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					_________      ________        _______        _______       TEKS:   LA; 5.1A, 5.3A, 5.9A, 5.8B, 5.12G,
(Date Used)                                                             5.12H, 5.12I, 5.12J, 5.25D,
                                                                        5.10G, 5.13E

                                             Elements of a Story

Objective:      The student will be able to define and recognize the elements of a story.

       Book of Choice i.e. The Golden Mare, the Firebird, and the Magic Ring
       White board & markers
       Question sheet & pencils

       Read a book aloud to the class.
       Discuss the main elements of the story using a white board. Draw a web or chart with the
        following 5 headings; Character - Setting - Problem or conflict - Plot - Theme
       Have students brainstorm and write on the web/chart their ideas.
       Ask students if they have ever had a problem like the main character. If there is no positive
        response, give them an example from your memory. Then ask again.
       On a prepared sheet of paper ask the students to briefly answer the 4 questions. (see attached)
       After you have given them adequate time to write their answers, ask several to share what they
        wrote and further discuss. There are no right or wrong answers.

Closure/Evaluation: Review the web/chart on the board for the meanings of the 5 elements
of a story.

Comments:          You may want the students to check out a book of choice and follow up with a
description of the elements and how they relate to their story.

See also:     Prepared questions attached.

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