This March th fire at the Cosmopolitan Condos was the largest fire

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					VOLUME 127

                     March/April 2009 | Indianapolis Metropolitan Firefighters Local 416

         This March 12th fire at the Cosmopolitan
         Condos was the largest fire in recent
         history bringing in over 3 alarms, took over
         24 hours to extinguish and caused over $28
         million in damages. IFD Arson Unit along
         with the ATF determined the fire to be
         arson. See more photos on pages 12 and 13.

                                                                        Cover photos by Tod Parker
Q U A R T E R LY R E P O R T                               CONTENTS

                                                          Income Statement .............................................. 2
        Indianapolis Firefighters                         Letter from President ......................................... 3
               Local 416                                  Vice-President Report......................................... 4
           Income Statement
                                                          Secretary Report ................................................ 5
       For the period ending February 28, 2009
                                                          Treasurer Report ................................................. 6
                Current Month                             IFD 150th Anniversary ........................................ 7

Revenues                                                  New Study .......................................................... 8
355     Dues                           $168,998.11        IAFF President .................................................... 9
356     Dues-Retired                      1,486.50        Fire-Retardant Pants ......................................... 10
350     Clothing Sales                    4,586.04
                                                          Letter to Editor ................................................. 11
        Total Revenues                  175,070.65
                                                          Indy Fire Museum ............................................. 11

Expenses                                                  Major Fire-Photo Spread ............................. 12-13
501     Salaries and Wages                39,590.38       District Reports ........................................... 14-17
502     Travel and Per Diem                1,625.00
                                                          Student Loan .................................................... 18
503     IAFF-Per Capita                   49,260.20
                                                          Looking Back .................................................... 19
504     PFFUI-Per Capita                  16,417.35
507     Athletic Committee                   493.48       Property Tax Caps ............................................. 20
508     Meeting Expenses                   3,025.06       Cancer Screening .............................................. 21
509	    Office	Expense	                    6,581.60       Mental Health Awareness................................. 21
510     Postage                            1,020.81
                                                          2009 Run Totals ................................................ 23
514     Internet Access                      323.46
                                                          Calendar ............................................. Back Cover
515     Telephone                            572.81
516     Cellular Phones                    1,470.06
518     Payroll Tax                        3,780.98
519     Communications & Technology        1,184.54
520     Public Relations                   1,569.52
521     Helmet Publishing                  2,168.86
                                                           748 Massachusetts Avenue • Indianapolis, IN 46204
522     Building Maintenance               2,003.04
                                                                   (317) 262-5161 •
527     Legal and Professional             3,560.62
532     Bank Charges                         208.31
                                                          Editor: Ted Waldroup
        Total Expenses                  134,856.08        Publisher: Wayne Smith
        Net Income                      $40,214.57        Secretary: Lori White
        Buillding Fund                  $21,776.06        Photographers: Floyd Schantz, Tod Parker, Roger Burchfield
                                                                           Brett Jackson and Eric Scheffel
                                                          Design: Humphrey Printing Company, Inc.


Living the Dream
The	first	time	I	heard	someone	say	that	I	thought,	what	a	joke,	               be	 needed	 to	 join	 the	 club.	 You	
I	guess	that’s	the	new	breed	of	expression	for	the	fire	service.	      	       will	 be	 sent	 a	 meeting	 reminder	
You	know	how	you	hear	a	song	for	the	first	time	and	don’t	                     the day before and the day of the
like	 it?	 Then	 after	 hearing	 it	 a	 few	 more	 times	 it	 grows	 on	       Union Meetings. Only in the
you	 as	 you	 come	 to	 understand	 what	 is	 truly	 meant	 in	 the	           event	of	a	serious	issue	would	the	
words.	I	have	to	confess;	when	I	came	into	the	fire	service	the	               text be used for any reason other
catch	phrase	then	was	“fighting	fire,	saving	lives	and	cheating	               than a meeting reminder. Should
death”.	As	the	fire	service	has	evolved,	one	can	only	wonder	                  there be a situation that requires           Wayne Smith
what	 the	 jargon	 and	 catch	 phrases	 were	 150	 years	 ago	 in	             the Text Club to send out a text
the	fire	service.	Living	the	dream	has	developed	into	a	new	                   other	than	a	meeting	reminder,	you	would	be	prompted	to	go	
meaning	for	me	now	that	I	have	taken	the	time	to	understand	                   to	the	Local’s	web	page	for	pertinent	information	regarding	
what	 it	 is	 really	 saying.	 I	 think	 of	 a	 child	 whose	 neighbor,	       the issue.
dad	 or	 close	 friend	 is	 or	 was	 a	 firefighter	 and	 wishing	 one	        Have a safe FDIC and take advantage of the learning
day	that	you	could	grow	up	to	be	like	that	person	you	admire	                  opportunities	there.		Get	out	and	meet	some	of	the	Brothers	
so	much.	Wanting	to	be	a	part	of	the	fire	service	family	that	                 and Sisters from across the country. And by all means, stop by
you	 have	 only	 seen	 glimpses	 of,	 but	 you	 know	 has	 a	 much	            the Local 416 Open House and Pumper Pull on April 24th at
deeper connection that only the members could understand.                      5:00	p.m.		See	you	in	the	crowd.
Yes, to achieve that goal and to be successful in this craft is                Fraternally,
“Living	the	Dream”.	I	look	back	over	my	career,	and	I	now	
get	what	they	are	saying.	I	too	have	lived	the	dream.	I	have	                  Wayne Smith
had	the	opportunity	to	work	with	good	firefighters.	I	have	had	
the	 chance	 to	 work	 under	 good	 Officers	 and	 had	 more	 than	
my share of good street experiences. The one part about living
the	dream	that	I	took	full	advantage	of	was	the	opportunities	
allotted	 me	 to	 involve	 myself	 with	 the	 fire	 service.	 Union	
meetings,	training,	working	with	the	Recruit	classes,	Retiree’s	                                            Firefighters Pest Control
events,	anything	that	had	to	do	with	the	job	worked	for	me.	
My experience has been living the dream, day in and day out.
                                                                                                                 (317) 784-BUGS
The good days, the bad days, and the routine days have all
been a part of the dream for me. Everyone’s version of living
the	dream	will	differ.	You	have	to	ask	yourself,	what’s	your	
                                                                                                   Quarterly Service
dream?	I	have	always	been	a	big	proponent	of	saying,	“don’t	                                              from $85 - $110
just	be	on	the	job,	be	a	part	of	the	job”.	That	leads	me	to	a	                    Includes treatment for ants*, bed bugs, beetles*, boxelder bugs,
                                                                                   centipedes, clover mites, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, fleas,
request,	challenge	or	whatever	you	choose	to	call	it.                                lady bugs, mice*, millipedes, silverfish, sow bugs, spiders,
                                                                                                   springtails, weevils and more!
I	 would	 like	 to	 ask	 every	 member	 of	 Local	 416	 to	 make	 a	              * Additional charge applies for carpenter ants, mice and powder post beetles.
serious	attempt	to	attend	at	least	two	(2)	Union	meetings	this	                                    Most treatments are safe for
year. This is your Union, and I encourage everyone to come                                               children & pets!
out	and	see	what	is	going	on.		The	General	meetings	are	held	                                               Termite Treatments
every	third	month	at	the	Union	Hall.		April	14th	and	15th	will	                                   Wood Destroying Insect Inspections
be	the	next	General	Meeting	dates.	District	meetings	are	held	
                                                                                                          Guaranteed Treatments
monthly in their respective Districts. We have been very busy
                                                                                                               Free Estimates
working	to	improve	the	level	of	service	to	our	membership.	        	
                                                                                                        One-time Service Available
The Local 416 Executive Board members, District Presidents
and	Trustees	are	looking	forward	to	seeing	you	at	the	meetings.	   	                             Pre-Construction Termite Treatments
If	you	are	one	of	those	people	who	plans	to	come	to	the	Union	                                   Purdue Certified, Licensed & Insured
meeting	but	always	forgets,	maybe	this	will	help	you	out:		All	                        Rob McClara - 3’s B Cell: 850-1966
you have to do is send an e-mail to your District President or                      Danny McClara - Retired IFD Cell: 443-3969
call the Union Hall to be signed up for the Text Club. NAME,
CELL	#,	and	DEPARTMENT	are	all	the	information	that	will	

It’s	hard	to	believe	that	we	are	already	into	April.		It	has	been	a	         the second required vote has not
busy	first	quarter	of	2009.		As	usual,	we’ve	been	busy	with	our	             yet taken place. When the second
regular day to day activities in addition to several other items.            vote	 is	 taken,	 if	 it	 is	 affirmative,	
St.	Patrick’s	Day	has	once	again	come	and	gone.		The	weather	                the	next	step	will	be	to	move	on	
and	the	crowd	came	together	and	cooperated	to	make	this	year	                to the City County Council for
as	successful	and	enjoyable	as	any	of	the	past	several	years.	     	         approval and adoption of the
Now	our	planning	has	shifted	to	the	Annual	Easter	Egg	Hunt	                  necessary inter-local agreements
scheduled	for	April	4th	at	11:00	a.m.	at	Lawrence	Township	                  and legislative actions. By the
Station	331	(6260	E.	86th	St.).		Please	bring	your	family	and	               next	issue	of	the	Helmet,	we	will	                Ron Kautsky
join	us	and	the	Easter	Bunny.                                                have a much more detailed report
                                                                             and update.
FDIC	 is	 also	 just	 around	 the	 corner.	 	 This	 year’s	 Annual	
Pumper Pull and Open House Party at the Union Hall are                       We	 have	 also	 had	 our	 initial	 meeting	 with	 the	 Indianapolis	
scheduled	for	Friday,	April	24th.		If	you	want	to	enter	a	team	              Airport	Authority	to	begin	the	process	of	negotiating	a	new	
in	the	Pumper	Pull,	contact	us	down	at	the	Hall	for	an	entry	                labor contract for our members at the airport. As you may
form.		Everyone	else	is	invited	and	encouraged	to	come	down	                 know	the	agreement	with	the	private	firm	that	was	contracted	
to cheer on your favorite team and stay around for the band,                 to manage the airport is no longer in effect. Our members at
food,	and	drink(s).                                                          the Airport are once again municipal employees. As I said,
                                                                             we	have	only	had	our	initial	meeting.		I	will	keep	you	updated	
The Local also sent some representatives to the IAFF                         when	we	have	anything	to	report.
Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. This conference
is	where	 members	from	 all	 over	the	 U.S.A.	 meet	with	their	              We also are beginning to prepare for contract negotiations for
U.S. Representatives and Senators to discuss important                       the Indianapolis Fire Dispatchers. This is the last year of a
Federal	 Legislative	 priorities	 that	 will	 benefit	 our	 members	         three year agreement.
                                                                             As I said earlier, there is plenty going on to keep us busy but
The	Perry	Township	Board	has	voted	to	move	forward	with	                     these are some of the things that you pay us to do. If there is
exploration	of	a	merger	of	the	Perry	Township	Fire	Department	               anything	else	we	can	do	for	you,	don’t	hesitate	to	come	down	
with	 the	 Indianapolis	 Fire	 Department.	 	As	 of	 this	 writing,	         to the Hall or give us a call.

