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					                         Athens Technical College
                       Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
                                   Athens, GA

                                October 20, 2009
                                   10:30 A.M.

MEMBERS PRESENT                          MEMBERS ABSENT
Ms. Patricia Barron
Mr. Kenny Beck
Mr. Fred Boatwright
Mr. Bill Cabaniss
Mr. Frank Christa, Chair
Mr. Vince Dooley
Mr. Stephen Felker, Jr.
Mr. Don Fortson, Vice Chair
Mr. Ed Geddings
Mr. Scott Hardigree
Ms. Carol Williams
Ms. Pet Williams

Mr. Robert Johnson, Fatherhood Program Coordinator

Chair Frank Christa called the meeting to order at 10:30 AM welcoming everyone
to the October Board Meeting.

Mr. Christa asked Andrea Daniel to introduce the guest for the October meeting.
Topic: “The Fatherhood Program at ATC, Robert Johnson, Fatherhood Program
Coordinator”. Ms. Daniel introduced Robert Johnson, who is the Coordinator for
the Fatherhood Program at Athens Technical College. Mr. Johnson began
working at the college a month ago when the Georgia Fatherhood Program was
reinstated at the college. The program lost state funding earlier in the year but
the Georgia Department of Labor saw the importance of the program and set up
funding to support the program again.

Mr. Johnson presented a Power Point Presentation on the Fatherhood Program.
Some of the objectives of the program include providing support to parents,
improving economic support for children, improving educational levels of families,
and building a support system for participants who may be unemployed or at risk
of becoming unemployed. The program also provides support for veterans.

The program’s service goal is 100. Since the program began a month ago, it has
already served thirty-five participants. The average age of participants is thirty.
Local Board Meeting
October 20, 2009
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Mr. Christa called for approval of the September minutes for the Local Board.
After reviewing, there were no changes to be made. Bill Cabaniss made a
motion to approve the minutes and Patricia Barron seconded the motion with the
remainder of the board in agreement. The minutes were approved.


Dr. Joyce Sansing presented the Photovoltaic Systems Installation and Repair
Technician Technical Certificate of Credit for approval. This is a “green program”
that is being funded by a $100,000 Community Development Block Grant from
Athens-Clarke County Human and Economic Development Department. It will
be taught at the Athens and Elbert County Campuses. Stephen Felker made a
motion to approve the technical certificate of credit and Patricia Barron seconded
the motion with the remainder of the board in agreement. The Photovoltaic
Systems Installation and Repair Technician Technical Certificate of Credit was
approved and will be sent forward to the State Board for its approval.

Mr. Jerry Barrow gave an update on Economic Development. Work Ready is
growing. All of our campuses are booked with assessments through November
with over 200 individuals waiting to be tested.

Last week 231 high school seniors were tested at Oconee High School. There
were 221 certificates issued with two being platinum certificates. Clarke and
Oglethorpe Counties will be tested in November.

Profiles are being conducted in Greene, Walton, Hart, and Wilkes Counties.

There was a huge turnout at the Walton County Life Science Wing Grand
Opening last week at the Walton County Campus.

Bill Barton, who is the Director at the Walton County Campus, has been working
with high schools to increase dual enrollment.

Student enrollment at the Greene County Campus has increased. There are
thirteen individuals who are currently using the Athens Technical College bus to
go between campuses.

Ms. Kathryn Thomas presented the Financial Report as of September 30, 2009.
We are currently at 24% expended on our budget, which is where we should be.
We are going to start spending our renovation and repair funds which will expire
in June, 2010.
Local Board Meeting
October 20, 2009
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Ms. Andrea Daniel updated on Student Affairs. Enrollment for Fall Quarter is
5,220 which is an unduplicated total. This is a 20% increase from last year.
Enrollment has increased at all of our campuses.

We have applied for three Work Force Adult Education grants totaling $108,000.

Dr. Sheila Weldon presented a Power Point presentation on the facilities
projects. Dr. Weldon invited the board members to attend the tour of the Life
Science Building at 3:30 p.m. The building is ahead of schedule. All mechanical
and plumbing is completed on the first floor and they have begun work on the
second floor. The exterior part is completed and some of the drywall and floors
have been completed. There will be a fence installed around the two detention
ponds and two parking lots created which will provide 220 additional parking
spaces. We are hoping to occupy the building in the Spring.

Bidding took place last week for the Elbert County Technical and Industrial
Building.   There were twenty-four contractors who attended the bidders’
conference. A contract should be awarded by the end of October and work will
begin in December. We are hoping to occupy the building next Fall.

There will be a FTP site established on our website which allow for viewing of
information on our facilities projects including maps and plans.

The college is working on acquiring the Yellow Freight property which is
connected to our property. They have accepted our offer of $475,000 and due
diligence is currently being conducted. The Athens Tech Foundation will
purchase the property and lease it back to the college.

Dr. Tydings presented our plaque we received at the TCDA-TCFA Conference in
Macon last week for having a 100% certified board.

We have our PAR review on Thursday which is a review by our peers to make
sure we are meeting state standards.

Dr. Tydings congratulated Dan Smith for completing the COC Five Year Report
last week.

Dr. Tydings announced that Dr. Larry Siefferman is now heading up the Athens
Tech Foundation.

The Walton County Campus received a $500,000 grant which supported the new
life science wing.
Local Board Meeting
October 20, 2009
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The college has applied for a $3.2 million life science grant which will be spread
out among different colleges.

Dr. Tydings recognized Susan Larson, who is the Dean of our General Education
Division, for all of her work in obtaining adjunct instructors to teach Fall Quarter.

The ACBSP reaffirmation team visited last week. The college had no findings
our suggestions. We received many positive remarks.

Being no further business, Chair Christa adjourned the meeting with appropriate
motion and second at 12:05 p.m. Lunch was served immediately following the

                                                           Flora W. Tydings, President
                                                           Rebecca Allen
                                                           Administrative Assistant

Next scheduled Board Meeting: November 17, 2009.

* Denotes action items that require a vote for approval by the local board.

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