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					Some Major Strategic Issues on
Human Resource Development in APEC e-commerce.

Onno W. Purbo

   1. Most of us agree that Human Resource Development is an important issue to enable
      APEC economies for getting the most benefit from the technology. Unfortunately, little
      attention has been given on HRD – it was clearly shown as not many people showed up
      during HR session.

   2. There are two (2) type of activities to be engaged:
       IT awareness / IT literacy for the society (focus on quantity, increase IT demand
         within the society)
       Education of IT professionals (focus on quality, increase IT supply within the society)

APEC suggested contributions:

   3. Some tactical aspects / policy that can be pursued by APEC in getting more IT
       Ask the ministry of education at each economy to put IT as part of their national
       Inject IT in formal, non-formal & informal education systems.
       If needed, encourage industry based IT certification programs, e.g. Microsoft / Cisco /
          Linux etc.
       Encourage B2B market place for possible interaction among players of each

   4. Some tactical aspects / policy that can be pursued by APEC in increasing IT literacy / IT
       Use e-mail as one of the official tools for communication among APEC leaders &
         high level officials.
       English should be used for cross economies communication
       Local language should be used within the country / economy to reach larger audience.
       Provide a competitive incentive for IT writers (or young writer) to write IT
         knowledge in their own language.
       Do a competitive based training for trainers among the economies.

Some activities that should be engaged / provided by economies:

   5. Policy / activities in getting more IT Professionals:
      Encourage the establishment of higher education institutions especially in IT.
      Push university researchers to release their research results, especially the one funded
       by public funding, using GPL / copyleft.
      Encourage the establishment of digital library & knowledge infrastructure.

6. Policy / activities IT Literacy / IT Awareness:
    Organize Community based Roadshows, Seminars, talkshows.
    Organize Community based mailing lists.
    Open all public document on the web for free – no fee, no Xeroxing fee.
    Open all regulation & public policy on the Web for free.

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