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									World culture inheritance–Kaiping watchtower
Kaiping watchtower located at our Guangdong Province Kaiping’s village. According to the research, the Kaiping watchtower stems from the Ming Dynasty later period, actually prosperously in 20 shiji chu

“Yinglonglou” completes from the extant most ancient vulture building, carves the building constantly not in the display function. in 1884, Kaiping had the flood, the villagers mounts Yinglonglou in abundance, but could fortunately survive. In opposition to Japan time’s on July 16, 1945 the night, Japanese invaders dozens of motorboats, the wooden sailboat way deep pool river, south the attempt sneak attack the building, is guarded inside the building Self-Defense Army to discover. Self-Defense Army catches up with the Japanese forces in a deep pool river two day of two night. Afterward the Japanese forces have attacked and occupied the red ridge old town, has surrounded bombing which south the building goes crazy resembles, but south the building, has not been short half brick. The fourth day, Self-Defense Army’s 7 member knew that does not have the means to run out the tight encirclement, then has written down the will on the watchtower wall, has indicated Wei Guo the ambition. The 8th day, the Japanese forces do not give a thought to the international law, has launched the toxic bomb to the south building, 7 member asphyxia, have fallen

into the Japanese forces. The Japanese ties up 7 members on the tree, suffers after cruelly, threw in the deep pool river the corpse. The countryman found 6 heroic deed’s corpses, grand interring, but party chief’s remains actually forever kept the deep pool river. 20 day of later on August 15, Japan surrenders, 7 martyrs have sounded the victory bugle with the imposing magnanimous act. Told the grief and indignation story, we looked at these watchtowers. The watchtower has 13 kind of architectural styles. Respectively is the Greek type, the Roman style, the ancient Rome type, Byzantine and so on.

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