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IN THIS BROCHURE Agricultural products 7 Blast XS concentrated mixers 8 Cleaning supplies 6 Fuel additives 3 Laundry care 6 Paper products 4–5

EssEntials for your small businEss
This brochure features just some of the products we offer for your small business. Find additional top-quality paper products, cleaners/supplies, and office essentials along with coffee, break room supplies, and snacks in the Essential Home Catalog.

easy ways To order VIa CredIT Card* onlIne: by phone: 800-253-6500 Customer Support representatives available Monday– Friday, 8 a.m. to midnight ET; Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET. Automated service available 24 hours a day/7 days a week; TDD 800-548-3878. by Fax: 800-762-6308 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. through your Independent BusIness owner (IBo) aMway VIsa *To apply for an AMWAY GLOBAL VISA® credit card issued by Bank of America, call 866-438-6262.

delIVery raTes Effective September 8, 2009
DELIVERY OPTIONS Looking for the least cost? Standard Delivery SHIPPING TIME OF MOST ITEMS 3–8 business days from the ship day determined by your ZIP code VALUE-BASED DELIVERY CHARGES Order Total without Presets $0.01 to $20 $20.01 to $40 $40.01 to $80 $80.01 to $120 $120.01 to $160 $160.01 to $200 $200.01 to $300 $300.01 to $500 $500.01 to $749.99 $750 or more Standard Delivery $5.75 $6.95 $8.95 $12.95 $15.75 $19.25 $23.75 $27.95 $29.75 FREE Delivery Outside the Contiguous USA $6.75 $9.50 $15.95 $20.50 $22.95 $26.25 $30.75 $34.95 $36.75 FREE

Additional charges may apply. NOTE: Delivery charges are subject to change without notice. Pickup charge $6.75. Offshore pickup charge $9.75. Premium = Standard Delivery Charge + $19.95; Orders $750 or more $49.70.

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Orders must be placed before 2 p.m. Pickup fee: $6.75 local time. Please allow 2 hours for processing time prior to pick up.

NOTE: Some items are not available for pickup orders placed via the web. Contact Customer Support at 800-253-6500.

CoMMerCIal CredIT applICaTIon Call 800-992-6929 for a commercial credit application offering 30-day net financing. Representatives are available Monday– Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

For returns and detailed delivery information, including dITTo® scheduled orders, visit or contact your Independent business owner (Ibo).

CaTalog orderIng FooTnoTes SShipped separately, allow 2–4 weeks for delivery. TShipped by truck†, allow 2–4 weeks for delivery. Not available to all offshore locations including Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. RRestricted; cannot be shipped to Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. STShipped separately by truck and restricted due to size. Allow 3–6 weeks for delivery. Not available to all offshore locations including Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

saTIsFaCTIon guaranTee We stand behind the quality of our products and guarantee your satisfaction. If, for any reason, you try our product and are not completely satisfied, you may return it within 180 days of purchase for an exchange or refund of the product price and applicable tax. noTe: Specific limited guarantees apply to designated products. This satisfaction guarantee does not apply to IBO purchases for stock or inventory.

b2b speCIalIsTs Your team of Business-to-Business Specialists is here to strengthen and support your business. Call 800-992-6929 for all your B2B product inquiries. Representatives are available Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

prICIng In ThIs broChure We make every attempt to keep prices consistent with this brochure. Price changes may be necessary because our manufacturers and suppliers may raise or lower their prices after this brochure is printed. Therefore, we reserve the right to change prices, without notice, on any item for any reason.

For truck-shipped items, you may be asked to receive the merchandise at the rear of the truck, at which point the carrier’s delivery obligation is complete. It may be necessary for you to assist or move merchandise from the back of the truck into your home or office. A request for inside delivery is an extra cost service payable by you. A daytime telephone number is required so the carrier can schedule your delivery appointment and confirm arrangements with you.




