Unit 8: Nationalism and Economic Development, 1817-1850 by nw2n0Lu


									Unit 8: Nationalism and Economic Development, 1817-1850


Monday, November 27: Why didn’t the South industrialize?         The American Plan

Wednesday, November 29: Test on Nationalism and Economic Development


Due for Monday, November 27: Read Amsco 8 and answer the multiple-choice questions.
                          Read Bailey 14 and take notes (yes, we did skip ahead).
                          Have a festive Thanksgiving!

Due for Wednesday, November 29: Study for test.

AP Points:

Essays (750-1000 words)
Research and assess the historical importance of the Monroe Doctrine.

Research and explain why Spain opted to “sell” Florida to the United States.

Compare the Era of Good Feelings to ONE other era of American history. Are we likely to see another Era of Good Feelings

Art Analysis:

Make a poster board displaying three paintings by George Caleb Bingham or George Catlin. Describe how their paintings
contributed to the creation of an American identity.

Political Cartoons:

Find THREE political cartoons relating to the Monroe Doctrine and explain how the imagery supports or criticizes the doctrine.

Make TWO political cartoons about one of the following topics – the cartoons should show BOTH sides. Post the cartoons on
         Missouri Compromise
         American System
         Marshall’s Supreme Court

Make a large map showing the locations and impact of ONE of the following types of transportation in the period 1817-1850:
railroad, canals, toll roads, or steamboats. Write a few explanatory notes for the casual reader.

Make a chart showing the factors that contributed to the industrialization of the north.

Make a poster board biography of Robert Fulton, Eli Whitney, or Cyrus McCormick. Explain how their inventions influenced
the economic growth of America.


Using novel or poetry excerpts from literature at the mid-Nineteenth century mark, examine the ways that the new modes of
transportation affected American Culture (please, please, please, someone write about Mark Twain and the steamboat!)

Read Emerson’s “Self Reliance” and write a two page (typed) reflection about what you might adopt or reject in your own life.


Design the front page of a newspaper for Irish or German immigrants at mid-century. Prepare headlines and leading paragraphs
on issues that would have been important to these communities. (You do not have to write out all the articles. After a paragraph
or two, “jump” to the inside.


Write a poem about Henry Clay’s nationalist career. It is hard to put criteria on poems, but this should include some research and
a couple hours writing and revising.

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