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A Smart Plan For Managing Your Acne


A lot of people think that acne is a teenage problem or that it only happens to certain people who

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									A Smart Plan For Managing Your Acne
A lot of people think that acne is a teenage problem or that it only happens to certain people who
have oily skin. However, acne can happen at any time for any number of reasons. It may strike when
you least expect it. Here are some smart ways to manage your acne if you start to experience it later
in life.

1. Talk to a dermatologist. This should be your first step when you realize you have acne that is
becoming a problem. No one sees acne more than a dermatologist, and he can help you realize what
the root of the problem may be. He can also prescribe medication and suggest to you additional
actions you can take to get rid of the acne.

2. Know your skin type. Your dermatologist can help you figure this out. Different skin types are the
reason that what works for you may not work for someone else trying to treat their acne. Know
whether your skin is dry, oily, or a combination of both. Pay attention to how your skin feels and how it
reacts to different things you try. This will make it easier to choose the right products for you.

3. Wash your hands more often. Most people don't wash their hands nearly enough, and then they
put their hands all over their face. This is terrible if you have acne, because you are not aware how
much bacteria hands carry throughout the day. When you touch your face, your face becomes the
final resting place of everything your hands have experienced during the day. That can cause

4. Eat a healthy diet. You have heard that you need to do this for so many reasons, and acne is yet
another reason to eat right. What you put in your body is what your body looks like. If you eat donuts
and pizza every day, your skin pleads with you to stop when it starts erupting.

5. Exercise regularly. People have likely mentioned this to you as well, but exercise is another thing
that can help clear up your skin. When you exercise, you start to perspire. Perspiration is great,
because it unclogs pores and clears out your skin. Exercise also gets your blood circulating, which is
a great way to get nutrients and oxygen to the cells of your skin; that means you will be better able to
feed your skin cells so they function better.
6. Handle your stress in a better way. Chronic stress can be a major reason that your skin starts
acting up. Stress stimulates hormones, which can stimulate acne. Find ways to cut the stress in your
life. Look for ways to relax yourself, whether you take up yoga or nature walks or photography. By
cutting down your stress, your general health will improve, and so will your acne.

Acne can be the bane of your existence, but it doesn't have to be. Use the tips in this article to make
sure that your skin clears up sooner rather than later.

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