  The Indianapolis Firefighter’s Emerald Society came about
  in 1995. Our society is open to all sworn professional
  firefighters; active or retired regardless of family lineage,
  race, or gender.                                                                                                     John
  Our Mission is to promote goodwill and                                                                             Armstrong
  camaraderie       among        our     membership,
  sponsorship of charities, and donations to
  families of fire fatalities. Join us to continue the
  long standing tradition of firefighters’
                                                                                      Carpet Sales & Service
  involvement within the community. Meetings                                                        30 Years Experience
  are held the first Thursday of the month at old fire Station 12,
  339 N. Sherman Dr.
                                                                                                      Free Estimates
  For membership application or information about our organization,                Phone: 557-1016                         Pager: 549-7127
  please contact Tom Miller, St. 20A or Jerry Martin, St. 14B or visit
  our website

                                                                                 S E C R E TA RY ’ S R E P O R T
                                                             Local 416 Announces New Communication Tools.

                                                             President Smith spoke of the text club in his article; I encourage those who have free texting to sig

      General Meeting Minutes
                                                             reemphasize that we will only send out pertinent information: meeting reminders, Local 416 event
                                                             the Easter Egg Hunt, Family Picnic, etc.) or emergency info like an LODD. We will not sell the lis
                                                             to you.
                                                                                                                                      Ted Waldroup
                                                          While texting is immediate, since most everyone answers their phone, we also have the ability to s
Local 416 Announces New Communication Tools.                                   next	 and/or your I	 will	 not	 allow	 our	 list	 also. Members in	 even
                                                          email notifications so you person	 so	 family can get the informationto	 be	 abused	andthis	 non
                                                                               manner. Even though a (e-copy) of The Helmet, our Union’s newsletter.
                                                          can do this by participating in the electronic copy business advertises in The Helmet,
                                                          very simple, just go to and click on the sign-up link on the bottom left of the page
                                                                               and	I	am	glad	they	do,	we	won’t	send	email	for	them.	Their	
                                                          in your name, address and district where you work, then hit the submit button…that’s it. Then, bet
President	Smith	spoke	of	the	text	club	in	his	article;	I	encourage	 monthadvantage comesemail having their ad on-line andofin color. R
                                                          and 5th of the        you will receive an by with a link to the on-line addition The Helmet.
                                                          newsletter            will not                 in the mail, unless
those	who	have	free	texting	to	sign-up.	Let	me	reemphasize	via emailAgain, Istop it comingeveryone to take you choose to. Yes, a member can
                                                                                          encourage                          advantage of this service.
                                                          receiving it in the mail by checking a box at the bottom of the sign-up screen but can change their
that	 we	 will	 only	 send	 out	 pertinent	 information:	time.
reminders,	Local	416	event	info	(such	as	the	Easter	Egg	Hunt,	
Family	Picnic,	etc.)	or	emergency	info	like	a	LODD.	We	will	
not sell the list or send ads to you.

While	texting	is	immediate,	since	most	everyone	answers	their	                  To sign up to receive THE HELMET and other Local 416
phone,	we	also	have	the	ability	to	send	you	email	notifications	                information via your e-mail, fill in the following fields ,
                                                                                select your district and hit submit. Thank you!
so you and/or your family can get the information also.
Members and even non-members can do this by participating                       * email                                    Select your interests by
                                                                                                                           checking (or un-checking) the
in	 the	 electronic	 copy	 (e-copy)	 of	 The Helmet, our Union’s                * first name                               options below:
newsletter.	Sign	up	is	very	simple,	just	go	to	                                                                          .Non L-416
                                                                                * last name
and click on the sign-up link on the bottom left of the page.                                                                         Member
You	 will	 fill	 in	 your	 name,	 address	 and	 district	 where	 you	           * address                                              Beech Grove
work,	 then	 hit	 the	 submit	 button…that’s	 it.	 Then,	 between	              * city                                                 Buck Creek
the	1st	and	5th	of	the	month	you	will	receive	an	email	with	                    * state                                                Carmel
a link to the on-line addition of The Helmet. Receiving the                                                                            City of Lawrence
                                                                                * postal code
newsletter	via	email	will not stop it coming in the mail, unless                                                                       Communication
                                                                                * If you no longer wish to receive
you choose to. Yes, a member can opt out of receiving it in the                 THE HELMET in printed form, or                         Decatur
mail by checking a box at the bottom of the sign-up screen but                  need to resume monthly mailings,
                                                                                check the appropriate box.                             Franklin Township
can change their mind at any time.
                                                                                     Discontinue mailing - email only                  Greenfield
                                                                                     Resume/Continue mailing                           Hamilton Co. Local
There	 are	 a	 couple	of	 advantages	to	the	email	 service,	with	                                                                      4416
                                                                                     Non-Local 416 (email only)
the	 first	 being	 speed.	 From	 the	 time	 an	 issue	 is	 done	 being	                                                                Indianapolis
                                                                                * required
printed,	it	still	takes	about	a	week	to	label,	sort	and	get	to	your	                                                                   Lawrence
mailbox.	This	system	gets	it	to	you	as	soon	as	we	send	it	out.	
The	biggest	advantage	will	be	our	email	list,	which	is	why	I	                                                                          Twp
encourage everyone to sign-up even and still have it mailed.                                                                           Perry Township
Without	getting	too	technical,	when	a	member	signs-up	(opts	                                                                           Pike Township
in)	 a	 secure	 database	 of	 their	 information	 is	 created	 which	                                                                  Retiree
only	we	can	access.	We	can	then	send	other	emails	relating	
to	 Local	 416	 events.	 For	 example:	 special	 meeting	 notices,	
                                                                                                                                       Sugar Creek
fundraisers, special events, golf outings, political events and
                                                                                                                                       Wayne Township
anything	 relating	 specifically	 to	 your	 district.	 These	 would	
be	in	addition	to	other	forms	of	notification.	WE	WILL	NOT	                      Submit

EMAIL ADVERTISEMENTS. I hate spam as much as the

                                                                                             In Memory of

                        want	to	welcome	our	out	of	town	
                        guests to Indianapolis for the annual
                        Fire Department Instructors Course.                                    Brother John Mohler
                     I	want	to	let	everyone	know	about	a	                                        Ladder 1 B-shift
                     couple	of	events	that	we	will	host	during	
                     the	week	of	FDIC.		Friday,	April	24th	
                     at	5:00	p.m.,	we	will	have	our	annual	
                     pumper pull competition sponsored by
 Michael V. White
                  Nationwide Retirement Solutions. Local
416	will	then	host	an	Open	House	starting	at	6:00	p.m.	and	
running	until	10:00	p.m.,	featuring	live	entertainment,	food	
and	drinks	for	our	members	as	well	as	about	5,000	of	our	
closest friends. All of this is made possible because of the
extreme generosity of our friends at Globe.

In	the	month	of	May,	the	Professional	Firefighters	Union	
of	Indiana	will	hold	its	annual	convention	in	Evansville,	IN	
to discuss the results of this year’s legislative session and
where	to	direct	our	future	efforts	in	the	Indiana	General	
Assembly.		The	next	time	you	receive	this	newsletter	we	
will	know	about	the	changes	that	come	out	of	the	session	
which	would	affect	us;	mainly,	whether	or	not	they	decide	to	                                June 1, 1962-March 15, 2009
consolidate	the	fire	departments	in	Marion	County.		If	this	is	
the	case,	we	will	all	be	very	busy	in	the	near	future;	if	not,	                             The Executive Board and members of
I’m	sure	it	is	not	the	last	time	you	will	hear	about	it.		
                                                                                                Local 416 offer their heartfelt
                                                                                              condolences to Brother Mohler’s
                                                                                               family, friends and co-workers.
    101 East 116th Street • Carmel, IN 46032 • 317-581-1913

      24 pay PREFERRED rates

                           MALE             FEMALE
                           20-36             20-25*
    $100,000                7.36                5.37
    $200,000               12.55               8.57
    $300,000               17.74               11.77
    $400,000               22.93               14.97          Contact your local rep.
                                                                                                       THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE
                                                              for more information:                 Relaxation & Deep Tissue Massage
    $500,000               28.12               18.17
    * Female rates increase slightly per year after age 25.                                     Kim Robinson
                                                              BRADD ROEMBKE                         Massage Therapist, AMTA
    ACCIDENT/DISABILITY PLAN                                     Cell: 498-4348
      only $17.79 with 24 pays                                                                      Providing Massage Therapy in the
                                                                STEVE KEMP                             Privacy of Your Home or Business.
      $600/month on-job disability
                                                                 Home: 894-5747
     $1,200/month off-job disability                                                                                          317-694-7396
                                                                IFD 7-B: 636-7176
                Includes $1,000 Burn Rider
                                                                  Cell: 250-9933                            
This year, the Indianapolis Fire Department is celebrating its 150th anniversary. The department
was founded on November 14, 1859 and has been a cornerstone of the Indianapolis community
ever since. The department is regarded nationwide as a leader in the fire service and will continue
to be a leader for the next 150 years.

The Committee placed in charge of commemorating this milestone is being honorably chaired by
Governor Mitch Daniels. Governor Daniels is a visionary in public safety and understands the
important roles that firefighters play in the community. Additional honorary members of the
committee include all of the living and retired chiefs of the department: William Patterson, Joseph
Kimbrew, Keith Smith, Louis Dezelan and James Greeson. The main body of the committee is
made up of a core group of firefighters of all ranks.

Many events are planned to celebrate the anniversary of the department and raise the overall
awareness within the community about their fire department. Below you will find a list of
scheduled events for the celebration.

The committee has designed several of these events not only to celebrate and raise awareness, but
to raise money for the anniversary. There are several initiatives that require a large monetary
commitment including the 150th anniversary book, video, a large 150th plaque and the Firefighters
Ball. The entire year should lend itself a lot of fun and great memories for all involved.


