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					Board of Directors
Board of Directors
President                                                 PRESS RELEASE:: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Gary Holloway
Cindy Meche
Bill Gorman                                Downtown Renaissance Network Announces Change of Name, Mission Focus
Vice President
Mike Kimmich
Leslie Langdon                                                                                                            February 23, 2009
Gretchen Bjork
Peter Cutbill                          BELLINGHAM – In a move to better position itself as the neighborhood association of
Robert Brim
George Dyson
Erica Charbonneau             Bellingham’s Central Business District and more accurately reflect the evolution of the organization, the
Bill Gorman
Robert K. Hall
Cathy Lehman
Leslie Langdon                Downtown Renaissance Network has changed its name to the Downtown Bellingham Partnership.
Frank Ordway
Cathy Lehman
Michael Smith
Lynne Masland
                                       “Our old name was reflective of the Bellingham of 10 years ago. The downtown core had no new
John Thompson
Shannon McGuire               growth, new businesses were few and far between, and there was little interest in providing new
Heather Wolf
Cindy Meche
Ginger Oppenheimer
Executive Director
                              residential opportunities there,” said Kirsten Walker, director of the Downtown Bellingham Partnership.
Frank Ordway
Michael Walker
Kirsten Smith                 “Since then, there have been hundreds of thousands of square feet of new construction in the Central
Scott Walker
Lisa Woo                      Business District, with hundreds of new residential units and dozens of new, thriving businesses. The

Executive Director            downtown has changed and evolved, and our organization is changing with it.”
                                       Where once the group was fighting to overcome apathy and stagnation downtown, the
Kirsten Walker
                              Partnership will now play a greater role in downtown advocacy and will work to reinforce downtown’s
                              critical role as Bellingham’s center for business, culture and community identity.
                                       “We’ll keep the focus on many of our existing advocacy efforts as well, such as parking, public
Mailing address:              safety, the waterfront, and maintenance and beautification. It’s important to note that we will remain as
P.O. Box 1201
Bellingham, WA                the official neighborhood organization of the Central Business District, so we’ll continue to provide
                              leadership in the development of public policy that affects the CBD,” she said. “We’ll also continue our
Physical address:             well-known downtown promotional programs and public service such as the Downtown Information
1304 Cornwall Ave
Bellingham, WA                Center and events such as Art Walks, Downtown Sounds and the Bite of Bellingham. Our ‘Downtown
                              Bellingham’ logo and branding has already been attached to many of these events, so we’re really just
Telephone                     going to move forward with what has already been working.”
Facsimile 1201                         As part of the name change, a new logo has been created. Its fresh and vibrant design accurately
P.O. Box
Bellingham,                   reflects Bellingham’s vivacious and lively atmosphere. Updates to the organization’s website have also
Downtownbellingham            been made and visitors can check us out at
                                       The Downtown Bellingham Partnership is a member-driven organization founded in 2000 that
360.527.8710                  seeks to be a strong voice for Downtown and an effective liaison between downtown stakeholders and
360.527.8709                  local decision-makers. For more information on the DBP, contact Kirsten Walker at (360) 527-8710.


       Enhancing, promoting & advocating for the healthy maintenance, improvement and development of Bellingham’s City Center

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