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									                             UMnyango WezeMfundo                          Lefapha la Thuto
                             Department of Education             Departement van Onderwys

                                                                Circular 29/2007
                                                                       Date: 18 April 2007

Topic                          Management of Admissions to
                               Public Ordinary Schools for 2008

                               Annexure A: Forms 1 & 2 – Admission Forms
Enclosures                     Annexure B: Form C1 – GDE Admissions Appeal
                               Annexure C: Administration Process Map
                               Annexure D: District Administration Report
                               Annexure E: Declaration of a School Reaching
                                           its Capacity
                               Annexure F: Schedule for Admission Meetings
                               Annexure G: Checklist Form

Distribution                         Chief Directors and District Directors at Head
                                      Office and District Offices
                                     Principals of all Public Schools
                                     Members of School Governing Bodies
                                     Teacher Organisations
                                 This information must be made available to all
                                        learners, parents and caregivers

                                INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT
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1.     PURPOSE

1.1    To align the provincial admission processes with the latest legislation.

1.2    This circular replaces Circular 33/2006.

1.3    To advise principals on the administrative procedures for admissions.

1.4    To refer principals and School Governing Bodies (SGBs) to the relevant
       legislation in order to ensure compliance around admissions into public


2.1    South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No. 84 of 1996).

2.2    Admission of Learners to Public Schools (General Notice 4138 of 2001).

2.3    Education Law Amendment Act, 2002 (The Amendment of Section 5 of
       Act No. 84 of 1996).

2.4    Education White Paper 6: Special Needs Education (Building an Inclusive
       Education and Training System, 2001).

2.5    Education White Paper 5 as promulgated in 2004.

2.6    Provincial Gazette Extraordinary No. 187 Transforming ECD in Gauteng.

2.7    Gauteng School Education Act, 1995 (Act No. 6 of 1995).

2.8    Language in Education Policy (NEPA Act No. 27 of 1996).

2.9    Employment of Educators Act, 1998 (Act No. 76 of 1998).

2.10   Education Policy Act, 1998 (Act No. 12 of 1998).

2.11   Refugees Act, 1998 (Act No. 130 of 1998).

2.12   Aliens Control Act, 1991 (Act No. 96 of 1991).


This circular outlines management arrangements for admissions to public
schools. Principals and School Governing Bodies must familiarise themselves
with the legislation mentioned in paragraph 2 and the contents of this circular.

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4.1   The registration process begins in July 2007 and ends on the
      30 September 2007. All learners on a waiting list should be notified of the
      outcome of the application for admission by the end of October 2007.
      Late registration for whatever reason is managed as per legislation by the
      District Director, and District Admission Co-ordinators.       Under no
      circumstances should schools register learners before the said date.

4.2   No school will be declared full before the admission process is
      finalised in October 2007.

4.3   The District Director will be informed by the school admission data
      interrogated and analysed in November 2007 in declaring schools

4.4   The District Director should ensure that the principal submits all waiting
      lists of both successfully and unsuccessfully placed learners to the District
      Director to facilitate placement of such learners electronically, if possible.

4.5   The District Director should consider declaring a school upon receipt of a
      written application by the principal and further verification by the District
      Admission Team.


5.1   The temporary feeder zone for 2007 is the nearest school to the parents’
      home address or place of work in relation to the parents’/learners’
      choice of medium of instruction after all due processes have been
      complied with. However, the medium of instruction must not be used as a
      tool for exclusion.

5.2   On waiting list A, placement must be given to:

          Parents living in the area, including domestic employees.
          Parents working in the area.
          Learners from the feeder primary school, even if parents live and
           work outside the area.

      On waiting list B should be:

          Parents who live and work outside the area.

5.3   A learner who lives outside the feeder zone is not precluded from seeking
      admission at whichever school he/she chooses, but will be placed on
      waiting list B and will only be informed of the outcome of his/her
      placement not later than the end of November 2007.