Lt. Scott Huff
Indianapolis Fire Department
150th Anniversary Committee Chair

                  Ce leb ration Eve nt Sch edu le
April 20-25      FDIC Conference / 150th Booth – Convention Center
May     21       Annual Bass Tournament – Geist Reservoir
May     23       Indianapolis 500 Festival Parade / 150th entry – Downtown
June    20       150th Motorcycle Ride and Poker Run – Legion post #64 (Holt Rd/Oliver)
July    11       1st Annual IFD Corn hole Tournament –Union Hall
July    18       Antique Fire Show - State Water Ball Competition – ESEC parking lot
August 22        Fire Department night / IFD Rescue Demo - Indians Baseball – Victory Field
Sept    12       150th All Firefighters Parade and celebration – Downtown / Union Hall
October 11       Firefighters Flag Football Tournament – North Central High
Nov     13       150th Anniversary – IFD Firefighters Ball – Marriott Downtown
June    2010     Book Release of “150 Years of IFD” – A coffee table book

Visit for updates, times and locations for all events listed
New Study Focuses on Crew Size
NIST will release the results later this year
By Susan Nicol Kyle

    ROCKVILLE, Md. -- When the engines rolled up and
four	firefighters	jumped	off	and	grabbed	ladders	and	hoses,	it	
appeared	to	be	just	another	drill	at	the	Montgomery	County	
Fire-Rescue	Training	Center.	But,	that	wasn’t	the	case	at	all.	
    Those involved in the exercise Thursday -- Montgomery
and	 Fairfax	 County	 firefighters	 --	 were	 part	 of	 a	 study	 to	
determine	if	crew	size	really	does	make	a	difference	when	it	
comes to saving lives and property.
     Funded by a FIRE Act grant, the study is being conducted
by	the	National	Institute	of	Standards	and	Technology	(NIST)	
in	 cooperation	 with	 Worcester	 Polytechnic	 Institute	 and	
International Association of Fire Fighters.
     For	 some	 time,	 fire	 officers	 across	 the	 country	 have	
pleaded to those holding the purse strings for additional
firefighters.	The	one	thing	they	haven’t	had,	however,	is	the	              monitor their vitals. Heart attacks are the leading cause of
statistics.	That	will	change	when	NIST	engineers	release	the	               death	of	firefighters	across	the	country.	
results later this year.                                                         Skidmore	 College	 officials	 explained	 in	 a	 document	
    There’s been a multitude of planning involved. A                        presented	 to	 participants:	 “These	 well-designed	 drills	 will	
2,000-sqaure-foot	 two-story	 building	 was	 specifically	                  provide	a	great	deal	of	information	to	the	fire	service	about	the	
constructed for the study on the grounds of Montgomery                      effect	of	different	crew	sizes	in	terms	of	their	ability	to	limit	
County’s	 training	 center.	 Rooms	 contain	 cameras	 as	 well	             fire	damage.	However,	a	related	question	is	how	do	different	
as instruments to measure toxic gases and temperatures,                     crew	sizes	affect	the	amount	of	work	a	firefighter	must	do.	.	.”	
explained	Jason	Averill,	a	fire	protection	engineer	and	group	                   At	 the	 end	 of	 the	 exercise,	 officials	 measured	 the	 air	
leader	for	the	project.	The	data	is	recorded	on	computers	and	              remaining	 in	 their	 SCBA	 bottles.	 Participants	 filled	 out	
other monitoring equipment located in a separate section of                 questionnaires,	and	were	assigned	a	number.	Researchers	also	
the building.                                                               knew	what	tasks	they	would	be	doing	as	part	of	the	controlled	
    Averill	said	they	are	monitoring	how	two,	three,	four	and	              drill.	Moore-Merrell	said	it’s	vital	to	know	how	the	crew	size	
five	person	crews	handle	the	same	tasks	on	the	fire	ground.	                may	impact	civilian	and	firefighter	injury	and	death	as	well	as	
Each assignment includes a truck and three engines. The                     their	ability	to	extinguish	the	fire.	
effort is a cooperative one that involves a number of partners.                  Acting	Montgomery	County	Chief	Richard	Bowers	said	
The	IAFF	has	been	coordinating	the	fire	crews,	while	NIST	is	               his	department	is	excited	to	be	part	of	the	NIST	study.	“This	
in charge of the technical aspects.                                         is	an	absolutely	fantastic	project.”	He	lauded	firefighters	from	
    “We	are	having	the	crews	perform	the	same	exact	tasks	                  Montgomery	 and	 Fairfax	 Counties.	 “This	 is	 such	 a	 great	
in the same building under the same conditions,” said Lori                  opportunity	 for	 you	 all	 to	 make	 a	 difference.	 .	 .”	 Bowers	
Moore-Merrell,	IAFF	technical	assistant.	She	said	fire	officers	            said	one	day	the	participants	will	look	back,	and	realize	they	
across	 the	 country	 will	 be	 armed	 with	 the	 data	 when	 they	         helped	change	the	daily	operations	in	the	fire	service.	
approach	their	city	or	county	officials	for	more	firefighters.	                 Mark Light, executive director of the International
     The	next	phase	of	the	study	will	involve	more	technology	              Association	 of	 Fire	 Chiefs,	 said	 he	 was	 happy	 to	 see	 the	
and	 science	 as	 flashover	 scenarios	 are	 planned.	 Firefighters	        project	underway.	He	said	it’s	unfortunate	and	dangerous	that	
will	not	be	part	of	it.	Instead,	data	collected	will	be	interjected.	       across	the	country	every	day,	engines	are	going	out	without	
Furniture	will	be	purchased,	and	the	rooms	furnished	for	the	               enough	crew	members	to	do	the	job.	
burn	experiment.	Researchers	are	confident	the	data	will	be	                     Fairfax County Assistant Chief David Rohr said
justified	nonetheless.	                                                     firefighters	 across	 the	 country	 as	 they	 go	 about	 protecting	
    In	 conjunction	 with	 the	 NIST	 study,	 Skidmore	 College	            their	communities.	The	impact	will	be	felt	by	both	small	and	
researchers	 outfitted	 each	 firefighter	 with	 a	 chest	 strap	 to	       large departments.

Union president finds friendlier White House
By Sam Youngman,

                                     Harold	 Schaitberger	 joked                Schaitberger	said	he	and	locals	would	continue	to	be	in	
                                 that after eight years of the              talks	with	the	nation’s	governors	and	mayors	to	push	them	to	
                                 Bush	 administration,	 he	 “for-           fund	fire	services.
                                 got	 what	 the	 White	 House	                  He	 said	 he	 and	 other	 IAFF	 officials	 will	 monitor	 cities	
                                 looked like.”                              and	 states	 to	 ensure	 that	 locales	 aren’t	 “trying	 to	 game	 the	
                                      But	 throughout	 this	 week,	         system.”
                                 Schaitberger, the president of                Schaitberger	 said	 his	 “ask”	 of	 Biden	 was	 that	 the	
                                 the International Association of           administration keep the Federal Emergency Management
                                 Fire	Fighters	(IAFF),	is	feeling	          Agency	 (FEMA)	 a	 part	 of	 DHS,	 instead	 of	 making	 the	
                                 welcome	 at	 the	 nation’s	 most	          embattled	agency	its	own	entity.
                                 famous address.
                                                                                The	union	president,	who	won	reelection	last	year	shortly	
                                      [Last Month], Schaitberger            before	Obama	officially	accepted	the	Democratic	presidential	
                                  was	 invited	 to	 sit	 down	 with	        nomination,	had	high	praise	for	Napolitano,	a	former	Arizona	
                                  Vice President Biden for an               governor	the	IAFF	worked	to	put	in	office.
                                  hourlong meeting to discuss
                                                                                But	he	said	he	would	continue	to	push	the	department	to	
Harold Schaitberger               the stimulus package President
                                                                            take	an	“all-hazards	approach”	to	homeland	security.
                                  Obama signed on Tuesday, and
the	 role	 of	 the	 Department	 of	 Homeland	 Security	 (DHS)	 in	              “We	 want	 to	 make	 sure	 the	 department	 has	 a	 focus	 on	
firefighter	response.                                                       response	as	well	as	preparedness,”	Schaitberger	said.
    The	 IAFF	 president	 will	 join	 new	 DHS	 Secretary	 Janet	               Even though the IAFF endorsed Sen. Chris Dodd
Napolitano	 in	 New	 York	 City	 for	 meetings	 on	 Wednesday	              (D-Conn.),	 an	 opponent	 of	 Obama’s	 and	 Biden’s	 in	 the	
before returning to the White House on Wednesday night for                  battle for the 2008 Democratic nomination, Schaitberger
the	president’s	growing	tradition	of	hosting	Wednesday	night	               counts	Biden	as	a	longtime	friend	and	someone	who	is	“very	
cocktail parties at the White House.                                        committed to our profession.”
    Schaitberger said the stimulus package has been of great                   “I	was	surprised	by	how	generous	he	was	with	his	time,”	
interest to his union members, as budget-crunches at the                    Schaitberger said.
city	and	state	level	have	led	to	fire	station	closings	and	mass	
     In selling his $787 billion plan last [month] in Fort Myers,                    
Fla., Obama told the story of the more than 1,000 men and
women	 who	 stood	 in	 line	 in	 hopes	 of	 securing	 one	 of	 35	                                                         

firefighter	jobs	in	Miami.                                                                                    
     “It’s	 a	 story	 repeated	 across	 the	 country	 —	 there’s	 so	
much	 demand	 for	 jobs	 that	 just	 aren’t	 there,”	 Obama	 said.	                                         
“That	is	both	the	paradox	and	the	promise	of	this	moment:	At	
a	time	when	so	many	Americans	are	looking	for	work,	there	
is	so	much	work	America	needs	done.”
     Schaitberger	echoed	that	call	in	a	conversation	with	The	                  
                                                                                                   
Hill	on	Tuesday,	saying	that	he	is	confident	the	stimulus	plan	                        
                                                                                
                                                                                    
—	panned	by	Republicans	in	Congress	—	can	“provide	some	
relief	to	the	fire	services	out	there.”
     The	final	plan	contains	$210	million	in	new	funding	for	
fire	service	infrastructure,	according	to	an	IAFF	official,	and	                                 
“the	vice	president	lobbied	to	include	$8.8	billion”	to	assist	                                     
states	and	cities	so	they	can	avoid	laying	off	firefighters	and	
closing station houses.                                                                           
    Distributing	that	$8.8	billion,	however,	is	where	things	can	                                        
get	tricky	for	both	Obama	and	first	responders,	Schaitberger	                                   
said.                                                                                                    
    “That’s	 the	 next	 challenge	 for	 the	 administration,”	 he	                        
said.	“They	got	the	stimulus	bill	through,	but	now	it	has	to	be	
managed.”                                                                      
Update on
 Fire-Retardant Pants                                                                                               by Ted Waldroup

