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					                                                         Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
                                                             Employment and Academic Activities of
                                                   2004 Master’s Degree Graduates - Six Months After Graduation


NGO’s / Not-for-Profit
American Rivers--Northeast Field Office, Associate Director of Dam Removal, Glastonbury,        National Audubon--Audubon Center at Bent of the River, Center Director, Southbury, CT
   CT                                                                                           Nature Conservancy, The--Global Priorities Group, Research Associate, Seattle, WA
Bolivian Nature Foundation (Fundacion Natura Bolivia), President, BOLIVIA                       Open Space Institute--Conservation Finance Program, Coordinator of Conservation Finance,
Brookings Institution, The--Foreign Policy: Energy and Environment Project, Senior Research        New York, NY
   Assistant, Washington, DC                                                                    Pew Center on Global Climate Change--Domestic Policy Division, Research Associate,
CIMA-Cordillera Azul, Director of Operations, Morales San Martin, PERU                             Arlington, VA
Consensus Building Institute, Associate, Cambridge, MA                                          SeaWeb--Seafood Choices Alliance, Project Coordinator, Washington, DC
Environment Northeast, Policy Analyst, New Haven, CT                                            Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute, Southeast Asian Studies Fellow, BHUTAN
Environmental Resources Trust, Director of Environmental Market Strategies, Washington, DC      Southern Environmental Law Center, Conservation Associate, Chapel Hill, NC
Friends of the Osa--Washington DC Division, Program Manager, Washington, DC                     Temperate Forest Foundation, CSO & Product-Market Development Manager, Beaverton, OR
Grassroots International, Resource Rights Specialist, Boston, MA                                Transportation Alternatives, Events and Membership Director, New York, NY
Great Basin Institute--Basin and Range Forestry Division, Program Director, Reno, NV            Tropical Forest Trust--Sulawesi Programs, Program Director, Kendari, Sulawesi Tenggara,
International Rescue Committee, Consultant, UGANDA                                                 INDONESIA
Lao-Swedish Uplands Agriculture and Forestry Programme, Editor, LAO PDR                         Tuolumne River Trust--Bay Area Water Stewardship Program, Director, San Francisco, CA
Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences--Forest Conservation Program, Intern, Brunswick,       World Resources Institute--Institutions and Governance Program, Intern, Washington, DC
   ME                                                                                           World Wildlife Fund--Macroeconomics for Sustainable Development Program Office, Program
Massachusetts Audubon Society--Science Division, Associate Regional Scientist for                  Officer, Washington, DC
   Southeastern Massachusets, Lowell, MA                                                        World Wildlife Fund--Macroeconomics Program Office, Consultant, Washington, DC
Medomak Valley Land Trust, Land Protection Specialist, Waldoboro, ME

Business and Industry
Balmori Associates, Inc., Landscape Designer/Environmental Manager, New York, NY                Hancock Timber Resource Group--Portfolio Management and Economic Research Division,
Chubb Ltd. (United Technologies Corp.)--EH&S, Vice President, Farmington, CT                       Portfolio Analyst, Boston, MA
Clearwater Forest Consultants, LLC, Forester, Piedmont, MO                                      ICF Consulting--Energy Policy Program, Senior Associate, Washington, DC
Environment & Energy Publishing, Editorial, Reporter, Washington, DC                            Northbridge Environmental Management Consultants, Associate, Washington, DC
Fletcher Asset Management--Office of the Chairman, CEO, New York, NY                            PPM Energy--Department of Business Development, Project Manager, Portland, OR
Genentech--Corporate EHS, Corporate Environmental Intern, South San Francisco, CA               Tetra Tech EMI, Environmental Scientist, Cambridge, MA
General Electric--Corporate Environmental Program, Transaction Specialist, Fairfield, CT        Thepharak C&P International Co., Ltd., Engineer, Bangkok, THAILAND
                                                                                                Winslow Management Company--Department of Environmental Research, Boston, MA

Governmental / Public Sector
Administrative Centre for China's Agenda 21, Deputy Director, Beijing, CHINA                    U.S. EPA--Office of Enforcement and Compliance, Washington, DC
Boston Redevelopment Authority, Intern, Boston, MA                                              U.S. Geological Survey--Water Resources Division, Research Associate, Reston, VA
CT Department of Environmental Protection, Resource Assistant, Burlington, CT                   U.S. Government, Knauss Fellow, Washington, DC
Delegation of the European Commission, Expert in Environment, REPUBLIC OF CONGO                 U.S. Navy, Project Engineer, Lakehurst, NJ
NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, Forester, New York, NY                                    United Nations Development Program, SAMOA
Thailand Government Service, Federal Policy Analyst, THAILAND                                   World Bank--Global Environmental Facility, Research Analyst, Washington, DC
U.S. DA Forest Service--Cooperative Forestry Division, Natural Resources Specialist,
   Washington, DC

