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Dover Economic Development Committee


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									                       Dover Economic Development Committee
                                 Dover Town Office
                               West Dover, VT 05356

                  Minutes of the November 24, 2008 Core Committee

     These minutes are not official as they have not been accepted or corrected by the
                           Dover Economic Core Committee.

Present: Lisa Coneeny – Chair, Laura Sibilia, Deb Bradshaw, Magnus Thorsson, Bob
Edwards, Vinnie Lewis, Buzzy Buswell.

Also Present: Meri Spicer.

Absent: Randy Capitani, Don Albano.

        The meeting was called to order by chairperson, Lisa Coneeny at 5:00 p.m.

1.      Acceptance of Minutes.

     Motion was made by Magnus, seconded by Laura, to approve the minutes of the
November 11, 2008 meeting as written. Aye: 6 Abstain: 1

2.      Committee Member Appointment.

       Lisa advised that Vinnie has been appointed by the Board of Selectmen to serve
on the DEDC Core Committee.

        Discussion followed as to where Vinnie’s talents would best be served and which
committee he should serve on. At this time, Lisa stated that Meri Spicer was resigning as
Marketing Chair as she felt that the committee chair should be a core-committee
member. The committee discussed who should take over Marketing and decided that
Randy Capitani was the best person. The committee also would like Randy to continue
as the Events Chair. Lisa will serve as a back-up. Since no one from the Core
Committee is serving on the Trail Committee, it was suggested that Vinnie take on the
Chairmanship of Trails and work with Mike and the other members.

        Motion was made by Magnus, seconded by Bob to appoint Vinnie as chairman of
the Trails Committee. Unanimous.

 The group also discussed and clarified the chairmen of the subcommittees which are:

Trails – Vinnie Lewis
Beautification – Deb Bradshaw
Venue/Recreation – Don Albano
Events/Marketing – Randy Capitani (assisted by Lisa and Buzzy)
Telecommunications – Bob Edwards
DEDC Minutes – 11/24/08                                                          Page 2

3.     Financial Report.

        Buzzy reported that the cash tax revenue for the first quarter (July 1, 2008 to
September 30, 2008) is $46,853.35. It is only down $195.00 from last year which is good
considering the high gas prices this summer that could have hurt the tourist business.
Meals brought in $20,063.89 and sales brought in $26,789.46. Buzzy will bring in the
the breakdown of the comparative tax revenues from last year to the next meeting.

4.     Committee Reports.

       Trails. Lisa recapped the work that has been going on with the trails. Rich
Caplan and Drew Renter have been doing GPS work on the trails and they have a
brochure that they want to print. He has bought pocket brochures to print for $600.
Mike Purcell has been talking with the Wilmington Trails Committee. Magnus has been
speaking with Mount Snow regarding their trails.

       Magnus believes that approximately 80% of the people will be well served with
the Mount Snow trail system. It is in place and ready to go. Magnus has met with Kelly
Pawlak, general manager of Mount Snow, and we have permission to use the “silly map”
that Mount Snow has for the trails.

        Magnus has met with Mike and discussed the map, putting up signs and kiosks at
three locations with a copy of the map and putting up easy to read signage along the
trails. Mount Snow has agreed to let the committee use the Mount Snow sign shop
although Meri pointed out that this is a busy time of year for them so the signs could
probably not be done immediately.

         Discussion followed regarding the overall trail plan or if the subcommittee even
has one. Some feel that this may be putting the cart before the horse. Vinnie asked about
the immediate goals for the subcommittee which was further discussed. Magnus advised
that the Conservation Commission is rewriting the Town Forest plan and the committee
has been asked to hold off on doing anything with the Town Forest at this time. In the
end it was agreed that brochures should be printed for the Mount Snow area trail system
for this winter. The committee will hold off on the kiosks and signage at this time.

        Motion was made by Buzzy, seconded by Laura to print 2500 trail maps at a cost
not to exceed $750.00. Unanimous.

         Vinnie and Magnus will work on this together and Vinnie and Laura will present
this to the Selectboard on December 2nd.

        The committee will get quotes from Vermont Media and Adam Levine for the
DEDC Minutes – 11/24/08                                                       Page 3

        Beautification. Deb reported that she has received three commercial applications
for the “Bright Lights of Dover” contest. Stuffers will be going out with invitations this
Wednesday, and it will be advertised in the Valley News for the next three weeks. It will
also be on the Chamber of Commerce website and it is in the “Walk of the Santas”
booklet. Laura also suggested that a press release be done in both the Valley News and
Brattleboro Reformer.

        There was discussion regarding how Dover residents could be made aware of the
contest who don’t read the local newspapers. Flyers will be hung around town, the
school should be notified for this weekly newsletter, and there was discussion regarding
sending a postcard or flyer to the residents. Lisa, Debbie, and Becky will work to put
together a mailing.

       Venue. Don was not present at the meeting but had e-mailed information to Lisa
regarding a facilitator for three public forums to address the needs of a community center.
One meeting would be at Town Hall for town residents, one for business owners at the
Town Office, and one for second homeowners to be held on a weekend at the Grand
Summit hotel. Don had spoken to Professor Mullen who had facilitated the recent Tri-
town meetings. Professor Mullen would charge $2500.00 to facilitate the meetings.

      The other quote he received was from Kaufmann Hall who gave a price of
$12,500.00 but they would need a formal RFP with details.

