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									                                                   SEKOLAH MENENGAH RAJA PEREMPUAN, IPOH
                                                              SCHEME OF WORK
                                                            SCIENCE FORM 2 (2012)

 Week   Learning Objectives     Suggested Learning Activities      Learning Outcomes                       Vocabulary
        1.1 Understanding the   Carry out activities to make       A student is able to :                  Brain-otak
   1    sensory organs and      connection between the five        o identify and relate a sensory         Nerve-saraf
        their functions.        senses, the sensory organs and        organ to its stimulus                Response-gerakbalas
   –                            stimuli.                           o state the pathway from                Stimuli-rangsangan
  6/1                           Discuss what happens in our           stimulus to response                 Sensory organ-organ
                                body after a stimulus is detected. Stimulus > Sensory organs >             deria
                                                                   Nerves > Brain > Nerves >
        1.2 Understanding the   Carry out activities to study the  A student is able to :                  Cold-kesejukan
        sense of touch          following :                        o identify the structure of the         Heat-kepanasan
                                a)structure of the human skin         human skin involved in               Pain-kesakitan
  4/1                           involved in stimuli detection         stimuli detection                    Pressure-tekanan
   –                            b)sensitivity of the skin at       o state the functions of different      Receptor-hujung saraf
  6/1                           different parts of the body           receptors - pressure, heat,          Sensitivity-kepekaan
                                towards stimuli                       pain, cold, touch                    Skin-kulit
                                Discuss the sensitivity of the     o draw conclusion on the                Touch-sentuhan
                                skin in connection to the             sensitivity of the skin at
                                following situations:                 different parts of the body
                                a)receiving an injection              towards stimuli
                                b)using Braille

           1.3 Understanding the    Discuss the structure of the nose   A student is able to :             Nose-hidung
    2      sense of smell           and the position of the sensory     o identify the structure of the    Sensory cells-sel deria
                                    cells using models, charts,           nose
    –                               computer software and other         o identify the position of the
  13/1                              teaching aids                         sensory cells in the detection
                                                                          of smell

 2     1.4 Understanding the     Carry out activities to detect the   A student is able to :               Bitter-pahit
       sense of taste            different areas of the tongue that   o identify different area of the     Salty-masin
 9/1                             respond to different tastes            tongue that response to            Sour-masam
  –                              Carry out activities to find how       different taste                    Sweet-manis
                                 taste is related to smell            o relate the sense of taste with     Taste-rasa
                                                                        the sense of smell                 Tongue-lidah
       1.5 Understanding the     Observe and identify the             A student is able to :               Cochlea-koklea
 3     sense of hearing          structure of the human ear           o identify the structure of the      Ear-telinga
                                 Discuss the function of each part      human ear                          Ear drum-gegendang
 –                               of the ear                           o explain the function of the                  telinga
20/1                             Discuss the hearing mechanism          different parts of the ear
                                                                      o describe how we hear
       1.6 Understanding the     Examine the cow’s eye or model       A student is able to :
 3     sense of sight            of a human eye                       o identify the structure of the
                                 Collect information on structure       human eye
 –                               and function of each part of the     o explain the function of
20/1                             eye                                    different parts of the eye
                                 Discuss how we see                   o describe how we see

                                                       23/1 – 27/1
                                                 CUTI TAHUN BARU CINA

       1.7 Understanding light   Carry out activities to study :      A student is able to :               Density-ketumpatan
       and sight                 a)reflection of light                o describe the properties of light   Medium-perantaraan
                                 b)refraction of light between two      i.e. reflection and refraction     Reflection-pantulan
                                 mediums of different density         o state the various defects of       Refraction-pembiasan
                                 Collect information about the          vision                             Astigmatism-
 4                               types of vision and the              o explain ways to correct vision     astigmatisme
                                 contribution/use of technology to      defects                            Blind spot-bintik buta
  –                              rectify them                         o state and give examples of the     Long sightedness-rabun
 3/2                             Carry out activities to show what      limitation of sight                dekat
                                 short/long sightedness are and       o connect stereoscopic and           Monocular vision-
                                 how to correct them                    monocular visions with the         penglihatan monokular
                                 Discuss what astigmatism is and                                           Optical illusion-ilusi
                                 its correction                                                                             optik

       1.8 Understanding       Carry out activities to investigate A student is able to :
       sound and hearing                                           o describe the properties of
                               a)the production of sound             sound

                               b)the requirement of medium for       o explain the reflection and
                               sound to travel                         absorption of sound
 4                             c)the reflection and absorption of    o explain the defects of hearing
                               sound                                 o explain ways of rectifying the
  –                            Collect information about               defects in hearing
 3/2                           a)the defects of hearing              o state the limitation of hearing
                               Discuss the limitations of            o state the device used to
                               hearing and ways to improving it        overcome the limitations of
                               Carry out activities to investigate     hearing
                               the need for stereophonic             o explain stereophonic hearing
                               hearing in determining the
                               direction of sound

