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Assistance Funding
guide for
changes in
 •   extension to a new level,
 •   extension to a new year level,
 •   adding an additional campus,
 •   relocation; or
 •   adding distance education students


To be read in conjunction with the
Application Form for
Schools undertaking
changes in operation.
Part 1 - Recurrent Assistance                           Australian Government General
Funding                                                 Recurrent Assistance - Overview

Recurrent Assistance covering Recurrent Grants,         Recurrent Assistance includes Recurrent
Remoteness Loading, Distance Education and              Grants, Remoteness Loading, Distance
Indigenous Supplementary Assistance is                  Education and Indigenous
calculated on a per student basis and is payable:       Supplementary Assistance

•   for approved levels of education and approved       The Australian Government provides funding
    locations;                                          to non-government schools to assist with the
•   to non-government school systems (for schools       recurrent costs of school education. The
    which are members of their system); and             funding supports schools so that they can offer
•   to non-systemic schools (that is, the school is     students educational program directed
    not a member of an approved system of schools)      towards the achievement of the objective that
                                                        all Australian school students acquire the
Existing school systems or non-systemic schools
                                                        knowledge and skills to participate effectively
must complete the following sections in the
                                                        in society and employment in a globalised
Application Form (see Part 2 for further details):      economy.
Section A – Information about the School
Section B – What are you seeking approval for?          Use of funds
Section C – Approved Authority Form (if required)
Section D – Statement of School Enrolments              Recurrent Grants are to be used for meeting the
Section E – Checklist and Declaration                   school’s operating expenditure. The grants can be
                                                        applied to:
You should then sign the form and send it to
the Department, together with the following:            •   teaching and ancillary staff salaries;
                                                        •   professional development of teachers;
•   Evidence of State/Territory recognition for the     •   curriculum development; and
    particular level(s) of education and location(s)    •   maintenance        and        general
    for which you are seeking funding (see Part 3 for       operation provisions.
    further details).
                                                        Recurrent Grants – Overview
Privacy note
                                                        Recurrent Grants are paid to approved non-
The information collected on this form will only be     government schools and systems according to
used for the purpose for which you provided it, and     the levels of education and the locations for which
we will not disclose it without your consent, except    the schools have been approved. Recurrent
where authorised or required by law. Any                Grants for non-government schools is based on
information you provide will be treated in              the socioeconomic status (SES) of the school
accordance with the Department’s Privacy Policy.        community. The SES funding model involves
                                                        linking student residential addresses to Australian
                                                        Bureau of Statistics (ABS) National Census Data
                                                        to obtain a socioeconomic profile of the school
                                                        community and measure its capacity to support
                                                        the school.
Remoteness Loading - Overview                                Indigenous Supplementary
                                                             Assistance - Overview
The Remoteness Loading recognises the higher cost
of delivering schooling in regional and remote areas of
Australia and the negative impact this can have on           The Indigenous Supplementary Assistance (ISA)
student achievement levels. Schools can direct               is provided in addition to Recurrent Grants funding
expenditure to those areas which most seriously affect       to support the delivery of additional education
their capacity to offer a quality education.                 services for Indigenous students at eligible non-
For instance, the additional funding could be used to        government schools. These funds can be used for
attract quality teachers, increase staff retention,          the same purposes and will be paid at the same
provide additional resources or improve teacher              time as recurrent funding. Payments are based on
access to professional development. There is no
                                                             the number of primary and/or secondary
                                                             Indigenous students (not including Indigenous
need to separately apply for the loading. It will be
                                                             distance education students) and funding rates for
paid with the recurrent grants if a school is eligible.
                                                             school campuses located in non-remote, remote
Eligibility for the loading will be determined using a       and very-remote areas within Australia.
remoteness classification as defined in the
Remoteness Structure for census year 2001                    Indigenous Funding Guarantee -
described in the Australian Bureau of Statistics             Overview
Australian Standard Geographical Classification
and according to the remoteness of the Census                The Schools Assistance Act 2008 includes
Collection District in which the school campus is            provision for an Indigenous Funding Guarantee
located. The delimitation criteria for remoteness            (IFG) to ensure eligible schools and systems are
areas are based on the Accessibility/Remoteness              no worse off and receive recurrent funding at least
Index of Australia (ARIA).                                   comparable to their 2008 entitlements, taking
                                                             account of actual enrolments.
Non‑government school campuses located within
areas classified as ‘Moderately Accessible’, ‘Remote’        The IFG does not insulate approved schools or
or ‘Very Remote’ will receive an additional 5 per cent,      systems from any fall in enrolments, the school
10 per cent or 20 per cent respectively of the               ceasing to be a maximum SES funded school,
funding entitlement associated with their                    or where entitlements to a remoteness loading
socioeconomic status score.                                  changes, as these are normal business
Distance Education (DE) - Overview
                                                             Payments start
Distance Education (DE) funding is payable in respect
of primary or secondary (as applicable) DE students in       Recurrent Assistance payments will start no
non-government schools as long as the DE students            earlier than the date of effect. That is, when all the
reside in the State in which their school is located, they   requirements in Part 2 are met:
are not home education students, they are enrolled at
an approved school, they are funded or recognized by         •   if all requirements are met on or before the
the State, and the education is being provided from an           last school day in February, the school will
existing approved school.                                        be funded for the full year i.e. funding will
                                                                 be calculated from 1 January;
Eligible schools or systems receive DE funding for           •   if all requirements are not met on or before
their eligible distance education students at the base           the last school day in February but are met
rate of 13.7% of the primary or secondary Australian             before the schools census day for the year,
Government School Recurrent Costs (AGSRC)                        the school will be funded on a pro rata basis
amounts on a full time equivalent basis. That is, the            i.e. funding will be calculated from the date
school authority will receive funding having regard to
                                                                 the requirements are met;
the nature of the course load those students are             •   if all requirements are not met before
                                                                 the schools census day for the year, the
undertaking and the time they are actually receiving
                                                                 school will not be funded for that year;
distance education from the school.
                                                             With State/Territory recognition, the requirement is
                                                             met on the date from which the recognition takes
                                                             effect rather than the date on which the decision is
Timing of payments                                       •   the affairs of the body or authority are
                                                             under any form of external control (for
The current payment arrangements for non-                    example, the control of a manager) under a
government schools and systems are as follows:               law of the Commonwealth or a State;
Payment              During Month of: Proportion of      •   the liabilities of the body or authority
                                                             are greater than it’s assets;
                                      entitlement paid
                                                         •   the body or authority is (and is likely to
First Advance        January          50% of                 continue for a substantial period to be)
                                      estimated              unable to pay its debts as and when they fall
                                      entitlement            due for payment
Second Advance       July             75% of             •   a law of the Commonwealth or a state requires
                                                             the body or authority to be audited, and the
                                                             Minister determines that this paragraph applies
                                      entitlement less
                                                             because the relevant audit:
                                      payments made
                                                             (i) is expressed to be qualified;
Census               August           N/A                    (ii) express concern about the financial
                                                             viability of the body or authority;
Adjustment           October          100% of actual
                                      entitlement        •   does not comply with an obligation in the
                                      (based on August       Agreement (for example, it does not
                                      Census) less           complete its financial accountability
                                                             requirements on line when required).
                                      payments made
Please Note: Payment of Remoteness                       You must notify the Department in writing within 5
Loading - Schools will receive a 50%                     working days of you becoming aware of any of
payment in January and a 100% payment in                 the above circumstances occurring.
October for Remoteness Loading.

