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					       Welcome to Legacy Allstars
Dear Parents & Cheerleaders,

The staff at Legacy Allstars Cheer & Dance Co. would like to welcome you
and your child to the wonderful world of allstar competitive cheerleading!
Legacy Allstars Cheer & Dance Co. was established in 2002 by former
college cheerleaders seeking to provide a wholesome environment where the
physical and mental components of competitive cheerleading can be taught
supporting Judeo-Christian principles and values. Our goal is to provide a
facility that is competitive, safe, and exciting for your child by teaching
discipline, self-esteem, team work, and a variety of creative skills.

Legacy has annual squad evaluations in late March or early April, and all
additions after that are on a private evaluation basis. The squads are formed
with cheerleaders within the same age bracket with similar experience and
skill level. We strive to create the best teams and compete them in the
divisions that we feel best suits the team. Although we pride ourselves with
having a successful and winning program, this is not the most important
aspect of our program! Your child's self-esteem, character development, and
athletic ability growth is our main focus! We want to continue to provide a
gym where your child can gain confidence and skills and have a great time
doing so!

Legacy Allstars Cheer & Dance Co. is celebrating our 7th season. Founded
in 2002, our facility offers 2 full size competition spring floors, 7 additional
cheer floor panels, and a 40 ft. tumble track! This past year Legacy Allstars
was awarded 10 Regional titles, 2 High Point titles, and 6 State titles.
Legacy has also started its Nationals tour and has won 3 Cheer Power
National titles and an Athletic Championship title and looks forward to
claiming many more. Legacy’s competitive program has continued to
develop and produce successful competition teams and individuals every
year. We look forward to sharing an exciting season this year with you and
your child. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to
call. Thank You!

                    Jason Cuevas-Owner/Director of Tumbling
                    Tori Cuevas - Owner/Allstar Cheer Director
                   Regional Results!!!
      Congratulations Legacy Allstars! You have had an amazing season!

                      American Cheer Power – Belton, TX
                              November 3, 2007
Legacy Lite Pink   Wonderful Performance!
Legacy Black       4th Place
Legacy Pink        1st Place
Legacy Onyx        1st Place
Legacy White       2nd Place
Legacy Hot Pink    1st Place
Legacy Platinum    2nd Place

                        Cheer America — Houston, TX
                             November 17, 2007

Legacy Lite Pink   Awesome Job!
Legacy Black       3th Place
Legacy Pink        1st Place
Legacy Onyx        1st Place
Legacy White       2nd Place
Legacy Hot Pink    1st Place
Legacy Platinum    2nd Place

                     American Cheer Power—Houston, TX
                               December 8,2007
Legacy Lite Pink   You look great!
Legacy Black       4th Place
Legacy Pink        1st Place
Legacy Onyx        1st Place
Legacy White       2nd Place
Legacy Hot Pink    1st Place
Legacy Platinum    2nd Place

            American Cheer Power—Texas Open State Championship
                              San Antonio, TX
                             February 1 - 3, 2008

Legacy Black       4th Place
Legacy Pink        1st Place
Legacy Onyx        1st Place
Legacy White       2nd Place
Legacy Silver      1st Place
Legacy Hot Pink    1st Place
Legacy Platinum    2nd Place
                     National Results!!!

         American Cheer Power All Star Southern Nationals—San Antonio, TX

Legacy Lite Pink       Wonderful Performance again!
Legacy Black           3th Place
Legacy Pink            1st Place
Legacy Onyx            1st Place
Legacy White           2nd Place
Legacy Hot Pink        1st Place
Legacy Platinum        1st Place

                     Cheer America Southern Nationals—Houston, TX

Legacy Lite Pink       Your year was fantastic!
Legacy Black           4th Place
Legacy Pink            2nd Place
Legacy Onyx            2nd Place
Legacy White           2nd Place
Legacy Hot Pink        2nd Place
Legacy Platinum        2nd Place

                   Athletic Championships Southern Nationals—San Antonio, TX

Legacy Black           5th Place
Legacy Pink            2nd Place
Legacy Onyx            2nd Place
Legacy White           2nd Place
Legacy Hot Pink        1st Place
Legacy Platinum        2nd Place

         National Cheer Association National Championships— Dallas, TX

Legacy Silver Top 10 at NCA!
 Meet Legacy Allstars Awesome staff!
Legacy Allstars Cheer Co. is proud to introduce you to its exceptional staff! Our “dream team” is
excited to teach your child the physical and mental skills necessary to become a successful
individual, cheerleader and tumbler!