6/2                                                          PRA USBF 1

       1.9 Understanding the   Carry out experiments to              A student is able to :
       stimuli and responses   investigate and identify :            o state the stimuli that cause
 6     in plants               a)stimuli detected by plants            responses in plant
                               b)the parts of plants sensitive to    o identify the parts of plants
13/2                           specific stimulus.                      sensitive to specific stimulus
  –                            Discuss in what ways the              o relate the response in plants to
                               response of plants towards              their survival
                               stimuli are important for their


 Week   Learning Objectives   Suggested Learning Activities        Learning Outcomes                    Vocabulary
        2.1 Analyzing the     Discuss the classes of food i.e.     A student is able to :               Fats-lemak
        classes of food       carbohydrate, protein, fats,         o explain through examples the       Fibre-pelawas
                              vitamins, minerals, fibre and          classes of food                    Potassium-kalium
  6                           water and state their functions      o state the function of each class   Starch-kanji
                              Carry out activities to test for       food                               Sodium-natrium
   –                          starch (iodine solution),glucose     o test for starch, glucose,
 17/2                         (Benedict solution),protein            protein and fats
                              (Millon’s reagent) and
                              fats(alcohol-emulsion test)

        2.2 Evaluating the    Discuss :                            A student is able to :
        importance of a       a)what a balanced diet is            o state what a balanced diet is
        balanced diet         b)the factors that determine a       o state the factors that must be
                              person’s balanced diet: age, size,     considered when planning a
                              sex, job, climate, stage of health     balanced diet
  7                           Collect food wrappers that show      o explain how the factors affect
                              calorific value of food and make       a balanced diet
  –                           a list to show the calorific value   o state the quantity of energy in
 24/2                         for each type of food                  each gram of carbohydrate,
                              Discuss to estimate the calories       protein and fats
                              of food taken in a meal              o estimate the calories of food
                              Plan a balanced diet for a day         taken in a meal
                              (breakfast, lunch, dinner)           o plan a balanced diet

  8                                                          USBF 1


       2.3 Understanding the   Discuss that digestion is the       A student is able to :              Alimentary canal-alur
       digestive system in     breakdown of large food             o explain what digestion is         penghadaman
       man                     molecules into smaller soluble      o identify the parts of digestive   Anus-dubur
                               molecules that can be readily         system                            Appendix-umbai usus
                               absorbed by the body                o describe the flow of food         Bile-jus hempedu
                               Identify parts of the digestive       particles in the alimentary       Digestion-
                               system and flow of food               canal                             penghadaman
                               particles in the alimentary canal   o state the function of the         Enzyme-enzim
 9                             using model/chart/ CD-ROM             organs in the digestive system    Gall blader-pundi
                               Discuss the function of the         o describe the process of           hempedu
 –                             various organs in the digestive       digestion in the alimentary       Gut-salur penghadaman
9/3                            system and the enzymes found          canal                             Insoluble-tidak larut
                               Carry out activities to show the    o list the end products of          Large intestine-usus
                               action of the enzyme in the           digestion of carbohydrate,        besar
                               saliva on starch                      protein and fats                  Liver-hati
                                                                                                       Saliva-air liur
                                                                                                       Small intestine-usus

                                              CUTI PENGGAL PERTAMA
                                                     12/3 – 16/3

       2.4 Understanding the   Discuss the process of              A student is able to :              Absorption-penyerapan
       process of absorption   absorption of the product of        o explain the process of            Analogise-membuat
10     of digested food        digestion in small intestine          absorption of the products of     analogi
                               Carry out an experiment to show       digestion                         Blood stream-aliran
  –                            the absorption of glucose           o make inference about the          darah
23/3                           through a Visking tube                absorption of glucose through     Diffusion-resapan
                                                                     Visking tube

11     2.5 Understanding the   Discuss the reabsorption of         A student is able to :              Constipation-sembelit
       reabsorption of water   water by the large intestine and    o state how water is reabsorbed     Defecation-
26/3   and defecation          the process of defecation             in the large intestine            penyahtinjaan
 –                             Discuss the importance of good      o explain defecation                Large intestine-usus
                               eating habits to avoid              o relate the problem of             besar
                                 constipation                        defecation with eating habits    Reabsorption-
                                                                                                      penyerapan semula

       2.6 Put into practice the Plan and carry out a healthy      A student is able to :             Needy-sangat miskin
       habits of healthy eating eating habit                       o justify the importance of        Nutritious food-
                                 Discuss the following topics :      eating nutritious food           makanan berkhasiat
                                 a)practising good eating habits   o put in practice good eating      Underprivileged-
11                               i.e. eating nutritious food and     habits                           kurang bernasib baik
                                 eating in moderation              o justify the generous             Religious beliefs-
26/3                             b)the generous distribution of      distribution of food to the      kepercayaan agama
 –                               food to the underprivileged or      underprivileged/needy
                                 the needy                         o relate the dining culture of
                                 c)cultural practice in dining       different people conforming
                                 conforming to sensitivities and     to sensitivities and religious
                                 religious beliefs                   beliefs


