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					Hemp Protein Powder up to 53.5% protein from HempUSA.org
HempUSA.org has a High Performance Protein Powder; easily digestible and able to
replace all protein sources. Packed with live enzymes, EFAs, vitamins, minerals and
other co-factors to aid absorption. Enhancing performance for all the demands of modern
life; excellent for the body and for the planet. HempUSA.org Hemp Protein Powder is
gluten, dairy, lactose free and anti-inflammatory. It contains no preservatives or additives
or ingredients of any kind, our Protein powder is 12% oil and with our proprietary sifting
process which allows for less filler fiber leaving a heavy cake powder unlike other store
bought hemp flours. An excellent source of raw plant derived protein at up to 53.5% and
beneficial dietary fiber low in net carbs. Use in place of all other proteins. Mix
generously into juices, shakes or smoothies. Sprinkle on soups, yogurt, cereals hot or
cold, salads, fresh fruit and eggs.

  * Delicious, convenient, live, whole food product
  * Complete raw plant protein including all the essential amino acids
  * Optimal ratio of omega 6 to 3 essential fatty acids with 2-4% GLA
  * Antioxidant factors with tocopherols, tocotrienols and chlorophyll
  * Easily digested, non GM, gluten-free, and dairy-free
  * 0.00% THC

Hemp Protein Powder is up to 53.5% Protein with No Genetically
Modified Organisms (GMO), pesticides, or solvents!
   * Easily digestible with 65% globulin edestin, 35% albumin protein, more than any
other plant. These substances aid digestion and assimilation, and are in a form similar to
that found in blood plasma.
   * Contains natural antioxidants that prevent free radical damage and create an aerobic
oxygenated body.
  * Improves natural resistance, circulation, transfer/adjustment rate of oxygen to cells,
organ function, waste removal, hemoglobin formulation, energy levels, metabolic
recovery and tissue repair.
   * Maintains the proper functioning of cell membranes.
   * Supports cardiovascular health and maintenance.
   * Balances all systems creating homeostasis and reduces unhealthy cravings.
  * Modulates hormone balance and cycles -- PMS, menopause, post-menopause.
   * Nourishes all the body organs.


LOTS OF ENERGY. Hemp is the highest vegan source of Edestin, a simple protein that
is responsible for us keeping healthy. All of our hemp products are raw, containing live
enzymes that help you digest your food, increase your energy, boost your immunity and
help your body function at its best.

in the natural antioxidants Vitamin E, Vitamin C and chlorophyll. In addition, Hemp is a
whole food containing complete and cholesterol-free protein. Proper protein intake is
important in maintaining balanced blood sugar, which reduces cravings for sugar and
other quick energy junk foods.

BURNS FAT & IS LOVED BY ALL MUSCLE-TYPES: Hemp is recognized by the
World Health Organization as having a perfect 3:1 balance of Omega 6 to Omega 3
Essential Fatty Acids for optimum health. These fats stimulate the body's natural
thermogenic system which actually burns fat. The Essential Fatty Acids in Hemp also
help muscle recovery and growth.

EASY TO DIGEST & NON-ALLERGENIC: Hemp does not contain gluten and is free
of the enzyme inhibitor found in soy and other legumes and grains which prevent protein
absorption and typically cause gas, bloating and other digestion problems. In addition,
there are no known allergies to hemp.


Dear HempUSA.org

I wanted to write you guys and let you know how happy we are with your product. My
wife, Kaytlin and I are in our mid 20's not suffering from any diseases, and were living
pretty healthy before we heard about Hemp.

My wife is 8 months pregnant, and being such we both were putting on the pounds at a
steady rate. For her that is good, but for me not so much. We are having a home-birth and
have visited with our midwife numerous times over the past months. During these visits
our midwife performs tests Kaytlin for nutritional data and other information.

She was amazed at our most recent visit, a few day's back, about Kaytlin's obvious
nutritional improvements based on what she had seen the last time. She explained to us
how pleased she was with the test and complimented Katylin for her diligent "good
eating" habits. We then shared with her our secret about how we'd discovered
Hempusa.org and their products and that Kaytlin had started taking Hemp powder just
before our previous visit, which was about a month and a half apart.

She knew about the benefits of Hemp and encouraged her to keep using it daily. As far as
myself, during that same period I shed 20 lbs without lifting a finger and haven't felt
better in I don't know how long. Everyday I take two tablespoons for breakfast in my
coffee, I take two at lunch in two glasses of water, and I eat some raw fruit/vegetable and
maybe a piece of fish or any meat I might feel like eating at night.

It's amazing what we've saved on groceries and on little snacky foods, since that urge
pretty much leaves you when you start taking hemp. If your out there wondering whether

or not you should buy this product, trust me it is more than worth the money and you'll
experience benefits almost immediately. Thanks again Tom and Crew. Keep up the good
work and visit HempUSA.org !!!

Mark and Katie


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