         Jason Cuevas is a native Houstonian who currently resides with his wife Tori in April
Sound located in Montgomery! Jason started his cheerleading career for the nationally ranked
Humble High School Wildkats. He was awarded a scholarship to Navarro Junior College, one of
the top ranked cheer programs in the nation! Jason has also cheered on Cheer Athletics Open
Squad, placed 7th in the nation for NCA partner stunting and 2nd at ASC Summer Nationals and
was a former NCA staff member. Jason coached at Cheer Explosion for 3 years, which was one
of the top cheerleading programs in the Houston area. He has extensive training in spotting and
stunting making him one of the most sought out coaches in the Houston area! Jason and his wife,
Tori, are the owners and program directors of Legacy Allstars. With the six successful seasons
Legacy has accomplished, he is looking forward to leading the tumbling program, and running a
successful business as well!

        Tori Cuevas is originally from Ft. Worth, TX and has lived in the Houston area for 12
years. Tori has an extensive background in cheerleading, competitive gymnastics, and dance.
Tori has coached for the past 14 years and has won several National Allstar Championships. Tori
has been program director for Legacy Allstars for the past four years experiencing great success
as a coach and choreographer. She has received top awards including “Most Innovative
Choreography” at NCA, and “Specialty Choreography” at ASC. In the last season, Tori has lead
Legacy Allstar squads to 11 regional titles, 8 National titles including one for three time National
Champ Montgomery High School. Tori attrubutes this success to the help of all the wonderful
coaching staff ! She is truly thankful and blessed for the opportunity to be able to mentor, teach,
and build long lasting loving relationships with the children and their families that are in the gym.

         Max Parra joined the Legacy staff early January 2007. Max is originally from San
Antonio, where he started a very extensive cheerleading career. In 1998-1999 he cheered for
U.I.W in San Antonio, in 01-02 he cheered for the University of South Carolina, go gamecocks.
He moved back to San Antonio and coached for TCCA in 02-03, in 03-04 he coached at Cheer-
riffic Techniques, and also coached at Alamo Cheer Sports in 04-06. Since 2001, Max has been
on the American Cheer Power staff. Through the years of 02-06 he cheered for the UTSA comp
team. Max was also a part of the US soccer team in 99-01 in Holland. Max has been a great
addition to our Legacy family, and he has also worked wonders with tumbling and stunting.

        Clayton Wooley our newest coach, cheered on the Humble High School Large Co-Ed
Varsity squad and at Texas State University. He has previously coached at Central Cheer and
Austin Cheer Elite. He choreographs routines for Nederland, Brenham and Plano East High
Schools. He is currently the head cheer coach at Atascocita High School in Humble. He has
been part of the Instructional Staff for the Universal Cheerleaders Association for 5 years.

         Keri Finnegan has been an assistant coach for the past three years. She has now proven
herself to be a head coach as she lead Team White to their first National title in 2008. Keri was
part of the National champions Team Platinum. She is currently a student at Montgomery
College where she will continue her education while coaching here at Legacy Allstars.
   What to Expect Your 1st Year of
      Allstar Cheerleading
*** Squad Practices*** Attendance is crucial for the success of a squad. As a new parent
please note that every position on a squad is vital. If one person is not present an entire stunt
group will not be able to work. Please carefully read the attendance policy and adhere to it the
entire season. During squad practice time parents are not allowed to interact with their children.
It is in the best interest of the entire squad to have each individual member focusing 100% on
their coaches and fellow team members. As competition time draws near we may need to call
extra practices. We know these can be inconvenient, but we will always put the best interests of
the squad first.

