80's & 90's Christian Hits All Creatures of Our God a 2nd Chapter by 1pqb6Z

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									80's & 90's Christian Hits

All Creatures of Our God a   2nd Chapter of Acts
Medley                       2nd Chapter Of Acts
It Is Well With My Soul      2nd Chapter Of Acts
O For A Thousand Tongues     2nd Chapter Of Acts
Great Is Thy Faithfulness    2nd Chapter of Acts
This Is My Father's World    2nd Chapter Of Acts
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore T   2nd Chapter of Acts
My Jesus, I Love Thee        2nd Chapter of Acts
Crown Him With Many Crowns   2nd Chapter of Acts
Morning Has Broken           2nd Chapter Of Acts
Be Still, My Soul            2nd Chapter Of Acts
Take My Life and Let It Be   2nd Chapter of Acts
A Mighty Fortress            2nd Chapter Of Acts
Holy, Holy, Holy             2nd Chapter of Acts
Come, Thou Long-Expected J   2nd Chapter Of Acts
Fairest Lord Jesus           2nd Chapter of Acts
O Sacred Head, Now Wounded   2nd Chapter Of Acts
O the Deep, Deep, Deep Lov   2nd Chapter of Acts
How Great Thou Art           2nd Chapter of Acts
Purify Me                    2nd Chapter Of Acts
He Has Formed Me             2nd Chapter of Acts
O Worship The King           2nd Chapter Of Acts
Couldn't We Stand            4 Him
He Never Changes             4 Him
The Message                  4 Him
Land of Mercy                4 Him
Puzzles                      4 Him
Stay Forever                 4 Him
For Future Generations       4 Him
When I Need You Most         4 Him
Why_                         4 Him
Do Right                     4 Him
When the Walls Come Down     4 Him
Chisel Meets the Stone       4 Him
He Will Be There for You     4 Him
Face The Nation              4 Him
Where There is Faith         4 Him
Living Water, Bread of Lif   4 Him
Over The Horizon             4 Him
A Man You Would Write Abou   4 Him
Life Goes On                 4 Him
When I am Gone               4 Him
When I Get Home              4 Him
Every Reason to Believe      4 Him
Take Me to the Place         4 Him
When I get Home (reprise)    4 Him
The Basics of Life           4Him
Measure of a Man             4Him
Love Finds You               4Him
When It Comes to Livin'      4Him
Fountain of Youth            4Him
This Time                    4Him
Through His Eyes             4Him
Built On Amazing Grace       4Him
Freedom                      4Him
Livin' In The Lion's Mouth   4Him
When It's Time To Go         4Him
Head Over Heels              4Him
Wrecking Ball                4Him
The Voice of God             4Him
Gaither Vocal Band           A Few Good Men
Commissioned                 A Life that Shows
Freak Like Me Radio Versio   Adina Howard
Freak Like Me Remix          Adina Howard
Freak Like Me Without Rap    Adina Howard
I Still Believe in Forever   Al Denson
I Choose to Follow           Al Denson
River of Light               Al Denson
Extra Mile                   Al Denson
If We Believe                Al Denson
To Forgive                   Al Denson
The Love We Know             Al Denson
Call Me                      Al Denson
Stand Up                     Al Denson
Shine Out the Light          Al Denson
That's What My Father Woul   Al Denson
Do You Know this Man         Al Denson
Salt and Light               Amy DeLaine
Children Of The World (wit   Amy Grant
Stay For Awhile              Amy Grant
That's What Love is For      Amy Grant
Hope Set High                Amy Grant
Lover of My Soul             Amy Grant
We Believe in God            Amy Grant
Love has a Hold on Me        Amy Grant
Children Of The World (alb   Amy Grant
Love Can Do                  Amy Grant
Breath of Heaven             Amy Grant
Find A Way                   Amy Grant
Everywhere I Go              Amy Grant
Angels                       Amy Grant
Thy Word                     Amy Grant
Emmanuel                     Amy Grant
Where Do You Hide Your Hea   Amy Grant
Sing Your Praise To The Lo   Amy Grant
We Believe In God            Amy Grant
In A Little While            Amy Grant
El Shaddai                   Amy Grant
Hey Now                      Amy Grant
I Have Decided               Amy Grant
Too Late                     Amy Grant
I'm Gonna Fly                Amy Grant
All I Ever Have To Be        Amy Grant
Father's Eyes                Amy Grant
Ageless Medley               Amy Grant
What God Deserves            Amy Morriss
White Blossom                Amy Morriss
You Are                      Annie Herring
Steve Green                  Aquel Quein La Buena Obra
Where Do I Go                Ashley Cleveland & Gary C
Angels                       Ashton, Becker, Dente
No Other                     Ashton, Becker, Dente
Song of Reconciliation       Ashton, Becker, Dente
No Other                     Ashton, Becker, Dente
Walk On                      Ashton, Becker, Dente
Breathe on Me                Ashton, Becker, Dente
Blessing in Disguise         Ashton, Becker, Dente
Taking My Time               Ashton, Becker, Dente
Near to You                  Ashton, Becker, Dente
Oh Me of Little Faith        Ashton, Becker, Dente
What Am I_                   Ashton, Becker, Dente
Waiting to be Found          Ashton, Becker, Dente
Along the Road               Ashton, Becker, Dente
Rest Easy                    Audio A
Can't Take God Away          Audio A
Rest easy                    Audio Adrenaline
A.K.A. Public School         Audio Adrenaline
Don't Censor Me              Audio Adrenaline