A–B XLP® FUEL SYSTEM CLEANER • Increases fuel economy and helps restore lost power • Smooths out rough idling and improves acceleration • Cleans fuel injection system and eliminates buildup This super-concentrated fuel system cleaner with Chevron Oronite friction-modifying technology can help improve your engine’s performance in the first tankful. With continued use at each fillup, your engine can stay free of deposits that can build up and clog the fuel system, keeping overall performance at its peak. A XLP GASOLINE FUEL SYSTEM CLEANER For gasoline engines, use 4.5 ounces of Gasoline Fuel System Cleaner per 15 gallons of gasoline for initial treatment and 1.5 ounces with each fillup for maintenance.RS
P204B591Y985 71-8706 16 fl. oz. $11.59

B XLP DIESEL FUEL SYSTEM CLEANER Protects against ice at temperatures down to -50°F. For Diesel engines, use one gallon of Diesel Fuel System Cleaner per 600 gallons of fuel. Or, 1 ounce of cleaner per five gallons of fuel. RS
P703B2039Y3399 71-8707 1 gal. $39.99

Fuel Injector

Intake Valve Piston & Compression Rings Combustion Chamber Crankcase Sump

• Upper cylinder lubricant targets the cylinder wall to reduce friction at the compression ring, piston skirt, and cylinder wall rubbing surface from the combustion chamber side.1 • Accumulation effect in crankcase via blow-by assists in reducing friction on other internally lubricated parts.2
1 2

Chevron Oronite OGA72500 Presentation, June 2004, p. 5. Chevron Oronite OGA72500 Presentation, June 2005, p. 22






A KLEENEX® FACIAL TISSUE • Soft, strong, absorbent two-ply tissues • Unique Signal® feature shows when tissues are running low • 125 tissues per box, 12 boxes per case Premium-quality Kleenex tissues are America’s No. 1 brand of facial tissue for home use. Your first choice for tending colds or allergies, facial care, and other personal uses. Unscented. White. 1,500 tissues per case.
P144B408Y2616 Z-9310-J9 12/$28.56

B KLEENEX BOUTIQUE® TISSUE • Soft, strong, and absorbent two-ply tissues • Decorative boutique dispenser boxes • 95 tissues per box, 36 boxes per case An attractive way to keep premium-quality tissues at your fingertips when your work space is limited. Unscented. White. 3,420 tissues per case.
P288B828Y5292 70-5967-J9 36/$57.60

C KLEENEX COTTONELLE® BATH TISSUE • Reliable quality at a competitive price • Two-ply for strength, embossed for elegance • 505 sheets per roll, 20 rolls per case When softness matters, Kleenex Cottonelle is a brand people trust. Thick, strong tissue is attractively embossed. Individually wrapped rolls. Unscented. White. 10,100 sheets per case.
P152B441Y2759 70-6142-J9 20/$29.99




D KLEENEX PREMIERE® PAPER TOWELS • Soft, cloth-like reusable towels • 90 sheets per roll, 20 rolls per case So plush they make your visitors and employees feel like VIPs. Hydroknit® technology helps make them so strong and absorbent, they’re reusable! Great for wiping up spills and cleaning up messes. Towels are 10.4" x 11". White. 1,800 sheets per case.
P320B940Y5900 70-5969-J9 20/$64.00

E SCOTT® CENTER-FLOW TOWELS • Strong, absorbent two-ply towels • Economical, sanitary roll design • 500 sheets per roll, four rolls per case Center-flow design makes it easy to grab a towel with just one hand. High capacity reduces cost and means fewer runouts. Each towel measures 8" x 15". White. 2,000 sheets per case.
P279B809Y5059 J-0164-J9 4/$54.99

F SCOTT HARD ROLL TOWELS • Economical alternative to folded towels • Absorbent, long-lasting • 400-ft. rolls, 12 rolls per case Keep your restroom tidy and reduce run-outs using roll towels instead of individually folded towels. You’ll get 4,800 feet of towels per case. Rolls are 8 in. wide. White.
P279B809Y5059 Z-3275-J9 12/$54.99






G SCOTT® JUMBO-ROLL BATH TISSUE • Strong, absorbent two-ply tissue • Large rolls are ideal for high-traffic areas This economical, high-quality Scott bath tissue gives you two-way savings: Jumbo rolls cost less to buy and you spend less time refilling dispensers. Each roll measures 3.7 in. wide. 1000-ft. rolls. White.
P304B883Y5519 60-4366-J9 12/$59.99

H SCOTT BATH TISSUE • Soft, strong, and economical • Two-ply for strength and comfort • 605 sheets per roll, 80 rolls per case Scott bath tissue is well-known for quality and economy … a trusted, practical choice. Unscented. White. 48,400 sheets per case.
P345B1000Y6255 70-5805-J9 80/$67.99

I HOT/COLD DRINKING CUPS • Stock up on these cups for break rooms, cafeterias, and water coolers • Keep plenty on hand for parties and celebrations, too Foam cups are perfect for hot or cold beverages and ensure holding comfort. One-piece molded construction and space-saving design. 8 oz.
P152B441Y2759 71-2725-J9 1,000/$29.99