*** Competitions*** All-star Cheerleading competitions are incredibly entertaining for the
entire family! Please note that each squad will compete between 3 – 5 Regional competitions and
3 – 4 National competitions. The majority of regional competitions will be local with one or two
out of town competitions (Dallas/Austin). Each squad will compete in at least 1 out of town
competition (San Antonio) and specific squads could compete in Orlando, Dallas, Corpus Christi
and New Orleans. Squads will be notified with exact competition dates and all fees must be paid
by August 1st, 2008. Cheerleading competitions are all day affairs. Please plan now on staying
for the entire day. A typical competitions day usually begins around 8:00 a.m. and ends about
8:00 p.m.

*** Fundraising*** Legacy All-stars Cheer Co. offers multiple fundraising opportunities
throughout the year. Competitive Cheerleading is an expensive sport, but its expense can be
greatly offset in numerous ways. Examples of fundraisers include individual sponsors, candle
sales, cookie dough sales, and many more exciting opportunities new for the 2008/2009 season.
All cheerleaders who participate in the fundraising program will receive 90% of the profit
raised for their account. Each cheerleader has their own individual booster account that
holds the funds raised and by simply writing a check request form in your cheerleaders
name you can cover tuition, comp fees, uniform, etc. The check request will only cover the
fees owed to the gym. Checks will not be cut to individuals. All booster club accounts start
over with a zero balance at the beginning of each season. Money raised will not carry over
to the next year. Any accounts with money not used will be put into a general fund for the
gym and used for the end of the year banquet and awards. All check requests must be
received 5 days prior to the due date of item requesting payment for.

*** Team Moms*** Each squad has at least two volunteers as team moms. This is the main
contact person for vital team information. Team Moms are responsible for initiating phone trees,
organizing team socials, and helping behind the scenes during competitions. Each team mom
must have at least 1 year experience with competitive cheerleading. If you have questions, the
team mom is your best resource for squad specific questions.
              Practice Schedules
Legacy All-stars’ competitive cheer program starts April 1, 2008
and runs through March 31, 2009. It is mandatory that all Legacy
cheerleaders continue to train year round to gain experience,
strength and skill level. This is an annual commitment, so be sure
you are confident and secure in your decision to join our
competitive program. We understand that it is a big commitment
and a lot of hard work, but the rewards and benefits are well worth
it! We also have taken into consideration that the cheerleaders
need a break from the 5 hours a week practices, so we have
restructured the allstar practices to keep from “burn-out”!
       All teams formed for the 2008/2009 competitive season will
begin practice with their new squads starting in April. The teams
will be able to start the bonding process as a full unit while
maintaining and improving tumbling abilities. We also need this
time to improve upon their strength, flexibility, and stunting
abilities! Once your child is put on a team he/she will be required
to participate throughout the year instead of taking any time off.
The reason this option is no longer available is because we feel that
in order to best prepare the team for competition, the team needs to
work out with all members!
       Through the months of June and July, we have cut the teams
practice times in half. They are required to participate in one 2 1/2
hour practice a week for those two months. The teams will be
formed on a first come first serve basis. We will still offer
additional tumbling classes at half off the regular tuition rate. The
teams will be allowed to come to the free open gym work-outs to
continue to train their skills throughout the summer months.
Starting in August, we will go back to our normal practice
schedule of 5 hours a week. The practice schedule will be
announced as soon as teams are formed. We reserve the right to
make any schedule changes as needed!
         2008-2009 Fee Schedule
                   DESCRIPTION               FEE            DUE DATES
 Annual Allstar     choreo., music,
     Fee            workout wear,      $400.00 Allstars
                   banquet, national
                      shirt & reg.   $200 Showteam only      At sign up!

                      two 2.5 hour                         Due by the 7th
Monthly Tuition:        practices           $135.00        of each month

                    4 hours a week
   Mini Team       plus an additional                      Due by the 7th
    Tuition          tumbling class         $135.00        of each month

   Showteam                                                Due by the 7th
    Tuition          1 hour a week          $85.00         of each month

Allstar Uniform                                              At uniform
    Package     complete uniform,                               sizing
                  bow, shockers,
Youth and Below shoes, make-up              $475.00             TBA

 Allstar Uniform complete uniform,
     Package       bow, shockers,                          At uniform
                  shoes, make-up                           sizing
Junior and above and custom bra             $500.00              TBA

                   complete uniform,                       At uniform
   Showteam        bow, shockers and                       sizing
    Uniform        make-up                  $300.00               TBA

                   custom jacket and
   Warm-ups              pants              $175.00        At sizing TBA

                                          $600 - $750      June 1, July1,
Competition Fees     3 installments     More info in May   August 1, 2008
       Legacy Allstars Incentives
Legacy Allstars is so blessed and fortunate to be able to give back
to the families of the gym! We understand that this is a large
financial commitment and obligation and would like to offer some
incentives to show how much we appreciate your business and
continued support.