 Week   Learning Objectives     Suggested Learning Activities       Learning Outcomes                   Vocabulary
        3.1 Understanding the   Discuss the diversity in the        A student is able to :              Amphibian-amfibia
        variety of living       general characteristic of living    o explain the diversity of living   Bird-burung
        organisms and their     organism                              organisms in a habitat            Dicotyledon-
        classification          Collect and classify various        o classify various animals based    dikotiledon
                                plants and animals into a system      on common characteristic          Diversity-kepelbagaian
                                based on common characteristics     o explain the importance of         Fish-ikan
                                -Animal :Invertebrate,                biodiversity to the               Flowering plant-
                                vertebrate, mammal, fish, bird,       environment                       tumbuhan berbunga
  12                            amphibian, reptile                                                      Invertebrate-
                                -Plant :Flowering plant, non-                                           invertebrata
  2/4                           flowering plant, monocotyledon,                                         Living organism-
   –                            dicotyledon                                                             organisma hidup
                                Build a concept map on living                                           Mammal-mamalia
                                organisms based on the                                                  Monocotyledon-
                                classification above                                                    monokotiledon
                                Discuss the importance of                                               Non-flowering plant-
                                maintaining the biological                                              tumbuhan tidak
                                diversity as one of the country’s                                       berbunga
                                natural heritage                                                        Reptile-reptilia


 Week   Learning Objectives     Suggested Learning Activities       Learning Outcomes                  Vocabulary
        4.1 Analyzing the       Carry out a field work to study     A student is able to :             Community-komuniti
        interdependence among   species, habitat, population,       o state what species, population   Ecosystem-ekosistem
        living organism         community in ecosystem                and community are                Environment-
                                Carry out a discussion on           o state what habitat and           persekitaran
  13                            interdependence among living          ecosystem are                    Habitat-habitat
                                organisms and the environment       o identify various habitats in     Interdependence-saling
  9/4                           to create a balanced ecosystem        one ecosystem                    bersandaran
   –                                                                o explain through examples the     Predict-meramal
                                                                      interdependence among living     Population-populasi
                                                                      organisms and the                Species-spesies
                                                                      environment to create a
                                                                      balanced ecosystem

        4.2 Evaluating the      Collect and interpret data on the   A student is able to :             Advantage-kebaikan
        interaction between     types of interactions between       o list the types of interaction    Biological control-
        organisms               living organisms as follows :         between living organisms         kawalan biologi
                                a)prey-predator                     o explain with examples the        Competition-
                                b)symbiosis: commensalism,            interactions between living      persaingan
                                mutualism and parasitism e.g.         organisms                        Disadvantage-
                                remora and shark, algae and         o justify the importance of        keburukan
                                fungi, tapeworm and man               interaction between living       Interaction-interaksi
  13                            c)competition                         organisms and the                Parasitism-parasitisme
                                Conduct an activity to show the       environment                      Pest-perosak
   –                            importance of the interaction       o explain through examples the     Prey-predator-mangsa
 13/4                           between organisms and the             advantages and disadvantages     pemangsa
                                environment                           of biological control in         Regulate-mengawal
                                Discuss the advantages of             regulating the number of pest    Symbiosis-simbiosis
                                biological control in regulating      in certain areas
                                the numbers of pests in certain


16/4                                                         PRA PPT

       4.3 Synthesizing food   Collect and interpret data on the    A student is able to :             Balance in nature-
       web                     producer, consumer, decomposer       o explain what producers,          keseimbangan alam
                               and pyramid of numbers                 consumers and decomposers        Consumer-pengguna
                               Construct a food web from a few        are                              Decomposer-pengurai
                               food chains and identify the         o combine a few food chains to     Food web-siratan
                               producer, consumer and                 construct a food web             makanan
                               decomposer                           o identify the produce,            Primary consumer-
15                             Discuss the energy flow in the         consumer and decomposer in       pengguna primer
                               food web constructed                   a food web                       Producer-pengeluar
 –                             Conduct a game to show the           o construct a pyramid number       Pyramid number-
27/4                           effects of an increase or decrease     from a food chain                piramid nombor
                               in the number of organisms in a      o relate the food web and the      Secondary consumer-
                               pyramid number                         pyramid number to energy         pengguna sekunder
                               Discuss the consequences if a        o predict the consequences if a    Tertiary consumer-
                               component of living organisms          certain component of living      pengguna tertier
                               in an ecosystem is missing             organisms in the ecosystem is
       4.4 Analyzing           Carry out discussion on what         A student is able to :             Balanced ecosystem-
       photosynthesis          photosynthesis is                    o state what photosynthesis is     ekosistem seimbang
                               Carry out experiments to             o state the factors required for   Oxygen cycle-kitar
                               determine the factors needed for       photosynthesis                   oksigen
15                             photosynthesis i.e. carbon           o state the products of            Carbon cycle-kitar
                               dioxide, water, light and              photosynthesis                   karbon
 –                             chlorophyll                          o control the variables that are   Photosynthesis-
27/4                           Discuss the importance of              required for photosynthesis      fotosintesis
                               photosynthesis in maintaining a      o explain the role of
                               balanced ecosystem                     photosynthesis in maintaining
                               Discuss the carbon and oxygen          balanced ecosystem