J SCOTT C-FOLD TOWELS • Dependable strength and absorbency • 200 sheets per sleeve, 12 sleeves per case Super-absorbency provides reliable performance for your employees and customers. Each sheet is approx. 10.1" x 13.15".
P253B735Y4599 71-8321-J9 12/$49.99

K SCOTT SCOTTFOLD® TOWELS • One-at-a-time dispensing means fewer wasted towels • 175 sheets per sleeve, 25 sleeves per case More absorbency means quicker, better drying. Fits all Universal Folded Towel Dispensers. Meets EPA standards for minimum post-consumer waste content. Each sheet is approx. 9.4" x 12.4".
P253B735Y4599 74-6098-J9 25/$49.99






A SA8® CONCENTRATED LAUNDRY DETERGENT • Great for hotels, B&Bs, and laundries • Phosphate-free; low suds and alkalinity Bioquest® biological enzyme performance provides outstanding cleaning power and stain removal. 50-lb. size.
P2286B6630Y11050 60-8910-J9 $130.00

B TRi-ZYmE® PRE-SOAK/DETERGENT BOOSTER • ideal for restaurants, nursing homes, and laundries • triple-enzyme cleaning system Removes the toughest ground-in stains, dirt, and feces. optimizes results of sA8 detergent, item “A.” 50-lb. size.
P1846B5355Y8925 60-9460-J9 $105.00

C ALL PURPOSE BLEACH • Perfect for hotels, nursing homes, and laundries • oxygen-based bleach use with sA8 detergent, item “A,” to brighten both white and colored clothes and linens. safe to use directly in wash cycle with all washable fabrics. 50-lb. size.
P2462B7140Y11900 60-3393-J9 $140.00*

*Price includes $20.00 D.O.T. shipping surcharge.




D mAXimA 128 DETERGENT • ideal for health-care facilities, nursing homes, schools, and restaurants • Kills HiV, HBV, and VRe • ePA-approved laundry sanitizer Hospital-grade germicide sanitizes hard surfaces such as floors, walls, and sinks. quat-type, non-alkaline cleaner removes lime and hard-water deposits. Can also be used as a laundry sanitizer. Concentrated; dilutes up to 1:128. one-gallon container.
P096B279Y1748 60-9681-J9 $19.00

E mULTi-SURFACE CLEANER • Great for hotels, flower shops, and greenhouses • Removes soil from floors, walls, woodwork, and countertops • Mild degreaser and cleanser this no-rinse liquid organic cleaner is designed for use on any non-porous surface. Concentrated formula is gentle on hands. Dilutes up to 1:128. 21⁄2-gallon container.
P756B2193Y3655 60-3394-J9 $43.00

F HEAVY DUTY DEGREASER • ideal for restaurant floors, printing plants, and gas stations • Removes ink, grease, and oil stains • Butyl-based this multiuse degreaser is highly concentrated to easily remove heavy buildup of grease and oils on floors. Dilutes up to 1:20. Available in 21⁄2-gallon container and 55-gallon drum.
P475B1377Y2295 60-3395-J9 21⁄2 gal. $27.00 P9531B27642Y46070 60-3383-J9 55 gal. $542.00


AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS at Our agricultural products are formulated to maximize crop yield. Ongoing eld testing at the Irrigation Research Foundation (IRF) in Yuma, Colorado, demonstrates their effectiveness. APSA-80® CONCENTRATED ADJUVANT • Increases irrigation effectiveness and efficiency • Provides more uniform spray deposit of herbicide, insecticide, and fungicide When APSA-80 Adjuvant is used with herbicides, the surface tension of the spray droplets is reduced, thereby increasing retention on the target weed species and providing more effective coverage of the leaf surface. This also increases the rate at which the active post-emergent herbicide penetrates the leaf, resulting in better weed control. Reduced water surface tension also allows for increased soil penetration during irrigation and minimizes evaporation and runoff. Visit for a large data set on pesticide efficacy and APSA-80.
2.5-gal. container P2603B7550Y7550 60-3562-J9 $99.50 30-gal. container P29160B84572Y84572 60-3563-J9 $1,049.00 T

APSA-80 Use Rate
Control 15 oz/acre 30 oz/acre
0.0 0.3

0.92 1.22 1.23
0.6 0.9 1.2 1.5

Water Infiltration Rate – in/hr

Effect of APSA-80 on soil water infiltration rate in Corn & Compacted Soil; in/hr 34% Increase
APSA-80 Use Rate
Control 15 oz/acre 30 oz/acre
0 50