The Recurrent Grant rates are indexed based on           Australian Government
the latest Average Government School                     Capital Grants - Overview for
Recurrent Costs (AGSRC). The indexed rates
are paid as soon as possible following stet
                                                         Non-government Schools
publication of the AGSRC annually which follows
                                                         Under the Capital Grants Program (CGP) the
the making of a regulation under the Legislation,
                                                         Australian Government provides significant
typically after October.
                                                         funding to support the construction, maintenance
                                                         and upgrading of non-government schools. Total
Level of Recurrent Grants                                funding allocated to non-government schools
                                                         under the CGP in 2010 is estimated at
The Recurrent Grants per student rates for non-          $135,276,000.
government schools are located under “SES Info”
at                     For non-government schools these grants are
                                                         provided through Block Grant Authorities
Payments stop                                            (BGAs). BGAs have been established to receive
                                                         and assess applications, make
A school will have its payments stopped if it:           recommendations to the Minister and administer
                                                         capital grants for non-government schools.
•   becomes conducted for profit;
•   loses State/Territory recognition for the whole      There are two BGAs in each state, one catholic
    school;                                              and one independent. There is also a joint
•   loses State/Territory recognition for a level of     Catholic/independent BGA in each of the
    education - payments will stop for that level;       Northern Territory and the Australian Capital
•   ceases to exist (for example, its approved           Territory. Schools wishing to apply for a capital
    authority has been wound up, or there are no         grant should contact the relevant BGA. Contact
    students attending the school);                      details of these BGAs are available at:
•   ceases to offer a level of education;      
•   the body or authority is a body corporate that is
    being wound up;
PART 2 - Information about                              Approval is not required for the following
the Application for Recurrent
Assistance Funding                                      •   change from a solely day school to a school
                                                            that provides boarding facilities, or vice versa;
Application Form                                        •   change from a single sex school to a
                                                            coeducational school, or vice versa.
Section A - Information about the school
                                                        Section C - Approved Authority form
1. Systemic status
                                                        The School has entered into an Agreement with
   Please tick the appropriate box to show if the
                                                        the Commonwealth (The “Commonwealth of
   school is a systemic school or a non-systemic
                                                        Australia” is the legal entity established by the
   school (i.e. whether the school is a member
                                                        Constitution) for the 2009-2012 quadrennium.
   of an approved school system or not). If the
   school is a systemic school, please state            Under this Agreement, the Approved Authority is
   the name of the approved school system.              responsible for ensuring that the grants it receives
                                                        are properly applied and accounted for. It must
2. Contact person                                       also provide such reports and other information
   For existing systemic schools the                    which may be required under the terms of the
   preferred contact is a person in the System          Agreement, for example, school enrolment data at
   Authority or, at the school level, the Principal     the schools census day for the year and including
   or Bursar. For existing non-systemic                 financial and educational accountability.
   schools, the preferred contact is either the
                                                        In completing the Approved Authority form, the
   Principal or Bursar.
                                                        Approved Authority should show the names,
3. School postal address details                        positions and specimen signatures of at least
   Please provide the schools postal address.           TWO officers authorised to sign on behalf of
                                                        the Approved Authority in matters relating to
Section B - What are you seeking                        the school.

