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Modern Lighting


When we consider modern home d�cor we envisage simplistic clean lines, minimalism, and a stylish sophistication together with neutral shades. But this blend can make the home appear cold, sterile and uninviting.

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									Modern Lighting by Alison Pendle bury-Brown
Modern Living
When we consider modern home décor we envisage simplistic clean lines, minimalism, and a stylish
sophistication together with neutral shades. But this blend can make the home appear cold, sterile and
uninviting. Therefore our modern lighting choices are fundamental in terms of turning our homes into a
warm and inviting sanctuary - a place we can escape to for relaxation or conversely a perfect
entertainment space. Not only can good modern lighting dramatically affect the overall feel and
appearance of a room, it also plays a key role in our mood.

As modern lifestyles have changed so too has our need for lighting. We are no longer satisfied with a
single source of light and use highlighting, up lighting and down lighting, depending on what effects we
are trying to achieve. There are so many types of lighting from floor lamps and table lamps, ceiling lights
- both flush fittings and pendants, together with recessed lighting and track lights. Each and every
category offers a contemporary design that will complement our modern homes.

The lighting requirements of every room is different whether its our living space, our bathrooms, kitchens
or bedrooms. Whether your preference is bold statement or subtle style, all contemporary lighting needs
to satisfy the following primary functions.

Decorative/Accent Lighting

One of the essential features of contemporary living is minimal accessories and, selected correctly, our
modern lighting choices can provide decoration that best reflects our personality. This in turn prevents the
space from becoming too stark.

Why not use dynamic luminaries as a focal point, or let your artwork take the spotlight - by fitting an
understated polished chrome picture light or spotlight above bold artwork or an up lighter to enhance a

Even corridors and areas under the stairs can benefit from accent lighting, making them appear warmer
and more energised. Floor lamps can create a cosier feel by placing in darker corners.

Task Lighting

Select steel, chrome and nickel fittings with sleek, geometrical lines which provides task lighting without
detracting from the overall decorative feel you are trying to achieve.

From our work desks and kitchen counter tops to kitchen tables and dining tables, pendant lights give a
focused lighting solution.

For an extra modern look why not hang multiple pendants together over a kitchen island, dining table or
coffee table.

Instead of traditional under cupboard light why not use an over cupboard light. There are many versions
of these and even come with LED lamps, which is a highly popular option in the modern home.
Ambient Lighting

In a modern setting light fixtures that provide ambient light without causing any distraction from the
functional aspects of the room decoration are largely utilised.

For kitchens consider plinth LED strip lighting which come in various colour ways and provide a splash
of colour, warmth and ambient lighting.

You may not consider chandeliers to be associated with modern decor, but due to vast changes in
chandelier design they can create a focal point in many rooms, whether it be in our living rooms, over the
dining table or in hallways and reception rooms.

A highly popular choice at the moment is crystal and finely cut glass pendants in vibrant colours. When
placed against the neutral shades of our decor these can create a spectacular conversation piece.

There are so many ways contemporary lighting can be displayed - don't be afraid to experiment - just be
true to your own persona, this way you create a space that you want to be in, relax in and entertain in
because it reflects you and your personality. Keeping up with design trends can be challenging, however,
quality lighting will never date.

Contemporary Lighting for direct light
Take a look at our contemporary lighting which can be found in the indoor lighting section of our
website. We have a huge selection of quality modern lighting that will suit all budgets. If you don't see
what you are looking for give us a call or email us at and we will be more than
happy to help.

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