Late last year a South	 Florida	 fire	 department	 raised	 some	         The	 Center	 for	 Disease	 Control	 (CDC)	 and	 NIOSH	 were	
concerns	 with	 the	 FR	 uniform	 pants	 they	 were	 issued	 and	        contacted	 to	 determine	 whether	 firefighters	 had	 absorbed	
have	been	wearing	for	more	than	15	years.	These	are	the	same	            antimony	 through	 their	 skin	 from	 wearing	 uniform	 pants	
Flying	Cross	FireWear	pants	IFD	has	been	issuing	firefighters	           made from FireWear® fabric. Prior to NIOSH’s involvement
for 16 plus years so the Union has been monitoring the                   a	group	of	firefighters	had	been	tested	for	antimony	exposure	
situation.                                                               using hair analysis. The hair tests suggested high antimony
Several	Boca	Raton	firefighters	began	showing	signs	of	metal	            levels.
poisoning;	their	doctor	believed	the	cause	of	the	problems	to	           NIOSH	investigators	visited	the	two	different	fire	departments	
be antimony - a key ingredient in the FireWear pants. The City           in the area during February 2009. They surveyed participants
denied	the	firefighter’s	workers	comp	claims	thus	beginning	             about	 personal	 characteristics,	 work	 history,	 and	 possible	
the controversy.                                                         sources of exposure to antimony. They also collected urine
                                                                         samples to measure antimony levels. The urine samples
What is antimony?                                                                                          were	analyzed	at	the	Centers	
Antimony is a silver-                                                                                       for Disease Control and
white metal that is                                                                                          Prevention’s	        (CDC)	
found at very low levels                                                                                       National Center for
throughout the envi-                                                                                            Environmental Health
ronment, including                                                                                              Laboratory.
air, soil, and food.
It is used in the pro-                                                                                              NIOSH Findings
duction of ceramics,                                                                                                  Urine levels of
glass, paints, fire-                                                                                                   antimony for all
works, and bat-                                                                                                        the	 firefighters	
teries. Antimony                                                                                                       tested	     were	
compounds,                                                                                                             not      elevated
particularly an-                                                                                                       regardless      of
timony oxides,                                                                                                         whether	 or	 not	
are used as                                                                                                            they had been
flame retardants                                                                                                       wearing	uniform	
in textiles, plas-                                                                                                   pants made from
tics, rubber, adhesives, and paper.                                      FireWear®	fabric.	The	levels	were	similar	to	the	urine	levels	of	
                                                                         antimony found in the U.S. population. NIOSH investigators
What health effects can antimony cause?                                  concluded that wearing the pants containing antimony
Overexposure to antimony trioxide can cause irritation to the            trioxide does not cause elevated levels of antimony in the
skin, eyes, nose, and respiratory tract. When ingested, it may           bodies of firefighters. NIOSH investigators consider the
also result in nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.           pants	containing	antimony	to	be	safe	to	wear.	They	plan	no	
Toxicity from acute or chronic exposure to antimony trioxide             further testing or investigating.
in industry is rare. According to the International Agency               The	 Boca	 Raton	 Firefighters	 and	 their	 Union,	 IAFF	 Local	
for Research on Cancer, the evidence that antimony trioxide              1560,	disagree	with	these	findings.	The	have	retained	council	
can cause cancer in humans is inadequate, but there is some              and	are	having	further	testing	done.	We	will	keep	you	updated	
evidence that it can cause cancer in laboratory animals.                 as this issue progresses.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR                                                         Changes and New
                                                                             Opportunities at the
                                                                             Indianapolis Fire Museum
     I	don’t	know	what	woke	me	in	the	wee	hours	Thursday	
morning.	I’m	hearing-impaired	and	sleep	without	my	hearing	
aids.	 But	 when	 I	 opened	 my	 eyes,	 the	 bright	 orange	 glow	
shining	 through	 the	 bedroom-window	 blinds	 was	 puzzling,	
then terrifying.                                                               In the spring of 2007, retirees
     I	 jumped	 out	 of	 bed	 and	 peered	 through	 the	 slats.	 The	
                                                                             Bob	Field	and	George	Salmon,	
two-story	 townhouses	 at	 the	 south	 end	 of	 our	 Downtown	
neighborhood	were	silhouetted	against	towering	flames.	I	told	               along	with	the	help	of	PFFUI	
my	wife	to	call	911.	She	said	we	didn’t	need	to;	the	nearby	                 President Tom Hanify, decided
sirens	signaled	that	help	was	on	the	way.                                    to expand the hours of the Indi-
     I	got	dressed,	grabbed	my	camera	and	walked	the	short	                  anapolis Fire Museum. A small
distance	to	North	Street.	A	few	of	my	Watermark	neighbors	                   group	of	retired	firefighters	was	
were	already	gathered.	One	man	was	taking	pictures.	A	woman	
stood	shivering	in	shorts	and	a	T-shirt.	Another	woman,	tears	               formed to open the Museum on
in her eyes, clutched her little dog in her arms.                            Saturdays from spring until fall.
     We	all	watched	as	the	flames--orange,	yellow,	blue	and	                    The	Saturday	schedule	has	proved	to	be	a	success,	with	visitors	
white-hot--raced	 closer	 and	 closer	 to	 our	 homes,	 eventually	
                                                                             from	near	and	far	stopping	in	to	see	a	1921	Stutz	Service	Truck	
engulfing	a	building	within	yards	of	a	Watermark	townhouse.
     More and more neighbors came running from their                         used at Station 27, read logbooks dating back to the 1800s, and
homes.	 As	 we	 stood	 staring,	 Indianapolis	 firefighters	 were	           hear	stories	of	life	in	the	firehouse	from	the	dedicated	retired	fire-
hard	at	work,	their	trucks	rumbling	in	the	dark,	hoses	snaked	               fighters	manning	the	Museum.	
here	 and	 there,	 arcs	 of	 water	 aimed	 strategically	 into	 the	
Cosmopolitan	on	the	Canal	construction	site	now	engulfed	in	                   Along	with	a	new	schedule,	the	museum	has	new	goals.	Many	
flames.                                                                      pictures,	news	clippings,	and	historical	objects	have	been	donated	
     To	 our	 right,	 a	 ladder	 truck	 arrived.	 The	 firefighters	         to the museum over the years. Many of these items have not been
pulled	it	in	close	to	the	area	where	the	fire	was	closest	to	our	            indentified	or	catalogued	and	most	of	the	pictures	do	not	have	
neighborhood. A pumper pulled in close behind. Working                       names	attached	to	them.	The	museum’s	motto	is	“Preserving	the	
calmly	 and	 methodically,	 the	 firefighters	 connected	 another	
set	of	hoses,	raised	the	ladder,	and	began	directing	water	onto	             past,	protecting	the	future.”	To	help	live	up	to	that	motto,	we	are	
the	blazing	apartment	and	into	the	gap	between	that	structure	               partnering	with	the	Indianapolis	Marion	County	Public	Library	to	
and my neighbor’s house.                                                     help start the process of archiving pictures and documents before
     Flames cracked and popped. Explosions rumbled. Wood                     they disintegrate. IMCPL hopes to receive a small grant to assist,
and	 metal	 collapsed	 inward.	 But	 slowly,	 gallon	 by	 high-              but	most	of	the	work	to	archive	and	identify	photographs	will	be	
pressure	 gallon,	 from	 every	 possible	 angle,	 the	 firefighters	
                                                                             done	in	the	new	museum	office	on	the	second	floor	of	the	Hall,	for-
gained	the	upper	hand	and	the	flames	began	to	recede.
     I	went	back	to	sleep	for	a	while.	When	I	awoke	just	after	              merly	the	Survive	Alive	office.	IMCPL	Supervising	Cataloger	Pam	
dawn,	 the	 firefighters	 and	 their	 trucks	 were	 still	 pumping	          Swaidner	has	helped	coordinate	the	project,	recommending	equip-
water	from	North	Street	and	Senate	Avenue.	Smoke	billowed	                   ment,	resources,	and	methods.	Once	photographs	are	digitized	
into the sky. And TV station choppers circled overhead.                      and	labeled,	they	will	be	available	online	through	the	Indianapolis	
     But our neighborhood and the Section 8 apartment                        Marion County Public Library.
building	next	door	were	saved.	So	were	the	lives	of	the	people	
who	live	here--the	greatest	blessing	of	all.                                    This	important	goal	of	preserving	our	past	will	take	both	time	
     We	whine	about	government.	We	complain	about	property	                  and money. Thankfully, time has been given generously by the re-
taxes.	 We	 drag	 our	 feet	 about	 consolidating	 township	 fire	           tirees	who	are	running	the	program.	To	raise	money	for	the	muse-
departments, giving raises to civil servants, funding pensions
                                                                             um	and	the	equipment	needed	to	digitize	and	organize	the	archives,	
and	health	benefits.
     But	on	this	night,	when	our	lives	and	homes	were	at	risk,	              a membership program has been started. Kicking off at the FDIC
we	were	blessed	by	two	things:	a	calm	wind	blowing	from	the	                 Open	House,	anyone	will	be	able	to	join	as	a	Charter	Member	of	
northwest	and	smart,	well-trained,	well-equipped	firefighters	               the	Museum.	Retirees	will	also	be	visiting	firehouses	to	talk	about	
from	the	Indianapolis	Fire	Department.	They	dazzled	us	with	                 the	program,	so	please	be	sure	to	welcome	them.	They	have	stories	
their calm, their professionalism and their success.                         to	tell,	each	one	worth	listening	to.	With	levels	starting	as	low	as	
     Thursday	morning,	the	e-mails	started	flying	around	the	
neighborhood:	“What	can	we	do	for	the	firefighters?”	“How	                   $26	a	year	($1	per	pay)	you	can	help	preserve	the	past	so	it	is	not	
can	 we	 contribute?”	 “They	 were	 awesome!”	 A	 fundraising	               lost in the future. There is payroll deduction available through the
campaign	 ensued.	 Pledges	 were	 instant,	 generous	 and	 well	             Firefighters	Credit	Union	and	contributions	are	tax	deductable.	
     Here in Watermark, our hats are off to the men and                        The	Museum’s	Saturday	schedule	will	resume	this	spring,	open-
women	of	IFD.                                                                ing April 4 and going through October 31. Saturday hours are from
     Bruce Hetrick                                                           10am-4pm.		Come	check	out	a	new	display	of	tools	put	together	by	
                                                                             retiree	John	Noone,	learn	about	SCBA	gear	from	the	past	(starting	
                                                                             with	beards	dipped	in	water!),	and	listen	to	stories	told	by	the	men	
                                                                             who	lived	them.	

                Photos	by	Roger	Birchfield

               AIRPORT                                                                               BUCK CREEK/SUGAR CREEK
               Brian Booth                                                                           Charlie Brown

My	fellow	firefighters,	                                                               Hello	once	again	from	Sugar	Creek	Township.
                                                                                            Not	a	whole	lot	happening	here	at	Sugar	Creek,	I	need	to	con-
     The	Airport	 firefighters	 have	 made	 some	 strides	 in	 becoming	
                                                                                       gratulate Braden Sublett, Tony Bratcher, and Wayne Literal on com-
recognized.		I	would	like	to	thank	Chief	Gentry	and	Airport	Director	
                                                                                       pleting	their	first	year	successfully.	They	are	no	longer	Probies	and	
Bob	Duncan	for	allowing	us	to	sit	and	discuss	our	intentions	as	an	
organized	union.	Although	we	are	not	officially	recognized,	Airport	                   have	been	given	the	title	of	merit	Firefighters.
Director Bob Duncan gave us valuable information to pursue of-                               We	 start	 negotiating	 the	 new	 contract	 this	 May.	We	 have	 put	
ficial	recognition.	                                                                   together a committee, and I don’t foresee any big problems. We are
     The	 new	 airport	 terminal	 has	 been	 in	 operation	 for	 nearly	 4	            still	on	pace	to	have	our	own	local	by	January	2010.	Richard	McFall	
months	and	everything	has	gone	very	smooth.	We	are	awaiting	our	                       and	Nick	Baker	are	working	out	the	wording	in	the	by-	laws,	and	we	
new	Executive	Airport	Director	John	Clark	and,	we	would	also	like	
                                                                                       should easily have them approved and in place by next year.
to	welcome	the	newly	appointed	Airport	Board	Members.	We	look	
forward	to	introducing	a	good	working	relationship	for	the	benefit	                         Buck	Creek	has	exciting	news	to	report;	the	new	Station	71	at	
of	all.	I	would	also	like	to	welcome	all	our	brothers	and	sister’s	who	                Mt.	Comfort	Airport	will	be	completed	very	soon.	They	are	mov-
will	join	us	during	FDIC.                                                              ing	in	on	April	11th,	so	please	feel	free	to	stop	by	and	see	the	new	
                                                                                       station. FDIC is around the corner and so is the Buck Creek annual
Thank	you	and	God	bless,                                                               fish	fry.	The	fish	fry	will	be	held	on	Saturday	April	25th,	2009	at	
                                                                                       Station	71	(The	new	station	at	Mt	Comfort	Airport)	from	11	a.m.	
Brian Booth                                                                            to	7	p.m.		They	hope	to	see	everyone	there	for	some	great	fish	and	
                                                                                       great company.
               BEECH GROvE                                                             So until next time please be safe,
               Brian Butler                                                            Charles	E.	Brown
                                                                                       Nick Baker
     Greetings,	 I	 hope	 everyone’s	 spring	 is	 off	 to	 a	 great	 start	 as	
summer is fast approaching. Once again FDIC is upon us and I
hope	many	of	our	district	members	will	take	the	opportunity	to	par-
ticipate in this valuable training event. We are fortunate that the                                   CITY OF LAWRENCE
City	of	Indianapolis	is	able	to	host	this	wonderful	conference.
                                                                                                      Ron Marks
     It	is	with	excitement	we	announce	that	the	Merit	Commission	
members	have	been	selected.		We	are	currently	working	with	those	
members and our city’s legal department on the rules for the com-                          Hello	to	all,	I	hope	this	issue	finds	you	all	in	good	health.	The	
mission.	 	 I	 would	 like	 to	 thank	 everyone	 for	 their	 hard	 work	 and	          City of	Lawrence	Fire	Department	lost	a	brother	earlier	this	year;	
patience. Also, thank you to those members that put in their time                      Al	Vise	will	be	missed	by	all.	Al	was	a	brother	and	member	of	this	
during	St.	Patrick’s	Day;	I	really	appreciate	your	hard	work.	                         Department for 35 years.