Standing in the Gap          Babbie Mason
A World of Difference        Babbie Mason
Shine the Light                   Babbie Mason
Trust His Heart                   Babbie Mason
Michael Card                      Bearers of the Light
Depend On You                     BeBe & CeCe Winans
Addictive Love                    BeBe & CeCe Winans
It's O.K.                         BeBe & CeCe Winans
The Blood                         BeBe & CeCe Winans
Two Different Lifestyles          BeBe & CeCe Winans
Supposed To Be                    BeBe & CeCe Winans
I'll Take You There               BeBe & CeCe Winans
You Know And I Know               BeBe & CeCe Winans
Searching For Love                BeBe & CeCe Winans
Better Place                      BeBe & CeCe Winans
Can't Take This Away              BeBe & CeCe Winans
Addictive Love (extended v        BeBe & CeCe Winans
What A Friend We Have In J        Bill Gaither Trio
Jesus What A Friend For Si        Bill Gaither Trio
My Jesus I Love Thee              Bill Gaither Trio
God Leads Us Along_Preciou        Bill Gaither Trio
Blessed Assurance                 Bill Gaither Trio
Medley of Favorite Hymns_         Bill Gaither Trio
Praise My Soul! O King Of         Bill Gaither Trio
It Is Well With My Soul           Bill Gaither Trio
Great Is Thy Faithfulness         Bill Gaither Trio
Tis So Sweet To Trust In          Bill Gaither Trio
Does Jesus Care                   Bill Gaither Trio
Going Home                        Bill Gaither Trio
When I Survey The Wondrous        Bill Gaither Trio
Press On                          Billy Sprague
Whatever Happened to Love_        Billy Sprague
A Way Back                        Billy Sprague
Mona Lisa Said                    Billy Sprague
The Blessing (of the Fleet        Billy Sprague
The Sacred Journey                Billy Sprague
When Nothing's Sacred             Billy Sprague
I Saw a Blind Man                 Billy Sprague
Kumquat May                       Billy Sprague
Mona Lisa's Encore                Billy Sprague
Carpenter Gone Bad                Bob Bennett
(I Know That) My Redeemer         Bob Bennett
You're Welcome Here               Bob Bennett
Matters Of The Heart              Bob Bennett
                             1951 Bob Bennett
A Song About Baseball             Bob Bennett
Madness Dancing              Bob Bennett
Come And See                 Bob Bennett
Mountain Cathedrals          Bob Bennett
Saviour Of The World         Bob Bennett
Still Rolls The Stone        Bob Bennett
Yours Alone                  Bob Bennett
Psalm 149_1-4                Bob Bennett
Man Of The Tombs             Bob Bennett
Lord Of The Past             Bob Bennett
Mind, Body, Heart and Soul   Bob Carlisle
Getting Stronger             Bob Carlisle
Use Me                       Bob Carlisle
Chance I have to Take        Bob Carlisle
We are the People            Bob Carlisle
Bridge Between Two Hearts    Bob Carlisle
Every Step I Take            Bob Carlisle
Love Take Hold               Bob Carlisle
Giving You the Rest of My    Bob Carlisle
Goin' Home                   Bob Carlisle
Don't Look Away              Bryan Duncan
Mercy Me (Love is My Respo   Bryan Duncan
Step by Step                 Bryan Duncan
The Form of Man              Bryan Duncan
Things Are Gonna Change      Bryan Duncan
Into My Heart                Bryan Duncan
Step By Step                 Bryan Duncan
Put a little Love in your    Bryan Duncan
Into My Heart                Bryan Duncan
Still Dancin                 Bryan Duncan
Do You Believe in Atheists   Bryan Duncan
You Don't Leave Me Lonely    Bryan Duncan
When it Comes to Love        Bryan Duncan
Looks A Lot Like Me          Bryan Duncan
Love Takes Time              Bryan Duncan
Faithful to You              Bryan Duncan
I'll Not Forget You          Bryan Duncan
Five Smooth Stones           Bryan Duncan
God's Got an Army            Carman
I Got the Joy                Carman
Our Turn Now                 Carman
Prepare To Die               Carman
Abundance Of Rain            Carman
Holy Ghost Hop               Carman
I Got the Joy                Carman
Sunday's on the Way               Carman
A Witch's Invitation              Carman
Revive Us, Oh Lord                Carman
Satan, Bite The Dust!             Carman
                             1955 Carman
A Little Bit More Convicti        Carman
Get Your Business Straight        Carman
Lazarus Come Forth                Carman
Hunger For Holiness               Carman
It Happened To Me                 Carman
Soap Song                         Carman
This Blood                        Carman
Come Into This House              Carman
Lord of All                       Carman
Saved, Delivered and Heale        Carman
The Destination Is There          Carman
Addicted To Jesus                 Carman
Fear Not My Child                 Carman
Jesus Is the Light                Carman
Revival in the Land               Carman
God's Got an Army                 Carman
Jesus Is The Way                  Carman
Love Can                          Carman
The Resurrection Rap              Carman
No Way, We Are Not Ashamed        Carman
Shine Through Me                  Carman
The Champion                      Carman
The Third Heaven                  Carman
Radically Saved                   Carman
Revival in the Land               Carman
This Blood                        Carman
Celebrating Jesus                 Carman
The Champion                      Carman
Serve the Lord                    Carman
