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									Getting Control Over The Weeds In Your Garden
For many people, gardening can be an extremely relaxing and therapeutic activity. Until, that is, you
start to develop a problem with weeds! Getting rid of these pesky unwanted visitors can sometimes
be challenging, but the good news is that you have many tools available to you in your battle against

First and foremost, do not let your weed situation spiral out of control! You will find the problem much
easier to deal with if you stay on top of it. Make it as hard as possible for your weeds to thrive by not
watering them.

You will have a far easier time removing weeds when the soil is damp or wet, so save yourself some
muscle power and wait until it's wet outside to do your weeding. If you live in a dry area, wet the soil
first before weeding.

Do your best to remove the whole root when you weed; grab the plant at its base and give it a good
pull. If you only remove part of the plant, you'll likely have to remove it again. In addition to this, you
will save yourself a lot of extra work if you can remove weeds before they start producing seeds; the
seeds from just one plant can produce quite a few other weeds that you'll just have to remove later
on. So if you can pull them before they start to seed, you'll save yourself a good deal of work in the
future. Also once you've removed any weeds with seeds, make sure you dispose of them immediately
to prevent them from spreading their seeds after they've been pulled.

If you have the space and can afford to plant your plants a sizable distance from each other, you can
use a rotor tiller between your plants to remove some of the weeds. You will likely still have to pull
some by hand, but this can eliminate a good deal of manual weeding on your part.

There are several things you can put in your garden to give weeds a harder time thriving. Cardboard
and newspapers, for example, can be good for mulching. Putting mulch down can help stop weeds
from growing as well as spreading. You can buy weed-barrier cloths that impede the growth of
weeds; many times, these cloths are good for several seasons.
Set aside a specific amount of time each day or every few days to devote to weeding your garden. If
you spend just a few minutes each day weeding, you will likely stay on top of your weed situation. It is
when we let the weeds pile up that our gardens can often become over run with weeds.

If you want your garden to look as nice as possible and make the most of the gardening space that
you have, it is important that you stay on top of any weeds that sprout up! Weeding can sometimes
be an unpleasant job, but as long as you follow the tips listed in this article, you can take control over
your garden!

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