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                                       The CIPFA North West & North Wales
Newsletter                             Society Newsletter

Welcome to the new NWNW President!

Hi everyone, I am Martyn Kenyon, your new Society
President for 2008/09. I am Internal Audit and Risk Manager
at Wigan Council and took over from the outgoing President,
Jeremy Valentine at the AGM at the JJB Stadium in April.
My Presidential Address and theme for the year is entitled
‘Active Members make a healthy Institute’ and can be found
in the Annual Report on the regional website at:
My theme is about the changing role of the Accountant and
how important it is for yourselves and your employers to
keep up to date with the changes by participating in the
events and facilities available to you as members and                     L to R, outgoing President, Jeremy Valentine
students                                                                    new President Martyn Kenyon and Vice
                                                                                    President, Mike Owen

Having been a CIPFA volunteer for some time now and being an existing member of the Audit
Group I know how important it is to keep abreast of new initiatives. With the support of our
society volunteers I hope to deliver some exciting ways for you to be able to join me throughout
the year in making this a healthy institute. Already we have delivered several events this year and
I am very much looking forward to our Regional Conference and Annual Dinner in October which
should once again be very popular with all ages and levels of members and students.

I am also very pleased to announce Mike Owen as my Vice President for the year. Mike is Director
of Finance and E-Government at Bury Council and is committed to developing and delivering a wide
programme of support available for members. Mike is also Chair of the Board for the Regions
whose tasks include ensuring consistency across all regions and sharing best practice across
regions for the benefit of members and students
            In this Issue                      I am looking forward to a very successful year and I hope
 CLC & CPD               Page   2              that as members you will contribute by attending events,
 Forthcoming Events      Page   3              reading the publications we produce (Newsletter,
 Society Changes         Page   4              Development Plan, Annual Report – see website for these
 Volunteers              Page   5              publications) and volunteering where possible.
 News                    Page   6
 Audit Group             Page   7              Martyn Kenyon, Society President
 Quiz                    Page   8
 Event Feedback          Page   9                        1
 Photos                  Page   10

Continuing Professional Development

As all members have been automatically registered for CPD you should be taking advantage of the
information held on the CIPFA Learning Centre (CLC) to help you to achieve your CPD objectives.
Did you know that you can plan and manage your CPD on-line and even upload documents like
attendance certificates to demonstrate where you are participating in CPD

If you work for an employer that is IIP accredited, your training and development or appraisal
scheme will automatically qualify your organisation as an employer accredited scheme which
means you don’t have to maintain two sets of documents! How easy could that be!
For more information have a look on the CLC website at

Events Calendar
For the most up to date information on the regional events, go to the website and have a look on
the events page or on the handy events calendar where you can click into each event and book a
place on-line. This tool was created some time ago and allows you to view the events month by
month and unlike the events page, allows the facility to go back to have a look at previous events

                                                                    The yellow marker indicates
                                                                    today’s date and any red
                                                                    markers indicate that there is
                                                                    an event on that day. This
                                                                    calendar also allows members
                                                                    and students to add their own
                                                                    events that they might think
                                                                    are useful for others to attend.
                                                                    Just click on the relevant day
                                                                    and add the details and the
                                                                    event will be sent to the
                                                                    administrator who will add it to
                                                                    the calendar (if appropriate) for
                                                                    others to see the details. Only
                                                                    CIPFA events can be booked
                                                                    on-line though so don’t forget
                                                                    to include the booking details!
To see the events calendar go to:

Or to look at the events in the usual way go to:

And to book an event on-line go to:

Audit Reporting Workshop

The Audit Group are holding an Audit Reporting Workshop at the Red Rose Hub in
Preston on 16th September. This full day workshop offers 100 ways to improve your
audit reports and costs £130 plus vat. For more information go to the website at:

Fylde Trophy Quiz and Wine Tasting

                             The Fylde Trophy Quiz is being held on Friday 26th
                             September in Manchester. This quiz traditionally organised
                             by the Student Forum is open to all retired members,
                             members and students and is a great event to polish up on
                             your general knowledge and meet up with other quizzers.
                             This year there will also be a wine
                             tasting following the quiz for all you
                             wine buffs to impress with your
                             knowledge of fine wines. An e-mail will
be coming out about the event with further details shortly so watch
out for that. Alternatively the details will also be posted on the
website when finalised

Regional Conference and Annual Dinner 2008

The Regional Conference and Annual Dinner 2008 is being held on Friday 10th October
in Liverpool. Those that attended last year will be aware that the same venue has
been secured again for this year. However during the year the venue, Liverpool
Marriott South Hotel, has been taken over by the Crowne Plaza Group who you may
already be aware has another hotel on the Pier Head.

