BREAKFAST MENU by xn679042


             Healthy Continental Breakfast (V)      R55
Layers of fresh fruit, Bulgarian yoghurt and crunchy muesli, drizzled
                   with honey. Served with a muffin

                     Breakfast on the Go R40
               Greek Yogurt and Chunky granola bar

                   Hillcrest Special     R65
Mushroom sauce, bacon and creamy scrambled egg on toast. Served
              with a frankfurter and potato rosti.

                  Cape Style Breakfast R70
Mushroom sauce, bacon and creamy scrambled egg on toast. Served
             with a kassler steak and potato rosti

                       Eggs Benedict      R80
 Lightly toasted English muffin topped with herb and mustard mayo,
                  salmon trout and poached eggs.

                    Flapjack Stack          R48
 Flapjacks layered with bacon, cheddar and grilled banana. Dressed
               with maple syrup and wild berry coulis.

                          French toast     R40
Two slices of bread, filled with cheddar, dunked in beaten egg and pan
 fried. Topped with grilled bacon and served with maple syrup on the

                          Omelette's     R50
        3 Egg Omelet with your choice of three toppings :
    Cheddar, Mushroom, Bacon, Tomato, Spinach, Spring onion

             Breakfast on Hillcrest Olive Bread R48
          Creamy scrambled egg, on 2 slices of homemade
              olive bread, topped with bacon bits and
                         cheddar. (Grilled)

                       Pancake Breakfast R50
Soft scrambled egg combined with bacon, smoked chicken and spring
    onion. Stuffed in a light pancake and served our special sauce

                        Breakfast Pita R50
 Freshly roasted tomato, pesto, mushroom, two poached eggs and a
         Welsh rarebit sauce pilled on top of a toasted pita

              (FOR THOSE 12 YEARS AND YOUNGER)

                      Kiddies Breakfast R30
                  Scrambled egg, bacon and toast

                        French Toast R25
Two slices bread dunked in beaten egg, pan fried, topped with lots of
                  cinnamon sugar and some syrup

                      Health Breakfast R25
              A bowl of yogurt, fresh fruit and muesli

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