16     4.5 Evaluating the        Collect and interpret data on the   A student is able to :             Conservation-
       importance of             conservation and preservation of    o explain what conservation and    pemuliharaan
       conservation and          living organisms                      preservation are                 Reserve forest-hutan
4/5    preservation of living    Carry out a field work in a         o explain the steps taken to       simpan
       organisms                 natural forest reserve(wetlands,      preserve and conserve living     Highland forest-hutan
                                 highland forest or tropical           organisms                        tanah tinggi
                                 rainforest) or an animal            o justify the importance of        Indigenous people-
                                 sanctuary to study the                conservation and preservation    orang asli
                                 conservation and preservation of      of living organisms              Preservation-
                                 living organisms                    o support activities organized     pemeliharaan
                                 Carry out a discussion on how         by various parties to preserve   Sanctuary-santuari
                                 the improvement in science and        and conserve the living          Tropical rainforest-
                                 technology helps in the               organisms                        hutan hujan tropika
                                 conservation and preservation of                                       Wetland-tanah bencah/
                                 living organisms                                                       lembap
                                 Run a campaign to stress on the
                                 importance of conservation and
                                 Carry out a role play involving
                                 the parties concerned in solving
                                 problems related to the
                                 conservation and preservation of
                                 living organisms

16     4.6 Evaluating the role   Carry out a brainstorming           A student is able to :             Acid rain-hujan asid
       of man in maintaining     session to discuss the              o explain the effects of human     Brainstorming-
       the balance in nature     environmental issues affecting        activities on the balance in     sumbangsaran
4/5                              the balance in nature and how to      nature                           Climate change-
                                 solve them                          o describe how man solves          perubahan iklim
                                 Carry out a discussion to justify     problems related to the          Deforestation-
                                 that man needs a stable and           environment                      penebangan hutan
                                 productive ecosystem to             o justify that human need a        Excessive-berlebihan
                                 ascertain a harmonious life           stable, productive and           Land overuse-
                                                                       balanced ecosystem               penggunaan tanah yang
                                                                                                        tidak terkawal
                                                                                                        Green house effect-

     kesan rumah hijau
     Over fishing-
     penangkapan ikan yang
     tidak terkawal
     Solid waste
     pengurusan sisa pepejal
     Species extinction-
     kepupusan spesies

       THEME           : MATTER IN NATURE

 Week    Learning Objectives        Suggested Learning Activities       Learning Outcomes                   Vocabulary
         5.1 Analyzing the          Carry out activities to determine   A student is able to :              Boiling point-takat
         physical characteristics   the following :                     o state the meaning of the          didih
         of water                   a)the freezing point of water          freezing point of water          Freezing point-takat
                                    b)the boiling point of water        o state the meaning of the          beku
  17                                Carry out an activity to observe       boiling point of water           Impurities-bendasing
                                    the effects of impurities on the    o describe the physical             Inference-inferens
   –                                physical characteristics of water      characteristics of water         Physical
  11/5                                                                  o explain through examples the      characteristics-ciri-ciri
                                                                           effects of impurities on the     fizikal
                                                                           physical characteristics of
         5.2 Analyzing the          Carry out an electrolysis to        A student is able to:               Anode-anod
         composition of water       determine the ratio of hydrogen     o state that water is a compound    Cathode-katod
                                    to oxygen in a molecule of water      made up of two elements           Composition-
                                                                          (hydrogen and oxygen)             komposisi
  17                                                                    o state the ratio of hydrogen and   Ionic theory-teori ionik
                                                                          oxygen in one molecule of         Electrolysis-elektrolisis
   –                                                                      water                             Discharge-terhasil
                                                                        o name the gases collected at the
                                                                          anode and cathode during


 14/5                                              PEPERIKSAAN PERTENGAHAN TAHUN

       5.3 Analyzing the        Carry out experiments to study       A student is able to :               Agricultural product-
       process of evaporation   the factors affecting the rate of    o explain what evaporation is        hasil pertanian
       of water                 evaporation of water i.e.            o explain through examples the       Evaporation-penyejatan
                                humidity, the temperature of           factors that affects the rate of   Evaporation of water-
                                surrounding, surface area and the      evaporation of water with          penyejatan air
                                movement of air                        reference to the Kinetic           Humidity-kelembapan
                                Discuss the factors affecting the      Theory                             Movement of air-
                                rate of evaporation and boiling      o compare and contrast between       pergerakan udara
19                                                                     evaporation and boiling