FREE TUITION: That’s right! We would like to extend to you
free tuition if you help our gym family grow! Bring in two friends
that sign up for Allstars and receive 1/2 off your monthly tuition.
Bring in four friends that sign up for Allstars and receive FREE
tuition for the 2008/2009 season!

10% DISCOUNT: If you decide to pay the entire season’s tuition
in full, you will receive a 10% discount off your annual total. This
entire amount must be paid in April. No Exceptions!

SIBLING DISCOUNT: We offer quite a large tuition discount to
families with multiple kids in the program! First Child —$135
Regular tuition rate, Second Child—$95 discount rate, and Third
or More—$70 discount rate!

LEGEND MAKER DISCOUNT: Any Legacy cheerleader who
has been in the program for 5 or more seasons will receive a
5 % discount off their monthly tuition for appreciation of your

These incentives cannot be combined.
                PRIVATE LESSONS
Legacy Allstars has incredible cheer, dance, and tumbling
instructors leading our classes. For those who would like extra
time and instruction on skills, Legacy Allstars does offer private
lessons. Our policy is as follows:

   1. All cheerleaders must have a registration form & medical
release on file.
   2. Privates are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. To
schedule a lesson, contact the desired coach for their schedule.
  3. All standing privates can be paid on a monthly basis at the
beginning of each month.
  4. To ensure proper compensation for each of our coaches,
checks should be made payable to the coach directly.
   5. Prices are determined by the individual coach and depend on
the length of the lesson the skills covered.
  6. Privates must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance or
payment is still expected. If a coach does not show up for a private
without calling, he/she will coach the next private for free!

Privates are an awesome way to enhance, perfect, and improve the
skills learned in class. If you wish to take advantage of these
please contact Legacy Allstars main office at 936.321.3223 for
contact information.
               Attendance Policy
Competitive allstar cheerleading is a TEAM sport! For a team
sport to be successful, all members of the team must be committed
and faithful in attendance to their designated squad practice. Every
single cheerleader has a very valuable and important role to their
team. To help ensure each squad’s success, each Legacy Allstars
Cheerleader will be allowed two (2) unexcused absences beginning
August 1st of 2008 through December 31, 2008. After Christmas
Break the National attendance policy is as follows:
Cheerleaders are only allowed one (1) absence - excused or
unexcused. This is mandatory and failure to adhere to this
attendance policy will result in dismissal from the squad. The
office must be notified in writing of vacations and other conflicts
prior to practice. In the case of illness, please call the office and let
us know. Otherwise the absence will be unexcused unless a
doctor’s note is provided. The final two weeks before a
competition are mandatory for everyone! At this point, in case
of illness, the cheerleader must still come and watch practice
unless you receive permission from coaching staff. Failure to meet
these standards will result in forfeiture of position and all
competition fees.

We realize this sounds very aggressive, but to protect everyone’s
interests we feel this is the best policy. Please make sure that this
policy is understood before signing the commitment contract. This
contract must be signed before your child will be placed on a team.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact
Tori Cuevas @ 936-321-3223.

Thank you for your commitment!
                       SQUAD RULES
The following rules apply to all Legacy cheerleaders!

