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					                                                                               April 13, 2009
                                                                             Regular Meeting

                                 CITY OF MADISON
                               OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS

                          REGULAR MEETING
                             APRIL 13, 2009

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a regular meeting of the Madison City Council was
called to order by Mayor Thole on Monday, April 13, 2009, at 5:30 p.m. in Council Chambers at
City Hall. Councilmembers present were: Tim Volk, Mayor Greg Thole, Maynard Meyer, Paul
Zahrbock, and Rick Gail. Also present were: City Manager Matt Skaret, Public Works/Utilities
Supt. Harold Hodge, and City Clerk Kathleen Weber. Absent: City Attorney Rick Stulz.


Upon motion by Gail and carried, the Agenda was approved as amended. Additions to the
agenda include police department scheduling, Chamber of Commerce calendar sales, and
museum mowing. Item 6E regarding water plant membranes will be removed. All agenda items
are hereby placed on the table for discussion.


Upon motion by Meyer and carried, the minutes of March 23, 2009, meeting were approved as


Upon motion by Volk and carried, the Consent Agenda was approved as presented. Included on
the Consent Agenda was an estimate from Bolton & Menk on construction of a 3rd Street cul-de-
sac and the 2009 Madison Assessment Update. Regarding the EDA loan to Madison Bowl,
Council was informed that a judgment for the city has been issued against the property and that
there are other liens against the building as well.


Chief of Police Stan Ross approached the Council to inform them that a revised schedule has
been developed for full-time officers Aaron Thoreson and Cole Weick. The officers will be
scheduled for 7 consecutive 10-hour days with an additional 10 hours being worked at their
discretion during that two-week pay period to reach their 80 hours worked per pay period. If
unable to put in the additional 10 hours in that two-week period, they would utilize vacation time
to make up the difference. As this is a change from the police union contract, a meeting has been
scheduled for April 20, 2009, at 4:00 p.m. with the officers and union representative to agree to a
Memorandum of Understanding. Council questioned how this schedule would affect the
schedule of part-time officers. Chief Ross noted that part-time officers are only utilized to cover
vacation or sick days taken by the full-time officers. Chief Ross informed Council that he has

                                                                              April 13, 2009
                                                                            Regular Meeting

hired two additional part-time officers; and once they are uniformed and trained, he will
introduce them to the Mayor and Council.


City Manager Skaret informed Council that a meeting had been held today with representatives
of the City of Madison, City of Dawson, City of Boyd, and Lac qui Parle County in regard to
county-wide policing. A discussion was held with Pipestone County through ITV in regard to
their policing program. Chief Ross expressed his opinion that county-wide policing will cost the
City as much money while receiving less services. Also, there is no guarantee that city officers
will be retained by the County, so local jobs will be jeopardized. City Manager Skaret noted that
many questions remain concerning coverage and staffing.


At this time, Bill Radio of Missouri River Energy Services approached the Council to explain a
proposal they have developed for creating an optional Transmission Service Agreement (T-1) for
members of Missouri River Energy Services who choose to participate. At present, he noted that
all members have their own individual transmission agreements with wheeling rates varying
greatly. By pooling the members together, all transmission costs would be thrown together and
averaged out. Mr. Radio noted that Missouri River Energy Services is still working on detailed
costs per member with several different scenarios. These figures will be sent out to the members
by the end of April for review, and Missouri River Energy Services is hoping to have a decision
from each of its members before the end of August. It is anticipated that the T-1 Service
Agreement would take affect January, 2010.

It was noted that MN Valley Co-op Light and Power, who provides wheeling services for the
City of Madison, has sent notice of wheeling rate increases in 2010, 2011, and 2012. City
Manager Skaret estimated a 25% increase in 2010 with further increases through 2012.

Council questioned whether a member would be able to join at a later date if so desired. Bill
Radio noted that there would be no guarantee in joining later, and that an application process
would be established.

Mr. Radio noted that he can come back again to discuss this matter with the Council once the
more detailed cost estimates are ready.

Council acknowledged receipt of a draft resolution 09-28 authorizing the lease of transmission
facilities, but this matter will be tabled until the City decides whether to participate in the
proposed T-1 Transmission Service Agreement.


Council acknowledged receipt of Ordinance No. 360 titled “An Ordinance establishing an
aggregation of demand response on behalf of commercial customers of the City of Madison,
Minnesota”. Bill Radio of Missouri River Energy Services informed Council that this ordinance

                                                                               April 13, 2009
                                                                             Regular Meeting

was drafted by the American Public Power Association and is meant to protect the City of
Madison from marketers that would purchase commercial customers’ excess power and resell it
on the open market. After further discussion, upon motion by Volk and carried, ORDINANCE
NO. 360 titled “An Ordinance establishing an aggregation of demand response on behalf of the
City of Madison, Minnesota” was adopted. A complete copy of Ordinance No. 360 is on file in
the City Clerk’s Office.


City Manager Skaret informed Council that a bidders’ meeting was held on April 1, 2009, at City
Hall with 7 or 8 persons in attendance. Bids for Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, and State Aid portion
of the Infrastructure Replacement Project will be opened at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 16,
2009. Councilmember Gail noted that the City of Olivia is considering a similar project for their
community and noted that if the bids come in too high, they will forfeit their USDA grant and
pursue the project over a 10-year period.


