Arab Exhibition list 2011 by lNR8170


									    Exhibition Name               City         Date              Contact Details
MIDDLE EAST                     Manama      20th - 23rd    Allworld Exhibitions
PETROTECH                        Bahrain    May 2012
Middle East Refining &                                     m
Petrochemicals Conference
& Exhibition
ELECTRICX                        Cairo      03rd-6th Dec   Egytec
Power-Energy International       Egypt         2011
Trade Show
ELENEX IRAQ                                                International Fairs and
                                               th     nd
International Exhibition for     Erbil      19 – 22        Promotion
Electrical Engineering,          Iraq       Sep 2011
Lighting, Power Generation
and Distribution for Iraq
PROJECT IRAQ                                               International Fairs and
International Trade              Erbil      19th - 22nd    Promotion
Exhibition for Construction      Iraq       Sep 2011
Technology, Building
Materials and Equipment
INTER-BUILD JORDAN                                         Jordan Fairs
Fair and Forum for              Amman        03rd -06th
Construction, Building          Jordan       Oct 2011
Industry, Properties
Development, Decoration,
Architecture & Design
7th GCC POWER                                              IFP Qatar
GCC Cigre International         Kuwait       21st -23rd
Conference and Exhibition                    Nov 2011
for Electrical Equipments
KUWAIT                                                     KIF (Kuwait International
INTERNATIONAL                   Mishref      18th- 20th    Fair)
ENERGY &                        Kuwait       Oct 2011
Kuwait International
Energy & Petrochemical
Exhibition & Conference
EWE                             Mishref      10th -12th    KIF (Kuwait International
Kuwait Environment,             Kuwait      April 2012     Fair)
Water & Energy Exhibition                        
ECORIENT                         Beirut     21st - 27th    International Fairs and
The Only Clean Energy           Lebanon     April 2012     Promotion (IFP)
Show for Lebanon                                 
PROJECT LEBANON                   Beirut       05th -08th    International Fairs and
International Trade              Lebanon      June 2012      Promotion (IFP)
Exhibition for Construction                        
Technology, Building
Materials and Equipment
for the Middle East
INFRASTRUCTURE                   Tripoli       17th -20th    AGD (Arabian Group for
LIBYA                            Libya         Oct 2011      Development) - Organizer
International Exhibition for                                 of INFRASTRUCTURE
Libya's Infrastructure                                       LIBYA www.agd-
SKYLINE LIBYA                    Tripoli       28th -30th    Atex - African Tigers Expo
International Architecture       Libya         Nov 2011
and Real Estate
Development Exhibition
INTERIORS &                      Muscat        19th -21st    Omanexpo LLC
BUILDEX                          Oman         March 2012
International Exhibition of
Building, Contracting and
Interior Design Industries
COMEX                            Muscat       30th - 04th    OITE (Oman International
Oman's IT &                      Oman         May 2012       Trade & Exhibitions)
POWER-GEN MIDDLE                                             BECA (Bahrain Exhibition
                                                  th   th
EAST                              Doha         24 -26        & Convention Authority)
Abu Dhabi Conference and          Qatar        Oct 2011      Organizer of POWER-GEN
Exhibition for the Middle                                    MIDDLE EAST
East Power Generation                              
PROJECT QATAR                                                IFP Qatar - Organizer of
                                                 th     rd
International Trade               Doha        30 -. 03       PROJECT QATAR -
Exhibition For                    Qatar       May2012
Construction Technology,
Building Materials,
Equipment and
Environmental Technology
in Qatar
SAUDI BUILD                      Riyadh        16th- 19th    Riyadh Exhibitions Co. Ltd
International Construction     Saudi Arabia    Oct 2011
Technology and Building
Materials Show
SAUDI WATER &                    Jeddah       04th -07th    CWC Associates Limited
POWER FORUM                    Saudi Arabia   Dec 2011
Saudi Water & Power
Exhibition & Conference

SAUDI ICT                                                   Al Harithy Company for
                                                 th   th
Saudi Arabia’s                   Jeddah       11 14         Exhibitions Ltd
International Event for        Saudi Arabia   Dec 2011
Information &
SAUDI                                                       Al Harithy Company for
                                                 th    th
INFRASTRUCTURE                   Jeddah       11 -14        Exhibitions Ltd
International Exhibition for   Saudi Arabia   Dec 2011
City Planning,
Infrastructure &
GITEX SAUDI ARABIA               Riyadh       22nd - 26th   Dubai World Trade Centre
Computer, Hardware,            Saudi Arabia   April 2012
Software, Networks,
SAUDI                            Riyadh        22nd 26th    Riyadh Exhibitions Co. Ltd
COMMUNICATIONS                 Saudi Arabia   April 2012
Exhibition and Conference
SAUDI LUMINEX                    Riyadh       20th -.23rd   Riyadh Exhibitions Co. Ltd
International Lighting         Saudi Arabia   May 2012
Equipment Show
SAUDI ELENEX                     Riyadh       20th - 23rd   Riyadh Exhibitions Co. Ltd
International Electrical       Saudi Arabia   May 2012
Engineering, Power
Generation and
Distribution Exhibition
SAUDI WATER                      Riyadh       20th - 23rd   Riyadh Exhibitions Co. Ltd
TECHNOLOGY                     Saudi Arabia   May 2012
International Water
Technology Conference &
LIGHT MIDDLE EAST                 Dubai       12th -14th    Epoc Messe Frankfurt
Middle East International                     Sep 2011      GmbH
Trade Event for Urban,                            
Architectural and Retail                                    m
Ligting Lighting Solutions
GITEX TECHNOLOGY             Dubai     01st -13th     Dubai World Trade Centre
WEEK                                   Oct 2011
International Trade Show
for the ICT Industry
Middle East only dedicated   Sharjah   24th – 27th    Expo Centre Sharjah
Show for Construction                  Oct 2011
Machineries, Equipments,
Services and Spares

MIDDLE EAST                  Dubai      07th - 09th   IIR Middle East
ELECTRICITY                             Feb 2012
Power & Electricity
LIGHTING AT MIDDLE           Dubai     07th - 09th    IIR Middle East
EAST ELECTRICITY                        Feb 2012
Largest Lighting Showcase
in the Middle East
WETEX                                                 DEWA (Dubai Electricity
                                           th    th
Water, Energy Technology                13 -15        and Water Authority)
and Environment              Dubai     March 2012
Exhibition. WETEX will
focus on the advanced
Technologies in the areas
of Energy such as Fossil
Fuel, Nuclear, Renewable,
Power Generation, Smart
Grids, Efficiency,

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