approval for?                                           The School has previously provided details about
                                                        the names and/or positions of the people
Details about the location proposal you are             nominated to act on behalf of the Approved
seeking funding for, should be shown in Section         Authority, the postal address for receipt of
B of the Application Booklet.                           cheques, ABN, GST-registered status and/or the
                                                        bank account details of the Approved Authority.
Approval for funding is required for
                                                        Should variation to any of these details occur,
existing funded schools undertaking the                 please complete Section C of the Application
following changes in operation                          Form. Information in relation to the school will only
                                                        be accepted by the Department from the
•   providing new level(s) of education at a location   Approved Authority (or its authorised agent).
    for which the school is already funded for the
    provision of another level of education;
                                                        Bank Account Details
•   opening a new campus (whether or not a new
    level of education is involved);
                                                        Australian Government Assistance can be paid into
•   relocating the whole school (whether or not a       bank accounts using Electronic Funds Transfer
    new level of education is involved);
                                                        (EFT). This is in line with the preferred method of
•   a progressive extension in a level of
                                                        Australian Government payments being made by
    education, if State/Territory recognition is
    required for each year in the progressive           direct credit. State payment authorities process
    extension; and                                      these payments. The bank account must be in the
•   adding distance education students.                 name of the Approved Authority.

The date on which the change took place must
be shown - for example, with a new level of
education, this will be the date when that level
or year in the level of education is first offered
(provided it is legally able to be offered from
that date).
Should the Approved Authority subsequently decide       Please insert the date on which the count of
to vary the names and/or positions of the people        students is made for the Statement of School
nominated, or the postal address for receipt of         Enrolment form as this is relevant to the date
cheques and/or the bank account details of              from which payments will start. The declaration
the Approved Authority, the Department should           must not be completed on a date prior to the
be advised in writing of the change(s) within 7         date on which the count is made for the
days. This can also be achieved by completing an        Statement of School Enrolments.
Approved Authority form which can be
downloaded from                The Statement of School Enrolments Section
                                                        must be signed by someone whom the
                                                        Approved Authority has authorised to act on its
Section D - Statement of School                         behalf (Section C - Approved Authority Form).
                                                        Indigenous Enrolments
Funding under the Recurrent Grants and
Remoteness Loading Program and Indigenous               Funding for Indigenous students is based on
Supplementary Assistance is based on the                the number of eligible primary and/or secondary
number of eligible primary and secondary students       students (including the fulltime equivalent (FTE)
(including the fulltime equivalent (FTE) of part-time   of part-time students) at the school. The
students) at the school. The Application Form for       enrolments shown on the form are used to
schools undertaking changes in operation includes       estimate the school’s entitlement until such time
a Statement of School Enrolments Section. The           as the annual school’s census is collected in the
enrolments shown on the form are used to                August each year.
estimate the school’s entitlement until such time as
the annual schools census enrolments                     After the school’s census, the actual entitlement
are collected in August each year. After the            is calculated and any adjustments will be made in
school’s census, the school’s actual entitlement is     the October payment.
calculated and any adjustments will be made in
the October payment.                                    Separate columns are provided for Indigenous
                                                        students only. These students should also be
Grants to non-government schools are limited            included in the all students table.
to students attending a school at its approved
location on a daily basis (except for approved          A separate Statement of School
distance education students). There is a                Enrolments form must be provided for
discretion to treat students as attending on a daily    each campus.
basis if special circumstances are claimed.
                                                        All students are eligible to attract recurrent
Students whose formal pattern of attendance is not      grants other than:
on a daily basis but on some more infrequent basis
like once a month or once a term should NOT be          •   pre-school students (that is before the first
included in the Statement of School Enrolments              formal year of primary education in
Section. Where a student is exempt from the                 particular states); or
attendance requirements of the State/Territory          •   overseas students; or
Legislation and is being educated at home rather        •   home education students.
than at the school, the Australian Government does
not provide Recurrent Assistance for the student.

