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About Company/ About us
      We, Bonrix software Systems, are world’s leading provider for SasS (Software as a Service) based
      Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution called “Bonrix PRM”. Using Bonrix PRM you
      can increase your revenue, channel growth and lower the channel management cost.
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The solution: Bonrix PRM

   Why do you need PRM?
      Partner Relationship Management (PRM) has been interpreted with various
     definitions in e-business until the present. PRM is a business strategy to improve
     relationships between companies and their channel partners , which enhances a
     company’s ability to work with a leverage demand network partners to better markets,
     sell and serve end customer . Someone say that PRM is a subset of an overall
     Business-to-business (B2B) CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy,
     which encompasses people, processes and enabling application components , and
     the application of Relationship Management strategies and technologies to the unique
     needs of indirect sales channels.
      PRM helps automating the most common tasks involving channel partners,
     manufacturers and distributors. Partnership Relationship Management (PRM) involves
     managing the relationships between an enterprise and its distributors or resellers who are in
     turn selling and servicing the end users.
      As B2B e-Commerce spreads widely, PRM also plays an important role to manage
     various channels or partners in complex business environments. It has emerged as a
     business strategy for value-creating relations with partners. As e-business moves
     toward collaborative e-business paradigm, PRM has to articulate collaboration with
     partners in both conceptual and systematic environments.
     Bonrix PRM has all these you strive for.

      Bonrix PRM is one stop PRM solution; that helps you grow your channel business effectively
      with cutting edge technologies.
       Enable: To gain full control of your sales channel with ACL. To publish & mange; Products,
          Prices, Resource Libraries.
       Motivate & Measure: Thought promotional schemes & discounts. Protects deals, Measure
          sales forecast and your partners’ performance.
       Facilitate: To track and manage your online orders and approvals. Facilitates your partners
          to track their inventory, place online orders & even pay the invoices online.
   A. Enable
       Bonrix PRM will help you to invite and register your channel partners, create full sales
         network and assign them rights. You can enable your partners to build their own network,
         configure their alerts mechanism. You can publish your products and price catalogue to
         enable them place orders to you.
       Your privileged Partners can have access to resources like Test data sheets and knowledge
         base of your product catalogues to strengthen product knowledge.

   B. Motivate & Measure
       Bonrix PRM will help you to motivate your partners through its promotional discount
         policies and Campaigns. Your partners can forecast sales & protect their business via Deal
         management. The stat of the art DSS engine helps you to measure performance of your
         partners through various ways.

   C. Facilitate
       Bonrix PRM will facilitates you to setup your channel architecture, configure your portal,
          publish and mange prices, configure partner categories and discounts, approve deals and
       Bonrix PRM will also facilitate your channel partners to track their inventory, manager their
          orders, manage their own partner network, secure payments of their invoices, access to
          privileged resources and configure alerts.

Bonrix PRM features
   A. Admin & Partner Dash Board
       An Admin dash board is a gateway to manage your PRM. It has Partner registration, most
         recent Orders, Most recent Deals and DSS reports in place.
       For your partners, the dash board gives full control of their network, Recent Orders,
         Tracking of inventory, Recent Deals. Every partner will have designated account manager on
         their dash board.

   B. Admin Configuration and Setup
       This module enables you to setup your portal. It contains Partner network, Product master,
         Staff and ACL. It also allows Administrators to configure various email and SMS alerts.
       You can configure the library documents and other resources for your partners.
       You can create partner categories like Gold or Platinum partners and place your performing
         partners under them.
       For your partners, this module facilitates them to setup their staff, give ACL, configure email
         and SMS alerts and build channel in further depth.
      Your Partners can configure their billing and shipping address and configure defaults.
      The email/SMS alerts keeps partner informed on events like Order receivables, password
       reset, order rejection or approval, new partner creation and price change, price approval or
       rejection, deal approvals .
      Feature rich Partner profile management enables Partners to manage their multiple
       addresses, contact information and groups of users, currency configuration and

C. Product pricing and Promotional discount
    This module will enable you/Channel managers to configure and publish the price list for
      one or more partners in minutes! Also you can approve your partner price list too.
    You can view/export configured price list and mass update it.
    You can also configure partner wise product and hence partners can see only configured set
      of product in their login.
    You can motivate your partners by configuring category wise promotional discounts. Your
      partner can see the discounts while placing orders and schemes on their dash boards.
    Measure the effectiveness of your joint marketing efforts, isolating both successful and
      problematic campaigns.
    This module enables your partners to export your given price list in excel. Your partners can
      have distinct category logo of their categories which will be shown to on their login.

D. Order management
   This powerful order management engine will enable you to view/track and process normal as
   well as special discounted orders from your partners.
    You can approve or reject orders from your partner.
    You can search order archives and process full or partial orders.
    For your partners, this module gives same control as you have. Your partners can place and
       track their orders, view comments of your orders and also supports negotiated pricing
    Your Partners can approve and pass through their own resellers orders.
    The elegant shopping cart gives them very slick and fast order placing feature and enables
       them to apply for special discount for bulk orders of your products and preview shopping
       cart. Partner will have configurable billing shipping addresses to feed in their order
       placement. Partners can save orders as drafts and resume the orders at later stage. The
       shopping cart and preview/modify features and has custom fields to hold your specific data.

E. Deal management and collaboration
   Deal management is ultimate tool for forecasting your sales pipeline.
    You can approve deals, monitor progress and even export deals. This module provides a
      positive environment to attract new partners
    You and your partners can collaborate on deals and track action items
    Partners can quickly and easily register their deals online to gain deal protection
      Deal contains order line items giving you idea on sales amount.
    There are various stages in deal management that re-presents progress of opportunity from
      leads to opportunity to orders
         Automation through Bonrix PRM ensures that the right leads get to the right people in a
          timely fashion and facilitate proactive two way communication between manufacturer and
          partner to ensure that leads are followed up and closed.
   F. DSS Report engine
      The state of the art DSS report engine helps you to measure the performance of each partner in
      your channel.
       You can view graphical reports with wise range of options like County wise, Partner wise,
          Order amount wise and Product wise reports.
       DSS engines also give you functionality to export the report data into excel format.

   G. e-Payment Engine
      Now a days e-Payment is a must have in every competitive business. For channel based business
      this module gives you a convenience, Immediacy, Competitive advantage.
       You can have alerts and notification when payment is done against any invoice.
       The engine has cutting edge technology to securely receive payments from your partners
           and reduce your IT cost following ways…
           Choice – like your competitors, you can offer a wide range of payment options
           Convenience – they remove the need for invoices, cheques, cash and BACs
           Credit – they may allow purchases that would otherwise be delayed
           Improved cash flow – payment at the time of purchase reduces the pressures caused by 30-
           day invoicing

Plans and Pricing

Resource Library
       A. Presentations
       B. White Papers on PRM
       C. System snap shots and demos

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