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									Welcome to LSU!

NSE Incoming Student Orientation, Fall 2011
                               August 19, 2011
Louisiana State University
Academic Information
• Contact information
• Adding/Dropping
• Maintaining
  exchange eligibility
• Buying textbooks
Academic Information, cntd.
• Paying your fee bill
    – Completing registration
•   Important dates to remember
•   Computer labs and web accessibility
•   NSE office location
•   Student ID
    – TigerCASH, meals
    & Paw points
Contact Information
•   Contact Information must be kept up-to-date and accurate.
•   All Incoming spring ’11 NSEers MUST email the following information
     –   LSU Mailing Address
     –   LSU Phone Number
     –   Current Cell Phone Number
     –   Parents’ Names
     –   Parents’ Permanent Mailing Address(es)
     –   Parents’ Phone Numbers
Adding/Dropping Courses

• Add/Drop through your PAWS account
  by clicking “Schedule Request” and
  then select the desired semester. You
  may drop courses until August 29 at
  midnight. You may add courses until
  August 31 at 4:30 pm.
Maintaining NSE Eligibility
• You must remain full-time (12 credit hours) in order to
  remain eligible for your NSE exchange! If you drop
  below 12 credit hours, you will not be eligible to
  continue your exchange.
• You must also maintain an overall GPA of 2.50 or
  your exchange will be cancelled.
Buying Textbooks
• It is recommended that you wait until after the
  first day of courses to be sure of the books you
  will need. Some examples of where you can
  buy books:
    – Co-Op Book Store; (225) 383-9870; 3960 Burbank,
      Baton Rouge, LA
    – College Supply Co; (225) 355-2584 3250; N Acadian
      Thruway, Baton Rouge, LA
    – College Supply Co; (225) 383-4850; 166 W Chimes St,
      Baton Rouge, LA
    – Chimes Textbook Exchange; (225) 383-5161; 268 W
      Chimes St, Baton Rouge, LA
    – Barnes & Noble Booksellers; (225) 926-2600; 2590
      Citiplace Ct, Baton Rouge, LA
Paying Your Fee Bill

• You have until the 14th day of classes to pay
  your fee bill or make payment arrangements.
• You can pay your fee bill through your PAWS
  account using your PAWS account OR at the
  cashier’s desk in Thomas Boyd. Regarding a
  deferred payment plan, please contact the
  Bursar’s Office at 225-578-3357.
Payment Options
• Online check/bank draft
• Credit card Note: A 2.5 percent
  processing fee will be added to credit
  card payments.
• Mail
• Deferred payment plan

Important Dates
• See calendar handout for all important dates
  to remember.
  – August 22 – classes begin
  – October 13-October 17 – Fall Break
  – November 23 @ 12:30pm-November 27 – Thanksgiving
  – December 3 – classes end
  – December 5-10 – Final exam week

Campus Computer Labs
• Computer labs
     – 141 Middleton Library
     – 241 Middleton Library
     – 358B Student Union
     – 1302 Patrick Taylor
     – International Cultural
Wireless Access
• The Tigerware CD in your bag is very
  helpful for wireless
• All over campus
• Get online using lsusecure.
Tiger Card (Student ID)
• Get your student ID card at the Tiger Card
  Office on the first floor of the Union. You need
  to bring with you a picture ID.
Tiger Card
• Tiger Card
  – Official LSU identification card for all students, faculty, and
  – Serves as an electronic key for residence halls
  – Allows you to use other services for which you have
    privileges, including
      • Access your residential hall
      • Present it to ride buses free around town (you don’t need it to
        ride buses on campus)
      • Check out library books
      • Use the Recreation Center (UREC)
      • Purchase meals (more on that, later)
Uses of Tiger Card
• Is the TigerCASH debit card when the cardholder deposits
  money into a TigerCASH account
• TigerCASH is a campus-wide debit system that may
  be used for food, vending, half-price copies, and
  many other things. It is available to everyone with a
  Tiger Card. TigerCASH is also accepted at many
  locations off-campus. You can add TigerCASH
   – Visit
   – Click “Online Account”
   – Log in using your PAWS ID and password
   – You can also grant access to 4 additional people
     (to add money to you card!) by clicking “Grant
     additional access”
Life in The Residence Halls
• Changing room/roommate
  – During second week
  – Request must be in writing
  – $50 fee
• Housing contract
  – Is for a full year
  – For students staying only for fall,
    notify Judy Levy in writing that
    you want out of your contract
Residence Halls, cntd.
• Residential activities
   – Please check with your dorm’s front desk and/or floor R.A.
     for more information about possible activities for the dorms.
• Housing closing dates
   – Please check with your dorm’s front desk and/or
     floor R.A. for more information about possible
     activities for the dorms.
• Visitors
   – Please check with your dorm’s front desk and/or
     floor R.A. for more information about possible
     activities for the dorms.
Residence Halls, cntd.
• Emergencies
   – If you have an acute medical emergency, call 388-HELP
     (4357). (see handout “Emergency Contacts”)
• Shipping parcels to your dorm/apartment
   – UPS and FedEx are the only delivery services that will
     deliver directly to on-campus housing. All mail will be sent to
     your P.O. Box at the Post Office across the street from the
Contacting Residential Life
•   By mail:
    Department of Residential Life
    Louisiana State University
    Baton Rouge, LA 70803
•   By e-mail:
    In person:
    Room 99, Grace King Hall, LSU campus
    (On the northeast corner of Highland Road and South Campus Drive across Highland Road
    from the rear patio of the LSU Union Building)
•   By phone:
    225/578-8663 - Residence Halls, East & West Campus Apartments Applications and
    225/334-5198 - Edward Gay and Nicholson Apartments Applications and Information
    225/615-2005 - Cox Communications Cable TV Subscriptions and Information
    225/578-8663 - Residential Life Administration
•   By fax:
    225/578-5576 - Residence Halls and East Campus Apartments Information
    225/334-5197 - Edward Gay and Nicholson Apartments Information
    225/578-5576 - Residential Life Administration
On-campus Dining

