the                                                       encountered much trouble sharing the             a bicycle should need,” he said.
                                               his regular commute, he rides on the            roadway. “Some bicyclists I’ve talked            Christopher also does a full tune-up of
coffee shop, he’s made bicycling his           Midtown Greenway, which is plowed
year-round transport.                                                                          to report harassment from drivers.               his bicycle before and after the winter
                                               during winter, and Park Avenue, one             But I’ve always shown and expected               season.
    Christopher currently works at             of the many streets with a designated           mutual respect, and I’ve never had a
Park House, a day center for people            bicycle lane. “There’s a surprising             problem.”                                            Christopher says he learns more
living with AIDS, as a certified               volume of bicycle traffic in winter,                                                             every season, and insists he’s not an
massage therapist. He also has a               especially on the Greenway,” he                     To combat the extra abuse to                 expert on winter biking. “A great place
private practice in Corcoran. Although         said. But there are also major streets          his bike from cold and road salt,                to get advice is bike shops,” he said,
he started winter bicycling in order           he’s learned to avoid, such as Cedar            Christopher says he scrubs down the              “the Hub Bike Co-op on Minnehaha
to commute, he soon found himself              Avenue and Lake Street.                         chain regularly with a toothbrush and            is a great resource for routes, repairs,
doing more cold weather riding for                                                             chain oil from a bike shop. “The sort            and gear.”

Villa Market                                                                                     Bienvenida a la sucursal
                                                                                                 de envíos “Los Gallos”
               By Amy Arcand, CNO Staff

V        illa Market, which opened in
         December 2005 at 3408 Cedar
         Avenue, is owned by Meria                                                                                                 Por Ángel Morales, Coordinador del proyecto MLOP

Villa and Daniel Marcatoma. This                                                                             n el mes de Diciembre, de          los clientes pueden aprovechar, como
husband and wife team completely                                                                             dio la apertura oficial de la      clientes distinguidos al final de año
remodeled the inside of the building                                                                         oficina de “Los Gallos” # 5        reciben regalos (deben de guardar sus
that was recently purchased by                                                                               en la ciudad de Minneapolis        recibos) también en algún momento
his brother. Meria and Daniel are                    and household goods as well as a small         y están localizados en: 1855 E.             han estado regalando un disco
Ecuadorians and have lived in                        meat counter in the back featuring             Lake St. En Minneapolis. Para               compacto de música en español, al
Minnesota for six years. This is their               Mexican favorites. The selection of            ser más precisos en el vecindario           hacer 3 envíos.
first business. The couple financed the              beans is outstanding as they carry             de “Corcoran” en la esquina de                  Hacen celebraciones en donde
business with savings and has not taken                                                             la 19th Avenida y la calle Lake.            toda la comunidad esta invitada:
                                                     garbanzo, fava, lentils, canary, pinto,        Este negocio estaba anteriormente
out any business loans. They live in                 black, red and blackeye beans. Patrons localizado en la misma calle Lake,                  como por ejemplo: El día de las
Northeast Minneapolis but say that they              will find large sacks of rice and a nice                                                   Madres, 10 de mayo. El día de
                                                                                                    junto a la estación de radio hispana        la virgen de Guadalupe, 12 de
love this neighborhood and are excited               array of spices. The store also offers         “Radio Rey, en el vecindario de
about opening their business here.                                                                                                              diciembre.
                                                     money transferring services through            Longfellow.
    The inside of the store is filled with           Western Union and Inter-Cambio                                                                 Este negocio es operado por su
                                                                                                        Los Gallos inicio operaciones           dueño el Sr. Orlando Cruz, a pesar
Mexican and Ecuadorian products                      Express.                                       parciales el día 9 de diciembre, el         de ser un negocio con servicio en
that are meticulously displayed on the                   Stop in and see the wide variety           horario de oficina es: lunes a sábado       español, tiene personal bilingüe que
shelves. Customers will find a small                 of Mexican products and introduce              de 9:00 a.m. a 8:00 p.m.                    atiende por igual a personas de toda
selection of fresh foods like jalapeños,             yourself to one of our newest                    Los domingos de 9:00 a.m. a 5:00          la comunidad.
limes, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, yucca             neighbors. Don’t forget to pick up             p.m. Los servicios que ofrecen:                 El servicio al cliente es por
and tomatillos. There is a wide variety              groceries for dinner and a Coke in the          • Envíos de dinero a diferentes            demás personalizado y atendido
of bottled drinks, salsas, dairy products            bottle for the walk home.                          partes del mundo, en especial a         por jóvenes y bellas (bilingües)
                                                                                                        Latinoamérica.                          señoritas, visítelos y será atendido
                                                                                                                           • Aceptan su         amablemente por: Aracely, Griselda,
   THE CORCORAN NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS                                                                                        cheque en el uso       Aidee, Dennos. la persona encargada
 Next Issue: March 4, 2005                                                                                               de un servicio,        de esta sucursal, es: Alma Delia.
 Copy & Ad Deadline: Monday, February 20, 2005                                                                           pago de servicios,
 Published by Corcoran Neighborhood Organization, delivered                                                              ( Gas, electricidad,       Mencionare que el propietario de
 monthly door-to-door in and around Corcoran Neighborhood.                                                                                      este negocio, es una persona que esta
 Boundaries: E. Lake St. to E. 36th St.: Hiawatha Ave. to                                                                Cable, teléfono,
 Cedar Ave.                                                                                                              etc..)                 envuelta en los eventos comunitarios,
 Chief Editor:                   Carla Kaiser, 612-724-7457                                                                • Compra y           y fue uno de los patrocinadores de
                                                                                         reservación de         “La Fiesta” en este vecindario, y
 Newspaper Volunteers:                  Eric Lindberg, Val Lies,                                                                                no solo patrocino el vento también
                             Johnny Jones, Jr., Susan Redmond                                                            boletos de avión.
 Ad Sales:              Contact CNO at 612-724-7457 for rate                                                               •Cambio de           estuvo presente el día del evento y
                           sheet and information about special                                                           moneda.                estuvo regalando artículos y dando
                                      discounts and classifieds.                                                           •Venta de tarjetas   globos a todos los niños.
 Circulation:                                             2,200                                                          telefonicas.
 Delivery:                                       612-724-7457                                                                                       Apoyemos a los negocios que se
 Printing:                              Finance and Commerce                                                               •Money orders.       encuentran en nuestro vecindario
   A CPED Community Development Block Grant provides                                                                        •Y algunos          usando sus servicios, de esta manera
 partial funding through Citizen Participation funding to CNO.                                                           servicios              podremos hacer una relación mas
  Opinions and viewpoints expressed in CNN are those of                                                                  más. Visítelos         fuerte en nuestra comunidad, entre
          the writer and may not reflect the views of                  Los Gallos opened their doors for business at     para mayor             vecinos y negocios, y haremos mas
                      CNO or its funders.                                                                               información.
                                                                   their new location in Corcoran on Lake Street. It                            fuerte una economía local.
               The Corcoran Neighborhood News                      was a wintery day, but the business looks forward        Este negocio            Por nuestra parte mediante
             Corcoran Neighborhood Organization                    to the coming months. Stop by and see all the        tiene diferentes
          3451 Cedar Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55407                                                                                            el programa de Midtown Latino
                                                                   different services they offer!                       promociones             Organizing Project, le damos la
                                                                                                                        durante el año que
PAGE 4                                                                                                 February 2006                                                                             CORCORAN NEWS