21/5                            Gather information on                o describe the application of the    Preservation-
 –                              evaporation process and its            evaporation of water in daily      pengawetan
                                application in daily life i.e.         life                               Processing of food-
                                drying clothes, preservation of                                           pemprosesan makanan
                                agricultural products and                                                 Rate of evaporation-
                                processing of food                                                        kadar penyejatan
                                                                                                          Surface area-luas
                                                                                                          Temperature of the

       5.4 Analyzing solution   Discuss the difference between       A student is able to :               Concentrated solution-
       and solubility           solute, solvent and solution         o explain what solute, solvent       larutan pekat
                                Carry out activities to prepare a      and solution are                   Dilute solution-larutan
                                dilute solution, a concentrated      o contrast and compare between       cair
19                              solution and a saturated solution      dilute solution, concentrated      Nature of solute-jenis
                                Discuss the similarities and           solution and saturated solution    zat pelarut
21/5                            differences between dilute           o explain what suspension is         Nature of solvent-jenis
 –                              solution, concentrated solution      o explain what solubility is         pelarut
                                and saturated solution               o explain the factors affecting      Organic solvent-pelarut
                                Carry out activities to illustrate     the solubility of solutes in       organik
                                the differences between a              water                              Residue-baki/sisa
                                solution and a suspension            o explain the importance of          Suspension-bahan
                                Carry out experiments to               water as a universal solvent in    terampai
                                determine the factors affecting        life                               Saturated solution-

                                the solubility of a solute :       o give examples on the uses of         larutan tepu
                                a)nature of solvent                  organic solvents in our              Sediment-bahan
                                b)nature of solute                   everyday life                        mendapan
                                c)temperature                                                             Solubility-kelarutan
                                Carry out experiments to                                                  Solute-zat pelarut
                                determine the factors affecting                                           Solution-larutan
                                the rate of dissolving :                                                  Solvent-pelarut
                                a)temperature                                                             Universal solvent-
                                b)rate of stirring                                                        pelarut universal
                                c)size of solute particle                                                 Volume of solvent-
                                Discuss the importance of water                                           isipadu pelarut
                                as a universal solvent in life
                                Gather information on the
                                application of organic solvents in
                                daily life

                                              CUTI PERTENGAHAN TAHUN
                                                      28/5 – 8/6

       5.5 Analyzing acid and   Carry out activities to study :      A student is able to :               Active metal-logam
       alkali                   a)the properties of acid in terms    o identify the properties of acid    aktif
                                of pH value, taste, corrosive          and alkali                         Alkaline substance-
                                nature, effect on litmus paper,      o state that acid and alkali only    bahan beralkali
                                reaction with metals such as           show their properties in the       Concentration-
                                magnesium and zinc                     presence of water                  kepekatan
20                              b)the characteristics of alkali in   o explain through examples the       Concentrated acid-asid
                                terms of pH value, taste,              definition of acid and alkali in   pekat
  –                             corrosive nature, effect on litmus     everyday life                      Concentrated alkali-
15/6                            paper                                o state the uses of acid and         alkali pekat
                                Carry out a discussion to define        alkali in daily life              Corrosive-mengkakis
                                acid and alkali operationally        o explain the meaning of             Dilute acid-asid cair
                                Carry out activities to determine      neutralization process             Dilute alkali-alkali cair
                                the acidic and alkaline              o explain through examples the       Equation in words-
                                substances in daily life               uses of neutralization in daily    persamaan perkataan
                                Gather information on the usage        life                               Hydrochloric acid-asid
                             of acid and alkali in everyday                                        hidroklorik
                             life such as in agricultural and                                      Litmus paper-kertas
                             industry                                                              litmus
                             Discuss on the meaning of                                             Metal-logam
                             neutralization                                                        Neutralization-
                             Carry out an activity to show                                         peneutralan
                             neutralization using                                                  Operational definition-
                             hydrochloric acid and sodium                                          definisi secara operasi
                             hydroxide of the same                                                 Potassium-kalium
                             concentration                                                         Sodium-natrium
                             Discuss the application                                               Sodium hydroxide-
                             neutralization in daily life i.e.                                     natrium hidroksida
                             using shampoo and conditioner
                             and treatment of insect bites

       5.6 Analyzing the     Visit a water purification site     A student is able to :            Boiling-pendidihan
       methods of water      Brainstorm on the following :       o list the natural sources of     Chlorination-
       purification          a)natural resources of water          water                           pengklorinan
                             b)the reasons for water             o state the reasons for water     Distillation-
                             purification                          purification                    penyulingan
20                           Discuss the various types of        o describe the various methods    Filtration-penurasan
                             water purification such as            of water purification           Natural resources-
  –                          filtration, boiling, chlorination   o compare the strengths and       sumber semula jadi
15/6                         and distillation                      weaknesses of the various       Water purification site-
                             Pupils present their findings to      methods of water purification   loji pembersihan air
                             discuss the strengths and
                             weaknesses of the various
                             methods of water purification

