; Simple Steps to Keep Your Identity Safe
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Simple Steps to Keep Your Identity Safe


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									                       Protect yourself From Identity Theft
Admin Today, 1:58 AM
                       If you have been keeping up with the news, you probably know that identity theft is one of the largest growing crimes of
                       the 21st Century. Contrary to popular belief, the main cause of it is not because more people are online since the crime of
                       identity theft is not limited to online transactions. But it is caused by people not paying attention to sensitive information
                       that they receive, online or offline, and not guarding that information.

                       Would you throw your banking account password and security codes in the trash can without first shredding them first?
                       Dumpster diving to retrieve information just like this has been a popular job for many thieves, and are being rewarded for
                       their efforts by being able to get enough private information about you so they can open new accounts and get new credit
                       cards in your name, but have the actual cards sent to a phony address. The first time you become aware of it is when a
                       bank you have never heard of calls you and asks when you are going to start making payments on a credit card account
                       that is charged to the hilt !

                       Even worse if you do things online. That is not to say that you should not do things online, but at the same time, you need
                       to be smart about how you do things so that you do not leave yourself wide open. Most of this is just common sense if you
                       think about it, but we should look at some of these things an the next time you see it.

                       Never open an email attachment from someone you do not know. Even if you have the latest anti virus software,
                       sometimes things can get past that software.

                       Never click on a link in an email from someone you do not know. They would never ask you to verify your account
                       information this way. If you are wondering about it, call them on the phone and ask, but never click that link.

                       You know all that mail you get (not email, but regular postal mail) that contains those pre-approved credit card offers?
                       What do you do with them? Do you just throw them in the trash? Those offers frequently have more than enough
                       information to where someone who is dumpster diving can get that pre-approved card that was offered to you. Go get
                       yourself a shredder, then shred those documents before you throw them away.

                       Identity theft is not a pleasant experience, and if you do not check your credit report every now and then, it could be
                       several months before you realize anything is amiss. The best offense is a great defense, and that old saying applies to
                       protecting your information against identity theft. For more information and free gifts do to our site at.


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