        After lengthy discussion, it was agreed that the meetings should not be segregated
into the three groups and perhaps it could be two different meeting times instead – one on
a weekday and one on a weekend. Also, the committee felt they need to see what
deliverables are included in the quotes. Is it just to facilitate or does it include findings?

       Events. Randy was not present at the meeting.

         Telecommunications. Bob has spoken with a gentleman from US Cellular who
was very open to installing a repeater so East Dover could be better served with cell
phone service. The repeater would cost approximately $100,000 to $150,000. This
person gave Bob another person to contact who would have a list of “peoples of interest”
for this project. Bob has not been able to make contact with him as yet.

        Bob reported that he, Laura, and TJ met with representatives from Fairpoint last
week and it was a very positive meeting. They are willing to do things but we have to
show that there is business in these locations for them. They have already agreed to hook
up approximately another 1,000 lines in West Dover in the next couple of months that
will serve the area at the base of Mount Snow so places such as Snow Tree will be getting
high speed internet.
DEDC Minutes – 11/24/08                                                              Page 4

         There are two routers that have been identified in East Dover that will service
approximately 400 customers. People need to go online and go to
www.iwantmybroadbandfromfairpoint.com and put there name in that they want it.
Bobby has developed a list of the homeowners in East Dover and drafted a letter to them
to let people understand how important this is. Once we get on the list, this could be
done in six months.

         There have also been discussions with Cliff Duncan of Duncan Cable on
installing a state of the art fiber optic system in East Dover. The approximate cost is
$350,000. Duncan is interested in making some investment in that area but he cannot
afford the entire thing.

       Motion was made by Buzzy, seconded by Magnus to approve $250 for postage
and expenses to send 300 letters to East Dover residents regarding Fairpoint’s proposal.

       Marketing. Meri and Don worked together and created an RFP for Public
Relations Request for Services. Lisa has a copy of the RFP and Meri summarized what
was included in it.

       After lengthy discussion, motion was made by Bob, seconded by Deb to move
forward with the Public Relation’s RFP. Aye: 6 Abstain: 1

       This should be posted and local entities should be invited to bid. It was also
agreed that an invitation to bid should be published in the local newspapers. Lisa will
speak with Nona tomorrow regarding getting this published.

5.     New Business.

       Grant Payment Procedure. Buzzy met with Town Treasurer Patty Westlake
regarding how the DEDC’s Business Plan addresses paying funding applicants when they
receive marketing grants. As it is currently written, payments will be paid directly to
vendors upon receipt of invoices. There are some concerns with this policy because the
town cannot be responsible for paying other entity’s bills.

        The new proposal is all invoices should be submitted to the town when they are
paid in full and a check will be cut, upon approval, to the funding applicant. There was
concern that invoices had to be paid in full before people could be paid. Buzzy will
rewrite this so it reflects that invoices do not have to be paid ahead of time but one check
will be cut to the funding applicant.

       Motion was made by Bob, seconded by Laura to change the payment procedure
for marketing grants. Unanimous.

       This change will be brought to the December 2nd Board of Selectmen’s meeting.
DEDC Minutes – 11/24/08                                                           Page 5

       DEDC Trail Subcommittee Meeting. The trail subcommittee is planning a
meeting on Saturday, December 13th at 4:30 p.m. at the Berkley and Veller building on
Route 100 in West Dover. There was discussion that committees are encouraged to use
the town office for their meetings. However, since this is scheduled for a Saturday
afternoon and people would be unable to get into the town office building, the committee
agreed to meet at Berkley and Veller. The location will be noted on the warned agenda if
public wish to attend.

6.     Old Business:

       Secretary Position Applicants. Lisa stated that the position has been posted in
the paper for two weeks. She had two applicants. One was a recent high school graduate
from Whitingham with no experience and the other was Diane Chapman. She felt Diane
Chapman was the best candidate.

       Motion was made by Laura, seconded by Magnus to recommend to the Board of
Selectmen to hire Diane Chapman as secretary. Unanimous.

       Daycare Update. Lisa received a memo from Don with a copy of the Dover
Daycare Strategic Plan which Don developed with the Kids in the Country Board of
Directors, their staff, and a select group of parents. Don advised the Board of Selectmen
approved the business plan and authorized the second half of the $6,500.00 DEDC funds.

       Bank. Lisa reported that the bank sent their contractor to town to look at one
prospective location last week. The bank was still waiting to hear from another landlord
with regard to lease rates and terms.

       Selection Process for Economic Development Specialist. The previously
scheduled meeting with the Selection Committee and VLCT had to be cancelled since it
had not been properly warned. It has been rescheduled for Wednesday, December 10th at
4:30 p.m. at the Dover Town Office.

     Dover Day. The committee received a thank you note from the Dover Day
Committee for the DEDC’s assistance in making Dover Day a success.

       School Copy Machine. The committee received a letter dated November 11th
from Rich Werner, Chairman of the Dover School Board requesting a donation of
$7,175.00 to offset the cost of a copier for the school. Magnus advised that Rich had
already come before the selectboard with this request and it was denied.

       Next Meeting. The DEDC will meet on Monday, December 8th at 5:00 p.m. at
the Dover Town Office.
DEDC Minutes – 11/24/08                                                        Page 6

       Being there was no further business to come before the committee, the meeting
was adjourned at 6:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Chapman
Acting Secretary

Posted: Dover School, Dover Free Library, Town Clerk’s Office, Dover Town
Office, East Dover Post Office, and www.doververmont.com.

Members notified by e-mail.

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