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					                                  MQHA Board of Directors Meeting
                                      Friday, December 10, 2010
                          Forrest Co. Multipurpose Facility, Hattiesburg, MS

        The monthly meeting of the MQHA Board of Directors was held Friday, December 10, at the
MAQHA Horse Show in Hattiesburg, MS, with the following present: Susan Cain, Gerald Barnes, Byron
Switzer, Tommy Lee Andrus, Rob Seal, Mary Hopkins, Sam Williams, George Phillips, Vicki Kinsey, Cathy
Cook, Harry Wilson, Lowery Sumrall, C. A. Russ, Tom McBeath, and Jerry Daniels. Excused members:
Beth Campton, David Howell, Clark Scoggin, George Kane, and Robert Strickland. Guests included:
Regina Williams, Rita Burks, and Nancy Russ.
        The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by President Cain. A motion was made to dispense
with the reading of the minutes.
        The November monthly financial report, statement of account balances and memberships, and
the Nov ’09-Oct ’10 fiscal year financial report were distributed.
        Committee Reports:
        Scholarship – Cathy Cook reported that the application and rules are posted on the website.
Members were asked to encourage eligible youth to apply.
        Dixie National – Tommy Lee Andrus
             1 WCHA classes have been added to the Saturday schedule as part of a three-part circuit
                  with the other segments at the Redbud and the Congress
             2 Free Style Reining – NRHA-sanctioned for 2011. With this and added money, expect to
                  draw bigger names to the event.
             3 Jackson Convention & Visitors Bureau support has previously gone directly to the
                  Fairgrounds, but in 2011 the Dixie National will receive funds from JCVB.
        Amateur – Cathy Cook reported that the Amateur Horse show is underway and thanked
        everyone for their help.
        Race – No report
        Show Approval – Mary Hopkins reported that AQHA has forwarded a request from Nancy Russ
        to sponsor two 3-judged split combined shows, two days each, for the June 2011 Sun & Sand.
        This would involve addition of one show. Nancy Russ clarified that, with the current reluctance
        from AQHA to approve new shows, her request has been amended to one 2-judged s/c and one
        3-judged s/c. Susan Cain explained that only two of these 3-judged s/c will be allowed within
        an affiliate’s approved shows. She reminded the Board of the November discussion where the
        decision was made to limit changes for the 2011 schedule that might restrict future options for
        MQHA until AQHA’s show approval rule changes are known. After discussion, a motion was
        made to allow the Sun & Sand show to use this format for 2011 only, with the understanding
        that if MQHA elects to use this format for MQHA sponsored shows, it will revert to the
        association. Nancy Russ agreed this was a fair compromise. The motion was approved with
        three nay votes.
        Hall of Fame – Tom McBeath reported that the eight member committee Kermit Thames had
        resigned from the Committee and would be replaced by Rob Seal. The two individuals elected
        to the Hall of Fame to be recognized at the convention are Garry Woodruff and Austin Moore.
        Convention – Cathy Cook reported that they are finalizing the menu. Members are asked to
        bring desserts and reminded of the silent auction. January 15 is the date and the Equine Center
        is the location.

Old Business: Byron Switzer reported that the Youth World for 2011 has been moved on top of the
Region 9 date and the TN facility is not available then. Representatives have been asked to check
facilities and weekends for available dates within the 5 states of Region 9. With that information, the
Region 9 representatives will meet again to determine plans for 2011.

New Business:
      Director elections & by-laws: Susan provided a handout with membership information and
      directors allowed under the by-laws. Current membership levels would result in the loss of two
      directors for 2011. Because of the impact of such a small number of directors, and the effort
      MQHA must have to boost our membership, Susan proposed recommending to the general
      membership meeting that we suspend the by-laws for 2011 and retain the same number of
      directors for this year. The motion passed.

        Records Clean-up: Tom McBeath suggested reviewing the information posted on the website
        for accuracy, noting that the active past presidents list is not correct. Susan will write those who
        are living regarding both their interest in remaining active and the requirements to do so prior
        to deleting those names.

        Minutes are posted through September on the website. October and November minutes should
        be posted soon. Every effort will be made to keep these posted on a timely basis.

        Bulldog Classic: Susan shared a letter from Brinkley Miller to AQHA requesting a fourth show
        for the Bulldog Classic this spring. They have already secured their show dates in March.

No further business being noted, meeting adjourned.

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