     We	currently	are	in	the	middle	of	a	hiring	process	for	two	civil-                      We	have	four	new	hires	that	will	be	starting	recruit	school	in	
ian	medics.		Hopefully	we	will	wrap	this	up	by	next	month.		Good	                      April.		These	recruits	will	replace	two	retiree’s,	Al	Vise,	and	a	fire-
luck to all of those that applied. We have formed a contract com-                      fighter	who	thinks	he	really	wants	to	be	a	police	officer.	Actually	I	
mittee	for	future	negotiations	which	will	start	in	May	of	this	year.	   	              would	 like	 to	 congratulate	 Firefighter	 Theodore	 Lich	 for	 his	 new	
There	 are	 five	 members	 on	 the	 committee	 who	 will	 represent	 the	              career	 choice	 and	 thank	 him	 for	 making	 room	 for	 someone	 who	
Department	well.	Our	annual	golf	outing	will	be	coming	up	soon	                        really	wants	to	be	a	Firefighter!	All	joking	aside,	I	wish	him	much	
this year, so keep your eyes open for more information.                                luck	in	his	new	profession.	I	have	no	doubt	that	he	will	be	a	very	
                                                                                       good	police	officer.	
     We	would	like	to	send	our	condolences	to	the	Brothers	&	Sis-
ters	of	IFD	on	their	loss	of	Firefighter	John	A.	Mohler.                                    We	 have	 recently	 started	 a	 new	 hiring	 process	 for	 Civilian	
                                                                                       EMS,	as	our	current	list	expired	and	we	will	soon	have	an	opening.	
     Reminder to all members of our district that our Local is hosting                 Civilian EMT-P Johnathan Abernathy has been hired by the Plain-
and sponsoring many events this year. So come out, get involved                        field	Fire	Department.	Johnathan	has	been	a	hard	working	member	
and	meet	new	friends.		There	are	many	hard	working	members	rep-                        of	this	Department,	and	we	wish	him	the	best	in	his	new	position.	
resenting you. The strength of our Union depends on you getting
and	 active	 and	 staying	 active!	 	 Many	 of	 our	 past	 Union	 officials	                We	are	still	in	the	running	for	Safer	Grant	money	from	the	Fed-
have	worked	hard	to	get	where	we	are	at	today!                                         eral	Govt.	The	City	sent	an	acceptance	letter	to	the	Federal	Govern-
                                                                                       ment,	 and	 we	 are	 currently	 waiting	 for	 a	 reply.	 I	 look	 forward	 to	
     I hope everyone has a great and safe time during FDIC. Hope                       FDIC, and all of the events that happen in support of it. Stay safe.
to see you all again next year.
                                                                                       Ron Marks
Until	next	time,	stay	safe!                                                       14

              D E C AT U R                                                                       EMS
              Paul Ford                                                                          Dave Truex

     Welcome FDIC attendees, it’s good to have you back in India-                         Greeting	to	all,	I	hope	everyone	enjoys	FDIC.		It’s	been	a	busy	
napolis.	FDIC	in	Indianapolis	is	our	time	to	shine	and	shine	we	do.	                few	months	for	the	EMS	division.		We	are	continuing	with	the	Me-
The one event during FDIC that has become the climax for FDIC at-                   dusa	paperless	reporting	system.	It	has	come	a	long	way	since	the	be-
tendees is the Local 416 Open House. This is the time for everyone                  ginning	and	now	has	become	second	nature.		We	have	started	a	new	
to	unwind	and	fellowship	with	our	fellow	brothers	and	sisters	from	                 trial	study.	It’s	called	the	Rescue	Pod.		It	is	geared	towards	the	way	
around	 the	 country.	As	 always,	 transportation	 will	 be	 provided	 to	          CPR	is	done.	It	is	a	new	concept	that	utilizes	a	suction	cup	type	chest	
and from the convention center. If you have never been to our open                  compressor that creates more negative pressure in the chest during
house	we	hope	to	see	you	there.                                                     CPR. The more negative pressure, the more blood that is returned
     The	new	Station	72	is	still	on	schedule	to	be	completed	some	                  to the heart and brain. Secondly, respirations are kept to a minimum
time	in	late	June	or	early	July.	The	new	station	has	been	relocated	                by	using	a	Pod	to	alert	you	when	to	ventilate.	We	have	already	had	
to	Mooresville	Road	and	Tincher	Rd.	on	the	far	southwest	corner	of	                 some	success	in	the	first	week	and	it	shows	promise	for	the	future.	
the	township.	We	also	have	two	new	KME	pumpers	on	order.	De-                        We	must	remember	that	it	all	starts	with	good	consistent	CPR.	
livery	date	on	them	should	be	somewhere	around	July.	The	KME’s	
will	replace	Engines	72	and	74.		                                                        I	would	like	to	congratulate	Wayne	Fletcher,	Steve	Thomas	and	
                                                                                    James	Hammock	on	their	new	positions	as	North	side	EDO’s.	Chief	
     I	would	like	to	thank	Trustee	Steve	Rink	for	taking	the	time	to	
                                                                                    Issacs put countless hours into creating these positions as a means
meet	with	all	three	shifts	last	month	to	discuss	the	current	economic	
issues	and	the	fright	associated	with	the	coming	tax	caps.	It	truly	                of	promotion	within	the	EMS	division.		
does	 mean	 a	 lot	 for	 the	 firefighters	 in	 Decatur	 Township	 to	 hear	        Be safe.
from	their	top	elected	official	given	the	current state of the economy.

              FRANKLIN                                                                            LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP
              Jason Hansman                                                                       Bob Wallace

     We’ve	been	keeping	busy	on	the	southeast	side	maybe	not	with	                  Dear	Union	Brothers	and	Sisters:
runs,	but	with	union	activity.		On	March	5th	our	Township	Advisory	
Board	accepted	our	Merit	Resolution	with	no	discussion.		We	have	                   I	 hope	 everything	 is	 going	 well.	
a	time	table	established	as	follows:	On	April	6th		the	chief	will	post	             By the time you read this, FDIC
notice	in	all	stations	announcing	that	on	April	27,	28,	and	29	we,	as	              will	be	right	around	the	corner.	I	
a	membership,	will	vote	on	this	referendum.		On	April	20th	the	chief	               hope everyone gets a chance to
will	distribute	a	copy	to	all	members.		                                            go	to	FDIC	as	it	is	always	infor-
     Our	new	committees	have	been	established.		Our	contract	com-                   mative and a good time to net-
mittee	will	include	Rapp,	Wilmouth,	and	Todd.		Our	grievance	com-                   work	 with	 our	 brothers	 and	 sis-
mittee	will	be	made	up	of	McGann,	Rizzi,	and	Harden.		Our	PAC	                      ters throughout the country and
committee	 will	 include	 Hanshew,	 Kloss,	 Wilmouth,	 Zimmerman,	                  world.		I	have	not	missed	one	FDIC,	and	every	year	I	learn	and	see	
Colip,	and	Harden.		I	will	be	chairing	these	committees	and	Marden	                 something	new.		I	encourage	everyone	to	attend	this	great	event	that	
will	be	the	co-chair.		Thanks	to	all	who	volunteered	and	those	that	                is in our backyard.
voted for the committee members.
                                                                                    The Union has hit the ground running again this year. We have had
     Trustee	 Royalty	 has	 established	 a	 committee	 to	 look	 at	 ways	          our	annual	planning	retreat,	are	planning	the	Easter	Egg	Hunt	with	
to	save	money	within	our	department.		We	will	be	looking	at	ev-                     the Ladies Auxiliary, have had the Civilian Contract signed, and are
erything,	 including	 possible	 consolidation	 with	 IFD.	 	 We	 have	 4	           welcoming	its	newest	members	to	the	department	and	L416.		We	
meetings scheduled at this point. At our second meeting, the city
                                                                                    are getting ready to start the Contract Committee meeting in April
controller,	deputy	public	safety	director,	and	an	IFD	Chief	will	be	
making	a	presentation	to	us	as	to	how	consolidation	would	benefit	                  for	2010.		If	anyone	has	any	suggestions	on	what	they	would	like	to	
both	our	department	and	the	residents	of	Franklin	Township.		I	will	                see	in	the	next	contract,	please	email	the	“Contract	Committee	Tab”	
keep	everyone	informed	as	we	progress	through	these	meetings.		                     and	let	us	know.		
    FDIC	is	coming	up	the	week	of	April	20th	,	and	I	hope	every-                    Remember	to	continue	to	use	the	website	to	keep	
one	has	a	chance	to	attend	some	great	training	sessions	as	well	as	                 updated	on	our	latest	news	and	meetings.	For	example,	our	meeting	
helping	out	with	the	Local	416	T-shirt	booth	and	the	open	house.	 	                 and	planning	retreat	notes	can	be	found	on	this	website.		Of	course,	
Thanks	to	all	who	have	volunteered	to	help	out.		                                   you	can	always	contact	a	Union	E-Board	member	if	you	have	any	
     Congratulations to Sean and Delainie Schembra on the birth of                  questions	or	comments	as	well.		They	are:	Bill	Price,	Dave	Burhenn,	
Ana.		Condolences	to	John	Kitley	on	the	loss	of	his	Aunt	Jane,	who	                 Al	Wood,	Tony	Jones,	Mike	Finnigan,	Kirk	Long,	and	Liz	Mundy.	
was	 a	 long	 time	 teacher	 in	 the	 Franklin	Township	 school	 system.	           I hope to see you all at the next meeting. Be safe, and keep up the
Also, keep Jason Trebley in your thoughts as he goes through his                    good	work!
shoulder and back surgeries. These procedures may bring his career
to	an	end	here	at	Franklin	Township.	
Until next time, be safe.                                                      15   Bob Wallace

                IFD                                                                                 PERRY TOWNSHIP
                Chris Major                                                                         Dean Teagardin