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6.      APPEALS

6.1     A parent of a learner who is dissatisfied with the decision of the principal
        and the HOD not to admit the learner to the school, must be given reasons
        in writing and a copy of the Appeal Form – GDE Admission 04
        (Annexure B).

6.2     It is essential that:

             The school must provide reasons in writing whenever a learner has
              been refused admission.
             A copy of this letter must be sent to the District Director.
             The District Director ratifies or set aside the decision of the school in
              writing to both the parents and the school.
             Appeals are made to the MEC only after the District Director has
              ratified in writing the decision of the school.
             All supporting documentation must accompany the appeal form.

6.3     The MEC will refer any queries back to the District Admissions Team
        should the required form and accompanying letter from the school not be
        completed. Once all completed documentation is received by the MEC, a
        decision will be made.


7.1     The Role of the Head of Department (HOD)

7.1.1   Section 5(7) of the South African Schools Act, (SASA), Act No. 84 of 1996
        (as amended) states that “…application for the admission of a learner to a
        public school must be made to the education department in a manner
        determined by the Head of Department.”

7.1.2   The Head of Department (HOD) has developed this circular and
        established the following structures to manage the admissions process:

        (a)   District Admission Team, consisting of the Chief Educational
              Specialist responsible for Institutional Development and Support,
              Institutional Development and Support Officials (IDSOs), and staff
              from the Educational Support Services Unit.

        (b)   Provincial Admissions Team, consisting of a representative from
              Head Office (HO): General Education and Training (GET), and
              twelve (12) district representatives.

        (c)   Provincial Appeals Team, consisting of representative from HO:
              (GET) and Legal Section, in consultation with relevant District
              Admissions Co-ordinator.

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          These structures will ensure that issues of access, equity, redress and
          compulsory attendance of learners at school are realised through
          monitoring compliance of the admissions process.

          It remains the prerogative of the Head of Department to withdraw the
          delegated powers to the Principal if there is serious non-compliance which
          compromise the constitutional principles which prohibit indirect and direct
          discrimination and transformational imperatives (e.g. access, equity and

7.2       The Role of the District Director

          The HOD delegates the responsibility for the administration of admissions
          to the District Director to:

7.2.1     Ratify and approve in writing the school admissions policy submitted by
          the School Governing Body.

7.2.2     Ensure policy compliance by both principals and district officials, and
          institute disciplinary measures if non-compliance is proved.

7.2.3     Establish a District Admissions Team and centralised clusters that will
          oversee and support schools in the administration of admissions. The
          District Admissions Co-ordinators are:

                                     Name of
                                                       District Office
            District             Admissions Co-                               Cell number
 D1:    Gauteng North          Herbert Nkosi          (012) 324 2071       076 481 9632
 D2:    Gauteng West           Sarel Streicher        (011) 660 7576/7     083 447 6510
 D3:    Tshwane North          Tshepi Ntabanyane      (012) 323 9017       083 447 6321
 D4:    Tshwane South          Willem Vermeulen       (012) 341 6362       083 278 9827
 D5:    Ekurhuleni East        Pamela Belwane         (011) 746 8004       083 376 8481
 D6:    Ekurhuleni West        Gwendoline Mote        (011) 389 6069
                               Ria Radinne            (011) 389 6036
                               Duduzile Serowe        (011) 389 6231
 D7: Sedibeng East             Jeanette Dreyer        (016) 440 1700       082 771 1155
 D8: Sedibeng West             Jeff Zwane             (016) 933 3300       082 744 6324
 D9: Johannesburg East         Tlhage Petlele         (011) 666 9143       082 974 6293
 D10: Johannesburg North       Joyce Legoete          (011) 694 9391       083 447 6292
 D11: Johannesburg South       Robert Abrahams        (011) 983 2000/
 D12: Johannesburg West        Sophia de Beer         (011) 831 5396       076 272 7013
 Head Office: GET              Tenji Marolen          (011) 355 0632       083 310 1911
                               Vaughan Holmes         (011) 355 1776       083 310 2080

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7.2.4   Ensure that the District Admissions Co-ordinator will be contactable via
        cell phone for the duration of July 2007 – March 2008.

