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1 August 2006

   Goudsmit / Underbelly Politics
   It will come as no surprise to any ME/CFS watchers to discover that Ms.
   Ellen Goudsmit (psychologist) has recently taken up promoting these
   'CFS/ME' Centres, Professor Anthony Pinching and the UK charity, Action
   for ME (AfME) out on the internet.

   Goudsmit is a psychologist, not in professional practice, who has been
   referred to the Complaints Procedure of the British Psychological Society at
   least twice. She also maintains that she is co-author of the so-called 'London'
   criteria, along with charity rep Charles Shepherd, that have never been peer
   reviewed, published, operationalised or validated. Ethically, this renders
   these criteria unusable. This does not stop them from being used in the
   scientifically fraudulent PACE trial by the psychiatrists, however.

   As readers will doubtless recall, Goudsmit is the psychologist who took steps
   to attempt to get Ben Bryant (a child misdiagnosed with ME/CFS at the age
   of ten and now diagnosed with Borreliosis) and the One Click Webmaster
   removed from his home and put into care because she did not care for the
   politics and work of his Mother on ME/CFS. In a political context where it is
   a sad and well known fact that many children diagnosed with ME/CFS are
   forcibly and inappropriately removed from loving and protective parents as a
   result of continued inappropriate speculative psychoanalysing, this from
   psychologist Goudsmit forms a scandalous and one of the most disgusting
   episodes in the continuing history of ME/CFS politics.

   See: The One Click Story, The Underbelly of ME/CFS Politics Revealed

   Goudsmit has now broken cover once more to provide psychologist support
   for the 'CFS/ME' Centres that have been roundly condemned by ME/CFS
   patients right around the UK. The primary objective of the 'CFS/ME' Centres
   is to shovel ME/CFS labelled patients in to the scientifically fraudulent
   PACE and FINE psychiatric trials, using Goudsmit's 'London' criteria,
   amongst others, to do this in the process.

   Stephen Ralph in his recently published article entitled Update - 80% of an
   AfME survey said the clinics were a good thing, writes:

   "In sticking up for Professor Pinching and the “CFS/ME” ”Fatigue” Clinics
   the correspondent cites a recent survey where 80% of attendees state that
   they were satisfied with the service provided to them. And in the next breath
   the correspondent states.... this survey was published in (no less than)
   InterAction - the publication of Action for ME who as we know are bank-
   rolled by the Department of Health who have given them hundreds of
thousands of pounds in grants to set up these clinics based on the
AfME/Westcare model with the sole aim of dishing out mental health
treatments and graded exercise and nothing more."

"Those who know what is going on are fed up of those who are acting as
apologists for Professor Pinching, Action for ME and these “Fatigue” Clinics
- fatally flawed by their mental health agenda at the expense of any other
treatment methodologies like those advocated by Dr Sarah Myhill..."

"This whole project is quite clearly just a money making exercise for
everyone involved in running these clinics for anyone suffering from
idiopathic “Fatigue” as defined by Psychiatrists. What we see is also making
heaps of cash for those like minded Psychiatrists running the ideologically
flawed PACE and FINE trials as set up by the Medical Research Council and
supported to the N’th degree by Action for ME and the Department of

Please One Click the full text of Ralph's article.

For those who would like further information on this issue, or would like to
discuss the ramifications of how to set in train the process of how to remove
sick children from their loving parents and homes, please contact
psychologist Ms. Goudsmit on:


Her email address is readily available in the public domain and self-

The One Click Group

NB. It is standard Goudsmit tactics to contact her Solicitors when
information such as the above is published to deliver a cascade of threatening
letters. Ben Bryant, the aforementioned ME/CFS labelled child, says: "We
very much look forward to seeing you in court, Ms. Goudsmit. I can't wait
and neither can my Mum!"


includes the Foreword by investigative writer Martin J. Walker


The following will give our readers some idea of the tactics employed by the
psychiatric lobby to destroy sick children and their politically aware families.

On September 6th, 2004, Dr Ellen Goudsmit sent an email to Jane Colby,
Director of the TYMES Trust national ME/CFS children’s charity using the
official charity email address to do it in which Goudsmit accused Jane Bryant
– the Mother of an ME/CFS labelled child whom she has never met or
spoken to – of mental instability, that her child was at risk, that Bryant was
on medication and that Social Services should be alerted. Goudsmit stated
the following verbatim:

“From: Ellen Goudsmit ellengoudsmit@hotmail.com
To: Jane Colby jane.colby@tymestrust.org
Sent: 06 September 2004 07:02
Subject: Jane

xxxxx passed the info on. Sometimes things get changed!

Yesterday, Jane One Click xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
You can’t always believe everything you read on Jane’s site. I’m surprised
you haven’t realised that yet. This lady charges things herself to incriminate
others. I’m off to the lawyer this morning. We’ll start low key.

We do not know the source. We can’t even trust the source if she were to tell
me, as she lies. And she changes things. I wrote a much longer version for
another site.

I know, from her copious emails lately, that she has cc’d at least one to you!
What do I make of that?

I trust you are keeping an eye on Ben. With mum clearly not in touch with
reality, and so hostile and threatening people, it is important that she is not
like that at home. I trust that if you sense that she is, you will alert Social
Services in Ealing. I have, from her correspondence and activities, an idea of
what ails her but as a professional will not disclose. If you are a friend, she
may have told you. You may know if she is on medication. It’s clealry not
working at the moment. Her state of mind must affect Ben. If so, he needs

If I go to court, one problem is that she will almost certainly plead insanity.
Then they may take Ben into care. I’m not sure I want that.
I want her friends to help her get better help for her own problems.

This has nothing to do with ME. This lady needs good friends who will help
her now!