Residents Choose From Three                                                                                                                                        Corcoran Neighbor
Single-Family Home Proposals                                                                                                                                      3451 Cedar Ave South
                                                                                                                                                                  phone (612) 724-7457
                                                                                                                          HOUSING UPDATE
                                                                                                                 by Eric Gustafson, CNO Staff

A        t CNO’s January 4 Housing
         Committee meeting,
                                                   meeting, to invite neighbors.
                                                       Attendees were pleased with
                                                                                                      were nicely broken up by intersecting
                                                                                                      roof lines of various heights. His was
         Corcoran residents                        the proposals, two of which were                   the smallest house proposed, and
interviewed three parties to proposals             from individuals who wish to live                  the Committee felt it would most
for a new home at 3028 19th Avenue                 in the house themselves. Selected                  closely match its neighbors in size
South. The lot, currently empty, is                                                                   and architectural character. Jesse’s

                                                   was the proposal of Jesse Lee, who
owned by the City of Minneapolis,                  grew up in Minneapolis and said he                 proposed builder is D&J Steele,                              ring your family, bring your
which intends to sell the lot to a                 is excited about raising a family in               which has an office on East 35th St. in                      neighbors, bring your friends…
private party for construction of a                the neighborhood. The committee                    the Corcoran Neighborhood.                                   hey, bring strangers!!! Saturday,
new single-family home. As part of                 identified house height and size, and                  CNO’s recommendation, and                                March 11th, 2006 the Chatterbox
such a process, the neighborhood                   aesthetic fit with existing houses on              that of City staff, will go to the City               Pub is hosting a buffet brunch
organization—CNO, in this case—                    the block, as major concerns, since                Council. The mayor must also sign                     fundraiser for CNO from 10am-2pm.
reviews the proposals and makes a                  most houses on this block of 19th                  off on the final decision for sale. Earl              That means three good deals:
recommendation to the City Council.                Avenue are 1-1/2 storey bungalows,                 Pettiford, Senior Project Coordinator
   Once it received copies of the                  compared with the two-storey houses                for the City, said that barring any                     ~ Support a local and loyal business
proposals, CNO flyered the 30xx                    proposed.                                          unforeseen delays in City Hall,                         ~ Support your community organization
block of 19th, first before the new                                                                   the builder should be able to break                     ~ Eat great food and visit with great
                                                        The elevations Jesse presented
year, and again the week of the                                                                       ground in the spring.                                   friends on a lazy Saturday morning!
                                                                                                                                                               What could be better!? Meal
                Graphic Design Help Needed                                                                                                                  tickets are $10each and half of all
                                                                                                                                                            proceeds go to CNO programs. RSVP
    CNO needs a Graphic Designer to help us update our logo, select colors and fonts, and                                                                   today at 612-724-7457 or email
 create a professional brochure. We’re looking for someone to help us standardize our look                                                         Tell us who you
 and help staff portray a consistent image. Professional experience is not necessary but we are                                                             are, what time slot you want (they run in
 looking for someone who can take on the entire project without a lot of direction from staff. If                                                           30 minute reservations. i.e. 10, 11:30…)
                                                                                                                                                            and how many guests you are bringing.
 you are interested in volunteering, please contact Amy Arcand at 612-724-7457.
                                                                                                                                                            Call soon, space is limited!