       5.7 Analyzing the     Make a visit to a water             A student is able to :            Domestic uses-
21     water supply system   processing plant to study the       o describe how the water supply   penggunaan domestik
                             water supply system and stages        system works                    Usage of water-
18/6                         involved in water purification      o explain ways to save water      oenggunaan air
 –                           Discuss the ways to save water                                        Water supply system-
                             Do a project on how much water                                        sistem bekalan air
                             the average household uses

       5.8 Understanding the   Collect and interpret data on        A student is able to :            Construction-
       preservation of water   types of water pollutants which      o give examples of water          pembinaan
       quality                 include :                              pollutants                      Deforestation-
                               a)industrial waste such as           o explain the effects of water    penebangan hutan
                               chemical and radioactive               pollution on living things      Domestic waste-bahan
                               residues                             o explain ways to control water   buangan domestik
                               b)domestic waste such as               pollution                       Fertilizer-baja
                               garbage and sewage                   o explain ways to preserve        Garbage-sampah-sarap
                               c)chemicals from the agricultural      water and its quality           Industrial waste-bahan
22                             activities such as fertilizers and                                     buangan industri
                               pesticides                                                             Pesticide-pestisid
 –                             d)salutation caused by                                                 Preservation-
29/6                           construction and deforestation                                         pemeliharaan
                               e)accidental spillage from                                             Radioactive residue-
                               tankers                                                                sisa radioaktif
                               Conduct discussion on the effect                                       Sewage-sisa/bahan
                               of water pollution on living                                           kumbahan
                               things                                                                 Water pollutant-bahan
                               Generate ideas on ways to                                              pencemar air
                               control water pollution


Week   Learning Objectives       Suggested Learning Activities         Learning Outcomes                  Vocabulary
       6.1 Understanding air     Carry out an activity to discuss      A student is able to :             Air pressure-tekanan
       pressure                  the kinetic theory of gases           o explain the existence of air     udara
 22                              Carry out an activity to show           pressure with reference to the   Appliances-peralatan
                                 that air exerts pressure                Kinetic Theory                   Existence-kewujudan
 –                               Carry out activities to show the      o explain the factors affecting    Temperature-suhu
29/6                             factors affecting air pressure i.e.     air pressure                     Volume-isipadu
                                 volume and temperature

       6.2 Applying the          Collect and interpret data on         A student is able to :             Syringe-picagari
       principle of air pressure appliances that use the principle     o explain with examples things     Siphon-sifon
       in daily life             of air pressure                         that use the principle of air    Spray-penyembur
                                 Gather information and discuss          pressure                         Drinking straw-
                                 the application of air pressure in    o generate ideas to solve          penyedut minuman
                                 syringe, siphon, spraying pump          problems using the principle     Blockage-tersumbat
                                 and drinking straw                      of air pressure                  Gas under high
 23                              Discuss ways of using the             o relate the safety measures       pressure-gas di bawah
                                 principle of air pressure to solve      taken when using gas under       tekanan tinggi
  –                              daily problems such as blockage         high pressure
 6/7                             in sinks and pouring condensed                                           Safety measure-
                                 milk from a can                                                          langkah keselamatan
                                 Gather information on how a gas
                                 under high pressure works
                                 Discuss the precautions taken
                                 when using gas under high


 Week    Learning Objectives     Suggested Learning Activities       Learning Outcomes                     Vocabulary
         7.1 Understanding       Carry out activities to show        A student is able to :                Electrostatic force-daya
         force                   pushing and pulling are forces      o state that a force is a push or a   elektrostatik
                                 Carry out activities to show the      pull                                Frictional force-daya
                                 effects of force i.e. change in     o explain the effects of forces       geseran
  23                             shape, position, speed and          o explain the various types of        Gravitational force-
                                 direction                             forces                              daya graviti
   –                             Carry out activities to show                                              Magnetic force-daya
  6/7                            different types of forces i.e.                                            magnetik
                                 frictional, gravitational,                                                Speed-kelajuan
                                 electrostatic and magnetic force

         7.2 Understanding the   Discuss the unit of force and the   A student is able to :                Magnitude-magnitud
  24     measurement of force    principle of a spring balance       o state the unit of force             Spring balance-neraca
                                 Carry out activity to measure the   o explain how a spring balance        spring
  9/7                            magnitude of forces                   works
   –                                                                 o measure the magnitude of
  13/7                                                                 force

         7.3 Application of      Discuss with examples to show       A student is able to :                Existence-kewujudan
         frictional force        the existence of frictional force   o explain with examples the           Surface-permukaan
                                 Carry out activities to identify      existence of frictional force
                                 the direction of frictional force   o state the direction and the
  24                             and measure the magnitude of          magnitude of frictional force
                                 the force                           o carry out an experiment to
  9/7                            Carry out an experiment to show       show how different types of
   –                             how different types of surfaces       surfaces affects frictional
  13/7                           affects the magnitude of              force
                                 frictional force                    o explain the advantages and
                                 Gather information and discuss        disadvantages of friction
                                 the advantages and                  o explain ways to increase
                                 disadvantages of friction             friction

