What I Know and dont know by fanzhongqing


									Cobi Legg

What I Know                             What I don’t know    What ive learned

ADA, Audio Input , ATM, Bar Code,       Ergonomics           Ergonomics- the science of
Bar code reader, Bar code scanner,      MICR                 incorporating comfort, efficiency,
dance pad, digital camera, digital      RFID                 and safety into the design of the
pen, digital video, camera,             POS Terminal         workplace.
fingerprint scanner, flatbed            Thermal Printer      MICR- technology that reads text
scanner, game controller,               Ink-jet printer      printed with magnetized ink.
gamepad, graphics tablet, input,        Dot-matrix printer   RFID- defines how a network uses
input device , joystick, keyboard,      Insertion point      radio signals to communicate with
light gun, light pen, magnetic stripe                        a tag placed in or attached to an
card reader, MICR reader, mouse,                             object, an animal, or a person.
OCR devices, OMR, PC Camera, PC                              POS Terminal-terminal used by
video camera, pen input, pointer,                            retail stores to record purchases,
pointing device, pointing stick,                             process credit or debit cards, and
resolution, RFID reader, scanner,                            update inventory.
smart card, stylus, touch screen,                            Thermal Printer- type of
touchpad, touch screen,                                      nonimpact printer that generates
turnaround document, video                                   images by pushing electrically
conference, video input, voice                               heated pins against heat-sensitive
input, voice recognition, web cam,                           paper
wheel, audio output device, CRT                              Ink-jet printer-type of nonimpact
monitor, data projector, display                             printer that forms characters and
device, earphones, ENERGY STAR                               graphics by spraying tiny drops of
program, fax machine, HDTV,                                  liquid ink on a piece of paper
headphones, impact print, , label                            Dot-matrix printer-type of impact
printer, large-format printer, laser                         printer that produces printed
printer, LCD monitor, line printer,                          images when tiny wire pins on a
LCD, mobile printer, monitor,                                print head mechanism strike an
multifunction peripheral,                                    inked ribbon.
nonimpact printer, output, output                            Insertion point-symbol on a
device, photo printer, plasma                                computer screen, usually a blinking
monitor, plotters, printer,                                  vertical bar, that indicates where
resolution, speakers, voice output.                          the next character a user types will
                                                             be displayed.

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