                                                                                 E-Board Minutes 12/12/05
Submitted by Jessica Ward-Denison
      In attendance: Kirk Roggensack, Ella Ritzman, Sue Duoos, Jeremy         that we currently do not have. He lives in the area most affected by         a $100 petty cash reserve for the Midtown Latino Organizing
 Mork, Gwen McMahon, Kevin Reuther, Gerry Tyrrell, Jessica Ward-              prostitution and is interested in working with the Longfellow group of       Project that is funded by Longfellow Community Council and
 Denison and Amy Brock.                                                       neighbors. He seeks the At-Large position.                                   managed by CNO staff. LCC replenishes the fund when it gets
      Approve November E-Board minutes – November minutes were                     Kath is interested in taking on a new role within the board. She has    low. The fund has been approved by the LCC board and has been
 not approved in December, pending Board discussion.                          stepped down as Chair of the Events committee and would like to move         in place for 6 months. The auditors wanted the CNO board to also
      Appoint new Board members: Sue Duoos-Vice-Chair, Jeremy                 to an at-large position. Kirk is up for election in May and has decided      approve the fund. No questions. Motion carried.
 Mork-At-large, Kath Lenk- At-Large.                                          to step down as Chair at that time. He would like to take over as Events         All About Family request from Brian Kelly: Board fields a
      Sue is the Director of the Midtown YWCA and has been an active          Committee Chair. The Events committee will operate without a chair           request from Brian Kelly for an art project at the Park. The Board
 member on the LU&T committee and the market. She brings with her             until May when Kirk makes the change. Both Kirk and Kath have said           decided that Kirk would call Brian and talk to him about the project and
 a wealth of non-profit management experience and a commitment to             they will help with events until that time.                                  coming to the events meeting to discuss it, as this type of request should
 our neighborhood. She is seeking the Vice-chair position and will be a            After discussion and questions, Motion was made by Gwen                 come up through committee.
 good fit for the Executive/Personal committee as she manages a large         to appoint Sue Duoos, Vice-Chair, Jeremy Mork, at-large and                      “New Ideas” procedure: Ella presented a proposal to the board
 staff and works with the financials at the Y. She will represent CNO as      Kath Lenk, at-large to board positions and seconded by Ella. No              discussing how the staff and board can be responsive to ideas from
 a business owner.                                                            questions. Motion carried.                                                   the community after goals have been set for the year. The goal of this
      Jeremy currently works for the State of MN and has worked                    Other: Kirk is moving to E. Nokomis, but will stay on the board         procedure is to provide staff with direction on how to respond. As an
 for non-profits in the past. He is interested in grassroots organizing       as chair as a property owner in Corcoran. In effort to more effectively      organization we want to hear new ideas from the community and be
 and would like to become a lobbyist for children. He looks at this           support the director and staff, the Personnel committee will meet more       able to respond realistically. Ella has volunteered to work with staff to
 opportunity as a way to connect to the workings of politics in our           often going forward.                                                         develop a procedure.
 neighborhood. He is currently renting and would bring a perspective               Motion was made by Gerry and seconded by Kevin to approve                   Adjourned.

                                                                                 E-Board Minutes 11/14/05
      Motion made by Ella and seconded by Kath to approve                    to expel member,] and that it was important to move forward as the                Motion made by Gerry and seconded by Jess – to approve 3
September and October E-Board minutes. Motion passed.                        position on the board needed to be filled – Luis was notified by the         days of paid time off for staff as a holiday bonus. December 27, 28
      Midtown Public Market request for funds from CNO to support            chair of the opportunity to attend and have the opportunity to stay on       and 29 2005. Motion carried.
the market in 2006 by donating $5,000 to the operating budget. Joanna        the board. Ernesto was called, but direct contact not made. Based on              Committee Reports
presented the budget for 2006 for the Market. Motion made by Jess            previous discussions, and the following of notification procedures and            1. Housing
to support a grant of $5,000 to MPM from CNO for 2006 operating              Luis’s inability to attend meetings, it was deemed by the board that it           MOTION made by Ella and seconded by Gerry to transfer
budget. Ella seconded. Motion passed.                                        was necessary to remove Luis in order to fill the at-large position going    all funds remaining in the NRP ‘Exterior Deferred’ fund pool
      2006-2007 CNO Goals: Board discussed the outreach goals and            forward. A motion was required to remove the member therefore: A             (approximately $66,750) to the ‘Revolving Loan’ fund pool. Motion
Kevin raised a concern that goal 1 referred only to Latino residents and     motion was made to remove Luis Paucar from the board for lack                had been moved and passed by housing committee previously.
was not representative of all new immigrants. Discussion followed            of attendance. Motion was seconded. Motion carried. Board                         2. Out reach and Events
about whether it had to say “Latino,” because of the MLOP program or         members and staff will continue to surface candidates for open               • Fund Drive, Please Donate & Carol on 12/11 at 2:30
if it could say all new immigrants. It was decided to refer the question     board positions. Board suggests a panel or committee within the              • Volunteer Recognition Dinner will be held on Feb 6th
to the Executive Director & the Program Manager. MOTION made by              MLOP program to foster board members and then bring the “up thru                  3. Land Use and Transportation (LU&T)
Kevin, seconded by Ella: Approve the 2006-2007 goals as written              committee.”                                                                    • A brochure is being made about CNO with Metro Design Center to
with the exception of the first Outreach goal – based on review by               FROM SEPTEMBER 12, 2005 Board MINUTES: Addition to                       promote the neighborhood to developers
Exec Director and Program Manager. Passed.                                   Agenda: Personnel committee update. Personnel committee met to                 • Conversations continue about the property that Anishinabe Academy
      Discuss possible removal of 2 board members who have had               discuss the lack of participation of some board members. Committee           is located on
poor attendance. Luis Paucar attended the February and March                 reviewed by-laws regarding lack of participation and recommends                • LU&T passed a motion opposing Wellington’s request for a window
2005 board meetings but has missed the rest of the year. In February,        adding this policy to facilitate removal of non-attending board              variance on the Aldi store at the corner of Lake & 21st.
the board discussed Luis’ attendance with him and he committed to            members:                                                                          Midtown Public Market (MPM)
attending regularly. Ernesto Payan attended the February and June                If an Executive Board member fails to attend 3 Executive Board                • Project for Public Spaces grant and Global Market partnership –
2005 board meeting but missed the rest of the year. Ella requested that      meetings in a row or 4 out of 6, this would constitute grounds for           MPM has formed a partnership with the Global market at the Sears site
we contact Luis again, as she felt that he was interested in participating   removal. The member must be notified 1 week prior to the next                to submit a joint grant for $25,000 to support research, programs and
and should get another change. Board discussed that he had been              Executive Board meeting that expulsion grounds have been met. The            staff in the 2006 season. MPM will have a consultant relationship with
notified previously per the by-laws written policy [If an Executive          member has the right to make appeal to the board at this meeting.            the Global Market as they look to open their outdoor market in 2006.
Board member fails to attend 3 Executive Board meetings in a row or          There must be a 2/3 majority vote to expel member.                                • MPM met with Kingfield and the Northeast markets to discuss
4 out of 6, this would constitute grounds for removal. The member                Motion: Kirk brought forth motion to approve policy as written,          joint marketing and partnership opportunities.
must be notified 1 week prior to the next Executive Board meeting that       Eric seconded. Motion carried unanimously.                                        4. Midtown Latino Organizing Project (MLOP)
expulsion grounds have been met. The member has the right to make                Treasurer’s Report - Review of September financials, all in order.            • Awards were handed out to 60 children who participated in the
appeal to the board at this meeting. There must be a 2/3 majority vote                                                                                    soccer program