                                Carry out activities on ways to :   o explain ways to reduce
                                a)increase friction                   friction
                                b)reduce friction
                                Discuss the application of          o explain with examples the
                                increasing and decreasing             application of friction in daily
                                friction in our daily life            life

       7.4 Application of       Discuss with examples to show       A student is able to :               Distance-jarak
       work                     work is done when an object is      o explain with examples how          Work-kerja
25                              moved by a force                      work is done
                                Carry out activities to determine   o state the unit of work
  –                             the work done by using :            o calculate the work done
20/7                            Work(J) = Force(N) ×

       7.5 Application of       Carry out activities to determine   A student is able to :               Power-kuasa
25     power                    power by using :                    o state the meaning of power
                                              Work(J)               o state the unit of power
  –                             Power(W) = ----------               o calculate power on the work
20/7                                          Time(s)                 done

26     7.6 Analyzing the        Create an activity i.e. drawing a   A student is able to :               Sketch-lakaran
       importance of force in   poster, sketching or acting to      o describe how life will be if
23/7   life                     show how life would be without        force does not exist
  –                             force


Week   Learning Objectives     Suggested Learning Activities       Learning Outcomes                 Vocabulary
       8.1 Understanding the   Gather information and discuss      A student is able to :            Aquatic-akuatik
       support systems in      the various support systems in :    o explain the support system in   Buoyancy-keapungan
       animals                 a)land and aquatic vertebrates        vertebrates and various         Chitin-kitin
                               b)land and aquatic invertebrates      support systems in              Cuticle-kutikel
                               Carry out discussions on the          invertebrates                   Endoskeleton-rangka
 26                            following :                         o compare and contrast the        dalam
                               a)similarities and difference         support system between land     Exoskeleton-rangka
  –                            between support systems in land       and aquatic vertebrates         luar
27/7                           and aquatic vertebrates             o compare and contrast the        Hydrostatic-hidrostatik
                               b)similarities and difference         support system between land     Shell-kerang
                               between support systems in land       and aquatic invertebrates       Skeletal system-sistem
                               and aquatic invertebrates                                             rangka
                                                                                                     Support system-sistem
 27    8.2 Understanding the   Carry out field work to study     A student is able to :
       support systems in      various support systems in plants o explain the various support
30/7   plants                  Carry out activities to classify    systems in woody and non-
  –                            plants based on their support       woody plants
       8.3 Appreciating the    Discuss issues i.e. :               A student is able to :            Beached whale-paus
 27    support system in       a)inability the whales to move      o justify the importance of the   yang terdampar di
       living things           back to sea after being washed        support system to living        pantai
30/7                           ashore                                things                          Crippled-tempang
  –                                                                                                  Crutches-tongkak
 3/8                                                                                                 ketiak


6/8                                                             USBF 2


 Week   Learning Objectives       Suggested Learning Activities         Learning Outcomes                    Vocabulary
        9.1 Understanding that    Carry out activities to find the      A student is able to :               Base area-luas tapak
        the centre of gravity     point of equilibrium in regular       o determine the point of             Centre of gravity-pusat
        affects stability         and irregular shapes                    equilibrium in regular and         graviti
                                  Carry out an experiment to find         irregular shapes                   Height-ketingggian
  29                              out how the centre of gravity         o relate the point of equilibrium    Manipulating-
                                  affects the stability of an object      as the centre of gravity of        mengubah
  –                               by manipulating the :                   objects                            Point of equilibrium-
 17/8                             a)height                              o relate the centre of gravity to    tititk keseimbangan
                                  b)base area                             the stability of objects           Stability-kestabilan
                                  Discuss the relationship between
                                  the centre of gravity and stability

        9.2 Appreciating the      Carry out a brainstorming             A student is able to :
        importance of stability   session on ways to improve            o suggest ways to improve the
  29                              stability                               stability of an objects around
                                  Carry out activities like doing          them
  –                               projects or playing games to          o explain with examples the
 17/8                             build models by applying the            application of stability in life
                                  concept of stability

                                                   CUTI PENGGAL KEDUA
                                                         20/8 – 24/8


 Week   Learning Objectives       Suggested Learning Activities        Learning Outcomes                 Vocabulary
        10.1 Analyzing levers     Discuss how a small effort can       A student is able to :            Fulcrum-fulkrum
                                  overcome a large load with the       o list things around them that    Force-daya
                                  use of a lever                         use the principle of lever      Lever-tuas
                                  Make an observation on devices       o state what a lever can do       Load-beban
                                  that use the principles of levers.   o identify load, force and        Perpendicular distance-
                                  Identify the load, force and           fulcrum in the lever            jarak tegak
                                  fulcrum and then classify the        o classify levers
                                  systems into first, second and       o explain what is meant by the
  30                              third class levers                     moment of a force
                                  Discuss how human apply the          o solve problems related to
  –                               principles of levers to help them      levers
 31/8                             overcome a large load
                                  Discuss :
                                  The moment of force =
                                  force × perpendicular distance
                                  from the pivot to force
                                  Carry out an activity to show the
                                  relationship between moment
                                  and the product of force and
  30    10.2 Appreciating the     Carry out a project to build a       A student is able to :            Design-reka
        innovative efforts in the device using the principle of a      o design or improve a device      Innovative-inovatif
        design of machine to      lever                                  that use a principle of lever
 31/8   simplify work

