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Director of Consulting Resume


Freedom Resumes - Sample Resume for a Director of Consulting

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									                                                                                          John G. Doe
                                                                                     4 Lane  New York, NY 10033
                                                                           (123)456-7890  johndoe0@msn.com
                                                                      LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/johndoe

Leading Custom Research and Consulting Programs for Fortune 500
Life Sciences Companies (Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical & CPG)

DIRECTOR OF CONSULTING                                                                             2007 to Present
Consulting Company                                                                                 Boston, MA
Heading the Custom Research Division of Consulting Company, the pharmaceutical and biotech industries’
leading source for business research, decision support and benchmarking insights.
     Successfully winning multi-national business with 90% of the Top 50 pharmaceutical companies in the
        world, including Johnson & Johnson, GSK, Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, Merck, Eli Lilly, Bayer and more.
     Launched CEI’s consulting division from scratch, taking business from $0 revenue/ 0 clients in 2007 to 60
        engagements worth over $2M by 2011.
     Maintaining, deepening and nurturing existing client relationships, consistently netting repeat and
        expanded consulting engagements.
     Growing CEI’s brand and market presence by writing whitepapers, earning press mentions, leading
        webinars, speaking at conferences, and posting compelling & shareable blogs.
     Providing benchmarking and custom primary research solutions to support planning, tactical marketing,
        and product sales strategies for senior executives in medical affairs, clinical and commercial functions.
     Leading project developments from start to finish, including conducting the initial client pitch, designing
        the research protocol, delivering the final product and following up with stakeholders.
     Producing a monthly industry newsletter that has earned 7,000+ senior management subscribers from
        Fortune 500 pharmaceutical, biotech and CPG firms.

SENIOR CONSULTANT                                                                                   2003 to 2007
Consulting Company3                                                                                 Norwood, MA
Led consulting engagements designed to identify and deliver solutions to business problems ranging from poor
hiring to inaccurate financial forecasting to stale product offerings.
      Earned consistent repeat business and over 22 projects worth $2.5MM in revenue by winning client
         trust, producing meaningful results and turning the cost of a consultant into a profit center for clients.
      Performed feasibility and cost/benefits analysis of new products and services development.
      Measured impact of the project on business performance including training needs and process changes.
      Guided management on efficient hiring, performance appraisals, corrective actions and terminations.
      Mapped, documented and applied business strategies in detail, specifying all project steps and phases.

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                                                                                        John G. Doe
                                                                          (123)456-7890  johndoe0@msn.com

EXECUTIVE CONSULTANT                                                                              2002 to 2003
Consulting Company4                                                                               Peabody, MA
    Increased revenues for SMBs ($1-$20MM revenue) by training senior management on P&L oversight,
        balance sheet management, financial reporting systems and cost control implementation.
    Achieved internal sales objectives by closing 10 projects at $600k of revenue while streamlining
        workflows, hiring high-performing analysts and improving operating procedures.
    Developed and implemented pricing structures that successfully incorporated cost reductions, profit
        margin increases, and higher customer conversion rates.
    Brought clients to their profitability goals by identifying opportunities and eliminating risks.
    Ensured team effectiveness, project timeliness and product integrity in all client deliverables.

PROJECT MANAGER                                                                                2000 to 2002
Consulting Company5                                                                            Chicago, IL
    Strategized and executed on efficiency initiatives covering a wide range of business circumstances, from
        cash flow and tax issues to resource management and planning for growth.
    Oversaw nearly 80 projects worth $2.1M in new revenue across international boundaries, leading client
        engagements through the research, planning, analysis, execution and post-analysis phases.
    Recruited, hired, trained and managed consultants on industry best practices, problem spotting, client
        interaction protocols, BPO and HRO implementations and effective data management.

                                                                             Master of Business Administration
                                                                Sherbrooke University, Sherbrooke, Canada 1999
                                                                Financial Management Degree (Associate Level)
                                                                          École des HEC, Montréal, Canada 1997
                                                                              Bachelor of Science in Geography
                                                       Université du Québec à Montréal, Montréal, Canada 1995

Global Strategic Management - Management Development Program
Harvard Business School, Cambridge, MA 2009
Strategies for Innovation and Growth - Management Development Program
Babson College, Wellesley, MA 2006

                                                                                            SKILLS & TOOLS
         Team Leadership ◆ Business Development ◆ C-Level Relationship Building ◆ SWOT Analysis ◆ Financial
          Oversight: P&L, Budgeting, Balancing, Forecasting & Cost Controls ◆ Clinical Development and Product
           Commercialization Procedures ◆ Primary Research, Analysis, Problem-Solving, Forecasting, Synthesis,
Deliverable Creation, and Strategy Implementation Techniques ◆Data Management ◆ Life Sciences Business and
R&D Terminology ◆ Fluent French ◆ Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, MS Project ◆ Saleslogix ◆ Biopharminsight

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