175.7 193.3 192.6
100 150 200

Corn Yield – bushels/acre

Effect of APSA-80 on corn yield in Compacted Soil; • Nine Year Average 17.6 bu/acre Increase • Nine Year Average
APSA-80 Use Rate
Control 15 oz/acre 30 oz/acre
0 5 10 15

22.4 29.0 31.4
20 25 30 35

NUTRIPLANT® SD • Gets crop up and out of the ground faster • Produces stronger stems • Prepares crops to compete for nutrients, water, and sunlight Applied to seeds in the planter box, this powdered micronutrient fertilizer supplement gives you a head start on the growing season. Once the seed germinates and begins to grow, roots will readily absorb the NUTRIPLANT SD, resulting in greater root growth, faster emergence, and increased crop yields.
25-lb. bucket P6686B19393Y17630 60-3479-J9 $205.00 S

Root Depth – Inches

Effect of APSA-80 on corn root depth at 90% Root Volume – Four Year Average 30% Increase @ 15 oz/acre and 41% Increase @ 30 oz/acre

Control NUTRIPLANT SD 8 oz/100# Seed
0 50


NUTRIPLANT SL The liquid form of NUTRIPLANT SD. Like NUTRIPLANT SD, NUTRIPLANT SL will get the crop up and out of the ground faster, giving you a head start on the growing season. Crops will be better prepared to compete for nutrients, water, and sunlight.
1.6-gal. container P6686B19393Y17630 70-5379-J9 $205.00 S

100 150 200

Corn Yield – bushels/acre

NUTRIPLANT AG • Designed for use at critical growth stages • For use in conjunction with a normal NPK fertilizer program Designed for foliar application, this liquid micronutrient supplemental fertilizer should be applied at specific growth stages in crop development. At these stages, the demand for nutrients – and the chemicals plants develop to process them – are often de cient. NUTRIPLANT AG is designed to give the plant what it needs at these critical growth stages so it can take up and utilize the nutrients it needs.
2.5-gal. container
P5871B17028Y15480 60-3480-J9 $180.00 S 30-gal. container P57897B167915Y152650 60-3481-J9 $1,775.00 ST

Effect of NUTRIPLANT SD on corn yield Six Year Average 5.6 bu/acre Increase

Control NUTRIPLANT SD 4 oz/100# Seed
0 10 20

56.3 59.0
30 40 50 60 70

Crop Yield – bushels/acre

Effect of NUTRIPLANT SD on Soybean Yield – Four Year Average 2.7 bu/acre Increase with SD

Control NUTRIPLANT AG 16 oz/acre @ 8 - 10 Leaf Stage NUTRIPLANT SD 8 oz/100# Seed APSA-80 15 oz/acre
0 5

23.1 26.7 26.3 25.9
10 15 20 25 30

Sugarbeet Yield – tons/acre

Effect of NUTRIPLANT AG, SD, and APSA-80 on Sugarbeet Crop yield Summary – Four Years NUTRIPLANT AG 3.6 ton/acre Increase NUTRIPLANT SD 2.2 ton/acre Increase APSA-80 2.8 ton/acre Increase


Have a blast
Use Blast XS® Concentrated Mixer in your establishment’s signature drink and create your own “house energy drink” formula with any name you choose! The concentrate can be mixed with any beverage, from carbonated soda water and soft drinks to coffee and tea, to smoothies and shakes with few carbs and no sugar. Just one ounce offers all the same vitamins and nutrients as a single can of XS Energy Drink. The four one-liter bottles come with a one-ounce measured pouring spout, making it convenient and versatile for business and food-service use. Available in Cranberry-Grape or Electric Lemon Blast flavor.

BLAST XS CONCENTRATED MIXER • Ideal for use in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, health clubs, smoothie bars, and at sporting events • Measured pouring spout allows for mixing and serving anywhere Just one ounce of this concentrated syrup offers all the benefits of a single can of XS Energy Drink in a versatile formula that can be added to any liquid. This makes it ideal for use as a mixer with carbonated soda water, soft drinks, coffee, tea, smoothies, or the beverage of your choice. The four one-liter bottles come with a one-ounce measured pouring spout. Four liters per case. Available in two flavors. Kosher certified.
Electric Lemon Blast Concentrated Mixer P2456B7120Y7120 71-3365-J9 4/$89.00 Cranberry-Grape Blast Concentrated Mixer P2456B7120Y7120 71-3366-J9 4/$89.00

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