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                                 Discovering The Best Blog Hosting Solution
                                                  By Charlie Cory

   Creating a blog is probably the easiest way for anyone to create a presence on the Internet. They
are easy to maintain and are probably the simplest way to communicate with someone else online. The
biggest hurdle that anyone will have is to set the blog up in the first instance, but even that can be
straight forward if you choose the best blog hosting to start with.

Before we get into that however, there is the question about free blog hosts to answer. Many will
wonder why they have to buy hosting at all when there are good free hosts about, such as Google's
Blogger and the Wordpress site (not the actual software).

The answer is that either of these systems are great for creating simple blogs. If you simply want to
communicate with friends and family, or just want to keep on online diary, then either of these options
are fine. All that you need is an email address to register, choose a theme and away you go.

However the best blog hosting can offer you an awful lot more than that.

In the first instance there is he question of control. With your own blog on your own site you can do
what you want. Both Blogger and Wordpress do impose restrictions so there are some things that you
will not be able to do. If your plan is to operate commercially, then you will be walking the thin line
straight away.

The second major drawback is flexibility. Once you have started blogging, you will undoubtedly want to
do things in a certain way, create your own themes and add additional functionality to your blog. The
free hosts impose restrictions on these activities, so your artistic endeavours will be curtailed. If you
want an element of flexibility to get your blog just the way that you want it, then a free host is not the
one for you.

The third potential problem could be rather more serious.

Because your blog is hosted on a third party site, if the third party takes a dislike to anything that you
do, they can shut you down and your blog could be gone. Both Blogger and Wordpress have their own
TOS of course, and the chances are that if you are very careful about what you do, you will be ok. The
risk, however, is always there.
Your web hosting solution.
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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

So, we come down to choosing the best blog hosting. Where to you start? You can begin by reading
web host reviews, which can help guide you. Reading other people's opinions can help eliminate some
of the choices, and there are a lot. In a nutshell, you will want to consider the following:-

Best Blog Hosting Support

Support is critical if you are to succeed. I don't mean the help that anyone would give to a new
customer, but the knowledge that if something should go wrong, and sometimes they do, there will be
a course of action you can take to help you get around the problem.

Blog Hosting Resources

The resources I am talking about is the amount of disk space that you are allocated by your blog host,
and the amount of bandwidth that you are allowed to use up every month. The disk space is the
physical room that the files you create will take up, and the bandwidth is the amount of memory
allocated to doing things, like serving up files, photos etc. Some activities are more memory hungry
than others. Hosting photographs for example will take up a fair bit of disk space and will hog a fair bit
of your monthly bandwidth allocation.

If you choose the route of getting your blog hosted, then you will need to ensure that your blog hosting
is reliable and will no disappear after a few months. Try and choose someone with a proven track

One way to assess the best blog hosting is to read web hosting reviews, especially from those that
have been there and got the T shirt before you.

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                                                      How Do I Create a Blog?
                                                            By Adam Waxler

Are you really interested in starting a blog? You would probably be surprised at the huge number of
people that go online every day, wondering, how do I create a blog? The fact of the matter is, it is
actually not really a difficult thing to do and as long as you follow a few simple steps, you can very
easily have your blog up and running within just a few minutes. In this article, we are going to focus on
creating a blog using your own domain name. Although it is possible for you to also use one of the
many free blogging services that are out there, creating a blog with your own domain is inexpensive
and gives you much more freedom in the long run.

I know what you're probably wondering, how do I create a blog using a domain name whenever I have
never had a domain name in the past? Actually, it is quite simple. The two parts that you are going to
need in order to start this are the domain name itself and some kind of hosting. Purchasing the domain
name is a relatively simple thing. In fact, most hosting services will give you the opportunity to buy
your domain name at the same time you are setting up the hosting. This makes the entire process

In choosing your hosting company, there is one thing that you want to make sure you look for. The
control panels that run many of these hosting companies allow you to set up a blog quickly and
automatically. My personal favorite is cPanel with the additional add-on, Fantastico. With just a few
clicks of a button, you can have a WordPress blog set up and ready for you to add your content.

For those of you that have been wondering, how do I create a blog, I'm sure that you are probably
surprised that it is as easy as this. The only other thing that you really need to know is how to upload
additional templates and some of the scripts in order to enhance your blog and to make it work exactly
as you would like. Fortunately, most hosting companies give you a way to seamlessly upload these
files. Before you know it, your new blog will be ready and you can begin creating your content and
showing it off to the world.

And, if you're really interested in how to create a blog , then you must watch the videos at But HURRY...these videos will be pulled from the masses soon.

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