Rivers of Praise                  Carried Away
I Want to Know You                Charlie Peacock
I Would Go Crazy                  Charlie Peacock
Lay it Down                       Cheri Keaggy
Open My Heart                     Cheri Keaggy
My Faith Will Stay                Cheri Keaggy
Make My Life An Altar             Cheri Keaggy
Everlasting Love                  Chris Eaton
I'll Stand                        Cindy Morgan
I Will be Free                    Cindy Morgan
Sweet Days of Grace          Cindy Morgan
How Could I Ask for More     Cindy Morgan
Let it Be Love               Cindy Morgan
A Reason to Live             Cindy Morgan
Say It Again                 Cindy Morgan
His Love's Comin' Over Me    Clay Crosse
My Place Is With You         Clay Crosse
Give Him Roots               Clay Crosse
Time To Believe              Clay Crosse
His Love Is Strong           Clay Crosse
Your Love Is Working In My   Clay Crosse
I Call Your Name             Clay Crosse
I Found Myself In You        Clay Crosse
I Surrender All              Clay Crosse
I Turn To You                Clay Crosse
Givin' My Love               Clay Crosse
Where Angels Dare            Clay Crosse
One Heart                    Clay Crosse
The Rock (That Was Rolled    Clay Crosse
Love From The Sweetest Cup   Clay Crosse
Love In The Right Hands      Clay Crosse
If That's What It Takes      Clay Crosse
Just Like He Said He Would   Clay Crosse
God Is Love                  Clay Crosse
Midnight Cry                 Clay Crosse
Follow On                    Code of Ethics
Follow On (Album Version)    Code of Ethics
Without Reason               Code of Ethics
Without Reason               Code of Ethics
Breakdown                    Crystal Lewis
People Get Ready             Crystal Lewis
You Didn't Have To Do It     Crystal Lewis
Lost Inside Of You           Crystal Lewis
Jump                         Crystal Lewis
Precious Lord                Crystal Lewis
Only One                     Crystal Lewis
Rock Solid                   Crystal Lewis
Blooodstained Pages          Crystal Lewis
This Love's For Real         Crystal Lewis
One More Heart               Crystal Lewis
God Is Somebody              Crystal Lewis
Something Christ Did         Crystal Lewis
Sondance                     Dakoda Motor
Face of Mercy                Dallas Holm
Once in a Lifetime (album    David Meece
Prelude (Instrumental)       David Meece
God's Promises               David Meece
When I Was Seventeen         David Meece
Learning To Trust            David Meece
To Know Him                  David Meece
To The Glory Of God          David Meece
The Man With The Nail Scar   David Meece
Interlude In B Minor (Inst   David Meece
This Time (Featuring Etude   David Meece
When All Colors Turn To Lo   David Meece
Somebody's Calling Your Na   David Meece
The Rest Of My Life          David Meece
Say the Words                DC Talk
Luv is a Verb                DC Talk
I Got The Want To            Donna McElroy
Pray to Stay Strong          E.T.W.
Feel His Heart               East To West
Live Like I'm Leaving        East to West
Traces of Heaven             Fade
Silent Night                 Fireside Christmas
Evidence of Love             First Call
Freedom (AC Mix)             First Call
Let the Healing Begin        First Call
Someday                      First Call
God Knows The Broken Place   First Call
Breaking Through             First Call
Frieedom (CHR Mix)           First Call
The Prize                    First Call
Wanna Be                     First Call
Forgiven                     First Call
Under The Water (Insp_Radi   First Call
Will I Find Love             First Call
Selah                        First Call
Sweet Love                   First Call
Under The Water (Insp_No E   First Call
This Side of Paradise        First Call
Under The Water (Testimony   First Call
Without You                  First Call
Poverty                      First Call
Under The Water (Album Ver   First Call
You'll Be There              First Call
I Find You                   First Call
True Love                    First Call
Legacy                       First Call
Sunrise on Ararat            First Call
Parable of the River         First Call
Shadow of the Cross          First Call
Breath of God                First Call
Steven Curtis Chapman        For the Sake of the Call
What Child is This           Frieside Christmas
Peace Of The Rock            Gaither Vocal Band
I Wanna Put My Armor On      Gaither Vocal Band
I Can't Believe My Eyes      Gaither Vocal Band
I Heard The Voice Of Jesus   Gaither Vocal Band
Home Where I Belong          Gaither Vocal Band
Every Day, Every Hour        Gaither Vocal Band
Arms Around The World        Gaither Vocal Band
Walk With Danger             Gaither Vocal Band
Set My Feet On The Rock      Gaither Vocal Band
Voice Of The Father          Gaither Vocal Band
Where Are The Broken Heart   Gary Chapman
Sweet Glow Of Mercy          Gary Chapman
Give Me Tomorrow             Gary Chapman
Floodgates Of Love           Gary Chapman
Love Will Be Our Anchor      Gary Chapman
Finally                      Gary Chapman
Heal Me                      Gary Chapman
Razor's Edge                 Gary Chapman
Treasure                     Gary Chapman
Hope Set High                Gary Chapman
We Can                       Gary Chapman
Make It Right Tonight        Gary Chapman
Sweet Jesus                  Gary Chapman
Heart of God, Hand to Man    Geoff Moore & The Distanc
