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									Khalil Choucair

                              KHALIL M. CHOUCAIR
                                     Hamra, Ras Beirut,
                                       Beirut, Lebanon
                           Mobile: +961 3626653 - +961 71422402

Pursuing a career where I can play an active role in a diversified, rich and challenging
environment, and employ both my personal and academic skills and the network of my

Work History:
September 2010 Media Coordination Unit- Al Quds Bureau Coordinator- Future

May 2010           Elected as a member in Beirut Municipal Council

               President of Youth and Sports Municipal Committee
               VP of Information and PR Municipal Committee
               Member of Cultural and Heritage Municipal Committee
               Member of Public Health Municipal Committee

2009 –July 2010 Operations and Business Development Manager – Hamad al Wazzan
              Group of Companies (Kuwait)

      1. ProntoWash / Argentinian & American franchise (
             Operations Manager and Business Development

      2. Fonz / Pay TV & Customer Care
             Operations Manager and Business Development

Responsibilities included:
              Manage, monitor and evaluate the daily operations ensuring compliance
                  with the company’s objectives
              Planning, developing and implementing of policies to ensure efficient
                  and safe operations
              Coordinating with senior management / reporting and providing advice
                  and assistance
              Head of Communication team / PR and marketing
              Manage information, resources/logistics, supply chain and P.O.S.

Khalil Choucair

                 Sales and distribution
                 Interact with external parties
                 Follow up on key developments in the market

2008-2009       Senior PR and Communication Manager – Brand Imc. / Investment Dar
Responsibilities included:
              Head of PR department
              Consultancy, research, and risk assesment
              Media monitor and analyst
              Development and execution of communication strategies and media
              Crisis management
              Stakeholders’ mapping and analysis
              Investors relations
              CSR
              Event management
              Client servicing
              Member of restructure plan central task force

2007-2008    Coordinator of Foreign and External Affairs – FYO, Future
Movement/Youth Sector, Lebanon

Responsibilities included:
              Head of external affairs section / Member of Central Committee

               Management of all affairs with local and international parties and
               Consultancy/Decision making

2006-2008        Freelancer, Media Relations and News Analyst, Fixer, PR and Translator
                 Local and International Newspapers and Individual Media Services
               El Pais
               The Times
               Rebel Films of Australia, (worked on sociopolitical documentaries with
                       director David Batty)

2006             Assistant War Correspondent for The Times (London)
Responsibilities included:
              Reporting and Analysis
              Translation
              Organization and Preparation of Interviews
              PR

Khalil Choucair

2006              Al-Mustaqbal Newspaper
Resposibilities included:
               Journalist and editor in the Arabic/International news section

2004              NCCAR (National Council on Canada and Arab Relations- Ottawa)
Responsibilities included:
                  Organizing events for the Arab community
                   Preparing media and press iteraries
                   PR

2003              CCPR (Center for Conflict and Peace Resolution)
                  Working with Prof. Christine Crumrine in AUB
Responsibilities included:
                  Organizing seminars / PR
                  Researcher
                  Conflict analysis and resolution

2002-2003         GILARDZ s.r.l– Beirut, Lebanon
                  Responsibilities included:
                  Assistant to the head of the section of media analysis and financial control

April-June 2002    Member in the Graduation Party Committee

Summer 2001       ZEN TV– Beirut, Lebanon
                  Responsibilities included:
                 Reporter
                 Senior researcher assistant

2001              ASSAFIR NEWSPAPER– Beirut, Lebanon
                   Responsibilities included:
                 Assisting in Translation and Editing

1999-2006         Foreign Media Consultant for Mohammad Choucair (Responsible Director, Al-
                  Hayat Newspaper)

1996-1999         Writer in School Magazine (Lebanese International School)

2010*                Degree in Journalism- Written Journalism
                  LEBANESE UNIVERSITY- Beirut, Lebanon

Khalil Choucair

2003-2005*           Attended Graduate Degree Coursework– Master of Arts in Political
                  CARLETON UNIVERSITY – Ottawa, Canada

2003           Bachelor of Arts– Political Studies
            AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF BEIRUT – Beirut, Lebanon

                 Socio political expertise in MENA region
                 Strong Interpersonal Skills
                 Precise Oral and Written communications
                 Strong skills in translation
                 Leadership/Motivation
                 Planning/Organizing
                 Strategic decision making/judgment/risk analysis
                 Innovation/Initiation/Challenge of the "status quo"
                 Managerial and administrative skills
                 Identification and execution of development needs
                 Managing diversity
                 Knowledge of various computer applications
                 Knowledge of photographing skills and applications


                 Career Development
                 Leadership and teamwork (ABS-CBN)
                 Financial Communication Strategies- Financial Dynamics (FD) and Credit
                 Business Plan Workshop
                 Management Training
                 Marketing and Human Resources Management
                 Strategic communication
                 CPR, Basic First Aid


                 Excellent oral and written English
                 Excellent oral and written Arabic

Khalil Choucair

                 Passable oral and written Spanish
                 Passable oral French

Extra-curricular Activities:
2004              1st Dan in Taekwondo (Kukkiwon: World Taekwondo Headquarters)

2002-2003         Treasurer and Vice-President of the PSPA (Political Studies and Public
                  Administration) Student Society

2001              Founder of RSM (Representing the Silent Majority
                  ), a group of Independent Students

2001              Ran for SRC (Student Representative Committee) Elections

2001              Organized an Anti-drug Campaign in AUB

2000-2001         Member in the Communication Club - AUB

Attended and participated in:
                 Many Political, Professional, Social and Academic Lectures, Debates and

Volunteered in:
                  Social Work (Assisted in the Openning of Beirut Public Library)

                  Political Activities at the NCCAR (National Council on Canada-Arab
                  Relations) and participated in writing press releases and media kits


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