    La Misión: Nosotros, los residentes de Corcoran, en toda nuestra diver-                                         CNO’s Mission Statement: We, the Corcoran residents, in all our diversity,
  sidad, procuramos reforzar y proteger el carácter único, vida llevadera, y la                                    will strive to strengthen and protect the unique character, livability, and social
  tela social de nuestro vecindario. Nosotros procuraremos alentar y habilitar a                                  fabric of our neighborhood. We will endeavor to encourage and empower all
  todos los residentes, negocios y dueños de propiedades para unirlos, hablando                                   residents, businesses and property owners to unite in addressing our common
   de nuestras cuestiones comunes.                                                                                 issues.
   PAGE 5                                                                                                February 2006                                                                               CORCORAN NEWS

rhood Organization                                                                     Computers                                                              Midtown
          Minneapolis, MN 55407
            fax (612) 721-7588                                                          Needed                                                                Public Market
                                                                                   CNO is in need of 2 computers. If you
                                                                                just upgraded and are wondering what
                                                                                to do with your old computer, consider
                                                                                donating it to CNO and getting a tax                                                                                     By Joanna Stone,
                                                                                                                                                                                        Midtown Public Market Coordinator
                                                                                deduction. Call 612-724-7457 to see
                                                                                if your machine meets our needs. Our
                                                                                basic requirements are as follows:
                                                                                                Celeron or Pentium 4
                                                                                                2.5 GHz processor
                                                                                                512 MB of RAM
                                                                                                                                                              I   t’s an exciting time
                                                                                                                                                                  for the Midtown
                                                                                                                                                                  Public Market, and
                                                                                                                                                              that is not something
                                                                                                                                                              I usually get to say in
                                                                                           •    40 GB hard drive
                                                                                           •    PC’s only-no Mac’s
   Carolers agreed that 2005 weather was much more                               Also check with your employer to see                                           We have recently
   pleasing than the previous year. Throats were sore from                                                                                                    been notified that we
                                                                                what they do with old computers.
   singing but hearts were toasty by sunset. Dogs, reindeer                                                                                                   will be receiving a
   and wassailers alike spread warm cheer all over the                                                                                                        $25,000 grant from
   neighborhood. Don’t miss joining them next year!                                                                                                           Project for Public
                                                                                                                                                              Spaces (PPS). PPS is a

   Fund Drive
                                                                                                                                                              nonprofit organization,
                                                                                                                                                              based in New York City,
                                                                                                                                                              that is dedicated to
                                                                                                                                                              creating and sustaining

   Wrap Up    Call 3-1-1!
                                                                                                                                                              public places that build
                                                                                                                                                              communities. They
                                                                                                                                                              are awarding grants,
                                                                                                                                                              with funding provided
                                                                                                                                                              by the W. K. Kellogg

                                     By Rachel VanScoy, CNO Staff

                                                                                        ccess to City government is now easier,                               Foundation, to a total
                                                                                        thanks to 311. Minneapolis 311 is now up                              of twelve markets from
          hank you to everyone who donated their
                                                                                                                                                              throughout the country.
          money or their time to the Corcoran                                           and running. By using your phone to call
                                                                                                                                                              These markets were chosen out of a group of 259
          Neighborhood Organization this past month.                           3·1·1, people who work, live and visit Minneapolis                             applicants.
   Because of your generosity, we were able to reach                           can get customer-friendly access to city information
   and pass our Fund Drive goal of $1,300! Wow! This                           and services.                                                                    This grant will mean a lot for MPM- it will allow
   will be a great start for us in the new year.                                                                                                              us to become accessible to EBT/ Food Stamps this
                                                                                  Minneapolis 311 replaces hundreds of City
                                                                                                                                                              season, to increase our community outreach and
      Our caroling event put everyone in the right                             phone numbers people had to go through for                                     education efforts in the community, and to form a
   spirit for pulling off the Drive. Our World-Famous                          help. However, it’s more than just a switchboard.                              partnership with the new Midtown Global Market
   Corcoran Singers split up into two groups this year                         Call center agents are specially trained to get the                            that will be opening in the old Sears Building on
   and visited the 34th and 35th blocks. We had a great                        information callers want. If the agents don’t have                             Lake and Chicago this spring. MPM will be running
   time singing loudly and sporting our fancy antler                           the answer, they’ll find the people who do.                                    a small satellite farmers market outside of the
   headbands and silver bells along the streets of                                                                                                            Global Market on Thursday afternoons this season,
                                                                                  The 311 agents are also ready to take requests
   Corcoran.                                                                                                                                                  which will give our community a new market, our
                                                                               for service. People who want to get a broken water                             market greater visibility, and give our vendors the
      As you know, CNO always has some event or                                main fixed, have graffiti removed, report a stray                              opportunity to sell to the thousands of people who
   program running that helps better this community.                           dog, or ask for any other City service need only call                          will live or work in the building.
   This year, we are setting up a quick and easy online                        311. Agents will get requests to the right people, and
   donation box linked to our website. If you feel                             will provide reference numbers so people can follow                              In addition to much-needed funding, PPS is also
   overwhelmed at the time of year when everyone                               up on their cases.                                                             connecting us with resources and support that will
   asks for money, consider making small monthly                                                                                                              make the market better than ever this year. I just
                                                                                  People who do not speak English can also use                                returned from the Grantee Convening in Austin,
   contributions. Even $5 a month will help sustain
   our programs, and with online credit payments                               311. They will either be helped by a call center                               TX, where I met the other coordinators of markets
   there is no hassle of mailing a check. Just go to                           agent who speaks their language, or a translation                              that received grants from PPS, and learned a lot
                                                                               service will be contacted to help with the caller.                             about creating great public spaces, EBT at farmers or visit our website:
                                                                                                                                                              markets, marketing, and more. and click on                                      Calls to Minneapolis 311 will be answered from
   the online donation link. Monthly and one-time                              7 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Friday.                                        Thanks to all who support the Midtown Public
   donations are easy, and you don’t have to pay for                               For more information go to...                                              Market- we would not be here without you. And a
   postage! As always, we will still send you a receipt                                                                                                       special thank you to Jessica Ward-Denison for her
   for these tax-deductible gifts.                                                                                                                            help in researching, planning and drafting the grant
                                                                                                                                                              proposal we sent to PPS.