                      There will be no change to the event except the change of name
                      of hotel and for those of you who were unable to attend last
                      year, this art deco hotel right next to Liverpool John Lennon
                      Airport makes an interesting venue and landmark in itself.

                       The programme for the day promises once again to be lively and
interesting and will be available on the website within the next month or so. The
theme for this year is ‘Efficiency and Performance’ and so far the topics being
presented include Comprehensive Area Assessments, Effective Leadership, Building a
Local Government workforce for the future and IFRS with more topics to be confirmed.

The Annual Dinner being held in the same venue that evening will play host to the
presentation of certificates by new Institute President Caroline Mawhood to newly
elected regional members. Although still a black tie event, the dinner is taking a more
relaxed and informal format this year for people to catch up with past colleagues, meet
new friends and enjoy the entertainment on offer

Following the Society and group AGM’s there has been some changes to group Chairs.

Student Forum

The Student Forum Chair is Natalie Slayman who took over from Debbie
Wood earlier on in the year. Natalie works for the Audit Commission and
is changing the way the events programme for students is run with the aim
of encouraging a larger attendance through some focussed but fun events.
If you are interested in joining the Student Forum you can contact Natalie at

Senior Management Group

The new Chair of the Senior Management Group is Mark Owen, Chief Finance Officer at Wrexham
County Borough Council. Mark takes over from David Smith from Wirral Council. The SMG hold
three events a year that are free to attend for Chief and Senior Finance Officers. For more
information about the SMG contact either Mark at or the SMG
Secretary, Dick Kerfoot at

Southern Section

The Southern Section Chair is Gaynor Myers, Head of Education Finance at Flintshire County
Council. Gaynor has already chaired three successful events this year that have attracted good
delegate numbers. Although the Southern Section caters for members in the region South of
Manchester to North Wales and the Isle of Man, the events are open for all members to attend.
Gaynor is also Southern Secretary and can be contacted at

Northern Section

Barry Parsonage is continuing his sterling job as Northern Section Chair and is assisted in arranging
events in the region north of Manchester to Cumbria. As with the Southern Section, although
events are arranged in this section of the region, anyone is able and encouraged to attend. Barry
has just retired from his position as Executive Director at Wyre BC and can be contacted at

Audit Group

The Audit Group has a new chair that is Tom Powell of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. Tom takes
over the Chair of the very successful Audit Group from Stewart Watson and is straight into a full
programme of events including the Annual Audit Seminar and the Weekend School. Tom can be
contacted at or alternatively for more information about the Audit Group
contact the Secretary Janet Findlay at

Society Council

Apart from the new President Martyn Kenyon, there are no changes to the Society this time. Ken
Finch, Society Chair is in his second year of two as Chair and will be succeeded by Barry Parsonage
next year. Lee Yale Helms remains as Regional Representative to Institute Council, David Latimer
continues as Society Treasurer and Shaer Halewood as Society Secretary.


For a list of the official volunteer vacancies, go to the volunteer
page on the website at
however there are many other roles you can take in the form of

Recently, Student Forum Chair, Natalie Slayman wrote this piece for Spreadsheet

The key aim of the volunteers in the NWNW area is to make providing useful courses,
seminars and social events into an enjoyable activity for everyone involved. Working
with the Society is good for your IPDS, but we want it to be something much more
than that and we have managed to have a good time, building up some solid
friendships through our involvements.

So far this year, we have arranged an FTPC seminar, a public sector project
management event and a speed reading and memory improvement day. We have lots
of ideas for future events, but are always open to suggestions from others. So, if you
have a burning desire for a particular subject to be covered, feel free to let us know,
even if you think that it might seem a little “off the wall”. At the end of the day, we’re
more than “just” accountancy students, so don’t feel restricted to CIPFA subjects!

In addition to attending our events, we try to encourage students to go for a drink or a
bite to eat afterwards, in order to build stronger networks – improving your list of
contacts can never do any harm and you might just make some life-long friendships.

If you would like to get involved, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact
Natalie on

National Student Forum

The North West & North Wales would like to congratulate Judith Savage from Trafford
Council for becoming the Chair of the NSF. The NSF is a very successful and dynamic
body and we are proud to have the region represented by the Chair. The annual NSF
Conference was held in Manchester last month and proved to be a highly interesting
and thought provoking Conference with plenty of time for networking and socialising to
compensate for such an intense but excellent programme

Volunteer Matrix

Despite Natalie’s enthusiasm you may still feel that volunteering is too time consuming
for the benefit you get out of it, especially in the workplace today which is hardly a
relaxed environment and with 1001 other things to do when you get home. However
do you know what type of volunteer activities there actually are? Many of the
activities in the newsletter involve organising events or participating on boards but
there are lots of other things you can do. Volunteering also helps you with your own
personal and career development and as an employer can be an ideal way to develop
your staff and to plan for the future. To help with this, a volunteer matrix has been
developed that can identifies what skills you will benefit from, from a range of
volunteer activities. The matrix can be found on the Society website at:

News!    News!    News!    News!    News!       News!   News!   News!   News! News!