                                                    Ulangkaji Strategik Berdasarkan
                                            ‘Construct Based Teaching And Drilling’2/8 – 4/8

                      PRA PAT

 33         Ulangkaji Strategik Berdasarkan
        ‘Construct Based Teaching And Drilling’

 34         Ulangkaji Strategik Berdasarkan
        ‘Construct Based Teaching And Drilling’

 35         Ulangkaji Strategik Berdasarkan
        ‘Construct Based Teaching And Drilling’

 36         Ulangkaji Strategik Berdasarkan
        ‘Construct Based Teaching And Drilling’



   38     9. STARS AND             Collect and interpret data on the            A student is able to :                     Aurorae – aurora
             GALAXIES              following :                                         describe the characteristics       Chromosphere – kromosfera
  22/10                                 a) characteristics of the Sun, i.e.             of the Sun,                        Corona – korona
    –     9.1 Analyzing the Sun             size, mass, density relative to            identify the structures of the     Density – ketumpatan
                                            the Earth and surface                       Sun,                               Flare – nyala
  26/10                                                                                                                    Photosphere – fotosfera
                                            temperature,                               identify the phenomena
                                        b) structures of the Sun, i.e the               occurring on the surface of        Prominence – prominen
                                            corona, chromosphere and                    the Sun,                           Sunspot – tompok matahari
                                            photosphere,                               explain the effect of the
                                        c) phenomena occurring at the                   phenomena on the surface
                                            surface of the Sun, i.e.                    of the Sun on the Earth,
                                            prominences, flares and                    state how energy is
                                            sunspots,                                   generated by the Sun.
                                        d) effects of the phenomena on
                                            the surface of the Sun on
                                        e) generation of energy by the

   39     9. 2 Understanding       Discuss the following,                       A student is able to :                     Black hole – lohong hitam
               the stars and the        a) the definition of star,                     define what a star is,             Brightness – kecerahan
  29/10        galaxies in the          b) the Sun as a star.                          identify the Sun as a star,        Constellation – buruj
     –         Universe.           Visit the National Plsanetarium or                  identify the bright stars in the   Star – bintang
                                   National Science Centre to collect and               sky,                               Elliptical – bujur
  2/11                                                                                                                     Irregular – tak teratur
                                   interpret data on the following:                    compare and contrast the
                                   a)     bright stars such as the Sirius and           stars based on certain             Light year – tahun cahaya
                                          Rigel,                                        characteristics,                   Milky Way – Bima sakti
                                   b)     the Sun as a star,                           describe the formation of          Solar system – system suria
                                   c)     various types of stars based on               stars,                             Spiral – lingkaran
                                          temperature, size and brightness,            describe the death of stars,       Universe – alam semesta
                                   d)     formation of stars,                          state the types of galaxies,       White dwarf – kerdil
                                   e)     death of stars leaving behind the
                                                                                       describe the Milky Way,
                                          white dwarf, neutron star and the
                                                                                       describe the Universe,
                                          black hole,
                                   f)     types of galaxies, i.e. elliptical,          state the position of the
                                          spiral and irregular,                         Solar System in the
                                   g)     the Milky Way,                                Universe.
                                   h)     the Universe

                                   Take parts in star watch activities.

40     9.3 Thankful for the           View computer software or videos to                                                     Haiku is a Japanese poem that
           existence of the           gather information about the topic in this   A student is able to :                     comprise of three lines. The
5/11        Universe as a gift from   learning area.                                      appreciate the uniqueness,         first and third is made up of
 –          God                                                                            orderliness, beauty and            five syllables while the second
                                      Write a poem or haiku about the                      harmony in the Universe as         line is made up of seven
9/11                                  uniqueness, orderliness, beauty and                                                     syllables. The theme and
                                                                                           a sign of the glory of God,
                                      harmony of the Universe as a sign of                describe the expanse of the        message of the poem is often
                                      the glory of God.                                    Universe compared to Earth,        associated with nature.
                                                                                          state that all that exits in the
                                      Discuss the following :                              Universe is not permanent,         For example :
                                          a) the expanse of the Universe,                 explain the importance of
                                          b) all that exists in the Universe is            the Sun and the Moon to life       Up the sky I stare,
                                               not permanent,                              on Earth.                          I look up and wish I’m there,
                                          c) the importance of Sun and the                                                    Beautiful and rare.
                                               Moon to life on Earth.
                                                                                                                              This learning objective (1.3)
                                                                                                                              should be integrated with the
                                                                                                                              other learning objective when

                                                             CUTI AKHIR TAHUN
                                                             10/11/2012 -1/1/2013

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