To claim special circumstances a school needs to
apply if it believes that a students regular pattern
of attendance was higher than at the Census Day.
An example is where a student was suffering a
long-time illness that did not enable them to attend
on the Census Day. For further information please
contact Recurrent Grants hotline on
1800 677 027 (option 1, then option 3) or send an
email to:
Distance Education Students                                  Instead the school will be required to complete
                                                             a separate Statement of Distance Education
Recurrent funding is provided for distance education         Enrolment form which is available on request
students accessing recognised distance education             from the Department. Only part-time students
facilities offered by non-government schools. The            who are not distance education students should
criteria for eligibility for funding of distance education   be included in the Statement of School Enrolment
students are as follows:                                     form.

a. the distance education students must reside               Home Education Students
   in the State in which their school is located
   and not have received dispensation from the               Funding is not provided to students who are
   State as home education students;                         registered for home schooling.
b. the State provides funding for the school
   (otherwise than as a result of the operation of this      Primary and Secondary Students
   Act), for that level of education, for students
   enrolled at the school who receive distance               Full-Time/Part-Time Students
   education (however described) from the school;
c. the student is not approved as a home                     A full-time student is a person who undertakes a
   education student (however described) in                  workload equivalent to or greater than that usually
   accordance with the law of the State in which             undertaken by a student of that year of schooling.
   the student resides; and                                  The full-time equivalent (FTE) of a student who
d. the education must be provided from a                     is full-time is 1.0. A student in any year level from
   recognised location of a school already funded            Year 1 to 12 who undertakes a workload less
   for day students                                          than that usually undertaken by a full-time
                                                             student for that year of schooling is part-time. A
The school or system will receive recurrent funding          Pre-Year 1 student who attends less than 10 half
for its distance education students at the base rate         day sessions per week is also part-time. For part-
of 13.7% of AGSRC on a full-time equivalent                  time students the FTE should be a decimal figure
(FTE) basis, that is, the Approved Authority will            which indicates the proportion of the workload
receive funding having regard to the nature of the           undertaken by the student (for example, a student
course load those students are undertaking and               in attendance for half the normal hours would have
the time that they are actually receiving distance           an FTE of 0.5).
education from the school.
                                                             The decimal figures provided must be rounded to
Under these arrangements, a school is eligible
                                                             one decimal place.
to receive recurrent funding at the school’s
funding level for the period of actual attendance            Pre-Year 1 Students
of the student at the school’s approved location
and also attracts funding at the base rate of                Pre-Year 1 students are those students who meet
13.7% of AGSRC for the period the student is an              State/Territory school entry age and, in the
eligible distance education student.                         normal course of events, would proceed to Year 1
                                                             in term 1 or term 2 in the following year. Those
Schools intending to claim Recurrent funding for             students who will not proceed to Year 1 the
distance education students should contact the               following year are not to be reported in the
Department on the Schools Grants and Data
                                                             Statement of School Enrolments form.
Helpline: 1800 677 027 (option 1, then option 3) or
email:                      Ungraded Students

The Statement of School Enrolments must not be               Ungraded students may attend a primary,
used for reporting distance education students.              secondary or combined primary/secondary school
Distance education students may be undertaking a             and may be associated with primary or secondary
part-time workload in the school’s distance                  areas of education, but can not be
education program as well as actually attending              allocated to a particular year level.
the school on a part-time basis and being active in
a day education program.