7.2.5   Ensure that the contact details of the District Admissions Teams, as well
        as the Head Office switchboard number (011 355 0000 or 011 355 0600),
        are made available to the parents of learners via the media.

7.2.6   Ensure that by the end of November 2007 all learners are placed.

7.2.7   Make sure that monthly reports on the process of admissions are written
        in the provided format and sent to GET Directorate Head Office (13th floor
        room: 1325) by the first (1st) Friday of the month.

7.2.8   Ensure that each Institutional Development Support Official monitors the
        admission process and policy compliance at his/her school from
        July 2007 to March 2008, and provide reports in writing with the
        necessary documentation when required by the HOD and MEC.

7.2.9   Establish a comprehensive admission system, which will include the
        admission data from ALL schools.

NOTE: District Offices and principals will take full responsibility for all
      learners that are not placed.

7.3     Obligations of School Governing Bodies and Principals when a
        Learner is Admitted to a Public School

7.3.1   The Principal must notify a parent of the following:

        (a) The amount of the annual school fees to be paid and procedures for
            applying for exemption.
        (b) The fact that the parent is liable for the payment of school fees unless
            he/she has been exempted from the payment thereof.
        (c) The checklist form (Annexure G) must be completed by the parent,
            indicating that the parent has been informed about the provisions of
            paragraph (a) and (b).
        (d) One copy of the signed form contemplated in paragraph (c) will be
            handed over to the parent when the learner is admitted to the public
            school, another will be submitted to district as soon as possible, and
            the original will be filed at the school.
        (e) If a parent is in arrears by one month or more, the governing body will
            investigate whether the parent qualifies for exemption before acting in
            terms of Section 41(1) of the South African Schools Act, 1996.

7.3.2   The school governing body must cause a copy of these regulations to be
        displayed at the school in a conspicuous place.

7.3.3   The school governing body must, on the request, provide the parent with a
        copy of these regulations.

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7.3.4   The governing body must treat as confidential all information that a parent
        provides in support of his or her application, and may not divulge such
        information to a third party without the consent of the parent, except to the
        Head of Department or District.

7.4     The Role and Responsibility of the Principal

7.4.1   The HOD hereby delegates the responsibility for the administration of the
        admission of learners to the principals of schools. The principal is hereby
        entrusted to ensure that procedurally, and in line with this circular and
        related legislation, the administration of admissions is carried out and time
        frames are adhered to.

7.4.2   The delegation under paragraph 7.4.1 does not prevent the HOD from
        exercising such power or performing such duty in cases where the
        principals of schools do not comply with the legal requirements and
        procedures in line with this circular.

7.4.3   The principal remains accountable for the administration of admissions
        and should not delegate this authority further.

7.4.4   The principal should ensure that:

        (a) Admission process commences in July 2007.
        (b) Stakeholders’ meetings are organised to discuss the admission
            process and this circular in May/June. Proof of such a meeting must
            be produced when required.
        (c) Principals not to issue out, receive and process application forms
            before July (registration day).
        (d) NO parent/guardian is required or expected to pay an “Admission/
            Registration Fee” before admission to the school has been
            confirmed, because this is unlawful in terms of the South African
            Schools’ Act.
        (e) NO learner is denied admission due to non-payment of school fees
            by his/her parent(s).
        (f) NO learner is denied admission due to the previous misconduct.
        (g) ALL parents who applied for the registration of their children receive
            written responses from principals timeously.

7.4.5   Administration of admissions includes:

        (a) The issuing of application forms to parents.
        (b) Assisting parents in completing the form when such assistance is
        (c) Receiving completed admissions application forms from parents.
        (d) Ensuring that all required forms are attached and correctly
        (e) Ensuring that ALL parents who applied for registration of their
            children immediately receive a waiting list number in writing.

