NSS Four Year School Strategic Plan Certification by 7hBzn4


									                                        FOUR YEAR SCHOOL STRATEGIC PLAN


ADDRESS OF SCHOOL PO Box 28                                               STUDENT FTEs AS AT DAY 8 220
                  Little Brown Street
                  NORMANTON 4890

Normanton is located close to the Gulf of Carpentaria. Many tourists enjoy the fishing, birdwatching and relaxed lifestyle each year.
Normanton State School is a P-10 school in a remote, rural setting. Our students enjoy a range of activities and sporting opportunities and we
often have visiting athletes, artists and performers to enhance our curriculum. Normanton State School has a transient student population.
Approximately 90% of our students identify as Indigenous and many students live in care that is an informal family arrangement. 11% of our
students have verified disabilities, with a large number having hearing impairments. 25% of our students require additional learning support.
We are fortunate to employ many local people who work as teacher aides and support staff.
The school works closely with a range of agencies and local organisations.

   Attendance, motivation and the retention of students in the secondary sector
      Transient student population – both parents and students not aware of the policy and procedures of our school

      Inexperienced teaching staff who face the challenges of living in a remote, rural setting

    Networks with TAFE and community groups to support students and staff
      Support staff are mainly local community members with knowledge of families and community
      Staff are willing to undertake professional development and inservice in their own time

      Family and community engagement and perception – marketing the many positive aspects of our school
      Improving Literacy and Numeracy Outcomes – upskilling staff and enticing students to enjoy learning
      Minimising Student Disciplinary Absences – having staff work closely with parents and students, providing professional development for staff
       and introducing Positive Behaviour Support
      Improving student attendance and retention – through community liaison and offering a range of extra curricular activities
      Student Well Being – continue working with a range of agencies and organisations in the community to encourage student health and school
       preparedness (Early Years), social skills and behaviour management
      Aligning resources (human, physical, financial) with the needs of staff and students

      In conjunction with our Triennial School Review we surveyed members of the community and staff for their input into their understanding of the
       school, curriculum and activities.
      We discussed aspects of the Triennial School Review/ Four Year Strategic Plan at P&C Meetings
      This plan was presented to the Interagency Meeting – the Interagency Committee is made up of Government agency representatives,
       members of the Local Indigenous Corporations, members of Council
      A Parent Forum was conducted and parents and community members had the opportunity to make suggestions and to add to our plan
      Staff meetings and information sessions were used as a forum to discuss the Partnership and the Four Year Plan
      LCC Meetings have been held to discuss the Partnership and to allow and encourage input into staffing decisions
      Consultation with the Mayor of the Carpentaria Shire Council and Chair of the Bynoe Community Advancement Corporation
      Attended an Elders Meeting – a commitment was gained for their support of our future plan
      Student discussions and surveys have taken place re school issues and solutions – to allow and encourage input into future directions

       All students are successfully engaged in learning.
       Young people are meeting basic literacy and numeracy standards, and overall levels of literacy and numeracy achievement are
       Schooling promotes the social inclusion and reduces the education disadvantage of children, especially Indigenous children.
       Australian students excel by international standards.
       Young people make a successful transition from school to work and further study.
       Community confidence in the capability of schools

   1.   Incentives to attract high-performing principals and teachers
   2.   Adoption of best-practice performance management and staffing arrangements that articulate a clear role for principals
   3.   School operational arrangements which encourage innovation and flexibility
   4.   Provision of innovative and tailored learning opportunities
   5.   Strengthened school accountability
   6.   External Partnerships with parents, other schools, businesses and communities and provision of access to extended