1. RESPECT: Respect yourself, teammates, coaches, and parents at all
    times. Disrespect will not be tolerated. If a problem occurs, please
    contact a coach or set up a time for a meeting.
2. PAY ATTENTION: Remember that cheerleading can be a dangerous
    sport so 100% attention must be given at all times. In order for you and
    your team to be the most productive, horseplay will not be allowed.
3. WORKOUT WEAR: You must be in the correct attire at all times. You
    will receive a monthly calendar with your workout wear schedule. It will
    also be posted online @ Please remember
    that jewelry is not permitted at practices or competitions!
4. NO FOOD OR DRINKS: In order to maintain a clean and safe workout
    environment, no food or drinks will be allowed on the floor.
5. CHECK YOUR FOLDER: In order to keep everyone informed we use
    several methods to distribute information. These include a file cabinet
    with a personal folder for each cheerleader. Other information will be e-
    mailed, posted on bulletin boards around the gym and on our website at
6. SHOW UP ON TIME: This rule is self-explanatory! If a cheerleader is
    late practice time is missed and this affects the whole team.
7. SQUAD REQUIREMENTS: All cheerleaders are expected to maintain
    their skill level at the time of evaluations. If the cheerleader fails to
    maintain the minimum squad requirement he/she could be placed on
    another squad. This is up to the coaches’ discretion for the best interest
    of the squad. After a deadline is set and requirements are not met, squad
    placement will be discussed and a final decision will be made. Refunds
    will not be given if adjustments are made and the cheerleader chooses not
    to fulfill the annual commitment.
8. DOUBLE TEAMERS: Occasionally cheerleaders are asked to double
    team. This means to replace a cheerleader on another Legacy squad. If
    you are replacing someone, you will only be held responsible for the
    competition fees if they have not already been paid. You will not be
    charged extra tuition.
9. Any cheerleader breaking the above rules may be asked to leave the
    facility, event, or program without being refunded any fees already paid
    to Legacy Allstars Cheer Co.
                         PARENT RULES
1. Parents are not allowed on the cheer floor! During practice, if you need to talk to your
    child or a coach please contact the front office.
2. Please refrain from talking to your child while they are on the floor or having a team
    discussion! If your child is focusing on you, he/she is not devoting 100% attention to
    their squad. If there is a problem, please contact the coach directly.
3. All siblings of team members must remain supervised at all times. At no time will
    siblings be allowed on the floor! If the siblings create any distractions to any squad
    or class members you may be asked to leave the facility. A playroom has been
    designed to entertain siblings.
4. All coaching decisions are made by the Legacy Staff. Please remember that the team
    and your child are our first priority. If there is any conflict or concern, please feel
    free to speak with the coach after practice or set up a conference with that coach.
5. The parent viewing area is available to watch your cheerleader’s development. Not all
    practices will be conducted in front of the parent viewing section. We understand
    that you love to watch your cheerleader and we encourage the support, but it is up to
    the coach in charge to close practice, as needed. Sometimes the coach needs the
    squad’s undivided attention to teach choreography and/or new skills. We thank you
    in advance for your understanding.
6. Parents are to respect the program enough to follow all competition rules and
    guidelines given. Please take into consideration that we are a family unit and need to
    support each other. We ask that all parents speak positively about the program and
    coaches. We all have a common goal which is to participate in a successful and
    positive environment. Remember that you are a role model and need to set a positive
    example. The coaches are committed to providing a positive, fun, and competitive
    atmosphere, while teaching your children valuable life lessons.
7. Please respect the team moms! These are volunteers that give up a lot of time for your
    children. They are parents, not employees and should be treated with kindness at all
    times. Any rules set forth have been provided by the Legacy Staff and the team
    moms are there to help enforce them. If there is a problem, do not take any
    frustration out on the team parent, but seek out a staff member for any concerns.
8. Parents should never approach competition judges or officials at any time. Remember
    this is a subjective sport and we might not always score as well as we think we
    should! Any legitimate concerns will be handled and disputed by Legacy staff
    members. Although we appreciate the support, we have to maintain a professional
    relationship with the cheer organizations and their staff.
9. All complaints, concerns, problems, or personal issues need to be handled through
    Legacy Allstars through the proper chain of command. You may email Jason or Tori
    @ with your concern. You may also set up a
    conference. Please do not discuss any of these matters with other parents, coaches, or
    children until it has been resolved. Confidentiality and privacy are both top priorities
    when dealing with children.
10. Any parent or guardian breaking any of the above rules may be placed on a “drop off
    only” status. Conflicts should be able to be communicated and resolved in a mature
    manner. We do not anticipate having to enforce this rule, but we will if needed.
                 COMPETITION RULES
These following rules apply to cheerleaders and parents!