Fashion Institute of Technology--International Trade Department, Professor, New York, NY        University of Connecticut--Physiology & Neurobiology Department, Instructor in Residence,
Harvard Medical School--Dana-Farber Cancer Institute--Center for Psychosocial Oncology and         Storrs, CT
  Palliative Care, Dept. of Medical Oncology, Statistician, Cambridge, MA                       Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Consultant, New Haven, CT
Nangyang Technological University--Center for Tropical Forest Science, Researcher,              Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies--Center for Industrial Ecology, Research
  SINGAPORE                                                                                        Assistant, New Haven, CT (2)

Further Study
Columbia University--SIPA/Earth Institute, Doctoral Student, New York, NY                      Tsinghua University--Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies, Richard U. Light
Harvard University--Department of Organismal and Evolutionary Biology, Doctoral Student,          Fellowship, Beijing, CHINA (2)
   Cambridge, MA (2)                                                                           University of Arizona--James E. Rogers College of Law, Juris Doctoral Student, Tucson, AZ
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health--Environmental Health Sciences Program,        University of Vermont--Botany Department, Doctoral Student, Winooski, VT
   Doctoral Student, Baltimore, MD                                                             University of Washington--Center for International Trade in Forest Products, Master in Forest
London Business School, Master in Finance, London, UNITED KINGDOM                                 Products, International Trade & Marketing, Seattle, WA
NYU School of Law, Juris Doctoral Student, New York, NY                                        Yale University--School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Doctoral Student, New Haven,
Stanford University--Cultural and Social Anthropology Department, Doctoral Student,               CT
   Stanford, CA

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                                                   Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
                                                       Employment and Academic Activities of
                                             2004 Master’s Degree Graduates - Six Months After Graduation


All Master’s Degrees - 99 graduates                                                          Master of Environmental Management – 68 graduates
Private-Nonprofit                                                    29 %                    Private-Nonprofit                                          26 %
Public                                                              13 %                     Public                                                     15 %
Further Study                                                       13 %                     Further Study                                              10 %
Private-Profit                                                      16 %                     Private-Profit                                             19 %
Seeking Employment                                                   9%                      Seeking Employment                                          7%
Education                                                            7%                      Education                                                   9%
Other                                                                5%                      Other                                                       7%
Unknown                                                              7%                      Unknown                                                     6%
Total                                                             100.0 %                    Total                                                     100.0 %

Master of Environmental Science – 23 graduates                                               Master of Forestry – 5 graduates
Private-Nonprofit                                                   35 %                     Private-Nonprofit                                           60 %
Public                                                               9%                      Public                                                     20 %
Further Study                                                       17 %                     Private-Profit                                             20 %
Private-Profit                                                       4%                      Total                                                     100.0 %
Seeking Employment                                                  17 %
Education                                                           4%                       Master of Forest Science – 3 graduates
Other                                                                0%                      Further Study                                               67 %
Unknown                                                             13 %                     Private-Profit                                              33 %
Total                                                             100.0%                     Total                                                      100.0 %

U.S. SALARIES BY DEGREE                                                                      U.S. SALARIES BY SECTOR
All Master’s Students             MIN      MAX MEDIAN            MEAN                        Public                          MIN    MAX MEDIAN      MEAN
1 degree              n=35       20,000    90,000 40,000         41,197                      1 degree              n=7       20,800 90,000 41,000   44,122
Joint degree          n=3        41,000    70,000 63,000         58,000
Total                 n=38       20,000    90,000 41,000         42,524                      Private Non-Profit              MIN    MAX MEDIAN      MEAN
                                                                                             1 degree              n=17      20,000 55,900 40,000   38,417

                                                                                             Private Profit                   MIN   MAX MEDIAN      MEAN
        Of the 99 Class 2004 Master’s graduates, we have information on 92.                 1 degree              n=8       30,000 70,000 60,000   52,750
        “Unknown” is used for students for which we have no current information.
        “Other” includes: Volunteers, Self-employed, and Not Seeking Employment             Education                       MIN    MAX MEDIAN      MEAN
        Class of 2004 joint degrees: MBA-2; MPH-2, MA/IR-3                                  1 degree              n=3       24,000 45,000 (N/P)    34,980

      Salary information is from persons with first-time jobs as well as seasoned professionals returning to work after a brief absence.
      Salary figures are based on information from 38 graduates.
      To ensure confidentiality and accurate representation, the statistics listed above are based on the following parameters:
                   o     Where n=1, no information is provided. (N/P = information not provided)
      The salary mode for all 2004 Master’s graduates = $40,000
      Only graduates still within the U.S. are included in salary figures.

                                             For further information, please contact Peter Otis, Director, Career Development Office,
                                          205 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT 06511; Tel: 203.432.8920; e-mail: fescareers@yale.edu

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