Retired Members Group

The retired members have delayed their first event until late summer or autumn. The
idea for the initial event could not be developed in time so to ensure the event is well
marketed in advance and provides enough time for retired members to book, this has
been put back a couple of months. This group is still looking for volunteers to help
organise events and alongside the first events will be an AGM. The event will take the
form of a luncheon and a speaker and will be publicised shortly

                        What’s New on the Website

                        A few editions ago we reported some exiting changes afoot to
                        the website. CIPFA are working behind the scenes doing some
                        very technical stuff to put these in place but some of you may
already have noticed a couple of new features that have been implemented on our
own website.

   The Retired Members group now have a page of their own with their initial group
    members and contact details on.
   There is a page for Member Profiles so you can see who the regional volunteers are,
    what volunteer activities they carry out, why they volunteered and what they get
    up to in their spare time (quite surprisingly they don’t all know the 2007 SORP
    inside out)
   The latest events now appear as a link on the home page meaning you can see
    quickly if any events are coming up at a glance

The South East Region are developing and piloting a new on-line booking system for
events which will be much more user friendly for users. Once tested and ready to go,
the South East will be helping CIPFA implement this system throughout the rest of the
regions and thankfully, it should have a multiple booking facility as I know how
frustrating it is booking people individually when there is a big group from one

Congratulations to….

Chris Tidswell, a past North West & North Wales Society President and
Chair who has moved to Public Sector Consultants as Assistant Chief
Executive. Chris receives a CIPFA NWNW Post-it Note for sharing his
good news with us. Doesn’t it just make you want to make up good
news items……

George Laws Obituary

Many of you will have already heard the sad news and seen the obituary to George
Laws in the July edition of Spreadsheet. The North West & North Wales echo’s the
comments in the obituary written by former Society President Peter Warrington.

Society President Martyn Kenyon attended George’s funeral on behalf of the members
of the North West and North Wales region and passed on his condolences to George’s

Audit Group Weekend School

The Audit Group held their Annual Weekend School at Shrigley Hall in Cheshire
on 7th to 9th March.

The weekend started with the John Speakman Memorial Lecture on the Friday evening with Mick
Earle from Wildtrack in his session entitled ‘Living Dreams and Challenging Fate’ encouraging
delegates to be proactive, use their initiative and aim for high standards of achievement.

The Saturday sessions were opened by Ged Murphy from Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue
Authority providing an insight into ‘Shared Services – A Vision for the Future?’
Ged used the example of the Regional Control Centres as a real life example of joined up working
to create improved service and efficiencies, drawing a parallel with other public sector back office
(and some front office) services as potential, perhaps obvious areas to further this agenda

Jane Brighouse from St.Helens Council then explained about ‘Internal Audit’s role in the delivery of
major projects’. By referencing St Helens Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme, Jane
outlined the major stages of the programme and advised auditors to make sure they are involved
as they can make a real contribution in helping to achieve some major service improvements

Paul Peng from Knowsley Council then presented a session entitles ‘Equality and Diversity – What
do they mean to you?’ which outlined the importance of ensuring equality and diversity issues are
included as a component of all major decisions and processes

                              The afternoon was scheduled as free time but over half the delegates
                              took up the opportunity to take part in the ‘Da Vinci Challenge’
                              arranged by Mick Earle of Wildtrack. Teams were selected to
                              complete in an organised Treasure Hunt which involved finding clues,
                              using initiative and cunning in undertaking team tasks, answering
                              questions making new friends and revealing competitive natures and
                              leadership skills that may have otherwise remained undiscovered. All
participants agreed that it was a great event that provided an excellent opportunity to meet and
work with other delegates

                             The Gala Dinner was an elegant occasion enhanced by many
                             delegates in stunning evening dresses or James Bond style tuxedos
                             and black ties. There were tea prizes, raffle prizes and wine from our
                             sponsors (John Barker Consulting and Sellicks Recruitment) followed
                             by a comedian (a very cheeky man) organised dancing to a ceilidh
                             band and rounded off with a disco

Showing traditionally high levels of resilience, delegates assembled on Sunday morning to hear
Nathan Jackson of NCC Group provide some chilling warning of how (nearly) everyone is routinely
providing information to potential fraudsters in his presentation ‘Data Security and Information
Theft – Are you in Safe Hands?’