Home Run (album version)     Geoff Moore & The Distanc
That's When I'll Know I'm    Geoff Moore & The Distanc
Heart of God, Hand to Man    Geoff Moore & The Distanc
Home Run (AC version)        Geoff Moore & The Distanc
Home Run (AC, short intro)   Geoff Moore & The Distanc
Home Run (CHR, short intro   Geoff Moore & The Distanc
Godgottaholdonme (Edit)      Geoff Moore & The Distanc
Godgottaholdonme (Album)     Geoff Moore & The Distanc
When All is Said and Done    Geoff Moore & The Distanc
A Friend Like U              Geoff Moore and the Dista
House of Faith               Geoff Moore and the Dista
Reminders of You             Geoff Moore and the Dista
Remember Who You Are         Geoff Moore and the Dista
Listen to Our Hearts         Geoff Moore and the Dista
Good to be Alive             Geoff Moore and the Dista
Aware of Wonder              Geoff Moore and the Dista
Listen and Learn             Geoff Moore and the Dista
Come to Me                   Geoff Moore and the Dista
Called to Hope               Geoff Moore and the Dista
Because He Lives             George Beverly Shea & Mic
Bob Carlisle                 Getting Stronger
There Is Hope                Glad
Servant Of Servants          Glad
Color Outside the Lines      Glad
Mary, Mary                   Glad
The Great Storm Is Over      Glad
He'll Always Defend You      Glad
Still He Gives Love          Glad
May We Be One                Glad
In My Father's House         Glad
When He Comes Again          Glad
The Bread Of Life            Glad
We Belong To You Alone       Glad
Love the Lord                Greg Long
We Love You Jesus            Greg Long
Jesus Saves                  Greg Long
Think About Jesus            Greg Long
How Long                     Greg Long
Days of Grace                Greg Long
Holy Soldier                 Hallows Eve
Rhythm House                 Hold Me
Phillips, Craig and Dean     I Want to be Just Like Yo
Julie Miller                 I Will Follow You
First Call                   I'll Aways Come Back to Y
Change The World             Imperials
Taking Your Love For Grant   Imperials
We're All In This Together   Imperials
Testify                      Imperials
Put The Weight Of The Worl   Imperials
Standing on the Rock of Lo   Imperials
Stir It Up                   Imperials
I Believe In You             Imperials
My Faith Stands              Imperials
Change The World (Reprise)   Imperials
Larnelle Harris              In a Way That Matters
Album Mix                    In the Light
Alternate Mix                In the LIght
Instrumental Mix             In the Light
Progressive AC Mix           In the Light
AC Mix                       In the Light
Daryl Coley                  Integrity
Burning Like a Fire          IONA
Healing                      Iona
Beyond These Shores (Repri   Iona
Today                        IONA
Snowdonia                    Iona
Liquid                       Jars Of Clay
Sinking                      Jars Of Clay
Love Song For A Savior       Jars Of Clay
Like A Child                 Jars Of Clay
Art In Me                    Jars Of Clay
He                           Jars Of Clay
Boy On A String              Jars Of Clay
Flood                        Jars Of Clay
Worlds Apart                 Jars Of Clay
No One's Ever Died for Me    John Elefante
This is What Love is         John Elefante
You Are The One              Jon Gibson
Can't Live Without Jesus     Jon Gibson
Found A Home                 Jon Gibson
On My Way To Heaven          Jon Gibson
Forever Friends              Jon Gibson
Happy To Know Jesus          Jon Gibson
You've Gotta Love Somebody   Jon Gibson
Happier Than The Morning S   Jon Gibson
To My Father's House         Jon Gibson
Angles Dance                 Julie Miller
S.O.S.                       Julie Miller
Everything Changes           Kathy Troccoli
Just You                     Kathy Troccoli
Help Myself to You           Kathy Troccoli
Tell Me Where It Hurts       Kathy Troccoli
If I'm not in Love           Kathy Troccoli
Love has Found Me Here       Kathy Troccoli
I'll Be There (For You)      Kathy Troccoli
You've Got a Way             Kathy Troccoli
All of My Life               Kathy Troccoli
You're Still Here            Kathy Troccoli
Love was Never Meant to Di   Kathy Troccoli
Takin' a Chance              Kathy Troccoli
Mission of Love              Kathy Troccoli
The Hard Days                Kathy Troccoli
Can't Get You Out of My He   Kathy Troccoli
Never My Love                Kathy Troccoli
Fallin'                      Kathy Troccoli
Only Love Can Know           Kathy Troccoli
My Life is in Your Hands     Kathy Troccoli
You and I                    Kathy Troccoli
Rushing Wind                 Keith Green
You Put This Love in My He   Keith Green
Grace By Which I Stand       Keith Green
You                          Keith Green
Your Love Broke Through      Keith Green
He'll Take Care of the Res   Keith Green
Lies!                        Keith Green
The Sheep and the Goats      Keith Green
Asleep in the Light          Keith Green
Soften Your Heart            Keith Green
How Can They Live Without    Keith Green
Scripture Song Medley        Keith Green
Black Shirts                 Kim Hill
Inside of You                Kim Hill
Crossroads                   Kim Hill
Stop, Watch and Listen       Kim Hill
Refuge                       Kim Hill
Secret Place                 Kim Hill
Faithful                     Kim Hill
Snake in the Grass           Kim Hill
