pre season training by 7hBzn4


									Andover RFC - Fitness and Conditioning Preseason Programme 2010-2011

7 weeks of pre-season fitness. 1 hour sessions of fitness. 15 sessions.

Tue 6 Jul          Tue 13 Jul         Tue 20 Jul      Tue 27 Jul          Tue 3 Aug          Tue 10 Aug        Tue 17 Aug        Tue 24 Aug

Strong man/        WU 10 min.         WU 10 min       WU 10 min.          WU 10 min          WU 10 min.        Wu 10 min.        WU 10 min.
Agile man          Relay shuttles.    Sprint Drill    Shuttle/Sprint/     Speed              Agility Tasks.    Split Group:      Split Group:
Competition.       Tabata             Tabata          Agility tasks.      endurance          Circuits.         Backs Task        Backs Task
8 events in        circuits.          Circuits.       Paired 1 min        Task.              Tug of War.       Forwards          Forwards
teams of 4.        Side twists        Running Ball    interval            Tackle bag                           Task.             Task.
                   with weight.       task            skill/Fitness       task.
                                      Wrestling.      conditioning.       Agility Task.                        Sprint Task       Sprint Task.
                                                      Fartlek                                                  .

Thu 8 Jul          Thu 15 Jul         Thu 22 Jul      Thu 29 Jul          Thu 5 Aug          Thu 12 Aug        Thu 19 Aug        Thu 26

Wu 10 min.         WU 10 min.         Extended WU     WU 10 min.          WU 10 min.         Agility Tasks.    Strong Man/       GAME
Relay shuttles.    Tyre flips task.   20 min.         Acceleration        Agility Tasks.     Tyre Flipping     Agile Man
Circuits.          Circuit.           Tabata          task.               Tabata Circuit.    Task.             Comp
Potential tug of   Wrestling.         Sprints.        Sprint Task.        Wrestling.         Circuit Side      Review.
war.               Fartlek circuit.   Circuits.       Circuit 4 x         Tug of War.        Twists.           Follow up.
                                      Tackle bag      Exercises

                                                                                                              Max Speed/ Power
                                                                                            Agility/ Sport Specific Movements

                                                         Longer Duration Sprints/ Speed Endurance

                       General Fitness/ Muscular Endurance

WU = Warm up
Tabata = Intense interval training. 20 seconds working at maximum speed - 10 second rest – repeat x 8 = 4 minutes per discipline
Fartlek = Speed play (changing the speed of a movement)

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