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									Oh Be Joyful
  June 7, 2008
                           Oh Be Joyful
                           June 7, 2008
I.    Welcome/History

II.   Teaching Awards

      Lawrence G. Lavengood Professor of the Year Finalists
      Daniel Diermeier
      Benjamin Jones
      Harry Kraemer
      Derek Rucker
      Mohanbir Sawhney

      Chairs’ Course Awards
      Mark Finn                                       Karl Schmedders
      Adam Galinsky                                   Jan Van Mieghem
      Kent Grayson

      Levy Awards
      David Austen-Smith                              Artur Raviv
      Timothy Calkins                                 Rakesh Vohra
      Mitchell Petersen                               Klaus Weber

III. Faculty Awards
      Spring 2007 and 2007-2008 Faculty Promotions
      Nabil Al-Najjar, promoted to Professor
      Michelle Buck, promoted to Clinical Professor
      Andrea Eisfeldt, promoted to tenured Associate Professor
      Kent Grayson, promoted to tenured Associate Professor
      Bard Harstad, promoted to untenured Associate Professor
      Julie Hennessy, promoted to Clinical Professor
      Thomas Hubbard, promoted to Professor
      Benjamin Jones, promoted to untenured Associate Professor
      Arvind Krishnamurthy, promoted to Professor
      Niko Matouschek, promoted to tenured Associate Professor

      Sponsored Research Grants for 2006-2007
      Torben Andersen, National Science Foundation
      Baris Ata, Motorola Research Grant
      David Besanko, National Science Foundation
Bobby Calder, Arts Research Grant from Boeing Company Foundation and LINC
Gregory Carpenter, Marketing Science Institute
Alexander Chernev, MSI Research Grant
Leemore Dafny, 3 Searle Grants
David Dranove, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, National Institutes of Health
Michael Fishman, National Science Foundation
Shane Greenstein, Ewing Marion Kaufman Foundation, US Census Bureau, Illinois
Department of Public Health, Northwestern University Homeland Security
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center
Yael Hochberg, Searle Grant
Benjamin Jones, NBER IPE, Templeton Foundation
Peter Klibanoff, US-Israel Bi-National Science Foundation
Camelia Kuhnen, NASD Investor Education Foundation
Therese McGuire, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Barry Merkin, National Science Foundation
Katherine Phillips, US Department of Education
Sergio Rebelo, National Science Foundation
Paola Sapienza, Foundation of Banque of France, Templeton Foundation Grant
Mark Satterthwaite, National Science Foundation
Ernst Schaumburg, Morgan Stanley Equity Market Microstructure Research Grant
Karl Schmedders, National Science Foundation
Jayanthi Sunder, Larry Revsine Research Professor Award
Shyam Sunder, Larry Revsine Research Professor Award
Brian Uzzi, National Institutes of Health
Linda Vincent, Sidney Levy Teaching Award
Rakesh Vohra, National Science Foundation
Yasutora Watanabe, Searle Fund for Public Policy

External Recognition
Eric Andersen, Hartmax Research Chair
Torben Andersen, Awarded Certificate of Appreciation from the American Statistical
Galen Bodenhausen, Elected Fellow, Society for the Psychological Study of Social
Miguel Brendl, Journal of Consumer Research Best Article Award, 2006
Michelle Buck, Fellow in the World Business Academy
Gregory Carpenter, Marketing Science Institute/H. Paul Root Award
Daniel Diermeier, Aspen Institute Faculty Pioneer Award in 2007
Adam Galinsky, Best Paper- Academy of Management, Nominated for 2008 Academy
of Management Award for Scholarly Contributions to Management
Shane Greenstein, Keynote Speaker, “The Information Society in Comparative
Perspectives,” Buenos Aires, Argentina
Donald Haider, Member, Advisory to U.S. Senate Finance Committee
Walter Herbst, Good IDEA for the Design Language for Smith & Nephew
Orthopedic Instrumentation in the Medical and Scientific Products
Paul Hirsch, President, Western Academy of Management
     Thomas Hubbard, Keynote Speaker, 2006 CEPR Industrial Organization
     Conference, Maderia, Portugal
     Edward Hughes, One of the five Founders of the Association for Health Services
     Phillip Kotler, Professional Achievement Award, Alumni Association of the
     University of Chicago
     Martin Lariviere, 2007 Manufacturing & Service Operations Management Best
     Wuqin Lin, Sigma Xi Best Ph.D. Thesis Award from Georgia Tech.
     Michael Mazzeo, Named Faculty Associate of the Institute for Policy Research,
     Northwestern University
     Victoria Medvec, Best Empirical Paper Award from the International Association for
     Conflict Management
     Jan Van Mieghem, 1st MSOM Best Paper Award in 2007
     William Ocasio, Keynote Speaker, IberoAmerican Academy of Management, Best
     Paper Proceedings- Academy of Management
     Dimitris Papanikolaou, Cromwell Memorial Prize, Pangora Asset Management
     Susan Perkins, Richard N. Farmer Dissertation Award Finalist, NYU Stern School of
     Business Herman E. Kroos Best Dissertation Award
     Katherine Phillips, Top 20 Nominee for the Annual Rosabeth Moss Kanter Award for
     Excellence in Work-Family Research
     Artur Raviv, Elected Vice President of the Western Finance Association
     Sergio Rebelo, Elected Fellow of the Econometric Society, Promoted to Research
     Associate at the NBER, Promoted to Research Fellow at the Center for Economic
     Policy Research
     Alberto Salvo, Young Economists’ Essay Award (European Association for Research
     in Industrial Economics), Antitrust Policy Essay Award (3rd Place, SEAE, Ministry of
     the Treasury, Brazil)
     Karl Schmedders, WHU Honorary Medal 2006
     Constantinos Skiadas, Plenary Speaker at Notre Dame Conference “Advances in
     Portfolio Decision Making”
     Leigh Thompson, Bookbuilders of Boston Best Professional Non-Illustrated Book
     Annette Vissing-Jorgensen, Visiting Fellow, University of Chicago GSB Initiative on
     Global Markets

