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									SLC bee workshop a hive of activity - Salt Lake Tribune                                                                                                      Seite 1 von 2

                                                                            SUNDAY, July 12, 2009
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 l  SLC bee workshop a
                                                                                                                                                      1.   Jazz tell Booz they'll
 hive of activity              SLC bee workshop a hive of activity                                                                                         opt out
 l  Savings Game: New                                                                                                                                 2.   'Kiss-in' to show
 credit card legislation       Agriculture » Participants worried about honeybee numbers.                                                                  support for gay
 could hurt users who
                                                                                                                                                           couple in LDS
 pay in full each month        By Dawn House
 l On the Job:                 The Salt Lake Tribune                                                                                                  3.   Mother and two
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 small businesses                                                                                                                                          home
 forgoing raises for
                                   Gary and Diana Hedlund remember a time when bees were so numerous during strolls in their Avenues
                               neighborhood that flowering fruit trees and shrubs seemed to hum.                                                      4.   Monson: Utah Jazz
 second year
                                                                                                                                                           could, should, need
 l  Facebook to offer              They're not quite sure when the buzzing became faint, but the loss of honeybees around their Salt Lake City             to re-sign Paul
 features to protect
                               home troubles them.                                                                                                         Millsap
                                   On Saturday, the Hedlunds were among 30 people attending a Wasatch Community Gardens workshop to                   5.   Trespassing case?
 l Oil prices fall below
                                                                                                                                                           Gay couple detained
 $60 a barrel                  learn how to attract butterflies, moths, hummingbirds and what was described as the best pollinator of all --               after kiss near LDS
 l  IOC criticizes U.S.        honeybees.                                                                                                                  temple
 Olympic officials for
 launching TV network
                                   "Bees are the most efficient pollinator," said instructor Annette Hansen. "Bees visit one type of flower
 l  Credit card pain:
                               during each forging flight, ensuring pollination."
 Some say goodbye to               A bee also can carry its own weight in nectar and pollen. And those wings stroke at least 190 times a
 fixed rates
                               second, making that distinctive buzz.
 l  Stocks post 4th
 straight week of losses
                                   Participant Ralph Danielson remembers the buzzing sound in the pastures and fields when he was growing
 l  Watercooler » How
                               up in Holladay. But during the past decade he hasn't spotted one honeybee where he lives now in West Valley
 to get control of your        City.
                                   "I've seen a few wild bees in my backyard," he said. "I don't know how my garden is getting pollinated,
 l Toughest times for
 Utah housing may be
                               maybe it's the flies."
 nearing end                       Yes. Flies do pollinate, participants learned. They're attracted to green, white and cream colors in gardens,
 l  June rainstorms            as well as some pretty stinky flowers.
 ruinous for Utah alfalfa
                                   One reason for the declining number of the Beehive State's namesake is loss of habitat. Utah has lost
 l  Regulators grant
                               enough farm and grazing
 antitrust immunity to                                                                         land during the past 40 years to exceed the acreage
                               Advertisement                                                   of Delaware and Rhode Island combined.
 l School psychologists
 coming to SLC in 2016                                                                             Bees have taken a similar hit. Since 1990, the
 l Social networking                                                                           number of colonies and honey production has
 aggregator sues                                                                               declined by nearly half.
 l  GM exits
                                                                                                   Nationwide, honeybees are being killed off by
 bankruptcy; CEO vows                                                                          mites, assorted viruses and now a mysterious
 better performance                                                                            ailment called colony collapse disorder. The latter
 l May trade deficit                                                                           phenomenon occurs when worker bees abruptly
 unexpectedly drops to
 $26B                                                                                          disappear.
 l  Source says AIG                                                                                To prop up numbers of honeybees, Hansen and
 talking with White                                                                            her husband, Aaron, place colonies in urban gardens
 House on more
 bonuses                                                                                       and backyards. Their company, Hansen Hives, is
 l   China is car capital                                                                      one of five firms in Salt Lake County that manage
 l  U.S. commercial real                                                                       backyard hives or provide consulting services to
 estate woes continue                                                                          hobbyists wanting to start their own colonies.
 to grow
                                                                                                   So far, the Hansens have placed 18 hives in Salt
                                                                                               Lake, Davis and Utah Counties.
                                                                                                   "Bees are energy-efficient," said Annette
                               Hansen. "Although they can travel up to 5 miles from their hive, they'll stay close to home if there's enough
                               nectar and pollen in the area."
                                   Homeowners can attract bees and other pollinators on their own by planting nectar- and pollen-rich flowers.
                               Participants learned that it's best to organize plants in solid color blocks so that insects and birds can spot them
                               from above. Also, plant flowers with a range of shapes and sizes for blooms throughout the season.
                                   Pollinators also need water, so use a bird bath, make a mud puddle or turn on dripping faucet. Don't use
                               pesticides or herbicides "because if it can kill one thing, it can also kill a pollinator," said Annette Hansen.
                                   To keep pollinators around all year, homeowners should have sites and materials on hand for nesting and
                               over wintering.

                                 Beehive State is loosing its namesake
                                   The number of bee colonies and honey production
                               in Utah is declining:
                                   1990 » 47,000 colonies produced 1.7 million
                               pounds of honey
                                   1995 » 32,000 colonies, 1 million pounds honey
                                   2000 » 24,000 hives, 984,000 pounds honey
                                   2007 » 25,000 hives, 975,000 pounds honey
                                   Source: Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

                                 Find out more
                                    For more information on beekeeping, attracting                                                                                                                       12.07.2009
SLC bee workshop a hive of activity - Salt Lake Tribune                                                                                                              Seite 2 von 2

                                    pollinators, gardening and educational workshops,
                                contact Wasatch Community Gardens at 801-359-
                                2658 or visit

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