                                                                                              ESTIMATED     ESTIMATED NP      TOTAL
 OUTCOMES                 STRATEGIES                    PROCESS MILESTONES                     SCHOOL         FUNDING        FUNDING
                                                           & TIMEFRAMES                        FUNDING      CONTRIBUTION   CONTRIBUTION
                                                                                               $1 225 100      $704 000      $1 929 100
                    1.1                                1.1
1.                  Encourage students to take         October 2009 – assess library and
Young people are    responsibility for their own       computer room use – Meet with         nil            $88 733        $88 733
meeting basic       learning / enjoying learning       LCC to discuss teacher aide hours
literacy and         The library and computer         in library and computer room –
                      room will be open before         assess suitable programs for
                      school hours, providing self     student use
standards, and        paced learning programs          December 2009 – purchase
overall levels of     such as Mathletics,              resources and programs for use in
literacy and          Spellodrome & Reading            2010
numeracy              Eggs. Students will be           February 2010 – Seek consent for
achievement are       encouraged to improve            students to work in computer room
improving.            numeracy and literacy skills.    and library before school – train
                     Teacher aides will be            staff to work with programs and
Australian            employed to support              students
students excel by     students in the library and      March 2010 – Open library (5
international         computer room.                   mornings) and computer room (4
standards.           Parents will be invited by the   mornings) before school each
                      Liaison Officer and              week.
                      supported to work with           Review November 2010. If
                      students or to use the library   successful continue for duration of
                      as a meeting place.              NP.
                     Extra resources will be
                      purchased for the library that
                      are high interest for a range
                      of readers – parents and
                     Clubs – eg Science, Drama

             1.2                              1.2
             Make books and literature        November 2009 – Talk to                nil       $35 253   $35 253
             available to all students – to   community organisations to gain
             improve literacy skills          support for the scheme.
             Introducing a Reading            December 2009 – Purchase
             Backpack scheme whereby a        backpacks, resources etc for
             bag of books, magazines,         scheme
             brochures and activity sheets    January 2010 – Advertise program,
             are lent out to students/        inform students, staff and parents
             families on a borrowing          February 2010 – begin lending
             system. A teacher aide is        backpacks to families – this will
             employed to refill the           continue for the duration of the
             backpacks and to                 National Partnership program
             check them in and out.
             Provisions set aside to
             purchase books over 4 year

             1.3                              1.3
             Develop Staff Capacity           October 2009 – Meet with all staff     $14 000   $22 938   $36 938
             Identify and action Individual   members to discuss Performance
             Professional Development         Management plans and identify
             Plans for teachers and           professional development needs
             support staff that are aligned   January 2010 – start process of
             with the school strategies and   organising quality PD
             goals under the National         PD will be ongoing – according to
             Partnerships Agreement.          needs, staff turnover etc for period
             (Literacy, Numeracy, Science)    of NP
             Eg THRASS, First Steps
             Maths, Functional Grammar,
             FELIKS, behaviour
             management, Science

             Literacy & Numeracy Coaching        November 2009 – discuss role of
             Access District Office services     coach in school, travel,
             (literacy coach) to provide         accommodation arrangements etc
             support and learning                Pre & Post attitudinal surveys of
             opportunities for teachers          teachers to be developed and
                                                 administered to teachers to
                                                 measure distance travelled.
                                                 February 2010 – Coach begins
                                                 visits to NSS – Admin to identify
                                                 areas for focus

             1.4                                 1.4                                 Refer 1.3   nil   nil
             Personalise learning                December 2009 – review use of
             Internal monitoring and data        data collection for internal
             collection to continue. All staff   monitoring, NAPLAN, behaviour
             to be trained in the effective      management.
             use of data.                        February 2010 – HODs and DP to
             Publish personalised learning       train staff in use of data
             targets for students and            March 2010 – assess data
             celebrate as achieved.              collection for behaviour
                                                 management – does it meet the
                                                 needs for SWPBS – develop more
                                                 appropriate tool if needed.
                                                 Ongoing collection of data.

             1.5                                     1.5                                  nil       nil       nil
             Develop and implement                   December 2009 – review current
             prescriptive Literacy Block             resources and documentation –
             For the consistent implementation       consultation and development of
             of components of English across         program
             all year levels. All teachers will be   January 2010 – inservice staff and
             required to develop a set               implementation.
             timetable that identifies key           July 2010 – review and refine
             components and teaching times           program.
             for English which focuses on best
             practice pedagogy and aligns with
             NAPLAN assessment, QCAR and
             school expectations.

             Develop and implement
                                                     December 2009 – review current
             prescriptive numeracy block
             For the consistent                      resources and documentation –
                                                     consultation and development of      nil       nil       nil
             implementation of components
             of Mathematics across all year          program
             levels. All teachers will be            January 2010 – inservice staff and
             required to follow a guide that         implementation.
             ensures best practice pedagogy          July 2010 – review and refine
             to support NAPLAN, QCATs and            program.
             school expectations.