Overseas students                                        The advice can be in the form of:

Overseas students (formerly full-fee paying              •   a copy of the Certificate of Registration. The
students) must NOT be included in the Statement of            Certificate must show the date from which the
School Enrolment form. Some non-government                    school has registration for the level(s) and
Approved Authorities have special approval                    year(s) of education offered by the school and
from their State/Territory education departments              the location(s) of the school; or
to enrol overseas students at non-government             •    a copy of the letter from the State/Territory
schools on a full-fee paying basis. This means                Minister for Education or the Registration
that recurrent funding will not be paid to those              Authority stating that the school has
schools on behalf of these students and the full              recognition/registration from (date) for the
imputed average cost of their education (including            level(s) and year(s) of education offered
recurrent and capital costs) must instead be                  by the school and the location(s) of the
collected from overseas students. Details of                  school. You would only send this letter if the
courses approved for overseas students are                    Certificate of Registration does not include
listed on the Commonwealth Register of                        these details.
Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students
(CRICOS) see                Contacts in State/Territory
Where students attending a non-government
school are dependants of certain classes of              Authorities
temporary residents, dependants of Australian
Government scholarship holders and some                  The Contact Officers in State/Territory Registration
University scholarships, or exchange students on         Authorities are listed as follows:
approved student exchange programs, the non-
government school may be eligible for general            NEW SOUTH WALES
recurrent funding for those students. A list of visa     Senior Administrative Officer
                                                         Office of Board of Studies NSW
classes eligible for recurrent assistance is available
                                                         GPO Box 5300
at                                                       SYDNEY NSW 2001        Ph: (02) 9367 8267 or (02) 9367 8382
Further information is outlined in the                   School Registration Officer
Administrative Guidelines: Commonwealth                  Registrar
Programs for Non-government Schools - 2009               Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority
to 2012 Programs for Schools (see Appendix M:            GPO Box 4367
                                                         MELBOURNE VIC 3001
School Funding for temporary Residents of
                                                         Ph: (03) 9651 3295
Australia under the Schools Assistance Act 2008.
Part 3 - State/Territory                                 Mr Patrick Parsons
                                                         Director School Accreditation
Recognition                                              Board Secretariat
                                                         Non-State Schools Accreditation Board
One of the requirements for approval for Australian      PO Box 15033
Government Recurrent Assistance funding is that a        City East QLD 4002
school must be recognised by the relevant                Ph: (07) 3237 9947
State/Territory Minister for Education for the
                                                         SOUTH AUSTRALIA
particular level of education and particular location
                                                         Ms Heather McDonald
for which funding is sought. In the case of schools      Registrar
seeking funding for distance education students,         Non-Government Schools Registration Board
the school must also be recognised                       GPO Box 2370
for the provision of distance education. Note            ADELAIDE SA 5001
that recognition must continue or funding will           Ph: (08) 8226 1215
be stopped.

The requirement can be met by written advice
from the relevant Registration Authority in
your State/Territory.                                                                                          8
WESTERN AUSTRALIA                                  Further Information
Mr Mark Brown
Non-Government Manager Schools
                                                   Schools Assistance Act 2008
Department of Education Services
PO Box 1766
                                                   Administrative Guidelines: Commonwealth
OSBORNE PARK WA 6916                               Programs for Non-government Schools - 2009
Ph: (08) 9441 1960                                 to 2012.

TASMANIA                                           The Guidelines are available online at:
Manager Operations                       
Tasmanian Qualifications Authority
GPO Box 169                                        You should return the application and
                                                   other requested information to:
Ph: (03) 6233 6354

AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY                       The Director
Ms Lynda Tooth                                     Recurrent Assistance for Schools Section
Manager                                            Location code: C16MT4
Non-Government Schools Education Section           Infrastructure and Funding Group
ACT Department of Education & Training             Department of Education, Employment
PO Box 158                                         and Workplace Relations
Canberra ACT 2601                                  GPO Box 9880
Ph: (02) 6205 9301                                 CANBERRA ACT 2601
                                                   If you need to check on the progress of, or have
Ms Joanne Schilling
Non-Government Schools Financial Services Branch
                                                   any questions in relation to, your application, please
NT Department of Employment, Education             phone the Recurrent Grants and Data Helpline on
and Training                                       1800 677 027 (option 1, then option 3), facsimile
GPO Box 4821                                       (02) 6240 8845, or send an email to:
DARWIN NT 0801                           
Ph: (08) 8901 4944


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