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									The Fifth Annual Children’s Ministry Day
       Saturday, February 18, 2012
What is Operation Education?
Operation Education [op-uh-rey-shuhn eh-doo-kay-shuhn] noun:
the theme for Children’s Ministry Day 2012.
Church leaders will encourage their children to
serve their communities and live their faith by
getting involved with missions projects related to
education. Children’s Ministry DayTM is an annual,
one-day missions experience created by WMU®.
  “Education is not
  preparation for life;
education is life itself.”
    -John Dewey
      Why take part in
Children’s Ministry Day 2012?
1.   It’s inspiring. Children and their
     leaders reach out with God’s love.
2.   It’s easy. Churches create their own
     hands-on, missions projects.
3.   It works. Through missions projects,
     children live out their faith and are
     more likely to get involved again.
Since 2008, more than 150,000 people have taken
         part in Children’s Ministry Day!

           WMU invites all children in
           grades 1-6 to participate.
So how can my children serve God
       while contributing to
      someone’s education?
Plan an education-related missions project
 that kids can carry out in your community.
Could your group collect books
     for a literacy ministry?
Send encouraging notes
   to GED students?
Clean classrooms at a local school?
The possibilities are endless!
Free Children’s Ministry Day 2012
         Resources Online
   Visit for:
   • Clip art
   • Promotional flyer in English
     and Spanish
   • Press release
   • Podcast
The Children’s Ministry
    Day 2012 flyer is
  available through the
 “Free Resources” page
The Children’s Ministry Day 2012
 podcast is available through the
 “Basics” page of
Priced Children’s Ministry Day 2012
        Resources Include:
   • Children’s Ministry Day 2012 Pack
     (printed) $14.99
   • Children’s Ministry Day 2012 Pack
     (downloadable) $11.99
   • Children’s Ministry Day 2012 Badge
   • Official T-Shirt (available through
     LifeWay Specialty Imprints)
The Children’s Ministry Day 2012 Pack
  (printed and downloadable) and the
Children’s Ministry Day 2012 Badge are
     available at
The official Children’s Ministry Day 2012 T-Shirt
is available through LifeWay Specialty Imprints.
            Call 1-800-443-8032 or visit to order.

Available in nine sizes
          $12.99 each
“Do your best to please God. Be a worker who
doesn’t need to be ashamed. Teach the message
   of truth correctly.” – 2 Timothy 2:15 (NIrV)

 2012 Children’s Ministry Day Scripture Verse
          Don’t forget:
  Saturday, February 18th, 2012,
           join us for

Operation Education.

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