                                                                                      3-PAC Minutes 11/28/05
   47 Attendees. Minutes from 10/24/05 were                with crowd control. There have been a rash of              $100,000 in stolen items. Resulted in 6 people being       -The CLEAN Program might provide another
   approved.                                               Burglaries in Seward. Mostly daytime with minor            booked on narcotics and weapons charges. Most of           toll. Identifying someone on probation and has
   Treasurer’s Report: $753.14 in savings and $34.11       losses. The individual rang the front doorbell, if         them will likely go to federal court, it was the largest   geographic/other restrictions can be reported for a
   in checking                                             no answer, he would go to the back door and kick           crystal meth seizure in the history of Minneapolis.        violation.
   CCP/SAFE Report: Sector 1 – A) Maps available           it in. Last week, a woman called about a burglary          Concerned Corcoran Neighbors: The Concerned                -CCP/SAFE is still sending out “Dear John” letters,
   on crime patterns, also Lake St. Chronic Offenders      in process and police arrived in time. Central is          Corcoran Neighbors (CCN) voiced their concerns             to those identified as engaging a prostitute, but
   info. B) Robberies have become the primary issue.       being hit hard with robberies. A robbery at 34th           about the level of prostitution occurring in their         license plate numbers and descriptions of activity are
   Sector 2 – A) There is a citywide robbery alert,        Street and 5th Avenue where victim was shot. Also a        neighborhood. They asked three questions: 1) What          needed.
   assistance needed to announce it. There is no pattern   robbery at gunpoint at 37th and Oakland. Suspect was       is the city’s policy about stopping street prostitution?   -Using the Court Watch: Stay informed of who is
   to the robberies. B) Please report information!         apprehended with a gun and admitted to the robbery.        2) What can people do? 3) What makes things                coming to trial for a prostitution related crime in
   Reports result in action from the city. C) Suspicious   Seems to be associated with the Bloods street gang.        difficult for the police? The CCN also requested that      their area and follow up with impact statements.
   activity calls – 70% of these calls are initiated by    The suspect involved in the robbery on Oakland             the police target johns and pimps for arrest and take      -Dealing with the pimps is very difficult unless
   an officer and 30% by citizens. These calls are         claimed the Bloods were dividing the area among            their photos in order to keep tabs on them. Covered        a prostitute identifies them, which doesn’t often
   important because they can lead to the identification   individuals for robberies.                                 in discussion:                                             happen. Pimps have been arrested when an
   of a problem and increased patrol of the area. Sector   -Crime is up throughout the City. Up by 5% in              -Prostitution is major and never seems to go away.         undercover officer approaches a prostitute and pimp
   3 – A) Putting together a robbery alert. Sector 4       the 3rd precinct - lowest increase of any precinct.        -CCN is organizing a neighborhood patrol, working          is nearby. If he gets close enough and gives a sign
   – A) The Rodeo Club has become a problem – a            Robberies are up by 20% and aggravated assaults are        for improved lighting, and pressure on enforcement.        to the prostitute regarding the transaction, he can be
   major incident happened last week. B) Police caught     up by nearly 30%. However, homicide is down by             -There is more pressure on johns because they can          arrested for promoting prostitution. This happened
   a burglary in progress, who was possibly involved in    19% rape is down by 5%.                                    now be charged with a gross misdemeanor and their          on Bloomington.
   other burglaries.                                       -The Officer of the Month: Blair Lehner.                   cars can be seized. However, most get their cars           -A major frustration for police: they can’t arrest
   State of the Precinct Inspector Gerlicher: The          Especially for breaking up a narcotics sales ring.         returned from a lien on them which the city would be       someone for a misdemeanor unless they observe it.
   Rodeo Club has become a major issue with a major        After a tip about crystal meth in the city, he found       obligated to pay.                                          -The 3rd Precinct will continue discussing with CCN
   disturbance that involved fighting and shots fired      several other addresses involved. After raids, police      -Funds went to john and prostitution details on Lake       to come up with strategies and tactics.
   and which generated many calls. Police have met         seized over 14 lbs of crystal meth; 1 lb of tar heroine;   St. in Corcoran and at 3rd and Lake. Resulted in 65        Next Meeting on Friday 12/2/05. Jan. 3PAC: 1/23/
   with the owner who will hire off-duty police to help    8 guns; $72,000 in cash; 10 vehicles; and over             arrests.                                                   05
PAGE 6                                                                        February 2006                                                      CORCORAN NEWS

Community Calendar
See what’s going on in our community this month… Arts, entertainment, education, meetings, & more!