Ellen Goudsmit PhD, C.Psychol.
PsychophysiologistHealth Psychologist”

Readers should note that TYMES Trust took legal advice from a barrister to
get Goudsmit’s identity removed from the Goudsmit email, whilst leaving
that of Jane Bryant and her son extant. [7]

The TYMES Trust took these allegations seriously at the time and, correctly,
an investigation was made by the Board of Trustees, even though Goudsmit
had NO evidence to support such amazing claims.

However, instead of writing to Goudsmit to inform her that the full Board of
TYMES Trust Trustees had investigated and decided there was no case to
answer and advising Goudsmit that if she had proof of such serious
allegations, she should contact Social Services herself and provide the
evidence, Jane Colby simply did nothing to protect either Jane Bryant or her
son. She did not respond to Goudsmit in any way. Under the current climate
of what is so frequently done to ME/CFS diagnosed children at the hands of
Social Services, Colby let the family down extremely and dangerously badly.

The actions of Colby and her charity that had the power to so severely
damage one of her child members during these events came as a particularly
nasty surprise because Colby knew the Bryant family very well indeed.
During the past few years, Bryant had done a great deal of work to assist
Colby’s charity in both the areas of the charity’s strategic direction and
publicly promoted persona. Bryant had been personally responsible for
gaining a considerable amount of media coverage nationwide for this charity
at Colby’s behest. One Click has files full of information in regard to Colby’s
attitude towards the psychiatrists, her views on Dr. Charles Shepherd, Jill
Moss and Mary Jane Willows of the AYME children’s charity and others.
This information provided by Colby includes the mysterious financial fracas
that Colby maintains ensued during the set up of the AYME charity by the
previous Chief Executive, Jill Moss.

This lack of protection for a TYMES Trust member, an ME/CFS child, is
appalling, considering the protective function that TYMES Trust includes as
part of its remit. We still do not know how Goudsmit then interfaced with
Social Services.

A complaint was made to the British Psychological Society about
Goudsmit’s actions. Sadly, The British Psychological Society decided that as
Goudsmit was not in a ‘client/psychologist relationship’, she could not be
guilty of breaching client confidentiality, even though:

1. The TYMES Trust DID take Dr Goudsmit's allegations seriously and an
investigation was made, therefore Dr Goudsmit's actions DID place both Jane
Bryant and her son at risk of inappropriate intervention.

2. The fact that no therapeutic relationship existed between Jane Bryant, her
son and Ellen Goudsmit (they have never met nor spoken) makes Goudsmit’s
actions even MORE inappropriate: Jane Bryant was, in effect, being
remotely, speculatively psycho-analysed by Dr Goudsmit, who was
expressing a 'professional' opinion about someone without their consent.
Indeed, as is clear from the contents of the email, Goudsmit was using
allegations and innuendo about Jane Bryant’s psychological health in the
same context as her comments made to discredit Jane Bryant’s actions as a
known political adversary. It should be noted from the email contents that
AT NO TIME does Goudsmit indicate in ANY WAY that this is not a
personal, as opposed to professional, opinion. Goudsmit signs her email to
TYMES Trust in her professional capacity as a psychologist.

3 Goudsmit’s actions are similar to the remote speculative psycho-analysing
carried out by Dr David Southall, for which he was disciplined by the
General Medical Council.

Jane Bryant has recently written to the British Psychological Society,
pointing out the discrepancies in their deliberations. She will be seeking
further redress. In a political context where it is a sad and well known fact
that many children diagnosed with ME/CFS are forcibly and inappropriately
removed from loving and protective parents as a result of continued
inappropriate speculative psychoanalysing, this email from Goudsmit forms a
scandalous episode in the continuing history of ME/CFS politics.

Ms. Goudsmit is available at: ellengoudsmit@hotmail.com


It should be noted that following on from the Goudsmit episode, Jane Colby
of the TYMES Trust children's ME/CFS charity et al then attempted to
launch a criminal prosecution against the co-directors of One Click to
prevent the evidence of charity collusion with the psychiatric lobby being
further placed in the public domain. Had this prosecution been successful, it
could have carried a prison sentence. Resulting in wrongful arrest, terrible
distress and anxiety (especially for the sick children of these families - Ben
Bryant was threatened with instant removal from his home by the police), it
failed and the entire saga of what was done to these families is now the
subject of an official investigation.

Investigative writer Martin J. Walker states: "You would not have to be
politically naïve, however, to be shocked and surprised by the case of Jane
Bryant and Angela Kennedy. It involves the psychiatric community,
undoubtedly one of the most powerful networks in the contemporary
developed world, pharmaceutical company agents, including one in
particular who has spent the past decade harassing activists and professionals
committed to alternative health, and, more unusually, it involves the police."

It is doubtful that Jane Bryant and Angela Kennedy’s children will ever
recover from what has been done to them and their families by these people.
Brought up to know right from wrong and with a most effective moral
compass, these children will have difficulty with charities, the vested
interests of charities, selected doctors (in particular psychiatrists and
psychologists), the issue of trust and the police for the rest of their lives.

includes the Foreword by investigative writer Martin J. Walker

You will see that some of the named participants in this are most astonishing
and unexpected. Just remember that as so often, all is not what it seems in
ME/CFS world. It is simply extraordinary to witness the lengths that some
people will go to protect their vested interests and promote turf enhancement
– political, medical, research and financial – with such sheer arrogance and
disregard for the sick. That the well-being of two children has also been
placed at such grave risk by the behaviour of representatives of organisations
claiming to have their best interests at heart compounds the horrific
implications for the ME/CFS community.

The One Click Group

                                                Tue, August 1st, 2006. 11:40 am

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