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Florence Nightingale role cards for hot seating by GN4HFo


									                      Florence Nightingale
                                  Role cards

   You are the owner of a Victorian hospital. You feel angry that Florence
Nightingale visited a hospital in secret and exposed the fact that nurses were
       sometimes drunk and that conditions in the hospital were awful

 You are a respectable middle-class, Victorian father you are disgusted that
 Florence has turned away from being a good wife and mother to become a

 You think Florence is doing a good thing for Britain. By helping the country’s
 soldiers get better, she is actively helping them win the war against Russia!

 You are one of the doctors in a field hospital in Crimea. You really resented
  the fact that Florence came along and told you to clean up your hospital

  You were a washerwoman in the Crimean War, Florence’s insistence on
        boiling sheets clean all the time added to your work load!

 You were a nurse in the Crimea, you didn’t agree with Florence’s insistence
                     on having privacy for amputations.

 You are a senior officer in the army. You don’t think the country should be
spending so much on hospital food when soldiers desperately need weapons
                                 and uniforms

You work in a medical school, you are deeply suspicious of Florence’s training
 school for nurses. The women will want to become doctors before you know

  You are an architect. You have designed many public buildings, libraries,
  schools, railway stations… the lot. How dare Florence Nightingale tell you
                           how to design a hospital!

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