1. All competitions are mandatory. If there is a conflict and you are unable to
    attend a competition, you will be removed from the squad! It is not feasible to
    rework routines for one competition!
2. All squads will support each other at competitions, so plan on it being an all-day affair!
3. Cheerleaders: All cheerleaders must check-in with their team moms and will be
    released at the designated time. After you have been signed in by your parents to the
    team moms in the competition area you will stay with your team and team moms, as
    this is where your mind should be focused! We will dismiss you back to your parents
    after the competition is over and you have supported the designated teams. The
    competition schedule will determine how long the cheerleaders must stay.
4. Out of town competitions can be an awesome time for parents and teams to bond! We
    will choose a host hotel for you to reserve your room. Please pay close attention to
    the given dates and deadlines. Hotel blocks are subject to change after the given
    deadline! We also understand that travel expenses can add up quickly, therefore we
    have opted to allow you to choose where you want to stay this season. You will still
    be required to arrive at the competition venue at the same time.
5. To all new parents, we will distribute detailed competition information as soon as it’s
    available. This typically is not until 2-3 days before the competition.
6. All competition fees are non-refundable. If an injury or illness occurs there is no
    way for us to recoup the money and the position often has to be filled by a fellow
    Legacy cheerleader from a different squad.
7. Good sportsmanship is a priority! Please respect all Legacy Allstars teams as well as
    the other competitors! Any disrespect of any kind to Legacy members or other
    competitors will not be tolerated!
8. Always wear your pink to the competitions and be as loud as you can! Crowd Appeal
    is taken into consideration on the score sheets. The teams love it!
9. All cheerleaders must attend award ceremonies. If your child leaves before the award
    ceremonies, Legacy will not be responsible for picking up any medals, jackets, or
    trophies that are awarded. It is not possible to keep track of the students that leave
    before they are dismissed. Unfortunately your cheerleader may not receive their
    award. To avoid such conflicts, please make transportation arrangements for your
10. Competition dates are tentative and are subject to change. Legacy reserves the
    right to make changes to the competition schedule if necessary. Parents will be
    given advance notice if any changes are made.
                    TUITION POLICIES
1. All tuition payments are due by the 7th of the month. After the 7th a $15 late
fee will be assessed. This is not an optional fee. If there are any outstanding debts
owed to Legacy Allstar Cheer Co. past 30 days, the cheerleader/student will not be
allowed to participate in practices or upcoming competitions/events.

2. All Legacy cheerleaders are required to be set up on automatic bank draft,
Credit Card draft, or post-date 12 checks for the 2008-2009 season. The monthly
tuition checks will be deposited on the 5th of every month. If you would like to
pay cash, please bring it in before the 5th and your check will be returned.

3. Tuition is paid on a monthly basis regardless of holidays, vacations, or injuries.
There are no makeup classes for scheduled holidays. Legacy will alternate Spring
Break & Christmas schedules between Montgomery, Conroe and Magnolia ISD.
The gym will also be closed for Memorial Week and Thanksgiving week.

4. If you decide to drop from Legacy Allstars competitive program you must give
a 30 day notice, however you will be responsible for the remaining fees for the
2008/2009 season. All fees paid to Legacy Allstars are non-refundable this
includes Allstar fee, tuition and competition fees and uniform package.

5. Statements will be available every month. These are e-mailed or placed in file
folders with detailed descriptions of the fees owed. Please make sure file folders
are checked by the 20th of every month!

6. Multiple child discount for Allstars is as follows: 1st child $135, 2nd child $95,
3rd child or more $70.

7. Additional classes will be offered at 1/2 off the regular tuition rate!

8. No refunds will be given for tuition, registration, or competition fees.

9. Please direct all tuition questions to Connie Werner or Tori Cuevas in
the main office.

Student’s Name:__________________________________
Classes Enrolled:__________________________________
Monthly Tuition:__________________________________
           Commitment Contract
This contract must be filled out and turned in to Legacy Allstars Cheer
Co. front office with required signatures from cheerleaders and parents.
Include the registration/medical release form and Compliance
Agreement. Placement on a squad is not complete until all documents
are on file. By initialing below, you indicate that you have read and
agree with the information contained in the named policies and rules.

