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Mr. Grant Ismael
FSM Visitors Board - Department of Economic Affairs, Federated States of Micronesia, National Government,
P.O Box 659
Tofol, Kosrae, Federated States of Micronesia, 96944
Office: 691-320-2228

Vice Chairman
Ms. Jae Medina
Guam Publications Inc. P.O Box DN, Hagatna, Guam, USA, 96932
Office: 671-483-2000
Fax: 671-477-0359

Mrs. Judy Torres
Marianas Visitors Authority, P.O Box 500861, Saipan, Northern Marianas, MP, 96950
Office: 670-664-3200

Ms. Dianne Collins
Micronesian Divers Association, 856 North Marine Drive
Office: 671-472-6324
To assist in the development of our regional tourism industry with strategies that are environmentally sensitive,
respect Micronesian cultures, adhere to high operational standards and provide opportunity for education, training
and gainful employment among the resident populations of our Micronesian membership. These goals will be
accomplished through he cohesive cooperation and active participation of all its members.

Founded in Honolulu in1951, the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) is an international, non-profit
membership organization whose mission is to contribute to the growth, value and quality of travel and tourism to
and within the Pacific-Asia area on behalf of its members. Today, PATA is a global organization, covering over one
third of the globe and represented through dozens of regional and satellite chapters.

The Micronesian chapter of PATA was established 1986 as a result of increasing tourism interests in the region.
Today, PATA Micronesia has over 100 members from both the public and private sectors.

PATA Micronesia is governed by an Executive Committee consists of nine public sector members (representing the
nine National State Tourism Offices in Micronesia), nine private sector members, one representative from
Continental Airlines, and the Chapter Secretariat (non-voting). A Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and
Treasurer are elected from among the Executive Committee.

The Chapter also maintains four committees, or workings: Marketing, Education, Special Projects/Membership and
SWOT (). A Chairperson who is nominated from among the Executive Committee heads each committee.
Chapter membership and PATA membership are not the same- the two are separate and distinct privileges that are
applied for separately.

PATA Micronesia Chapter membership is open to any organization, business or individual actively engaged in the
development, marketing or sales of travel to, from and within Micronesia.

The membership structure is as follows:
WITHIN MICRONESIA                                  Annual Fee
A. Individual (no corporate representation)        $225
B. 1-49 Employees or Rooms                         $225
C. 50 or more Employees or Rooms                   $500

A. Individual (no corporate representation)        $350
B. 1-19 Employees or Rooms                         $350
C. 20-49 Employees or Rooms                        $600
D. Over 50 Employees or Rooms                      $850
The PATA Micronesia Chapter strives to promote its members a range of opportunities:
     To sell more
     To grow
     To plan ahead
     To save money
     To do the job better
     To increase profits

1. INFORMATION- The sharing and providing of valuable information through valuable data pertaining to the
Travel Industry and Economy.
2. EDUCATION- Various educational programs on culture, communications, industry management and marketing
provide our members knowledge on how to plan, develop the right product, manage and how to market.
3. IDEAS- The Chapter is a source of ideas with committees, conferences, and workshops providing a multitude of
experiences and expertise to be shared among members.
4. NETWORKING- PATA provides its members the opportunities to meet new business partners and extend
relationships with leaders of Pacific-Asia tourism.
5. LOBBYING- The Chapter is a body that works for its members to secure advantages or avoid disadvantages in
areas such as tourism awareness and planning.
6. ACCREDITATION: The Chapter through PATA gives its members recognition and standing in their fields,
even in their communities. The Chapter’s Environmental Awards, Certificates of Appreciation and Educational
certificates and the PATA logo are regarded as symbols of achievement and quality.
7. PROBLEM SOLVING: The Chapter is where its members can turn to for advice and assistance in solving
problems or in taking advantage of particular opportunities.
8. SHOW PLACE in Regional Context: The Chapter, at its quarterly meetings and through PATA’s annual
conference, travel marts and trade shows provides its members opportunities to showcase their destinations and
9. ECONOMY: The Chapter can accomplish some things at less cost than if they were undertaken by individual
10. PROFESSIONALISM: The Chapter through PATA provides its members a recognized accreditation, the
opportunity to enhance their reputation, and the ability to keep and associate with peers.
11. Industry Growth: The Chapter has a responsibility to enhance the status of tourism to and within the Micronesia
area, to promote tourism as a profession, and to further the long-term growth of the industry.
12. Travel Opportunities: The Chapter’s members are able to receive discounts on airfare for Chapter meetings.
Members also have benefited from discounts in air are to attend Trade Shows and other meetings through
coordinated efforts of the Chapter on behalf of its members and Continental Airlines.
13. Host Islands: Benefit from PATA meetings: Visitors, Exposure and Publicity.

