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					News Release
28th January 2010

                    New Level of Formulated Health Drink
 Fabula introduces ‘Procenta’– the revolutionary placenta extract with royal jelly
                                   health drink

Kuala Lumpur, 28th January 2010 – You might not consider consuming placenta
extract as it is, but imagine placenta extract with royal jelly and other natural
ingredients blended using propriety technology that is developed by a highly skilled
research team based in Japan. Introducing ‘Procenta’ – the new revolutionary
health drink that complements our modern lifestyle, bottled for great convenience.

Procenta, the product name that is derived from its main ingredient placenta
extract, is the latest health drink launched by Fabula Sdn Bhd, a company that
strives to help people to achieve happy and healthy lives through quality health

Researched, developed and manufactured with Japanese expertise, Procenta
combines the purest placenta extract from a horse and royal jelly to create the
ultimate health drink, and possibly the key to turning back the clock.

“Procenta uses horse placenta extract as its primary ingredient. Compared to the
commonly used sheep placenta, horse placenta is much sought after. Horses give
birth to only one foal in each pregnancy, and each pregnancy period is up to eleven
months, making the horse placenta more concentrated and valuable”, said Lynn
Lim, Fabula Sdn Bhd Co-Founder and Brand Ambassador during the official launch

The beauty of placenta lies within its ability to revitalise your cell from within. In
every bottle, there’s 500mg of placenta extract from the total of 25,000mg of each
placenta extracted. This far exceeds the 300mg dosage of similar products in the
market. Horse placenta extract contains many active ingredients, particularly
those that are effective in anti-oxidising, ridding free radicals, restoring DNA and
boosting immunity.

Celebrities Daphne Iking, Atilia Haron, Karmen Khor and Willam San, were among
the first few to try the product.

Karmen had this to say, “I would say (I have been using Procenta for) about 1
month plus. I like the fact that it's small enough to fit in my handbag, making it
easy for me to carry around. The routine is also very simple to follow and is hassle-
free since it doesn't involved any external applications. And kudos to Fabula for the
fruity flavor!”.
The dosage of royal jelly is also 500mg. Coupled with the placenta extract, it helps
in regulating endocrine function of our body, beautifying our complexion, delaying
skin aging, boosting energy and immunity, calming our nerves and regulating our
sleeping pattern.

“With the superb combination of placenta extract and royal jelly, Procenta brings
effective health with great taste to a whole new level. As compared to similar
products in tablet or capsule form, Procenta in liquid form is quicker and easier for
body to absorb therefore it takes effect faster”, said Leo He, Founder and
Managing Director of Fabula Sdn Bhd after official launch of Procenta.

Procenta is priced at RM188.00 for a box containing 500ml x 10 bottles, which can
last for a month and it’s available at all leading pharmacies.

Procenta was launched at Teeq Brasserie admist celebrity guests and media.


About Fabula

Founded in 2007 by Leo He and Lynn Lim, local TV host and actress, Fabula Sdn Bhd is
strives to help people to achieve happy and healthy lives through quality health products.
Fabula started with CollagenMAX, a patented formula drink imported from Japan, which
has today grown to be Malaysia’s best selling collagen drink. Developed based on scientific
research, CollagenMax restores skins lost collagen by offering 3 times more collagen than
most of other collagen based products on shelves today.

Fabula owns the proprietary technology of both CollagenMAX and Procenta that is
originally developed by a highly skilled research team based in Japan. As the tagline
suggest “Life is Pure, Beauty is Simple”, it is evident that natural ingredients and state-of-
the-art science are used to ensure an easy and effective way for consumers to achieve
both health and beauty.

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