Thru Feb 5: A Tale of Two                 Bad and The Funky. Proceeds benefit           Feb 11: DESIRE at the Susan
Cities, Thurs-Sat 7:30pm, Sun 2:00pm.     families of children with disabilities.       Hensel Gallery, 7-9pm. 3441
Park Square Theatre at the Historic       Music, dancing and complimentary              Cedar Ave S. A poetic multi- media
Hamm Building, 20 W. 7th Place in St.     food and drink from Rudolph’s Bar-B-          environment will be filled with
Paul. Timeless characters, surprising     Que. Tickets are $50, call PACER at           LIVE POETS on Feb 11. 3 years
twists and redemptive power of this       952-838-9000 or visit          in the making, Desire opened Jan
World Premier adaptation of Dickens’      Tickets will sell fast, so get yours today!   7. Desire is an installation. You will
masterpiece. $15-34 tickets. 651-291-                                                   walk into a total environment devoted
                                                                                                                                  Feb 24-Mar 26: GOTAMA-
7005.                                     Feb 6: Volunteer Recognition                  to the journey from adolescence to
                                                                                        senescence, from sexual awakening to
                                                                                                                                  A Journey to the Buddha, At In the
                                          Dinner & General Membership                                                             Heart of the Beast Theatre, 1500 E
Thru Feb 16: CITIES at                    Meeting, 6pm. At Corcoran Park. All           fecundity, relationship, sorrow, aging
                                                                                        and beauty. It is a lushly beautiful
                                                                                                                                  Lake St. A privileged and sheltered
Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Tues/          Corcoran neighborhood volunteers,                                                       prince grows curious about life outside
                                          residents and business owners invited!        space, poetic, replete with color,
Wed 10am-4pm, Thurs-Sat 10am-8pm.                                                                                                 his palace. Despite the best efforts
                                                                                        sound, lights all focused on allowing
1st floor of the Regis Center for Art                                                                                             of his father, the prince wanders into
                                                                                        you to experience the theme. Quiet,
at 405 21st Ave S. Several area artists
present images of cities. A panel
                                          Feb 7,9,23: Precinct Caucus                   meditative, warm and inviting for
                                                                                                                                  the village to see for the first time the
                                                                                                                                  old, the sick and the dead. Deeply
                                          Trainings, evenings. Locations at             the dark days of winter. Visit more
discussion will be held Thursday Feb 9                                                                                            moved, he decides to throw away his
                                          Unity House, Oak Park Center, Waite           than once. And return for the HOT
at 7pm in the In-Flux room adjoining                                                                                              worldly ways and sets off on a quest to
                                          House (Spanish only). Nonpartisan             POETRY READING in the spirit of
the gallery. Call 612-624-6518 for more                                                                                           experience, understand and ultimately
                                          workshops will train community                Valentine’s Day on Feb.11, curated by
info.                                                                                                                             overcome the curse of suffering.
                                          members on the role of precinct               Lisa Calame Berg. Desire runs Jan 7-
                                                                                                                                  A world-premiere production.
                                          caucuses in shaping the focus of              Feb 24. Call 612-722-2324 for more
                                                                                                                                  Tickets $15. 612-721-2535 or go to
Feb 4: Give Kids a Smile, 8am-            political parties. Participants will          information.
3pm. 6th Floor, Moos Tower at 515         understand how to put forth their
Delaware St. The U of M School of
Dentistry students and faculty dentists
                                          ideas by creating and introducing
                                          a resolution, learn how their party
                                                                                        Feb 21: Child Abuse Prevention Mar 11: Chatterbox up today!
                                                                                                                       Fundraiser for CNO. Sign
will provide free dental care for         chooses candidates for endorsement,           Strategies Community Workshops,
approximately 200 Minnesota children      as well as gain a fuller understanding        8:45am to 12pm. Various locations.
who do not have access to dental care.    of the precinct caucus process and            Prevent Child Abuse MN and MN             Mar 11: Housing Fair, South
If you plan to attend, please contact     participatory democracy. RSVP at              Department of Health will host            High School. See article.
Claudia at 612-625-0402 or Kristina at or call 651-642-             workshops for those interested in
                                          1904 x246                                     promoting April as Child Abuse
                                                                                        Prevention Month. Events include          Mar 15: A Brush With Kindness
                                                                                        materials and ideas to use year-round.    Applications Due! See article.
Feb 4:     HOT Party, Cool                Feb 7: Child Support                          $5 admission. Locations listed online
                                          Informational Session, 6:30-7:30pm.  Pre-registration is
Cause, 7:30pm. The Loft at Barfly
in downtown Minneapolis. Popular          Pierre Bottineau Library, 55 Broadway         required! Call 651-523-0099 or 1-800-
                                                                                                                                  Mar 16: Block Leader Training.
                                          St. N.E. RSVP at 612-348-2478                                                           Held at the Third Precinct offices on
bands Tambuca and The Good, The                                                         621-6322.
                                                                                                                                  Lake Street. RSVP at 612-673-2856.

Help With Home                                                                                                      Graffiti Cleanup
Repair Available                                                                                                    Crews Work
And Volunteers Needed                                                                                               Through Winter
                                                         Housing Fair Returns
                                                                                                                                              By Eric Gustafson, CNO Staff
  Two Twin Cities programs help with repair

