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									                                Critical Languages Program
                               Institutional Effectiveness Plan

                                          Mission Statement

       The Critical Languages Program (CLP) provides the opportunity for self-directed
       students to learn less-commonly-taught languages for personal enrichment and/or college
       credit at the undergraduate level. Students may take these courses for credit or non-
       credit. The language offerings in CLP would typically not be offered at the University of
       New Orleans due to their highly specialized nature and typically low enrollments. Using
       the self-instructional language program model developed by the National Association of
       Self-Instructional Language Programs (NASILP), the University is able to offer such
       rarely taught languages. This model emphasizes self-directed learners grouped into very
       small classes with native-speaking tutors who provide oral/aural as well as reading and
       writing practice for students in this classroom setting. This provides an “immersion”
       environment for the students, while guiding them through the structured program
       outlined for each language. CLP typically follows the UNO academic calendar and offers
       three-credit hour courses at varying levels of instruction. In addition, special non-credit
       courses may be designed for students (or groups of students) with language needs outside
       of those served by credit courses.

      Reviewed by Metro College Institutional Effectiveness Committee (September 9, 2002)
            _____________ initials of Chair.

      Approved by: Elizabeth Anderson                       September 23, 2002
            Coordinator, Intensive English                        Date

      Approved by: Alea Morelock Cot                    September 23, 2002
            Director, Division of International Education     Date

      Approved by: Robert L. Dupont                 __________________
            Dean, Metropolitan College                          Date

September 23, 2002
                                Critical Languages Program

                                    Goals and Objectives

Goal 1. CLP will provide and maintain a high-quality, individualized program with a
        focus on student needs and progress

        Objective 1.1. 75% of CLP students will score 70% or higher on final “prochievement”
                       examinations by Fall 2003

            Strategy 1.1.1. Place students in class levels through an initial interview with the
                            Program Coordinator

            Strategy 1.1.2. Recruit native-speaking tutors from the qualified pool of UNO
                            international students and the local community.

            Strategy 1.1.3. Group students of similar competency levels in classes with
                            assigned native-speaking tutors.

            Strategy 1.1.4. Provide clearly outlined expectations for students and tutors in
                            course syllabi, study guide, and tutorial guidelines.
            Strategy 1.1.5. Program Coordinator and staff monitor and assess student progress
                            with weekly evaluations and unannounced classroom visits

            Strategy 1.1.6. Program Coordinator and Graduate Assistant monitor and assess
                            tutor effectiveness with unannounced classroom visits and
                            monitoring procedures conducted twice per semester

      Objective 1.2. 80% of CLP students will rate the Program as highly effective in meeting
                     their language learning needs

            Strategy 1.2.1. Conduct a student evaluation and survey

            Strategy 1.2.2. Meet with individual students in order to evaluate and counsel them
                     on their progress

            Strategy 1.2.3. Conduct new student orientation at the beginning of each semester

        Assessment Tools: Tutor Weekly Evaluation Report
                    Unannounced classroom observations
                    Tutor monitoring Forms
                    Oral and written “prochievement” exams
                    Student course evaluations
                    Blackboard student survey

September 23, 2002
Goal 2. CLP will construct an improved assessment and examination process based upon
        national standards

        Objective 2.1. Develop revised examination guidelines for at least 4 languages by the
        year 2004.

            Strategy 2.1.1. Examine evaluation and assessment materials published by NASILP
                          (National Association of Self-Instructional Language Programs) and
                          ACTFL (American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages).

            Strategy 2.1.2. Consolidate assessment and evaluation guidelines from NASILP
                            and ACTFL.

            Strategy 2.1.3. Draft consolidated CLP guidelines for 4 languages

            Strategy 2.1.3. Distribute drafted guidelines to certified outside examiners and
                            foreign language faculty for review and revision

        Objective 2.2. 100% of language courses offered will conform to these guidelines by
                       the Fall semester, 2006

            Strategy 2.2.1 Author final guidelines for all languages and levels

            Strategy 2.2.2. Utilize certified outside examiners to assess and evaluate students
                            according to these guidelines

        Assessment Tools: Documented Guidelines (final product)
                          Evaluation form for guidelines
                          Student skill set checklist

Goal 3. CLP will recruit and retain students

        Objective 3.1. Increase annual enrollment by at least 6% by Fall 2006.

            Strategy 3.1.1. Identify target markets in order to increase marketing efforts

            Strategy 3.1.2. Brief academic advisors regularly regarding language courses
                            offered and policy issues/changes

            Strategy 3.1.3. Target offices on and off campus which could increase potential
                            recruitment market

            Strategy 3.1.4. Maintain and update CLP web site with current information

            Strategy 3.1.5. Mail CLP flyers semiannually

September 23, 2002
        Objective 3.2. Increase number of students opting to take courses beyond 1000-level
                       courses by at least 3% by Fall 2006

            Strategy 3.2.1. Conduct student-needs assessment at mid-term each semester

            Strategy 3.2.2. Conduct student survey at the end of each semester

            Strategy 3.2.3. Improve and modify the Program based upon survey results

        Assessment Tools: Enrollment records database
                          Student-needs assessment
                          Student survey on Blackboard
                          Registrar’s 14th day enrollment records for CLP classes

Goal 4. CLP will expand the scope of the Program.

        Objective 4.1. Create a K-12 summer language learning camp by summer 2003

             Strategy 4.1.1. Identify target audience by December 2002

             Strategy 4.1.2. Identify the two languages to be offered by March 2003

             Strategy 4.2.3. Market the program both on and off campus

        Objective 4.2. Create CLP Cultural Consultant Program by Fall 2004

             Strategy 4.2.1. Identify target audience by December 2003

             Strategy 4.2.2. Recruit international students to train as cultural consultants

             Strategy 4.2.3. Establish training program for cultural consultants

              Strategy 4.2.4. Market the program to academic departments on campus and
                              public and private K-12 schools

        Objective 4.3. Expand the library resources by 25% by Fall 2005

             Strategy 4.3.1. Catalogue resources

             Strategy 4.3.2. Purchase various media to supplement current holdings

                          Assessment tools:
                  Needs and interest survey
                  Enrollment records for the summer camp program
                  Metropolitan College Kids Program Bulletin
                  Calendar of engagements for Cultural Consultants
             Database of library holding

September 23, 2002

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