Please Initial Below:

      _________: Attendance Policy

      _________: Tuition Policy

      _________: Squad Rules/Parent Rules

      _________: Competition Rules

      We understand the obligation and agree to commit to Legacy
Allstars for one full season (April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009). This
includes payment of all 12 months tuition, competition fees, and all
fees incurred during the competitive season. We have read and
agree to the following policies required by Legacy Allstars Cheer
Co. to achieve the most successful season possible for each squad.
We also understand that failure to adhere to these policies and
procedures will result in the forfeiture of my position and all
monies paid to Legacy Allstars Cheer Company.


              Legacy Allstars
           Compliance Agreement
 Tuition is due by the 7th of each month. A late fee of $15 will be added
   beginning the 8th day of each month. If an account goes past 30 days,
   the cheerleader will not be allowed to participate in the team practice
   until all past due fees are paid.
 We require that you notify the office of Legacy Allstars Cheer Co. in
   writing 30 days in advance if a cheerleader wishes to drop any class.
   You will be responsible for the remaining fees owed to Legacy Allstars
   for remaining time of the contract.
 In the event a cheerleader wishes to return to Legacy Allstars Cheer Co.
   after withdrawing from squad, there must first be a position available or
   they will have to wait for next seasons evaluations.
 A registration fee of $50 will be due annually to Legacy Allstars Cheer
   Co. to update cheerleader information and medical release forms. No
   refunds will be given for tuition, registration, competition fees, workout
   wear or clothing purchases.
 Legacy Allstars Cheer Co. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
   If you are asked to leave the progam you will not receive a refund for any
   of the monies paid to Legacy Allstars.

            If you have any questions concerning the policies of Legacy
Allstars Cheer Co. please do not hesitate to call or come by our office.


X___________________________                 DATE:___________________
Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian
                                             Staff Initials:_______________
                                 Legacy Allstars Cheer and Dance Co.
                                         Registration Form

Student’s Name:                                    Age:                                  DOB
Address:                                           City:                                   Zip:
Home Phone:                                                 Cell/Pager:
Mother’s Name:                                              Cell Phone:
Father’s Name:                                              Cell Phone:
E-mail Address:
Mother’s Employer:                                                 Work Phone:
Father’s Employer:                                                 Work Phone:
Medical Conditions/allergies:
Physician’s Name:                                                           Phone:
Emergency Contact Name:                                                       Phone:


                                            Medical Release Form

I/We, The parents of ____________________________, hereby permit the named student to participate in
gymnastics, tumbling, cheerleading or other physical activities while a student at Legacy Allstar Cheer and
Dance Co. by granting permission for said student to participate in programs at Legacy Allstar Cheer and
Dance Co. I/We assume Full responsibility for said students personal safety and release Legacy Allstar
Cheer and Dance Co., its supervisors and employees from any and all liabilities that may arise due to any
injury including death to said student by reason of said students participation in any activity Legacy Allstar
Cheer and Dance Co. or in which Legacy Allstar Cheer and Dance Co. is participating elsewhere.


I/We understand that there is personal risk involved in any activity that involves motion, height rotation and
that these activities can result in serious injury, disability or death.

I/We understand that the first and last month’s tuition will be required to be paid before said student is
allowed to participate in his/her first class. I understand that I must give 30 days written notice in advance if
student wishes to drop any class. If 30 days written notice is not given in advance, I agree to pay for all fees
incurred. Allstar Cheerleaders will be responsible for all fees owed to Legacy Allstars for the remaining
contract. The Allstar contract ends March 31, 2009.

I/We understand that we are required to pay a _$400 AS/$50 Rec._______ annual registration fee in order to
participate in any activities at Legacy Allstar Cheer and Dance Co. I/We understand this registration fee is


I/We declare that this student has been seen by a registered physician and has been cleared to participate in
physical activity such as gymnastics, tumbling, or cheerleading.

I /We have read this medical release/waiver and fully understand and execute its contents as stated.

Dated this ___________ day of ____________ 2008-2009.

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