and maintenance work for low-income                                                                                           orcoran residents continue to benefit from
                                                                  n Saturday, March 11th, from 10am-3pm, the                  a partnership between CNO and Hennepin
homeowners who are elderly, disabled, or                          12th annual South Minneapolis Housing and
whose work and family situation is an obstacle                                                                                County’s Sentence-to-Serve (STS), whose
                                                                  Home Improvement Fair will take place at          crews clean gang graffiti vandalism year-round,
to doing the work themselves.                            South High School, 3131 19th Ave S. The Housing            even through the cold months. “If they can tag it, we
  Rebuilding Together is a non-profit volunteer          Fair is free and open to the public and continues          can paint over it,” said STS Director Bob Hunter.
organization that provides interior and exterior         to be one of the most successful and well-attended
repair services on specific work days in 2006.           neighborhood based events in Minneapolis.                     “Once we have permission from a Corcoran
These could include accessibility modifications                                                                     property owner, we turn it over to STS and the
                                                            The South Minneapolis Housing Fair promotes             graffiti is gone—turnaround time is still less
for a disabled resident, or repairs to plumbing,         home improvement and maintenance, project
roofing, broken appliances, doors and windows,                                                                      than a week,” explained CNO Organizer Eric
                                                         financing, city living, and local neighborhood             Gustafson. “This goes for any property within our
or general repairs. Homeowners must complete             involvement. Attendees will have the opportunity
an application to be considered, and services                                                                       neighborhood boundaries of Cedar, Hiawatha, Lake,
                                                         to meet over 100 contractors, real estate agents,          and 36th Streets. In addition to painting, (STS Crew
are provided at no cost to those who qualify.            lenders, and community organizations. There wil
Rebuilding Together is also seeking volunteers                                                                      Leader) Phillip Gray is an expert with spray paint
                                                         also be free seminars from professionals.                  removal products and what works best for metal,
of all skill levels. To inquire or request an
application, call 651-776-4273.                             This year, offers include a presentation by             stucco, and wood.”
                                                         Star-Tribune columnist John Ewoldt, entitled                  Vandalism is a frustration no one deserves to deal
  A Brush With Kindness is a volunteer                   “Maintaining a Green House: How to use the 3-
program that helps low-income homeowners                                                                            with, but prompt removal of gang graffiti disrupts
                                                         R’s” (reduce, reuse, recycle). Ewoldt will provide          the intended message to rival gangs, and makes
make light exterior renovations at no cost.              free and inexpensive resources to help you find a
Crews will work throughout the summer.                                                                               the community safer. “Many homeowners have
                                                         better home for your old stuff than the garbage.            removed the graffiti themselves, and quickly,”
Again, an application must be submitted for              He’ll discuss places to find new and used building
consideration, and the deadline is March 15,                                                                         continued Gustafson, “and they deserve a big
                                                         materials. For more info:              ‘Thank You.’ Those unable to clean it themselves
2006. A Brush With Kindness is also looking
for volunteer labor. To inquire or request an               The Housing Fair is a family event. A free               shouldn’t feel bad, but we hope they’ll call CNO to
application, call 612-788-8169.                          children’s woodcraft project will be offered all day.       give us permission. The STS experts are happy to
                                                         There will be hourly drawings for over 100 door             handle it for them.”
  CNO also has copies of these applications.             prizes, and a Grand Prize drawing worth more than
Stop in the office or call 612-724-7457. If you                                                                          CNO also has a variety of removal products and
                                                         $200. Refreshments will be available for purchase.          latex paint, available to homeowners at no cost.
are aware of a neighbor who could use help
with home repairs or maintenance, please talk               Presented by South High Community Education and          Residents who witness vandalism in progress, or
                                                         participating neighborhood associations, including CNO.     who have information that could lead to an arrest,
to them about these programs or contact CNO.             For further information visit          should call 911.
PAGE 7                                                                        February 2006                                                         CORCORAN NEWS

Growing Plants
in Corcoran:
Getting that Early
Spring Start-Preparation
                               By Johnny Jones, Jr.,
                                                           Senior Pioneers
                                 Corcoran Resident            Meeting Minutes 1/12/06
    That word “Spring” put exciting thoughts in
my head. Bright sun, nature’s greens and blooms!
And don’t forget about us humans, we are also in
better spirits. That season is not too far off. I am
                                                           I  t was 40 degrees on a sunny
                                                              Thursday afternoon when nine
                                                              seniors met for our monthly meeting
                                                            and penny bingo. Our President,
looking forward to beautiful flowers, vegetables,           Helen Filipek, contributed her paper
                                                            snowmen for our table décor today.
                                                                                                                      CNO Board Profile:
and beautiful human smiles. But, in order to have
beautiful flowers, vegetables and smiles, you need          Thank you, Helen.
Preparation...                                                The dinner tonight was Swedish
    Gather your Containers: They can be recycled
egg cartons, yogurt cups, or seed trays. Its not a
fashion statement here! However, make sure your
                                                            meatballs and mashed potatoes with
                                                            gravy and Swedish lingonberries.
                                                            Helen made us a spice cake, served
                                                                                                                             Jeremy Mork
                                                                                                                                                   By Amy Arcand, CNO Staff

containers are clean. Do that with a bleach blend of        with whipped cream.
1/30th-1 tablespoon of bleach to 1 gallon of warm                                                                             ow long have you lived in the
                                                              Our next meeting date will be                                   neighborhood? I grew up in Longfellow
water. Otherwise the container will disappoint with         Thursday, February 9 at 2:30. The
“damp-off”, a fungus disease when they just up                                                                                neighborhood across the street from Bracket
                                                            menu will be baked ziti, salad and                       Park. Beyond that I have lived in several places
and die. Not a pretty sight. Also, make sure the            dessert. Please bring your own
containers have drain holes.                                                                                         within Mpls/St. Paul and even Richfield. I moved to
                                                            plate, cup and silverware. Our                           Corcoran as a renter in September 2004 and have no
    Growing Mix: Use a good growing mix-not                 entertainment will be nickel bingo.                      intention of leaving anytime soon.
potting soil! Growing mix will insure success and             Our door prize winner today was
reduce “damp-off” and other problems. Try this and                                                                   What made you decide to become a board
                                                            Olive Nyenhuis. Please mark your                         member? I joined the board in December, 2005. I
you’ll make your own: 4 quarts of sphagnum peat             calendar for Thursday, February 9,
moss, 2 teaspoons ground limestone, 4 tablespoons                                                                    see it as an opportunity to get more involved with
                                                            our next meeting.                                        my community and to learn more about the kinds
5-10-10 granular fertilizer. After completely mixing,
store in a sealable bag to keep it sterile. This mix                                                                 of grassroots politics that are a proud tradition in
                                                                                            Respectfully,            Minneapolis.
is called Cornell Mix... must be good if it is called                                  Mary Alice Supple
Cornell!                                                                                                             What do you like about living here? I like the
                                                                                                                     diversity of the neighborhood first and foremost.

