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									       Erasmus Work Placement Guidelines (2011-2012)

Under the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP), Erasmus (European) Work
Placements are open to Home and EU undergraduate students. Students are
eligible for Erasmus funding1 provided that the work placement has a minimum
duration of 3 months and a maximum of 12 months.

                              Prior your Erasmus Work Placement

          Inform your School’s Placement Officer as soon as possible if you are
           intending to work in Europe under the Erasmus programme as your work
           placement must be approved by your Placement Officer.

          Once your placement has been approved by your Placement Officer,
           please complete the Oxford Brookes Erasmus Work Placement
           application form which can be downloaded from our link below. Return it to
           your Placement Officer for signature and then send it to Sally Tait (address
           can be found at the end of these guidelines) to process your application.

           Please obtain the following Erasmus documents from your School’s Placement

               1. The Erasmus Bi-partite Agreement – to be signed by you and your
                  Placement Officer. This agreement includes your Training Agreement
                  which has to be signed by you, your Placement Officer and the host
                  organization prior to the start of your placement. Please return the Bi-
                  partite Agreement to Sally Tait prior to departure.

               2. The Erasmus Tri- partite Agreement – to be signed by you, your
                  Placement Officer and the host organization prior to the start of your
                  placement. Once signed by all parties, please return it to Sally Tait.

               3. Health and third party liability insurance whilst abroad. Oxford
                    Brookes University now offers insurance to all its students going on a
                    work placement as part of their course (at no charge). As soon as the
                    Exchanges Office receives your signed Erasmus contract, we will
                    contact your Finance School Officer to arrange for such cover to be in

          Please ensure that you read carefully your Work Placement
           guide/booklet provided to you by your Placement Officer and comply with the
           course requirements.

    Erasmus funding is NOT a maintenance grant but a grant to offset mobility costs.
                          During your Work Placement

      Should the host organisation raise any queries regarding the agreement,
       please advise them to email Oxford Brookes Legal Services directly (Joanna
       Bielby on and her team will deal with the queries.

      Provided you have returned your signed and stamped Bi-partite Agreement
       together with your Training Agreement and your Tri-partite agreement to Sally
       Tait prior to the start of your placement, you will be eligible for Erasmus
       funding. The funding is generally allocated in October of each academic year.
       Please ensure you provide your full banking details on your Bi-partite
       Agreement (on page 2).

      Your Certificate of Arrival / Departure
          1. Please return your duly completed and signed Certificate of Arrival to
             Sally Tait within the first 3 weeks of arrival on + 44 1 865 48 36 16.

          2. Please return your duly completed and signed Certificate of Departure to
             Sally Tait before departure or within the last 3 weeks of your work
             placement on + 44 1 865 48 36 16.

      Acknowledgment of Receipt of Grant
       Return the duly completed and signed Receipt of Grant to Sally Tait once your
       grant has been credited to your bank account and not before, so please ensure
       you check your bank account statement regularly.

      Erasmus Student Report
       Return the duly completed Erasmus Student Report to Sally Tait BEFORE the
       end of your placement.

      Erasmus work placement Transcript
       This document must be given to your employer and returned to the Exchange
       Office as soon as it is completed. This form is part of your placement

Please note that the above documents are mandatory in order to take part in
the Erasmus Work Placement programme.

You should ensure that you also complete any other paperwork required by
your Placement Officer for the purpose of course regulations.

               Please return your Erasmus signed documents to;

  Oxford Brookes University, Sally Tait, Oxford Brookes International (Exchanges),
               Headington Hill Hall, room G.37, Oxford, OX3 0BP
                             Fax: 00 44 1 865 48 36 16

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