Let's Talk about Life        Kim Hill
Psalm 1                      Kim Hill
Change Your Heart            Kim Hill
Closer To A Broken Heart     Kim Hill
How Do You Know              Kim Hill
Rich Man, Poor Man           Kim Hill
Turning                      Kim Hill
Testimony                    Kim Hill
Unspoken Love                Kim Hill
Be Still and Know            Kim Hill
Charm Is Deceitful           Kim Hill
Dancing In Jerusalem         Lamb
It Is He (Bonay Y'Rushalay   Lamb
Latter Rain                  Lamb
You Are My Salvation         Lamb
All You've Done              Lamb
Enter His Gates              Lamb
The Set Time Has Come        Lamb
There Is A City              Lamb
You Are There                Lamb
Holy, Holy                   Lamb
A Mighty Fortress            Larnelle
I Don't Know Why You Love    Larnelle
The Father Hath Provided A   Larnelle
Go Tell It On The Mountain   Larnelle
I've Just Seen Jesus         Larnelle
In It After All              Larnelle
Great Is Thy Faithfulness    Larnelle
Oh Happy Day                 Larnelle
Didn't It Rain               Larnelle
His Grace Is Greater         Larnelle
Everybody Praise The Lord    Larnelle
Amen                         Larnelle
Seekers Of Your Heart        Larnelle
Beyond All the Limits        Larnelle Harris
I Choose Joy                 Larnelle Harris
Unbelievable Love            Larnelle Harris
Childlike Faith              Larnelle Harris
It's Love                    Larnelle Harris
Take the Time                Larnelle Harris
You Can't Put Out the Fire   Larnelle Harris
Called to Belong to Jesus    Larnelle Harris
To God Be the Glory          Larnelle Harris
I'll Help You Cry            Larnelle Harris
Pulling Down the Past        Larnelle Harris
Beyond What I Can See        Larnelle Harris
It's Only Thunder            Larnelle Harris
More Grace                   Larnelle Harris
No Place to be a Child       Larnelle Harris
In a way that Matters (My    Larnelle Harris
The Lord Is My Banner and    Larnelle Harris
The Other Woman              Larnelle Harris
There Stands the Cost        Larnelle Harris
All Hail the Power of Jesu   Larnelle Harris
The Best is Yet to Come      Larnelle Harris
Dancin' at the Wedding Bal   Larry Howard
Expecting Miracles           Larry Howard
Signified Life               Larry Howard
Bring Back the Love          Lavine Hudson
Keep Your Mind               Lavine Hudson
Born to Worship              Lenny LeBlanc
All My Dreams                Lenny LeBlanc
Born To Worship              Lenny LeBlanc
All My Dreams                Lenny LeBlanc
Everybody Needs Love         Lenny LeBlanc
Treat Her Right              Lenny LeBlanc
A Carpenter's Son            Lenny LeBlanc
This Thing Called Love       Lenny LeBlanc
Take a Look                  Lenny LeBlanc
The Savior's Hand            Lenny LeBlanc
Father Knows Best            Lenny LeBlanc
Silent Stars                 Lenny LeBlanc
Falling off The Face of th   Lisa Bevill
Hallelujah (Great Is The N   Maranatha!
Hear The Call_Praise The L   Maranatha!
Stand In The Congregation    Maranatha!
God Is So Good_Yahweh Is F   Maranatha!
I Will Be With You           Maranatha!
Sing Hallelujah              Maranatha!
Come Let Us Sing_Let All T   Maranatha!
Nobody Like You              Maranatha!
One Name, Yahweh_He Is       Maranatha!
We Will Glorify_Alleluia     Maranatha!
Godly Men                    Maranatha! Promise Band
Jesus Draw Me Close          Maranatha! Promise Band
The Family Prayer Song       Maranatha! Promise Band
I Have Decided To Follow J   Maranatha! Promise Band
The Reconciliation Song      Maranatha! Promise Band
Face To Face                 Maranatha! Promise Band
I Waited For The Lord        Maranatha! Promise Band
Purify My Heart              Maranatha! Promise Band
Let The Walls Fall Down      Maranatha! Promise Band
Now Unto The King Eternal    Maranatha! Promise Band
Rise Up O Men Of God         Maranatha! Promise Band
Holy, Holy, Holy _ Holy, H   Maranatha! Promise Band
Crown Him With Many Crowns   Maranatha! Promise Band
This Love                    Margaret Becker
All I Ever Wanted            Margaret Becker
This Is My Passion           Margaret Becker
Find Me                      Margaret Becker
Look Me In The Eye           Margaret Becker
The Hunger Stays             Margaret Becker
Never Be An Angel            Margaret Becker
Streets Of Innocence         Margaret Becker
Just Come In                 Margaret Becker
Who Am I                    Margaret Becker
Solomon's Shoes             Margaret Becker
Never For Nothing           Margaret Becker
Man from Galilee            Michael Anderson
Chords of Faith             Michael Card
Jubilee                     Michael Card
El Shaddai                  Michael Card
That's What Faith Must Be   Michael Card
Come to the Table           Michael Card
The Final Word              Michael Card
Scandalon                   Michael Card
Why_                        Michael Card
Known by the Scars          Michael Card
Why                         Michael Card
Come to the Table           Michael Card
God's Own Fool              Michael Card
Scandalon                   Michael Card
The Final Word              Michael Card
Celebrate the Child         Michael Card
Immanuel                    Michael Card
To the Mystery              Michael Card
That's What Faith Must Be   Michael Card
Know You in the Now         Michael Card
Joy in the Journey          Michael Card