             Literacy/Numeracy Support –             1.7
                                                     January 2010 – employ teacher –      $60 800   $25 436   $86 236
             Additional Teacher
             Employ and train teacher to             provide training – begin working
             provide intensive learning              with students – ongoing position
             support programs for Yrs

             1.8                              1.8
             Literacy/Numeracy Support –      January 2010 – employ teacher          $816 700   nil   $816 700
             Teacher Aides – Closing the      aides – provide ongoing training –
             Gap                              begin working in classes with
             Teacher aides are trained to     students
             work with students in literacy
             and numeracy blocks and for
             intensive support.

             1.9                              1.9
             Support Oral Literacy            January 2010 – teacher to              $185 000   nil   $185 000
             Development – Closing the        Bandscale students – develop
             Gap                              ability groups and provide intensive
             Employ a teacher to work with    oral literacy support.
             Early Years students on Oral
             Literacy Program (following
             Indigenous Bandscale

2.                     2.1                                2.1
All students are       Increase Engagement,               January 2010 – train teacher aide
successfully           Attendance & Retention             to take on role of Liaison officer –   $148 600   $51 312    $199 912
engaged in             Employ an Indigenous Parent        position to be reviewed 12 monthly
learning.              Liaison Officer to work with
                       students, staff, parents and the
Schooling              community. (NP pay .3 FTE) –
promotes the           home visits, parent events
social inclusion       P-3 Program for attendance
and reduces the
disadvantage of
children, especially
indigenous             2.2                                2.2
children.              Aim to decrease Student            January 2010– advertise for            nil        $415 296   $415 296
                       Disciplinary Absences – and        position of HOD Social Justice
                       encourage retention                January 2010 – HOD to work with
                       - employ a Head of                 students, staff and parents – case
                       Department Social Justice to       manage students – liaise with
                       case manage students, work         support staff and community
                       with staff and parents and to      groups – proactive programs -
                       run proactive programs eg          ongoing training and professional
                       Peer Skills, You Can Do It         development ongoing
                       - Action Research Project –        December 2011 – review position
                       based on Student Mental            June 2010 – discuss Action
                       Health Management and              Research Project content – train
                       Student Engagement in the          staff to carry out project – to
                       Secondary sector                   continue for duration of NP
                       - Link with ‘Junior Stingers’
                       Rugby league team

             2.3                               2.3                                  PCAP funding   $10 500   $10 500
             Focus on The Arts to              Semester 2 2010                      RADF funding
             encourage engagement of ‘at       Apply for funding sources to
             risk students’ - retention.       support NP funding
             - In conjunction with Regional    Conduct program for students and
             Arts Funding and PCAP             staff (and community) – eg African
             (Priority Country Area Project)   Drumming workshop – community
             run workshops to encourage        performances, school events
             participation and enjoyment for   ongoing rehearsal and
             the Secondary students.           performance
             - Mural workshops and local       Semester 2, 2010
             artist mentoring (Indigenous      Students to work with local
             Art program)                      indigenous artists to create
             - Music and Dance workshops       murals and artwork to be
             - Drumming workshop               displayed around school and the
                                               community. Purchase music
                                               program for classes.
             Review Social Skilling and        2.4                                  nil            $13 888   $13 888
             Behaviour Management              Term 1 2010 – SWPBS training to
             Processes                         take place – program to be
             Introduce School Wide Positive    implemented - ongoing
             Behaviour to the school
             community. Re align ‘Tracks’
             Social Skilling program to
             SWPBS. Continue training all
             staff in Non Violent Crisis

                 Improve Student Wellbeing           2.5
                   Student Wellbeing Centre         January 2010 – ongoing                nil         nil   nil
                 Consolidate the school’s links      Continuing regular meetings to
                 with health providers – eg          discuss student needs, proactive
                 RFDS Mental Health unit,            programs, staff support and how
                 North West Queensland               community organisation can work
                 Primary Health Care, Oxfam,         with EQ staff eg AVTs, SLPs,
                 Queensland Health, Centacare        chaplain, GO
                 Counselling                         Parent Liaison officer to work
                   Include parents as an            closely with agencies and parents -
                 integral step in the referral and   ongoing.
                 follow up process
                   Parent Liaison officer to
                 work with agencies – perform
                 home visits support agencies
                 in reporting to parents.
                Head of Department Social
                  Justice to work closely with
                  Guidance Office, Child Mental