       To contribute to the growth, value and quality of travel to and within the Micronesia area.
       To promote two-way travel between PATA member destination through inbound and outbound activities
        and programs.
       To provide forums for the development, marketing and sales of PATA destinations and tourism products of
        PATA members.
       To promote travel industry professionalism and skills through education and training.
       To foster a closer working relationship among PATA members and between all travel industry
       To express the unified voice of the travel industry in local communities and obtain combined action in
        pursing national local tourism policies within the framework of PATA.
       To implement or assist in the conduct of specific PATA projects.

       Devote energies to the fullest extent possible in fulfilling the goals and objectives of PATA.
       Maintain organizational discipline so as to increase PATA’s effectiveness through unity.
       Conduct its activities according to the provisions of the Bylaws of the Chapter.
       Heed such rules and regulations as may, from time to time, be set forth by PATA.

    A) The Annual General Meeting shall be held prior to the 30 th of June and the new Executive Committee and
       Officers shall take office effective July 1 of that year to coincide with the beginning of the PATA fiscal
       year, if possible.
    B) Membership meetings, to which all members in good standing of the chapter shall be invited, shall be
       held at least three times each calendar year. The PATA Micronesia Chapter meets once per quarter on a
       designated hosting island of Micronesia.
    C) Notice of such meetings shall be delivered by email or faxed upon request to members at least (7) days
       before the day appointed for holding same.
    D) Special meetings may be called at any time either the Executive Committee or the Action Sub Committee,
       and notice shall be the same as above.
   Responsibility for the administration of Chapter affairs rests with the Executive Committee who in turn contracts out certain operational
   responsibilities of the Chapter to the Chapter Secretariat.

   A) PATA Micronesia Chapter Executive officers consists of the following positions nominated and elected by
      the Executive Board in the Executive Voting session every two years immediately after the Election
      process of the Private Sector Members:
      * Chairman        * Vice-Chairman
      * Secretary       * Treasurer
   B) Executive Board members consists of the following organizations:
      *National Tourism Offices – Each NTO has one seat on the Executive Board.
      *Continental Airlines – One seat on the Executive Board.
      *Private sector – Nine (9) seats are elected by the General Membership every two years.

   C) Secretariat: A non-voting Executive Board member chosen by the Executive Board through the bidding
   selection process.

   A) Annual dues per member shall be according to the established dues schedule. In addition, the Executive
      Committee may levy nominal assessments on the members as may be needed to cover the cost of Chapter
   B) Chapter finances are the joint responsibility of the Chapter Chairman and the Treasurer, or
      Secretary/Treasurer, under the guidance of the Executive Committee.
   C) The Chapter will pay an annual levy to the PATA Secretariat at a rate determined by the PATA Board of
      Directors, which may be amended from time to time.

ISSETS program: an educational program started by PATA Micronesia which now has its own life in
Micronesian colleges.
CPR program: A program started by PATA-Micronesia, which is now self sustaining in Palau.
Trade Show Opportunities: Has been increased for throughout the years for its membership: Examples:
Military Show on Guam,DEMA, PTO: Successful for interested members.
Chapter Tele Conference: commenced this year, enabled members to meet in between meetings resulting in
productive communication for projects.
EDIT program: Executive Development in Tourism Scholarship in which over 40 Micronesian members have
been awarded to.
Southern Cross Scholarship Program: A managerial tourism training program held in Australia in which
2 PATA Micronesian members participated gaining valuable expertise.
Speaker’s Forum: Enables PATA Micronesia to be informed of current tourism issues.

PATA Island: In 1986, Chuuk symbolically gave PATA International, PATA Island, which gained media
attention throughout all PATA Chapters.
Micronesia-opoly: A successful fundraiser in which 3,000 board games were produced and sold Throughout
Host Destination Scholarships: Tourism Educational Scholarships, which are given to each hosting island
during Chapter meetings. Over 200 Micronesian students studying aboard on or their island have benefited from
this endeavor.
Regional Scholarships: Tourism Educational Scholarships given to Micronesian students regionally. Over
100 have benefited.
Training: Customer Service, F&B Training given to each host island during PATA meetings.
Tree Planting: Environmental project which has resulted in park areas through out Micronesia.
Adopt an Island Program: A program in which PATA hotel members would adopt an island in which
employees would be able to work for 6 months on Guam in that hotel to bring back their on the job training back to
their respective islands.
NTO (National Tourism Organization) Training: A program in which NTO staff exchanged training
skills with other the NTOs.

Micronesia Chapter
P.O. Box 23217
Barrigada, Guam 96921-3217

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