Jubilee                     Michael Card
How Long_                   Michael Card
So Many Books...            Michael Card
Heal Our Land               Michael Card
Solid As The Rock           Michael English
There is a Love             Michael English
Save Me                     Michael English
Holding Out Hope to You     Michael English
Mary, Did You Know          Michael English
Do You Believe In Love      Michael English
In Christ Alone             Michael English
Take The Time               Michael English
Start A Party               Michael English
Let's Build A Bridge        Michael English
His Heart Is Big Enough     Michael English
Love Won't Leave You (Out   Michael English
Heaven                      Michael English
In the Midst of your Love   Michael James
Love Will                   Michael James
We Come To Praise           Michael James
What We've Come Here For     Michael W. Smith
Wayne Watson                 More of You
More                         Mylon LeFevre & Broken He
Again and Again              Mylon LeFevre & Broken He
You Comfort Me               Mylon LeFevre & Broken He
Movin' On                    Mylon LeFevre & Broken He
Lamb of God                  Mylon LeFevre & Broken He
Give It Away                 Mylon LeFevre & Broken He
Secret Place                 Mylon LeFevre & Broken He
The Warrior                  Mylon LeFevre & Broken He
Stranger to Danger           Mylon LeFevre & Broken He
Morning Star                 Mylon LeFevre & Broken He
Inner Mission                Mylon LeFevre & Broken He
Brand New Start              Mylon LeFevre & Broken He
Jesus, It's You              Mylon LeFevre & Broken He
Praise Hymn                  Mylon LeFevre & Broken He
The Gift                     Mylon LeFevre & Broken He
Invincible Love              Mylon LeFevre & Friends
The Name Of The Lord         Mylon LeFevre & Friends
Holy Is The Lord             Mylon LeFevre & Friends
The Power Of Love            Mylon LeFevre & Friends
Don't Say It's Over          Mylon LeFevre & Friends
Give Thanks                  Mylon LeFevre & Friends
Closer Than A Friend         Mylon LeFevre & Friends
Humble Yourself              Mylon LeFevre & Friends
Masterpeace                  Mylon LeFevre & Friends
Callin' Down Fire            Mylon LeFevre & Friends
Faithful                     Mylon LeFevre & Friends
Be Still                     Newsboys
I Cannot Get You Out Of My   Newsboys
Shine                        Newsboys
I'm Not Ashamed              Newsboys
Where You Belong_Turn Your   Newsboys
Upon This Rock               Newsboys
Strong Love                  Newsboys
Dear Shame                   Newsboys
Boycott Hell                 Newsboys
We Come Together             Newsboys
Love Comes True              Newsboys
Lost The Sky Again           Newsboys
It's a wonderful Life        Newsong
Living Proof                 Newsong
People Get Ready             Newsong
We Wear His Name             Newsong
When I'm with you (Radio M   Newsong
Girlee Girlee (Y2K Remix)    Newsong
How Will They Know           Newsong
More God                     Newsong
All Around the World         Newsong
Wholehearted                 Newsong
Reach Out, I'll be There     Newsong
Turn It Around               Newsong
From This Moment On          Newsong
Only The Hands               Newsong
Field of Faith               Newsong
Fight Back                   Newsong
Bellwether                   Newsong
Fingertips & Noses           Newsong
Got me Going                 Newsong
Tug O' War                   Newsong
Hero of the Faith (Billy)    Newsong
One Heart At A Time          Newsong
Simple Things                Newsong
When Everything Else Is Go   Newsong
All Around the World (Repi   Newsong
Wipe A Tear                  O'Landa Draper w_ Russ Ta
Rhythm House                 One By One
Steady Me                    Out of the Grey
Nothing's Gonna Keep Me Fr   Out of the Grey
The Shape of Grace           Out of the Grey
Everywhere That You Go       Out of the Grey
Dear Marianne                Out of the Grey
Feels Like Real Life         Out of the Grey
The Door of Heaven           Out of the Grey
To Keep Love Alive           Out of the Grey
Bigger Than Life             Out of the Grey
Leave the Light On           Out of the Grey
Armed And Dangerous          Petra
Destiny                      Petra
Why Should the Father Both   Petra
I Am On The Rock             Petra
Who's On The Lord's Side     Petra
Yahweh Love                  Petra
Creed                        Petra
Ready, Willing and Able      Petra
The Coloring Song            Petra
Beyond Belief                Petra
Hand On My Heart             Petra
Praise Ye the Lord           Petra
I Need To Hear From You      Petra
Love                         Petra
More Power to Ya             Petra
Dance                        Petra
Let Everything that Hath B   Petra
Underground                  Petra
Not of this World            Petra
Secret Weapon                Petra
Seen And Not Heard           Petra
Last Daze                    Petra
Not By Sight                 Petra
Sight Unseen                 Petra
Hey World                    Petra
Hollow Eyes                  Petra
What's In A Name             Petra
In The Likeness Of You       Petra
Prayer                       Petra
Thankful Heart               Petra
Whole World                  Petra
This Means War!              Petra
Don't Let Your Heart Be Ha   Petra
All Fired Up                 Petra