On-campus Dining
• Dining Locations
•   Retail:
•   Atrium Cafe - Design Building
•   CC's Coffee House - Hebert Law Center
•   CC's Coffee House - Middleton Library
•   Chick-N-Grill - Pierre's Landing
•   Faculty Club Restaurant
•   Outtakes
•   Smoothie King - UREC
•   Subway - Foster Hall
•   Take 5
•   Vet School Snack Bar
•   Student Union:
•   Einstein Bros. Bagels
•   Magnolia Room Restaurant
•   McDonald's
On-campus Dining, ctd.
•   Bayou Bistreaux
•   CC's Coffee House
•   Chick-fil-A
•   Jamba Juice
•   On-the-Geaux
•   Panda Express
•   Papa John's
•   Quiznos
•   Salsarita's
•   Residential:
•   The 5
•   The 459 Commons
On-campus Dining
• Choosing a meal plan
  – 16 weeks in a semester
  – Meals vs. paws points
  – Deadline for meal plan: August
How to Choose a Meal Plan
•   Determine how many meals you plan on eating in a semester.
     –   There are 110 days of service in a semester (counting weekends) or 75 weekdays of service.
•   Do you plan to go home on weekends? If you do, make sure to plan only for the
    meals eaten during the 75 weekdays of school.
•   Do you eat breakfast? Count breakfast as a meal. Make sure to budget enough
    meals or Paw Points if you plan to eat breakfast.
•   Opt to have more Paw Points if:
     – you prefer to eat at the retail locations using your Paw Points, rather than at
        the Dining Halls
     – your class schedule conflicts with Dining Hall service hours
     – you would like to buy groceries using Paw Points and prepare food in the
        residence hall kitchens
•   Opt to have more meals if:
     – you prefer the idea of eating buffet style
TigerCASH, Meal Plans, and
Paws Points
• TigerCASH is an actual dollar value of money
  on your Tiger Card and can be used
  anywhere on campus. The value in
  TigerCASH rolls over from one semester to
  the next.
• Paw Points can only be used for food in the
  Tiger Lair and Food Emporiums. TigerCASH
  can be used anywhere Paw Points are
  accepted, but not vice versa. See your meal
  plans for more information.
Meal Plan Balance
• Checking meal plan balance
  – Online (
  – Through the Tiger Card Office
  – Via one of the 4 VTS Machines around
    campus (Patrick Taylor, Coates Hall,
    Middleton Library, or the Law Library)
     • select the option to check a balance.
Banking and Receiving Mail
• Banks & ATM
  – Campus Federal
  – ATMs on 1st floor of
• Post office location
  – Behind the Faculty
Campus Parking
• Parking permits
  – If you paid by August 5, permit was mailed
    to you. If you paid after, you can pick it up
    at the Office of Parking, Transportation,
    and Safety.
Campus Parking
• Commuting to campus
  – If you are coming in for a later morning class don't waste time
    looking for a space in close. Go directly to X-109, X-116 (south side
    of Parker Coliseum), Alex Box or to the overflow lots west of the RR
    Tracks on Skip Bertman Dr.

  – Parking, Traffic & Transportation has teamed with KLSU to give
    parking updates every half hour from 8 a.m. - 11 a.m. to inform
    commuting students what lots are available with parking spaces
    and which lots are filled. Listen to KLSU at 91.1 FM to save time
    and gas.
Campus Transportation
• Campus transit services
  – This is a door-to-door service, free of charge, that runs
    nightly from 5:30 p.m. to 3 a.m. Students can access this
    service by calling 225-578-5555.

• Campus bus information
  – Called Tiger Trails
  – Buses on campus are free
  – List of Routes
  – Track your bus online
Campus Safety
•   Sign up for Emergency Text Messaging System
•   Save numbers from Safety Handout in cell phone
•   See handout “Emergency Contacts”; keep it close
•   Avoid walking alone at night unless absolutely necessary.
•   Keep to well-lit, commonly travelled routes.
•   Avoid shortcuts and dark, isolated areas.
•   Walk purposefully, know where you are going, project a no-nonsense
•   Avoid potentially dangerous situations.
•   If you feel threatened, cross the street, locate an emergency phone, or
    enter a store or place of business even if you have just left it.
•   Have your door keys ready; carry them in your pockets, not buried in a
    purse or bag.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Baton Rouge, cntd.
• Shopping
• Dining
• Leisure
Social Life at LSU
• Events
• Organizations
 – National Student Exchange Coordinator
 – Academic Programs Abroad
 – 103 Hatcher Hall
 – Office: 225-578-6876
 – Fax: 225-578-6806

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