                                                           Ten Tips for
    Plant: Use Cornell to fill your containers to a
quarter inch from the top and tap to settle it. Water                                                                I also like that people are involved in making
the mix with warm water and let it drain before                                                                      Corcoran the best neighborhood it can be. The
seeding. Make rows an inch apart and make holes                                                                      location is wonderful.
for seeds. Although Cornell will do right by you,
you can get grow mix from garden centers and
hardware stores.
                                                           Baby Soft Skin                                            What concerns you about the neighborhood?
                                                                                                                     Prostitution and petty crime are my chief concerns.
                                                                                                                     What is your job? Will the skills from your
    Moisture: Most seeds will germinate with                                                  By Sue Redmond,        job help you as a board member? I am a social
medium moist conditions, but not soggy. Too much                                                                     worker which should help me be able to work with
water causes seedling rot and that ugly damp-off.                                            Corcoran Resident       and relate to a wide variety of people.
Use a spray bottle for a fine mist. After watering         1. Hydration - drink 4-8 oz. of water before bed and
                                                             upon waking - sleep is dehydrating.                     What is your favorite neighborhood/area bar or
place the containers in large plastic bags in a warm                                                                 restaurant? The restaurant in the parking lot of Hi-
place… this means less watering.                           2. Twenty-four hour lotions - they work to seal the       lake shopping center, Pineda Tacos, is fantastic.
    Light: In order to have great blooms, vegetables         skin with a layer - usually having some Vaseline
                                                             based product included. A tip is to not mix these       What are your hobbies? Reading, music, travel.
and smiles, these seedlings need great light. This
means a sunny window or cool white florescent                products with other lotions as they will not be able
                                                             to adhere.
bulbs. They need lots of light to be healthy.
However, some seeds need light to germinate, but           3. Baby products - made for very sensitive
                                                                                                                       SOCCER BAJO TECHO
others need darkness. Consult the seed pack.                 skin and are designed to prevent drying. Baby               Para niños y niñas de 8 a
    Feeding These Babies: Seedling need to be feed           shampoos - keep the scalp from drying out or to                12 Años... GRATIS
once in awhile too! Start off with a diluted liquid          clean off make up.
                                                                                                                        El proyecto de organización latina en el vecindario.
fertilizer that is used every two weeks or so, and         4. Oil based products – add to your bath or
increase as the great babies grow. Not too much or           shower.                                                    No sabes jugar football soccer bajo techo,
they will burn and die from too much food.                 5. Pat yourself dry and use soft towels - no rubbing       no te preocupes nosotros te enseñamos, y
    Do This: Start some                                      or scrubbing your skin.                                  si sabes jugar te enseñamos a ampliar tus
herbs, cold-tolerant                                                                                                  habilidades. Los invitamos a llevar a sus
                                                           6. Humidity - use vaporizers that don’t require            niños al parque e inscribirlos primero en un
vegetables, perennials,                                      filters – use one in your office and one in the          entrenamiento intensivo.
and annuals in Mid-                                          bedroom over night - you can also add oils to the
February in order for                                                                                                   Estamos llevando a cabo los juegos en
                                                             steam area.                                              el gimnasio del Parque de Longfellow que
them to be ready for
spring planting. Onions,                                   7. Nasal spray – use a saline based formula in the         esta localizado en la esquina de la avenida
                                                             morning and before bed - a recent study supports         36 y la calle 35 en Minneapolis. Las
cabbage, broccoli,                                                                                                    inscripciones son limitadas, pero estaremos
cauliflower need the                                         that well hydrated nasal passages prevent colds.
                                                                                                                      inscribiendo niños que quieran participara
cool spring for a great                                    8. Steam - purchase a facial steamer for extra             en la liga de soccer en el mes de Mayo.
product. That word                                           hydration for your skin, nose and lungs or hop in          Llama a: Ángel Morales Tel: 612 724-
“Great” seems to pop up a lot in this discussion. Its        the steam room at your gym.                              7457... Deseas ser voluntario entrenador,
for you to have that “great smile” from the seedling                                                                  arbitro, aguador etc.… llámanos!!
                                                           9. Massages and facials - a cheap option are
you and God created!

                                                                                                                       Poetry Corner
                                                             local schools - the oils benefit your skin with extra
    Read: Consult the seed packs for outdoor                 moisture.
transplanting dates in order to know when to start
                                                           10. Toner - keep a spray bottle of toner at work and
seeds for our area. Its very important, for the seed
pack is an encyclopedia for that plant.                      home- such as Aveda’s Botanical Skin Firming/                                  The Spy
                                                             Toning Agent. Buy one large bottle for home and         Something around the corner
    Happy gardening! GREAT SMILES!                           one small one for the office. Refreshes skin in         Is hiding
                                                             summer and winter.                                      From me
     Johnny Jones, Jr. has a home-based business selling
bedding plants:, 612-724-4817.                                                                Sneaking peeks
                                                           I am an active community member, Board Chair of the
                                    Next month’s topic:    Midtown Restorative Justice program and a Loft member.    How rude and yet how wonderful
                    Transplanting Those Great Seedlings    Please email me at with comments                                                By Marie Gardeski,
                                                           or story ideas.                                                          Powderhorn Park resident and CNO Volunteer
PAGE 8                                                                            February 2006                                                       CORCORAN NEWS

   Corcoran Classifieds
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                  Call 612-724-7457

 McCabe Self Service MiniStorage:
 2405 1/2 26th St. E., 10 X 24 $139 month,
 10 X 18 $119 month, 612-721-7194.
 F-M Lawn & Snow – Garden & Snow Work/Trim
 Trees & Shrubs: We do it right! Frank 724-4347.

 Massage Therapy By Brenda
     Specializing in Swedish Massage
          & Deep Tissue Work.
            2312 35th Street South
       Office Hours: Mon-Fri 4:00-8:00pm
        Call for an appointment today!
                                                                                                                         HENRY W. ANDERSON
                                                                                                                        3640 – 23rd Avenue South - 612-729-2331
  Lebanon Lutheran Church                                                                                              FUNERAL AND CREMATION SERVICES
               One service at 9:30 a.m.
 First & Third Sunday: Liturgical/Traditional Service                                                                           PRE-ARRANGEMENTS
  Second & Fourth Sunday: Country/Gospel Service                                                                                 Our 74th year in the Corcoran area.
       Fellowship time follows worship services.                                                                        Family owned and operated for 3 generations – Est. 1931
          2014 E. 36th St. - (612) 729-7356
 We welcome our Corcoran friends and neighbors.

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                                                                 Photocopy & Fax Service
                                                                    As a community service, CNO offers
                                                                 photocopy and fax service at the CNO office.                                                 $240,00
                                                                                                                                                              2 Story
                                                                                 10 cents per copy
                                                                                                                                                            4 BR/2 Bath
                                                                                     Fax Service
                                                                                                                                                          Quick possession
                                                                 Local: $1 first page, 50 cents each additional page
                                                                  Out of area: $2.50 first page, $1 each add. page                                        Move in condition
                                                                  Out of country: $6 first page, $3 each add. page
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