First Love                   Petra
Road to Jerusalem            Phil Driscoll
Love Divine                  Phil Keaggy
The True Believers           Phil Keaggy
Have Mercy Lord              Phil Keaggy
I Will be There              Phil Keaggy
Doin' Nothin'                Phil Keaggy
Only You                     Phil Keaggy
Unto The Least Of These      Phillip Sandifer
What You Mean To Me          Phillip Sandifer
Man Of Compassion            Phillip Sandifer
The Less Traveled Road       Phillip Sandifer
From A Broken Heart          Phillip Sandifer
The Other Side Of Salvatio   Phillip Sandifer
Learning To Love You         Phillip Sandifer
Meant To Be                  Phillip Sandifer
Pictures Of You              Phillip Sandifer
The Meaning Of Belief        Phillip Sandifer
Turn Up the Radio            Phillips, Craig, & Dean
This is the Life             Phillips, Craig, & Dean
He'll Never Let You Go       Phillips, Craig, & Dean
Favorite Song of All         Phillips, Craig, & Dean
Midnight Oil                 Phillips, Craig, & Dean
In Heaven                    Phillips, Craig, & Dean
Little bit of Morning        Phillips, Craig, & Dean
For a Dream                  Phillips, Craig, & Dean
Take Me to Jesus             Phillips, Craig, & Dean
It Wasn't in the Thunder     Phillips, Craig, & Dean
Everything I Do (longer in   Rebecca St. James
Everything I Do (shorter i   Rebecca St. James
Everything I Do (album ver   Rebecca St. James
Brother's Keeper             Rich Mullins
Hello Old Friends            Rich Mullins
Here in America              Rich Mullins
Road to Damascus             Rich Mullins
Let Mercy Lead               Rich Mullins
52_10                        Rich Mullins
Sometimes By Step            Rich Mullins
Everyman                     Rich Mullins
Hatching of a Heart          Rich Mullins
The Color Green              Rich Mullins
Hold Me Jesus                Rich Mullins
Promenade                    Rich Mullins
The Just Shall Live          Rich Mullins
Creed (Credo)                Rich Mullins
Waiting                      Rich Mullins
Wounds of Love               Rich Mullins
Damascus Road                Rich Mullins
Peace                        Rich Mullins
To Tell Them                 Rich Mullins
78 Eatonwood Green           Rich Mullins
Eli's Song                   Rich Mullins
The Maker Of Noses           Rich Mullins
Cry The Name                 Rich Mullins
Hard                         Rich Mullins
What Susan Said              Rich Mullins
Growing Young                Rich Mullins
I'll Carry On                Rich Mullins
The Breaks                   Rich Mullins
All The Way My Savior Lead   Rich Mullins
Quoting Deuteronomy to the   Rich Mullins
You Gotta Get Up             Rich Mullins
How to Grow Up Big and Str   Rich Mullins
Sometimes By Step (Reprise   Rich Mullins
Land of My Sojourn           Rich Mullins
Love is Sacrifice            Rob Frazier
We Are One                   Rob Frazier
Doesn't Anybody Pray In      Rob Frazier
Hole in My Heart             Rob Frazier
The Heartland                Rob Frazier
Train Up a Child             Rob Frazier
He Is All You Need           Rob Frazier
Why Why Why                  Rob Frazier
Come On Elaine               Rob Frazier
Sins Of Billions             Rob Frazier
Go Through The Fire          Rob Frazier
Break My Heart               Rob Frazier
Got Your Word On It          Rob Frazier
One Bad Pig                  Rock the Casbah
There's Somebody Out There   Ron David Moore
Secret Scars                 Ron David Moore
My House                     Ron David Moore
Hope Has a Way               Scott Krippayne
Sometimes He Calms the Sto   Scott Krippayne
Lamb                         Seer
Steve Camp                   Shade for the Children
Heaven Is Holding Us Now     Sheila Walsh
Heart to Heart               Sheila Walsh
When Love Comes Home         Sheila Walsh
The Third Cross              Sheila Walsh
Jennifer                     Sheila Walsh
Going Home                   Sheila Walsh
Saviour's Day                Sheila Walsh
A Dove Amongst Eagles        Sheila Walsh
Circle of Hands              Sheila Walsh
Love of My Life              Sheila Walsh
In Heaven's Eyes             Sheila Walsh
Michael James                Slow Down
Fire and Ice                 Steve Camp
Run To The Battle            Steve Camp
Foolish Things               Steve Camp
Forgive Me, Forgive You      Steve Camp
He Covers Me                 Steve Camp
Living Dangerously In the    Steve Camp
Do You Feel Their Pain       Steve Camp
One on One                   Steve Camp
Squeeze                      Steve Camp
Whatever You Ask             Steve Camp
After God's Own Heart        Steve Camp
He's All You Need            Steve Camp
Don't Tell Them Jesus Love   Steve Camp
Even Now                     Steve Camp
Playing Marbles With Diamo   Steve Camp
Stranger To Holiness         Steve Camp
Help Is On the Way           Steve Camp
Surrender Your Heart         Steve Camp
Love That Will Not Let Me    Steve Camp
Shake Me To Wake Me          Steve Camp
Living In Laodicea           Steve Camp
Love's Not A Feeling         Steve Camp
Revive Us, O Lord            Steve Camp
The Church Is All Of You     Steve Camp
Lazy Jane                    Steve Camp
I Believe In You             Steve Camp
Grace By Which I Stand       Steve Green
I Call You to Praise         Steve Green
Glory to You                 Steve Green
We Believe                   Steve Green