                 Engaging Learning                   2.6
                 Opportunities through ICTs          December 2009 – audit staff who       Refer 1.3   nil   nil
                 Students will have                  have an ICT Pedagogical Licence,
                 opportunities across the            arrange mentors for new staff.
                 curriculum to demonstrate           January 2010 – offer professional
                 learning through ICTs               development to support staff in the
                                                     use of ICT across the curriculum.

3.                   3.1                             3.1
Young people         Continue relationships with     November 2009 - review existing nil       nil   nil
make a successful    TAFE, Spinifex Residential      TAFE programs at NSS –
transition from      College and boarding            January 2010 – continue with
school to work and   schools                         programs – enrol new students
further study                                        Spinifex Residential College staff to
                                                     visit and present to secondary
                                                     students each term
                                                     Other boarding schools to use
                                                     school as base for parent
                                                     information sessions when
                                                     requests are made (usually Term

                     3.2                             3.2
                     Further develop Career          December 2009 – HOD Curriculum
                     Education Program for           to review Work Experience           nil   nil   nil
                     Secondary School students       program and Career Ed subject
                     (Year 7 – Year 10)              January 2010 – Work with
                       - HOD Curriculum to develop   Secondary staff to integrate Career
                         work experience program,    Education into curriculum. Plan
                         work with Job Futures to    Work Experience Program for the
                         host Careers Expo           year – Meet with Job Futures re the
                                                     possibility of hosting a Careers
                                                     Expo in Normanton.

4.                  4.1                               4.1
Community           Conduct parent workshops          November 2009 – Meet with            nil   $25 820   $25 820
confidence in the   and awareness sessions –          community groups and
capability of       parent engagement                 organisations to discuss the needs
schools.             In partnership with other        - ask for support in running
                    community agencies such as        workshops – investigate other
                    Oxfam, North West Qld             funding opportunities to support
                    Primary Health Care and           this program
                    Community Health – a series       February 2010 – Finalise details,
                    of parent mornings will be held   dates etc for parent mornings
                    to focus on Early Years           March 2010 – Begin program
                    Learning.                         November 2010 – Assess success
                    Conduct parent workshops to       Continue program if successful for
                    assist with behaviours, student   duration of NP
                    learning, parenting skills.

                    - Conduct Parent Clubs,           Semester 2 2010
                    Evening lessons and               Investigate possibility of running
                    Celebrations that involve         evening sessions – workplace
                    parents and community             reform to go to LCC – teachers to
                    members as well as students       work in evening for 6 week block
                    and staff Eg boys bring dads      (once a week)
                    to Manual Arts for 6 evening      Semester 1 2011
                    sessions to complete a project    Begin program – invite students
                    with Man Arts teacher, other      and parents – conduct evening
                    subject areas would be for Art,   sessions.
                    Home Ec, Computing
                     - Regular reporting in
                    newsletter, Chronicle and
                    school magazine.

             4.2                             4.2
             Strengthen links with early     Term 3 2010 – invite Kindergarten       nil   nil       nil
             childhood providers             to open days, induction mornings
             Continue links with local       and special events at the Prep.
             Kindergarten to encourage
             students to attend Prep the
             following year

             4.3                             4.3
             Upgrade Business Services       October 2009 – Meet with LCC to
             Manager Position for            discuss staff changes – forwarded       nil   $14 824   $14 824
             duration of National            to District Office – ECC
             Partnership Agreement           Position to begin January 2010 –
             - with the NP Agreement         for duration of NP Agreement
             comes extra financial           December 2009 – initiate &
             accountability and workload.    complete JEM process
             BSM position to be upgraded     January 2010 – A03 converts to
             from AO3 to AO4.                A04

             4.4                             4.4
             Employ and retain high          November 2009 – Work with HR
             quality teachers and support    staff at District Office on transfers   nil   nil       nil
             staff                           and staffing issues – RAIS
             Ensure staff are best fit for   conferences
             needs of students and           Review and update Workforce plan
             programs.                       Ongoing process


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