Closing the session was Neil Hunter of Leeds City Council talking about ‘The Audit Learning Centre
– Improving Performance’ providing some incisive thoughts on the future requirements for Internal
Audit sections and ensuring staff have the right skills and attributes to enable the service to add
some real value

Overall a highly successful event with some excellent speakers and facilities.
Lunchtime Quiz

Don’t write in, it’s just for fun. See if you can guess the answers to these anagrams of
highly interesting accounting and finance terms…… Answers in the next edition

      1.    teens vimen

      2.    you’d been lt

      3.    cubs as sines

      4.    office docter a nine

      5.    greed but repo

      6.    gritty billet, I moan

      7.    half cows

      8.    men kisses rats

      9.    attempt delay of den

      10.   enable teaches

Facebook prize draw is still on

You may remember when we launched the CIPFA North West & North Wales Facebook
group; we also launched a prize draw that once the group reached 100 members, all
members at that time would be in with the chance of winning £25.00 vouchers of their
choice. This still applies so tell your colleagues, friends, boss and whoever else you
can rumble up to sign up to Facebook and join the group. This group is for all NWNW
members, not just students unlike some other regions’ sites and is another means of
communicating what’s happening in the region to members.
If you are already a Facebook member just search on ‘North West and North Wales
Society of CIPFA’ and join the group.
But please do not use or access Facebook during work unless you have approval

National News

   The 2008 SORP is now available to purchase at
   A range of new jobs have been advertised on the PF Jobs site at
   Technical Information Service ( have recent developments on the
    Local Performance Framework; Climate Change; Creating, Strong, Safe and
    Prosperous Communities; and the Operational Efficiency Programme at
   New IFRS course dates are announced at

Event Feedback – Please complete your event feedback forms

During the year we arrange over 30 events for members and students benefit. This is
based on what’s topical at the time, new initiatives about to come up and requests for
specific topics from delegates attending events. We arrange these events for you and
need to know what you think of them so we can improve them in the future.
After every event delegates should be provided with a feedback form, whether this is
electronic or a paper copy.

Please complete these forms for us to consider when arranging events in the future. If
you have ever come back from an event thinking that the food could have been better,
you couldn’t hear that well, the sun was shining on the screen, the speaker had too
many graphics in their presentation or that the directions weren’t very good, please let
us know as we can improve this for you for next time

We only get around 50% attendance from members and students at all events and we
would also like to know why this is. If there are reasons that you could tell us about
for the reasons you don’t attend we may be able to change this and encourage you to
come along. If you ever think that you don’t fancy the programme and wished other
topics would appear, that the event is in the wrong place or in the wrong time, please
let us know and we can consider this for next years programme. If you don’t let us
know, we can’t improve it!

2007 Statistics from all events

                                                  Attendance Statistics
Activity                                  2005        2006     2007         2007
Regional Annual General Meeting             38         40         78        49%
Regional Annual Dinner                     104        117         91       -28%
Regional Conference                         84         85        121        29%
Senior Management Group Seminars (4)        75         75         63       -19%
Audit Training & Seminars (6)              308        271       318 *        n/a
Audit Weekend School                       123        127        118        -7%
Student Training & Seminar (6)             177        156       86**         n/a
Southern Section Seminar (3)               107        156        150        -4%
Northern Section Seminar                   n/a         63        128        51%
Total Attendance                          1,016      1,090      1,124        3%
Total number of members/students in       2,171      2,190      2,130
Attendance as a % of members/students     47%         50%       53%

Proportion of first time attendees        31%         7%        11%        36%

* there were 7 Audit Group events held in 2007

** there were 5 Student Group events held in 2007

Spot the tourist

Now we all know that the volunteers in the North West & North Wales are partial to a
little (large) tipple but did you know that most of them shared a love of the black stuff.
See if you can spot who is who in this editions’ ingenious game of ‘Spot the Tourist’

In the photos above you have a choice of your Society Chair, Society President,
Society Secretary, Immediate Past President, Regional Rep to Institute Council,
Assistant Secretary, Southern Section Chair and CPD Coordinator, but who is who……

A deserved Well Done to Students

Congratulations to all students celebrating exam successes this time. It is tough
enough nowadays to manage to study and hold down a professional full time job so a
very well deserved ‘well done’ to you. For those of you who were unsuccessful on this
occasion, don’t’ give up perseverance pays off (speaking from experience – Ed) and
you will get there. If you are struggling with anything in particular, get in contact with
Natalie to see if she is able to run a specific event that would help. You don’t know
until you ask.

And Finally…..

Q. Why did the auditor cross the road?
A. Because he looked in the file and that’s what they did last year!
                                                                     Shaer Halewood, Editor
                                                                            0782 3322 357


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