Upon motion by Meyer and carried, RESOLUTION 09-26 titled “Resolution authorizing the
City of Madison, Minnesota, to be a party to the Minnesota Water Agency Response Network”
was adopted. This resolution would provide for the City of Madison to enter into a mutual aid
agreement with other communities authorized to establish a water, wastewater, or storm sewer
utility. This mutual aid agreement would enable the City to give or receive emergency assistance
in the form of personnel and/or equipment to other members in the case of an emergency or
natural disaster. Execution of the agreement is free and does not obligate the City in any way.
A complete copy of Resolution 09-26 is contained in City Clerk’s Book #6.


Upon motion by Gail and carried, RESOLUTION 09-27 titled “Resolution covenanting and
obligating the City of Madison, Minnesota, to be bound by and use the provisions of Minnesota
Statutes, Section 446A.086 to guarantee the payment of the principal and interest on the bonds
and authorizing the execution of the Credit Enhancement Program Agreement” was adopted.
This resolution would authorize the execution of a Credit Enhancement Program Agreement as
established by a credit enhancement program created by the legislature in 2008. This program
guarantees bond principal and interest payments by the State of Minnesota which gives the bonds
a high rating resulting in lower interest rates. Execution of this agreement would expedite the
City’s process in refunding future eligible bonds should the lower interest rate provide sufficient
savings as justification. A complete copy of Resolution 09-27 is contained in City Clerk’s Book


Upon motion by Meyer and carried, Council authorized city-wide cleanup for Wednesday,
May 20, 2009, with completion as needed on Thursday and Friday. Councilmember Zahrbock
expressed concern over the high cost incurred by the City in providing this service. Mayor Thole

                                                                                 April 13, 2009
                                                                               Regular Meeting

noted that this is a good public relations service and helps keep the community clear of excess


City Manager Skaret informed Council that Governor Pawlenty and the legislature are still
working on the State’s budget, and that estimates on Local Government Aid cuts vary greatly.

Administrative fines are still a contentious issue with legislators working on a bill to define
guidelines relating to these fines. It was noted that the bill did not meet several of the
committee’s deadlines and appears to be stalled.

Councilmember Meyer questioned the issue of cities having large reserves. City Manager Skaret
noted that most cities have large cash balances at year end due to the fact that the second half of
Local Government Aid and property taxes have just been received and are needed to operate for
the next five or six months.


Upon motion by Meyer and carried, Council approved City Manager Skaret’s attendance at the
MCMA and League of MN Cities Conferences in May and June, 2009.


Council acknowledged receipt of information for Pam Lehmann, LqP County EDA Director, in
regard to a Business Retention and Expansion informational meeting to be held on Wednesday,
April 22, 2009. Lehmann would like City Council and EDA members to attend if possible.


City Manager Skaret informed Council that he has been contacted by Alltel/Verizon Wireless in
regard to their desire to erect a new cell tower in the Madison area in order to provide better cell
phone service. Skaret noted that they would possibly be interested in land in the City’s industrial
park on Highway 40 East or the old lime sludge lagoon on Highway 40 West. They would need
a 100’ x 100’ piece of land and would be interested in buying or leasing the property. Council
felt that land along Highway 40 East would be more appropriate with Supt. Hodge noting that
the City will need to check on wetland regulations on land in that area.


Council was informed that the Madison Park Board will be meeting again on Wednesday,
April 15, 2009, to discuss information gathered on additional improvements proposed for the
Madison Swimming Pool.

                                                                             April 13, 2009
                                                                           Regular Meeting


City Manager Skaret informed Council that the Chamber of Commerce has asked that Chamber
fundraising calendars be available for purchase at Madison City Hall and at the Municipal Liquor
Store. Councilmember Meyer recommended that anyone wishing to purchase a calendar should
be referred to the Chamber Office located at KLQP Radio office.


Council was informed that a request was received from the Lac qui Parle County Historical
Museum that the City of Madison mow the museum property while mowing J. F. Jacobsen Park.
Supt. Hodge expressed his concern over the fact that the City will already be operating with one
less summer worker due to budget cutbacks, and City Manager Skaret expressed his concern
over setting a precedence on other properties. Mayor Thole commented that the LqP County
Museum is definitely an asset to the City of Madison and rather than providing city personnel, he
would prefer increasing their annual appropriation instead. After further discussion, Council
requested City Manager Skaret to contact the museum to let them know that the City will not be
able to provide mowing services due to staff cutbacks, remind them that the City does
appropriate $4,000 each year toward the museum, and suggest that they contact the Private
Industry Council for summer youth employment.


Upon motion by Zahrbock and carried, Council approved disbursements for bills submitted
between March 24th and April 13th, 2009. These disbursements include United Prairie Check
Nos. 44909-45070. Councilmember Meyer abstained from the vote on payments to KLQP FM
Radio in the amount of $137.75, and Councilmember Gail abstained from the vote on payments
to The Western Guard in the amount of $643.61.

There being no further business, upon motion by Meyer and carried, meeting adjourned at 7:15

                                            Greg Thole – Mayor

Kathleen Weber – City Clerk


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