Brothers and Sisters,
     FDIC	is	upon	us	once	again	and	I	would	like	to	welcome	all	of	
this	year’s	attendees.		Whether	it	is	your	first	time	in	Indianapolis	
or	your	14th,	I’m	sure	you	will	agree	by	week’s	end,	that	the	show	
was	 well	 worth	 the	 time	 and	 effort	 you	 put	 forth	 to	 attend.	 	 The	
conference	came	to	Indianapolis	during	my	first	year	on	the	job	in	
1995.		As	a	recruit	who	was	new	to	the	fire	service,	I	had	no	idea	
what	to	expect	from	FDIC.		There	were	a	lot	of	neat	things	to	see	
and	buy,	as	well	as	fun	to	be	had.		What	I	did	not	see	though,	were	
the	training	opportunities	firefighters	were	experiencing	in	an	effort	
to	better	themselves	 and	those	 around	them.		For	some,	it	was	in	
a	classroom,	while	others	were	lucky	enough	to	participate	in	the	
“hands	on”	drills	taking	place	at	various	locations	around	the	city.	        	
Over	the	years	I	have	watched	this	conference	grow	in	size	and	in	
opportunities	for	us	as	firefighters	to	make	a	difference	to	the	people	
we	protect.		I	am	proud	to	be	a	small	part	of	the	host	department	for	
this	wonderful	event.		On	behalf	of	my	brothers	and	sisters	at	IFD	I	
welcome	you	to	Indianapolis.		Please	stop	by	the	Union	Hall	during	
your stay. Don’t forget the Pumper Pull and Open House on Friday
April	24th	at	5:00pm.		
     I	would	like	to	finish	this	month	by	expressing	my	condolences	
to	the	family	of	firefighter	John	Mohler.		John’s	untimely	passing	                   Brothers & Sisters,
has	left	us	all	shocked	and	saddened.		John	will	be	missed	by	many,	
especially	those	who	worked	closely	with	him	at	his	various	station	                  					6	Yes	1	No—With	this	simple	vote	the	future	of	the	Perry	Town-
assignments during his 23-year career. Rest in Peace Brother.                         ship	Fire	Department	will	be	forever	changed.		In	case	you	missed	
                                                                                      it	 somehow,	 our	 board	 voted	 to	 approve	 the	 resolution	 to	 merge	
Fraternally,                                                                          with	the	Indianapolis	Fire	Department.	I	say	simple	vote;	but,	we	all	
                                                                                      know	this	has	been	a	3	year	ordeal.		I	can’t	even	begin	to	name	and	
Chris	Major
                                                                                      thank	everyone	who	has	helped	us.	I	would	like	to	take	this	opportu-
                                                                                      nity	to	thank	Trustee	Coons	and	the	Township	Board	members	who	
                                                                                      gave	so	unselfishly	of	their	time.	We	could	not	have	accomplished	
                                                                                      this	without	them.		We	will	need	their	continued	support	to	complete	
       Meeting of the Death &                                                         the merger.

             Burial Club                                                              					It	has	been	a	long	and	winding	road	for	the	Perry	Fire	Depart-
                                                                                      ment. From its conception as a volunteer department in the 1950’s,
                for a                                                                 to	when	I	was	hired	in	1984	and	we	became	a	fully	paid	department;	
                                                                                      to	 now,	 where	 we	 are	 a	 105	 firefighters	 strong	 department	 with	 a	
       Constitutional Change                                                          tremendous history behind us. We have had so many characters
                                                                                      who	have	helped	shape	and	make	us	who	we	are	today.	Some	have	
                                                                                      made us better, some have held us back, and others have made us
   April 14th -15th, 6 – 7pm prior                                                    stronger.	But	all	have	had	a	part	in	making	us	who	we	are	today.	
                                                                                      Without	them	we	would	not	be	here	ready	to	take	this	giant	step.	Al-
         to General Meeting                                                           though,	with	a	merger	we	may	be	losing	part	of	our	rich	heritage;	I	
                                                                                      would	like	to	believe	we	are	starting	another	chapter.		A	chapter	that	
                  and                                                                 we	all	get	to	help	write.			So	all	should	get	involved	and	help	make	
   May 19th -20th, 6 – 7pm prior                                                      this	one	of	the	best	times	in	the	final	chapter	of	the	Perry	Township	
                                                                                      Fire Department.
          to IFD District Mtg.                                                        Stay Safe.
                                                                                      Dean Teagardin

              W AY N E T O W N S H I P                                                        PIKE TOWNSHIP
              Scott Williams                                                                  Jon Helrigel

Hello Brothers and Sisters,                                                      					FDIC	is	almost	here	and	Pike	will	be	helping	with	a	couple	of	
As	you	read	this	FDIC	is	again	here	and	I	would	like	to	welcome	                 things.		On	Tuesday,	April	21st	,	we	will	work	the	t-shirt	booth	at	
all	the	firefighters	from	across	the	country	that	have	come	to	India-            the Convention Center. In order to stay on Donnie Kirch’s good
napolis	to	teach,	train	and	learn	at	the	mid-west’s	largest	fire	service	        side, I need to mention again the Open House cookout on Friday,
conference. We have a tremendous opportunity to take advantage                   April	24th.		Donnie	has	always	done	a	great	job	on	this,	so	let	him	
of learning from brothers and sisters across this country and pass               know	if	you	can	help.		Both	days	are	fun	socializing	with	each	other	
along	the	lessons	that	we	have	learned.		Please	take	advantage	of	the	           and	with	the	brothers	and	sisters	that	are	in	town	from	all	over	the	
opportunities for BOTH learning and social events.                               country.
The year is moving along quickly and our department is moving                        Make an effort to meet and educate the recruits on having a good
forward	with	equal	speed.		We	have	two	newly	appointed	Lieuten-                  attitude	and	respect	for	the	job.		Instilling	these	traits	at	the	begin-
ants	in	Justin	Sparks	and	Troy	Wymer.		Lt.	Sparks	will	be	serving	               ning	will	go	a	long	way	towards	making	them	the	kind	of	firefight-
in	the	training	division	and	Lt.	Wymer	will	be	serving	in	the	new	               ers	we	want	to	live	and	work	with.		
position	of	float	officer	on	B	shift.		Congratulations	to	both	of	them	          					If	anyone	would	like	to	only	receive	the	Helmet	online,	please	
and good luck.                                                                   contact the Hall. You can be removed from the mailing list and
We have recently had yet another successful St. Patrick’s Day, thank             save a tree or a stamp. Our next meetings are May 7th and June
you	to	all	of	those	who	came	down	to	help	out.		It	is	always	appreci-            4th,	7:00	p.m.	at	the	Union	Hall.		Keep	each	other	safe	and	see	you	
ated to have so many people offer their services.                                at the meetings.
We	are	nearing	the	end	of	our	hiring	process	and	look	forward	to	
adding an additional 8 members. These recruits are anticipated to
begin	class	June	1st	and	there	will	likely	be	some	additional	recruits	
from	northern	departments	again.		Please	congratulate	them	when	
you	see	them	and	be	as	helpful	as	you	can	with	their	education.		
Take	care	and	make	it	safe!                                                          
       Indianapolis Metropolitan Firefighters
                       Local 416
                                                             in conjunction with
                                            Globe Manufacturing

                                                           and the
      Date: Friday, April 24th
           Time: 5:00 pm
           Pre-register by: April 17, 2009

                                      In conjunction with FDIC 2009
                                          For more information or to register:
                                        Local 416 Union Hall @ 317 262 5161
    Student Loan
      Forgiveness Program For Firefighters                                                                 Compiled from IAFF Info by Steve Jugg

Firefighters	may	now	be	eligible	for	student	loan	forgiveness	
due	to	the	passing	of	legislation	with	the	help	of	IAFF.		The	
legislation includes the Loan Forgiveness of Public Services
Employees program created in 2007 and the Loan Forgiveness
for Service in Areas of National Need in 2008. The legislation
also expanded the existing Perkins Loan Cancellation program
to	include	firefighters.		These	three	programs	will	help	ease	
the	financial	burden	of	firefighters	both	in	the	near	future	and	
in the long term.

Eligibility depends on the type of loan:
1. Perkins Loan- qualifying loans are eligible for the Perkins
   Loan Cancellation Program. The current program provides
                                                                                  category, any additional debt not cancelled by the National
   partial cancellation for the original principle loan amount,
                                                                                  Need program may qualify for the Loan Forgiveness for
   plus the annual interest accrued, for each year of qualifying
                                                                                  Public Service Employees program. Federal Direct Loans
   full-time service. To qualify the loan must not be in default,
   and the loan must not have been consolidated. In addition,
   candidates	 must	 be	 full-time	 fire	 fighter	 serving	 a	 local,	                 -Stafford/Ford Loans
   state	or	federal	fire	department/district.	                                	        -Unsubsidized	Stafford/Ford	Loans
	   Those	 who	 are	 eligible	 may	 apply	 now,	 but	 because	 the	                    -PLUS Loans
    benefit	 is	 relatively	 new,	 the	 Department	 of	 Education	
                                                                                       -Consolidation Loans
    has	only	begun	to	issue	regulations	to	schools	on	how	the	
    program should be administered.                                           To qualify the loan must not be in default. In addition a
                                                                              candidate must have made 120 monthly payments on or after
                                                                              October 1, 2007 and must be employed full-time in one of
2. Federal Family Education Loans (FEEL) - qualifying                         the designated public service occupations during the period
   loans are eligible for Loan Forgiveness for Service in                     in	which	you	make	each	of	the	120	monthly	payments.		The	
   Areas	of	National	Need.		Included	are:                                     candidate	 must	 also	 be	 employed	 in	 a	 public	 service	 job	 at	
	        -Subsidized	Stafford	Loans                                           the time of forgiveness. Lastly, the candidate must be paying
                                                                              their	 loan	 under	 any	 one	 or	 a	 combination	 of	 the	 following	
	        -Unsubsidized	Stafford	Loans
                                                                              Direct	Loan	program	repayment	plans:
         -Consolidation Loans
                                                                              	        -Standard	Repayment	Plan	with	a	10-year	repayment	
    This program provides up to $10,000 of loan cancellation                            period
    based on each year of qualifying full-time service. To                    	        -Income	contingent	Repayment	(ICR)	Plan
    qualify the loan must not be in default and you must be                   	        -Income	based	Repayment	(IBR)	Plan
    employed full-time in one of the designated public sector                          -Another Direct Loan Repayment Plan
    occupations. Congress has yet to provide funding for
                                                                              The earliest date of eligibility under the Direct Loans Program
    the benefits available under this program. The IAFF is
                                                                              is October 1, 2017.
    currently	working	to	secure	this	funding.
                                                                              For	more	information	you	can	go	to	the	IAFF	website	at	www.
                                                                     The IAFF has created an interactive tool to help
3. Direct Loans- qualifying loans are eligible for Loan                       sort through the different loans eligible for cancellation and
   Forgiveness for Service in National Need. In this                          the various loan forgiveness programs.
 Looking Back
      January 1967                                                                                                           By Cliff Polley-Retiree

