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									Warehouse Management System For You
System is a collection of sub-system interaction, and management is the science of managing resources,
while the warehouse is the temporary storage of goods. In summary contains the understanding of
warehouse management systems: the management of inter-related activities in the activities of
temporary storage of goods. What are the activities that the storage of goods? Proceeds from the
supplier, handling of goods, the expenditure is to outline the purpose of storage activities.
Currently the warehouse has a broad meaning and is more than just storage. Warehouse itself is not
directly add value to goods, there is no change in taste, shape, packaging, etc.. Essentially no activity on
the operation of the goods, that there is activity of transportation of goods from one place to another,
the general activities of the warehouse.

Some of the activities in the warehouse is simply:
1. Administration.
2. Receipt of goods.
3. Storage of goods.
4. Packing of goods to the destination.
5. Expenditures.

These activities are interrelated, and the personnel should be headed by one person, such as the Head,
Supervisor or the like. Each head is required to master the controls on its part, the control should be
1. Operational Control
2. Control Costs
3. Control Personnel
Operational, and personnel costs related to each other. I think the depth and mastery of strict controls
on all three sections that will give birth to a healthy condition for the warehouse, the third part of this
needs to be developed. Control Personnel example, do not just satisfied with current conditions, if the
upgrade was the ability of children to pieces with a variety of creative things. Head section also routinely
communicate in a large forum, such as the morning briefing, or briefing target2 and errors that still exist.
I think also there is no one perfect working system, there is always better.

Each section in the warehouse I will discuss in the following opportunity. Reviewing the general
warehouse management system is very attractive to people who engaged in it, why? At least there are a
few reasons:
1. Within the scope of the barn facing the HR level blue-collar workers and unruly, so it takes a personal
approach and unique than the office.
2. Variables which are difficult to control, so that capacity needs to be enlarged every day in dealing with
the problem.
3. Warehouse as a logistics hub, but do not add value directly, so that job performance is not so
appears. So sesempurnanya a warehouse, that's the way it should be and is not an achievement. For
example, the costs of storage should be below 5%, it is very difficult, but when we get there there is no
feat in itself, unusual. Sales can be different with creative as possible to play the numbers.
4. Damaged goods and high value is lost if no controls are in manaje-control professional.
Until now engaged in logistics, is an interesting thing. More to the behind the scenes but it is vital for a
company that has a warehouse. Indirectly caused chaotic election logistic distribution has been no in-
depth mastery, Logistics Management therefore needs to be removed and studied from a small and
simple thing to a complex and complicated system. There are many sources of learning on overseas
sites, but of course adoption in accordance with the characteristics of the company is best for achieving

Thank You.

Muhammad Ilham

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