IV. Faculty Years of Service
     45 Years
     Philip Kotler, Marketing

     35 Years
     Bala Balachandran, Accounting Information Management
     Donald Haider, Nonprofit Management
     Louis Stern, Marketing
      20 Years
      Albert Isenman, Management and Strategy
      Walter Scott, Management and Strategy

      15 Years
      Michael Bakalis, Management and Strategy
      Michael Collins, Finance
      Ranjay Gulati, Management and Organizations
      Barry Merkin, Management and Strategy
      Mohanbir Sawhney, Technology Industry Management
      Brian Uzzi, Management and Organizations

      10 Years
      Tim Calkins, Marking
      Adam Galinsky, Management and Organization
      Julie Hennessy, Marketing
      Arvind Krishnamurthy, Finance
      Michael Mazzeo, Management and Strategy
      Paola Sapienza, Finance

V.    Staff Recognition
                                  Staff Promotions

 Joanne Biderbost, to Administrative         Christine Breakey, Department
 Assistant, Alumni Relations                 Assistant 1, Student Affairs
  Christine Feiner, to Assistant Director,    Jason Grover, to Program
  Major Gifts                                 Coordinator 2
 Tari Heap, to Department Assistant II,       David Hillegrass, Senior Systems
 MORS                                         Analyst/Programmer
  Susan Jackman, to Administrative            David Keown, Associate Dean of
  Director, PhD Program                       Information Technology
  Ellen Kim, to Associate Director,           Katie Lakey, Associate Director,
  Admissions                                  Annual Fund
  Spencer Laskie, to Program Manager,         Patricia Ledesma, Associate Dean and
  Executive Programs                          Director of Research Computing
 Amy Loch, to Assistant Director, Alumni     Michelle Maxwell, to Senior
 Relations                                   Admissions Assistant
  Josh Miller, Alumni Relations               Holly Munk, to Assistant Director,
  Coordinator                                 Alumni Relations
  Elizabeth Rauch, to Coordinator,            Kim Richards, Asst. Director and
  Undergraduate Certificate Program           Registrar, Student Affairs
  Lora Roberts, Program Assistant,            Rita Ryan-Novak, to Department
  Part-Time MBA                               Assistant I, MEDS
  Sara Skar, to Program Assistant II,    Carol Smith, Assistant to the Senior
  Finance                                Associate Dean: Planning and External
  Jennifer Stoltz, to Senior Associate   David Strebel, Associate Systems
  Director, Admissions                   Administrator, KIS
  Brian Utley, Director of Campaign,     Meg Washburn, to Director of Media
  Office of Development                  Relations

VI. Staff Years of Service

      25 Years                                       10 Years Cont’d
      Erica Kantor                                   Nanc y Sims
                                                     Matt TerMolen
      20 Years                                       Zee Zbiegiel
      Bonnie Lee
      Teri Murray                                    5 Years
      Joan Palmer                                    Becky Borowicz
                                                     Beth Flye
      15 Years                                       Carol Forsythe
      Bill Bacon                                     Dauphine Gregory
      Luann Superson                                 Ally Grey
                                                     Gregory Hunt
      10 Years                                       David Montgomery
      Donelle Broskow                                Chris Van Nostrand
      Thom Duncan                                    Hiroko Osaka
      Sheila Duran                                   Marily Schonthal
      Bernice Ferguson                               Cathy Taylor
      Cathy Gluckman                                 Sangeeta Vohra
      Wendy Metter                                   Jeanne Wussler
      Kevin Ofloy
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