Joyce’s Jabbers
   Speaking	of	grown	boys’	appetites,	Bill	“Pop”	Hurley	
2’s,	downed	17	biscuits	smothered	with	dried	beef	gravy.	
It’s	not	known	if	this	is	a	record	but	it	should	be.***		Re-
cently	somebody	gave	Kenny	“Keno”	Snyder	14’s’	a	quart	
of	ice	cream,	and	Kenny	didn’t	know	how	to	get	it	open.	
Kenny says practice makes perfect, and this time next year
he	will	be	in	good	shape.***	Bill	Sturgon,	11’s	sub,	had	the	
sad	pleasure	of	cooking	and	having	night	watch.	At	11:45	
a.m.,	the	worry	began	for	the	crew	as	Bill	hadn’t	turned	
a	tap	in	the	galley,	but	Bill	came	thru	with	lunch	right	on	
time.	A	“hockey	puck”	size	pancake	for	each	man.	After	a	
few	thoughts	were	interjected	Bill	decided	to	never	again	
serve	pancakes	for	a	meal.***	Terry	McGlinchy,	the	sub	
who	asked	Chief	Hanley	what	his	ailment	was	that	meant	                        that	your	P.J.s	get	dirty	and	soggy.***	Bob	Hacker	14’s,	was	trans-
he	was	assigned	to	the	Fire	Prevention	Bureau,	has	the	fellows	                porting a furnace in the rear of his truck and drove very easy so as
at	33’s	wondering	what	all	the	weird	noises	are	when	he	takes	a	               not	to	jar	it.	When	Bob	got	to	the	job,	no	furnace	and	never	a	sign	
shower.***	Dick	“Buford”	Crago	25’s	has	decided	it’s	easier	to	                of	it	when	he	back	tracked	his	route.***	Jim	Bell	who	recently	
get	a	ladder	on	a	working	fire	than	to	limp	around	for	a	few	days.	            subbed at the 2’s cooked a meal for the men and then had his
An	old	table	Dick	was	using	broke	with	our	hero	on	it.***	Jerry	               mother bring him over a complete meal for himself. Sure looks bad
Schuster	25’s,	who	showers	each	evening	before	putting	on	his	                 for	the	future.***	Ralph	Mahlke	14’s,	built	a	mini	barn	at	work,	a	
P.J.s	and	retiring,	says	the	night	runs	will	have	to	stop	if	people	           very	authentic	one	in	fact.	People	wondered	where	the	barn	was	
don’t	start	putting	steps	in	their	basement	stairways.	It	isn’t	the	           going	when	Ralph	left	work	the	next	day.	(He	built	it	for	yours	
sudden	stop	or	even	the	two	feet	of	water	at	the	bottom.	It’s	just	            truly	and	delivered	it	to	my	house.)	Thanks	Ralph.

                                                                                   Retired Firefighter
                              Sean Winchell E15-B                                  Reasonable Rates
                          Good Shepherd Mortgage                                        Insured
                         “Faithful Guidance with a Servant’s Heart”               Campbell Appliance Repair
                                                                                                      Quality Service

          *MORTGAGE FINANCING*—any/all loan programs
                                                                                   Reconditioned                            Ph. 317-223-8048
    PURCHASES - pre-approvals, counseling, construction loans.                   Washers & Dryers                          20 Yrs. Experience
    Talk to me before contacting a realtor or looking for a house and I          At Discount Prices
    can help you avoid a lot of common mistakes and save you money,
    time, and headaches.
    REFINANCES –debt consolidation, no out of pocket programs-
    lower your interest rate and payment. No closing cost programs
    available. Second Mortgages. Cash out for any need. Save
                                                                                             Motion Notice
    HONEST ANSWERS Every time, whether it’s something you                                of Proposed Changes to the
    want to hear, or not. Isn’t this the way it should be?
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    My advice will ALWAYS be in your best interest.
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     Mortgage Broker, I do the shopping for you - saving you money,              Constitution & By-Laws be change to:
    time, and hassles.
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    Contact me anytime for a FREE quote and/or
    advice at (317) 773-9721 or Cell (317) 697-8576                              The motion is to be read at the next 2 district meet-
                                                                                 ings, and then brought up in April’s General Meet-
    I would be happy to serve you.                                               ing for discussion and a vote.

                           The Facts about Property Tax Caps in Indiana.
                           By State Representative Mary Ann Sullivan
                                Also	known	as	circuit	breakers,	tax	                   In 2009, I
                           caps are designed to limit property tax                believe	 we	 have	
                           bills for homes, farms and businesses                  higher	 priorities:	
                           to	 a	 fixed	 percentage	 of	 a	 property’s	           passing a plan to
                           assessed value.                                        put Hoosiers back
                                Initially enacted on a limited basis              to	 work	 as	 soon	
                           to address concerns about unchecked                    as possible and
                           property	 tax	 growth	 in	 certain	 areas	             enacting a state
of the state, the caps became a critical part of the bipartisan                   budget.       Which
property tax reform program passed by the Legislature in                          is the one thing
2008.	Lawmakers	chose	a	two-part	approach	in	enacting	these	                      our      Constitution
caps:	putting	them	into	state	law,	then	locking	them	into	place	                  requires us to do
in the Indiana Constitution.                                                      this year.
     Many	 people	 don’t	 realize	 that	 property	 tax	 caps	 are	                     If you need to reach me during session, you can call the
already	in	state	law	(Indiana	Code	6-1.1-20.6-7	and	7.5).                         toll-free	 Statehouse	 telephone	 number	 (1-800-382-9842),	
                                                                                  write	to	me	in	care	of	the	Indiana	House	of	Representatives,	
     In	2009,	they	limit	a	homeowner’s	bill	to	1.5	percent	of	                    200 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204, or submit
assessed valuation, rental and farm property to 2.5 percent                       your	comments	on	my	website	at
and	businesses	to	3.5	percent.	In	2010,	the	caps	will	lower	to	
                                                                                  Local 416’s Union Hall lies within Ms. Sullivan’s district. She champions to upgrade
1 percent for homes, 2 percent for farms and rental units and                     our neighborhoods to make them better places to live, consolidate government to
3 percent for businesses.                                                         lower taxes, expand health care for seniors, and generate more business and job
                                                                                  opportunities for the citizens of Indiana.
     To	 put	 the	 caps	 into	 the	 state	 Constitution	 first	 requires	
passage	of	a	joint	resolution	by	two	separately	elected	Indiana	
General	 Assemblies.	 Once	 passed	 by	 the	 Legislature,	 the	
people of Indiana get their chance to consider the question                                           The Ruble Team
through	a	statewide	referendum.	If	approved	in	that	vote,	the	                                     Keller Williams Realty                          ®

provision	would	go	into	the	Constitution.
     In	 2008,	 lawmakers	 took	 the	 first	 step,	 passing	 a	 joint	
resolution	 that	 would	 set	 the	 constitutional	 caps	 at	 the	 1-2-
3	 levels.	 In	 order	 to	 complete	 our	 end	 of	 the	 process,	 we	
must	pass	a	similar	joint	resolution	either	this	year	or	in	the	
2010	session.	Citizens	then	would	vote	on	the	question	in	the	
November 2010 general election.                                                                     Gary Ruble - CRS/GRI Certified
     Here	 is	 where	 things	 get	 interesting	 -	 Some	 legislators,	                               Ann Ruble - Associate Broker
and	 the	 governor,	 would	 have	 you	 believe	 we	 need	 to	 pass	                                 Mike Spalking - Sales Associate
the	resolution	this	year	or	we	will	lose	the	resolve	to	make	the	
caps permanent. I do not accept this assessment. I believe that                                            (317) 863-4330
having	more	information,	rather	than	less,	is	a	good	strategy;	
especially	when	making	a	decision	as	important	as	amending	                                   Serving Central Indiana Firefighters
our	state	constitution.	As	you	know,	recent	revenue	projections	                                  and their Families since 1987
have proven to be far-off, even our best estimates. We are                                 Visit	our	website	for	your	real	estate	resources
living in a time of great uncertainty and economic challenge.
By	 waiting	 until	 next	 year,	 we	 should	 have	 a	 clearer,	 more	
complete	 picture	 of	 how	 the	 caps	 will	 affect	 our	 ability	 to	
provide all of the programs and services that taxpayers expect                       •	List	of	foreclosures	emailed	to	you	on	a	daily	basis.
from their local governments. In the meantime, taxpayers are                         •	Homes	that	match	your	search	criteria	sent	to	you	the	mo-
assured	 that	 their	 property	 taxes	 will	 be	 at	 the	 levels	 set	 by	             ment they hit the market.
state	law.                                                                           •	Our	exclusive	“Market	Snapshot”	which	provides	informa-
     Another year means more data and a better-informed                                tion	on	activity	in	your	specific	area.
decision by both legislators and voters. It is especially critical                   •	Complete	home	buying	guide	from	A-Z	that	covers	the	
for voters to understand the full implications of the decision                         entire real estate process.
to	amend	our	constitution	because	undoing	that	change	would	                         •	Complimentary	Market	Evaluation	on	your	home’s	current	
be	very	difficult.                                                                     value in todays market.
     Remember	this…	If	we	pass	the	resolution	this	year,	the	
people	of	Indiana	won’t	vote	on	it	until	November	2010.	If	                                                        pROUd SpOnSORS OF THE
we	wait	until	the	2010	session	to	act,	the	referendum	vote	still	                                                 pEOpLES bURn FOUndATIOn
won’t	take	place	until	November	2010.
 Colorectal Cancer Screening                                                                                                         Mental Health Awareness in the
                                                                                                                                     Indianapolis Fire Department
Submitted by Public Safety Medical                                                                                                   Dr. Robert Smith, Ph.D., Clinical Director IFD CISM Team, Psychotherapist
                                                                                                                                     Lieutenant, Engine 12 B-Shift
Colorectal	cancer	is	a	disease	in	which	cells	in	the	colon	or	
rectum	become	abnormal	and	divide	without	control,	forming	                                                                             There	has	been	a	growing	interest	in	the	general	heath	of	the	fire-
a mass called a tumor. Colorectal cancer is the third most                                                                           fighters	in	recent	years.		The	IFD	has	even	participated	in	some	of	
common	cancer	in	men	and	women	and	is	the	second	leading	                                                                            these	studies.		My	goal	and	life’s	work	is	has	been	to	present	infor-
cause of cancer death in the United States after lung cancer. In                                                                     mation	to	firefighters	in	the	area	of	stress	and	mental	health.		I	am	
2008	more	than	145,000	new	cases	were	diagnosed,	and	more	                                                                           most often asked about the stress and mental health resources for
than 49,000 people have died from this disease each year over                                                                        firefighters	in	the	IFD	and	central	Indiana.		A	number	of	resources	
the past 5 years.                                                                                                                    exist	in	the	Indianapolis	Fire	Department.		These	include	(but	are	
                                                                                                                                     not	limited	to)	an	Employee	Assistance	Program	(EAP),	a	Critical	
WHO’S AT RISK?                                                                                                                       Incident	Stress	Management	(CISM)	team,	Mental	Health/Stress	
The	exact	causes	of	colorectal	cancer	are	not	known.	Warning	                                                                        awareness	binders	in	each	fire	station	and	Mental	Health/Stress	
signs	usually	occur	with	more	advanced	disease	and	include	                                                                          awareness	literature	in	the	lobby	at	IFD	headquarters.		It	is	impor-
rectal	bleeding,	blood	in	the	stool,	a	change	in	bowel	habits,	                                                                      tant	for	each	firefighter	to	understand	and	have	access	to	all	of	these	
and	cramping	in	the	lower	abdomen.	Studies	have	shown	that	                                                                          resources.		In	the	pursuit	of	this	goal,	I	would	like	to	briefly	discuss	
certain factors are linked to an increased chance of developing                                                                      each of these resources.
this	disease,	including	the	following:                                                                                               Employee Assistance Program
•	 People	who	are	over	age	50.	                                                                                                        The	Employee	Assistance	Program	(EAP)	is	a	benefit	that	has	
•	 Abnormal	growths	or	polyps	in	the	colon	                                                                                          been given to us by the City of Indianapolis. The EAP provides
•	 Personal	or	family	history	of	the	disease                                                                                         confidential	counseling	services	to	the	employees	of	the	city	and	
•	 Those	with	Ulcerative	colitis	or	Crohn	colitis                                                                                    IFD.		I	have	received	many	calls	about	firefighter’s	needs	for	coun-
•	 Diets	 high	 in	 red	 and	 processed	 meats	 and	 low	 in	 whole	                                                                 seling	(for	themselves	and	family).		Our	EAP	is	LifeServices	EAP	
   grains, fruits, and vegetables                                                                                                    (800-822-4847).		Any	IFD	employee	or	dependent	family	member	
•	 A	sedentary	lifestyle                                                                                                             can call for free counseling sessions. When you call the EAP you
•	 Cigarette	smoking                                                                                                                 will	talk	with	a	licensed	mental	health	professional	who	has	experi-
Beginning	at	age	50,	people	with	no	symptoms	should	follow	                                                                          ence	working	with	firefighters.		Phil	Hess,	the	manager	of	our	EAP	
one	of	the	screening	options	below:                                                                                                  has	agreed	to	write	a	more	in	depth	article	for	the	Helmet.
     TEST                                 PURPOSE                       FREQUENCY                                                    Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
 SIGMOIDOSCOPY                  VIEWS RECTUM AND LOWER COLON            EVERY 5 YEARS*                                                  Our CISM team is currently being restructured by many caring
                                                                                                                                     individuals.		CISM	is	not	simply	debriefings	where	firefighters	are	
   COLONOSCOPY                  VIEWS RECTUM AND ENTIRE COLON           EVERY 10 YEARS                                               asked to share in a formal process. CISM can also be proactive in a
 DOUBLE CONTRAST                    X-RAYS COLON AFTER ENEMA            EVERY 5 YEARS*                                               number	of	ways	that	can	benefit	the	firefighter.		Some	of	our	plans	
  BARIUM ENEMA                                                                                                                       include an on line site to introduce the team and share information.
                                                                                                                                     Debriefings	are	rare	in	the	IFD	due	to	other	mechanisms	that	can	
      VIRTUAL                                X-RAYS COLON               EVERY 5 YEARS*                                               assist	the	firefighters	in	times	of	need.		Most	often,	a	team	member	
   COLONOSCOPY                                                                                                                       will	contact	the	station	and	have	one	on	one	interventions	with	
   FECAL OCCULT                          CHECKS FOR BLOOD                  ANNUALLY                                                  firefighters	and	EMS	personnel.		The	research	that	addresses	the	
    BLOOD TEST                               IN STOOL                                                                                mental	health	of	firefighters	supports	the	idea	of	firefighters	helping	
                                                                                                                                     their	own.		My	hope	is	that	every	IFD	employee	will	have	access	
  DIGITAL RECTAL                             FEELS FOR                     ANNUALLY                                                  to	stress/mental	health	information	or	a	trusted	firefighter	on	the	
                                          ABNORMAL AREAS
                                                                                                                                     CISM	team.		Any	firefighter	can	request	assistance	from	the	CISM	
*If	test	is	positive,	a	colonoscopy	should	be	done                                                                                   team.		We	are	not	here	to	pressure	firefighters.		Rather,	we	are	here	
Source:	American	Cancer	Society                                                                                                      as	good	neighbors	and	fellow	responders	to	help	as	in	any	way	we	
                                                                                                                                     can.		Sometimes,	the	best	CISM	intervention	is	to	simply	ask,	“are	
Public Safety Medical is an Indianapolis-based occupational health clinic                                                            you	allright	and	can	we	do	anything	to	help?”
with	an	exclusive	focus	on	public	safety	professionals.
                                                                                                                                     Stress and Mental Health Awareness Information (Firehouse
                                                                                                                                     binders and Information Racks at Headquarters)
                   Indy Tactical Supply                                                                                                 The	purpose	of	this	information	is	to	assist	the	IFD	firefighter	or	
                                                                                    We’ll Beat Anyone’s Prices (317) 418-1072
                                                                                     Don’t Buy Anything Until You Call Us !!