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        (f) Ensuring that ALL successful and unsuccessful parents/applicants
            receive a written response by the end of October 2007.
        (g) Forwarding all the applications together with the supporting
            documents to the District Admissions Team.
        (h) Keeping a register of admissions.
        (i) Maintaining the required waiting lists.
        (j) Liaising with the District Admissions Team.
        (k) Forwarding admission data to the District Director on a weekly basis.

7.4.6   The admission age of a learner to Grade 1 in a public school is age five
        (5) turning six (6) by 30 June in the year of admission.

7.4.7   Where there is an approved GDE Grade R site at a public primary school,
        the principal must admit learners into Grade R as per administration
        measures as indicated in this circular and in line with the age
        requirements as indicated in the Education Law Amendment Act of 2002.

7.4.8   If the principal refuses to admit a learner to a school, he or she must
        provide reasons in writing for his or her decision to the HOD and the
        parent. The HOD must then either confirm or set aside the decision made
        by the principal. The principal must keep a record of such letters.

7.4.9   The principal must request in writing for the school to be declared full by
        the District Director.

NOTE: It is not the function or role of the principal to determine whether a
      learner is to be admitted to a school or not, other than if the school
      has been declared full. A school can only be declared full by the
      District Director.

        Language preferences of learners should be managed through the
        provisions of the Language in Education Policy.

        All principals are required to follow this circular without fail. Failure
        to do so will leave the Department with no option but to charge such
        a principal with misconduct in terms of Employment of Educators’

7.5     The Role of the District Admissions Team is to:

7.5.1   Facilitate the admission of learners at public ordinary schools.

7.5.2   Forward applications and recommendation that require admission into
        schools in other districts to the Provincial Admissions Team.

7.5.3   Facilitate the decision taken by the District Director to declare a school full.

7.5.4   Develop a district admission database/system.

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7.6     The Role of the Provincial Admissions Team is to:

7.6.1   Oversee the process and procedures of admissions in the district.

7.6.2   Collate admission reports and forward to the HOD.

7.6.3   Monitor all admissions in the district and ensure compliance.

7.6.4   Investigate all admission queries, intervene and report in writing to the

7.6.5   Organise admission advocacies for the whole of May, and declare
        Provincial Open Registration Days for all public ordinary schools in
        Gauteng between July and August 2007.

7.6.6   Develop the provincial admissions strategy.

7.6.7   Compile a provincial admissions database.

7.7     The Role of the District Admissions Co-ordinator is to:

7.7.1   Oversee the process and procedures of admissions in the schools.

7.7.2   Collate admission reports and forward to the Provincial Admission

7.7.3   Monitor all admissions within the district.

7.7.4   Investigate all admission queries, intervene and report in writing with the
        necessary documentation when required by the HOD and MEC.

7.7.5   Organise admission advocacy plans and submit to Head Office by
        17 May 2007.

7.7.6   Prepare the district admission management plans.

7.8     The Role of the School Governing Body is to:

7.8.1   Determine the admissions policy of a school in terms of Section 5(5) of the
        South African Schools Act, the Admission of Learners to Public Schools
        (General Notice 4138 of 2001) and in accordance with the guidelines
        stipulated in Section 5(1) of the Education Policy Act, 1998 (Act 12 of

7.8.2   Develop a language policy for the school in terms of Section 6(3) of SASA
        only after learners have been admitted. It must be emphasised that the
        language policy of the school needs to be reviewed in line with parental

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        choice for their children who are learners after prescribed due processes
        have been complied with.

7.8.3   Encourage parents to apply for admission of their children before the end
        of the preceding school year and specifically between the beginning of
        July 2007 and the end of September 2007.

7.8.4   Inform all parents of learners admitted to a school of their rights and
        obligations in terms of the South African Schools Act, 1996, and any
        applicable provincial law.

7.8.5   Make a copy of the signed admission and language policies of the school
        available for ratification by the District Director.


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