Symphony of Praise           Steve Green
Mourning into Dancing        Steve Green
The Mission                  Steve Green
The Refiner's Fire           Steve Green
Children are a Treasure fr   Steve Green
Guard Your Heart             Steve Green
Embrace the Cross            Steve Green
The Victor                   Steve Green
Anthem                       Steve Green
First Hand                   Steven Curtis Chapman
For The Sake Of The Call     Steven Curtis Chapman
Weak Days                    Steven Curtis Chapman
What Kind Of Joy             Steven Curtis Chapman
Busy Man                     Steven Curtis Chapman
Hiding Place                 Steven Curtis Chapman
Lost In The Shadow           Steven Curtis Chapman
Run Away                     Steven Curtis Chapman
Do They Know                 Steven Curtis Chapman
Higher Ways                  Steven Curtis Chapman
Blind Lead The Blind         Steven Curtis Chapman
Tell Me                      Steven Curtis Chapman
Who Cares                    Steven Curtis Chapman
You Know Better              Steven Curtis Chapman
Dying to Live                Steven Curtis Chapman
When You Are A Soldier       Steven Curtis Chapman
No Better Place              Steven Curtis Chapman
Said and Done                Steven Curtis Chapman
My Redeemer is Faithful an   Steven Curtis Chapman
Show Yourselves To Be        Steven Curtis Chapman
For The Sake Of The Call (   Steven Curtis Chapman
Down On My Knees             Susan Ashton
No One Knows My Heart        Susan Ashton
Benediction                  Susan Ashton
Seek First                   Susan Ashton
Ball And Chain               Susan Ashton
I Hear You                   Susan Ashton
Land Of Nod                  Susan Ashton
In My Father's Hands         Susan Ashton
In Amazing Grace Land        Susan Ashton
Suffer In Silence            Susan Ashton
Beyond Justice To Mercy      Susan Ashton
Steve Green and Larnelle H   Teach Me to Love
I Can't Stop Thinking Abou   The Kry
Everywhere                   The Kry
You're All I Need            The Kry
I Keep On Running            The Kry
Lay Down Your Gods           The Kry
Heavenbound Train            The Kry
I Know Everything About Yo   The Kry
Jesus Is Coming Soon         The Kry
Take My Hand                 The Kry
He Won't Let Go              The Kry
I Believe In You             The Kry
Steve Green                  The Mission
Stranger                     Trace Balin
Changes                      Trace Balin
My Heart Is Set On You       Trace Balin
Answer To Prayer             Trace Balin
This Is Where                Trace Balin
Out Of The Blue              Trace Balin
The Love We Know             Trace Balin
Meet You In The Garden       Trace Balin
Walk It Out                  Trace Balin
You Were My Last Hope        Trace Balin
A Heart That Knows You       Twila Paris
Tributary                    Twila Paris
Destiny                      Twila Paris
Nothing But Love             Twila Paris
Cry For The Desert           Twila Paris
How Beautiful                Twila Paris
He Is A Song                 Twila Paris
I See You Standing           Twila Paris
Every Heart That Is Breaki   Twila Paris
Undivided Heart              Twila Paris
How Beautiful                Twila Paris
Prince Of Pease              Twila Paris
I Will Wait                  Twila Paris
Wandering Pilgrim            Twila Paris
I See You Standing           Twila Paris
Runner                       Twila Paris
The Warrior Is A Child       Twila Paris
This Thorn                   Twila Paris
Celebration _ Kingdom Of G   Twila Paris
Holy Is The Lord             Twila Paris
Fix Your Eyes                Twila Paris
Sweet Victory                Twila Paris
True Friend                  Twila Paris
Bonded Together              Twila Paris
Release Of The Spirit _ He   Twila Paris
Lamb Of God                  Twila Paris
Do I Trust You Medley        Twila Paris
Celebrate                    Wayne Watson
Never Give Up                Wayne Watson
All the King's Men           Wayne Watson
To Be A Child                Wayne Watson
Touch of the Master's Hand   Wayne Watson
The Sacrifice                Wayne Watson
In Those Eyes                Wayne Watson
Love Found A Way             Wayne Watson
Man In The Middle            Wayne Watson
I Don't Want Your Money      Wayne Watson
People Of God                Wayne Watson
New Lives for Old            Wayne Watson
One Day                      Wayne Watson
One More Song                Wayne Watson
For the Least of These       Wayne Watson
Common Creed                 Wes King
The Love of Christ           Wes King
Life is Precious             Wes King
The Love of Christ           Wes King
Joy!                         Wes King
Mercy                        Wes King
Fisher of Men                Wes King
Lazarus                      Wes King
Hold On                      Wes King
Salt of the Earth            Wes King
He is the One                Wes King
Do You Tremble               Wes King
Raging Of The Moon           Whiteheart
His Heart Was Always In It   Whiteheart
Unchain                      Whiteheart
Say The Word                 Whiteheart
Who Owns You                 Whiteheart
Where The Thunder Roars      Whiteheart
Silhouette                   Whiteheart
Vendetta                     Whiteheart
Gabriela                     Whiteheart
Light A Candle               Whiteheart
Hear The Tale                Whiteheart

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