                                                                                                 employee in the quest of obtaining information about stress, emo-
30 round                                                                                                                             tional problems, counseling and related topics. Each IFD station
              AR-15/M4..Parts/Accessories..Custom Builds..                Colored
                              Upgrades..Optics..Launchers                 Nomex                                                      has a black-three ring binder that is full of articles and information.
  Mag                                                                     Hoods                                                      These topics include information on depression, stress, marital
 Special      Police/SWAT..Accessories/Supplies..Uniforms
2/$25         Firefighter..Suspenders..Gloves..Hoods                                                                                 problems, suicide, alcohol and substance abuse and may other top-
                                                                                                                                     ics. This information can be useful for any IFD employee or depen-
Stream-          Magpul                                         Eotech AR1                                                           dent	family	member.		This	literature	is	intended	to	assist	firefighters	
                                Rescue/             Spikes       Holo
  light           Pmags
                               Extrication          37mm
                                                                        5                                                            in gathering information to enable the individual to seek help on his
Survivor         30 round
                                 Knife                          Sights Quad                                                          or	her	own	without	the	knowledge	of	other	IFD	employees	or	staff.
                 2/$30                             Launcher
                                $14.99                          On Sale
                             Serrated, seat belt
                                                   AR mounted             Rails                                                         This article has been an introduction to the resources available
  $99                                                $269.99
                              cutter, window
                                   punch                                                                                             to the IFD. In the future, I hope to contribute regular articles to the
Long GunTactical Lights w/                                       Boston Leather
 mount and pressure switch
                                                                 Truck Belt $40
                                                                                                                                     Helmet about CISM and mental health related issues. Please feel
           $45                Boston Leather Suspenders $44
                                                                                                                                     free	to	call	me	on	B	shift	or	at	my	office	phone	(317-283-6360)	for	
                                                                                                                                21   more	information	about	these	topics.		As	always,	stay	safe.
                             2009 Run Totals
       Engines             Ladders      Medic/Amb      Chiefs       Squads/Rescues

E27    703   E81    277   L44     329   M44    614   BC12     176   SQ07     661
E20    694   E10    272   L20     289   M84    541   BC11     156   SQ10     681
E24    645   E331   269   L30     271   M82    521   BC14     135   SQ13     518
E11    611   E83    267   L13     239   M45    510   BC8      132   SQ14     558
E22    571   E14    263   L43     234   M21    443   BC4      129   SQ29     132
E03    544   E114   263   L07     230   M111   432   BC13     126   SQ32     288
E30    538   E12    256   L10     230   M42    421   BC2      125   R331     139
E29    491   E115   254   L14     227   M06    420   BC7      116   R71       10
E31    483   E16    251   L04     219   M114   414   BC1       77
E02    481   E42    245   L82     217   M41    398   BC3       60
E05    464   E113   242   L31     214   M04    397
E04    449   E53    225   L27     210   M83    380
E84    448   E71    213   L29     202   M12    364    TSU’s          Tacticals
E44    446   E102   209   L22     200   M332   319   TSU29    49    SR53        40
E82    423   E101   193   L111    189   M113   307   TSU10    48    TC07        38
E45    402   E333   160   AR84    187   A71    291   TSU31    23    TC14        34
E33    397   E74    155   L06     181   M54    261   TSU18    13    TC01        13
E26    389   E54    153   L21     174   M331   260   TSU83    12    TC05        12
E43    385   E72    139   L15     169   M51    237   TSU117    6    TC43        11
E06    378   E112   131   L01     153   M112   229   TSU551    3    TC13         9
E23    375   E334   124   AR332   146   M102   228                  TC44         9
E15    374   E55     47   L19     116   A74    155                  TC06         7
E25    368   E52     47   AR71    102   A72    139                  TC21         7
E08    358   E51     44   AR51     86   M334   129                  TC112        6
E01    348                AR53     85   M81    116                  TC29         5
E13    333                AR112    80                               TC19         4
E111   328                                                          TC31         2
E19    323
E07    314                                            Boats           Tankers
E21    314                                           BT07      12   TN551       16
E18    303                                           BT14      11   TN114       10
E85    299                                           BT553      5   TN42         7
E332   292                                                          TN55         7
E41    291

                        1                          2                            3                           4                           5                       6                            7

     B                             C                          A                           B                          C                          A                           B
                            Lawrence City Council Mtg
                            Sugar/Buck Creek Dist Mtg
                               PFFUI PEP Seminar
                             City-County Council Mtg     PFFUI Legislative Conf       Retirees’ Breakfast       Pike Twp District Mtg
                        8                          9                         10                         11                           12                        13                           14

     C                             A                          B
                                                         Beech Grove Dist Mtg
                                                                                          C                          A
                                                                                                                Lawrence City Dist Mtg
                                                                                                                                                B                           C
                  15                             16                          17                         18                           19                        20                           21

     A                             B                          C                           A                          B                          C                           A
                                                             IFD District Mtg
                                                         Lawrence Twp Dist Mtg
                            Sugar Creek Twp Board Mtg    St. Patrick’s Day Party        IFD District Mtg
IAFF Legislative Conf         IAFF Legislative Conf       IAFF Legislative Conf      IAFF Legislative Conf         Retirees’ Lunch             Spring Begins

                  22                             23                          24                         25                           26                        27                           28

     B                             C
                             City-County Council Mtg
                                                              A                           B
                                                                                    Franklin District Meeting
                                                                                                                     C                          A                           B
                  29                             30                          31

     C                             A
                            Speedway District Meeting
                                                         Comm. District Meeting

                                                                                                            1                           2                       3                            4

                                                                                      Retirees’ Breakfast
                                                                                                                  Pike Twp Dist Mtg
                                                                                                                                                B                           C
                                                                                                                                                                         Local 416 Family
                                                                                                                                                                         Easter Egg Hunt
                    5                              6                            7                           8                           9                      10                           11

     A                             B
                             Lawrence City Council Mtg
                             Sugar/Buck Creek Dist Mtg
                                                              C                           A                          B
                                                                                                                Lawrence City Dist Mtg
                                                                                                                                                C                           A
                  12                             13                          14                         15                           16                        17                           18

     B                             C
                             City-County Council Mtg
                                                         Local 416 General Mtg
                                                                                     Local 416 General Mtg
                                                                                                                   Retirees’ Lunch
                                                                                                                                                A                           B
                  19                             20                          21                         22                           23                        24                           25

     C                             A
                            Sugar Creek Twp Board Mtg
                                                         Lawrence Twp Dist Mtg
                                                                                    Franklin District Meeting
                                                                                                                     A  FDIC
                                                                                                                                                B   FDIC
                                                                                                                                            L416 FDIC Open House
                                                                                                                                                                            C FDIC
                  26                             27                          28                         29                           30

     A                             B
                            Speedway District Meeting
                                                              C                           A                          B

T HE                             H E L M E T                                                                                                                        PRST FIRST CLASS
                                                                                                                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE
                                  WWW.L416.COM                                                                                                                             PAID
 748 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46204                                                                                                                    PERMIT NO. 811
                                                                                                                                                                      SHERIDAN, IN